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Marks & Spencer Natural Beauty Intensive Facial Moisturizer

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2009 13:54
      Very helpful



      Naturally wonderful

      Having read a lot about the possible adverse effect of parabens in cosmetics I have been seeking out some of the alternative ranges out there that are free from these preservatives.

      I've been using 'skinfood' products for a while now but after reading a review on dooyoo about the Marks and Spencer range of preservative free moisturisers etc I was tempted to give it a go.

      The range can be found alongside their other bath and beauty products usually near to the ladies underwear section. The range includes body butter, shower gel, facial moisturiser, lip moisturiser, hand cream, and a bath oil (which I also bought).

      The packaging is nice and simple if not a little cheap looking but this is forgiven in the light that the packaging, including the plastic tub the moisturiser comes in, is recyclable.

      The cream is make in Devon which is good for those who are bothered about the carbon footprint of hauling products halfway across the world and is not tested on animals, (It has a logo on the bottom of the tub which tells you it is BUAV approved).

      The cream itself is white in colour and it quite thick which was expected as it's an intensive formula. It smells sort of herby with hints of grass and daisy's which is quite pleasant and surprising as it is naturally fragranced.

      The ingredients include shea butter (which is probably one of the main ingredients giving its thickish consistency), aloe vera which is soothing and blackcurrant seed oil which is a skin softener.

      The cream goes on very well and disappears quite quickly. I did find that there was a little bit of oiliness left but that's not too surprising given that it contains natural oils and it soon soaks in. After a fortnight of using it my skin feels lovely and soft as well as nicely hydrated.

      I have sensitive skin but this hasn't reacted with this at all. I think I much prefer the idea of using skin care that hasn't any synthetic preservatives in as some products have reams of unknown chemicals in them.

      It costs £5.00 for a 100ml pot but this will last you quite a long time. I've only been using it as a night cream so far and I've hardly made a dent in it. I've been really impressed with this and am looking forward to trying out the other products in the range.


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        06.04.2009 11:47
        Very helpful



        A great value cream which is lovely to use.

        I have recently become quite concerned about adverse publicity I have been reading about the inclusion of Parabens in cosmetics and toiletries, in relation to their possible hormonal action mimicking the way natural oestrogen works in the body. This is especially worrying to me in the area of reproductive cancers such as breast, as I now have an increasing number of friends with this condition. Parabens are already banned in Sweden and Japan, but the jury seems to be out in most other countries, and the cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, does not endorse these findings, and clearly states that there is no evidence, as yet, to suggest that these chemicals are in any way dangerous to health.

        I have taken a personal decision to try and reduce my exposure to these chemicals, but am not suggesting in any way that they are dangerous or cancer causing.

        Marks and Spencer's have introduced recently a new range of toiletries which are free from all synthetic preservatives, and these are also a good price too making them affordable for most people. Called Natural Beauty these are a small range including body butter, facial moisturiser, bath oil, lip moisturiser, hand cream and a shower gel, and they are all found in the toiletries area, in my local store this is near to the lingerie and not with the foods and groceries.

        The range is very attractively packaged in a lovely fresh green with pure white flowers, making it appear spring like and very natural. The facial moisturiser which I tried first about a month ago retails for only £5 for a decent 100 ml pot. It is enclosed in a lovely cardboard box too which makes it very attractive.

        I normally use Korres Wild Rose moisturiser but it is expensive, and I do use about a pot each month, so I was looking for something to use half the time to lessen the financial outlay, so I thought this looked like the perfect one to try.

        The product is made using anti-oxidant extracts and oils including blackcurrant seed oil and aloe vera, and also has shea butter. The blackcurrant oil is a skin softener and the aloe vera has a soothing and deeply moisturising action.

        I have been using this for a month now twice a day, so think it has been a good period in which to present to you a balanced opinion of the product.

        The cream is a lovely soft white, and is extremely easy to apply as it glides easily over large areas and rubs in effortlessly. It is light and the fragrance is beautiful, fresh like new mown grass. It is a delight to use, and I actually prefer the smell to my normal moisturiser. It does warn you to keep the cream away from the delicate eye area, and to wash with warm water if you accidentally place some into the eye.

        Made in Devon this really is a cream I would like to recommend as I have maturing skin which has certainly benefitted from this, and is currently in probably the nicest condition I have had it for a long time.

        The disadvantages of this cream are twofold. Firstly it has no SPF factor which makes it at a disadvantage to most face creams these days. Now for me this isn't an issue as I use a foundation which does, but if you don't then bear this in mind because it offers no sun protection.
        Secondly it makes none of the claims about wrinkle shrinking or all the other things that expensive creams say they do so, it has to be taken as it is-a natural product which is not setting itself up to be anything, or to say anything about itself, other than it protects and moisturises.

        Having trialled it for a month I have decided to use it at night, and to use my Korres in the day as this has a sun factor in it. Hopefully with my foundation this will give me extra protection, and the lovely summer meadow fragrance in the Marks and Spencer natural cream will ensure my skin has a healthy drink overnight. This will slice in half my expenditure on face creams whilst not compromising results.

        I think the price of this is fantastic and the quality brilliant. It's a joy and a pleasure to use and it is really intensive making skin soft and fragrant.


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      • Product Details

        Formulated with blackcurrant seed oil and aloe vera extract to deeply moisturise skin /

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