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Medik8 K8 Treatment Serum

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Brand: Medik8 / Type: Facial Serum / Subcategory: Treatment / Texture: Serum / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2010 12:25
      Very helpful



      A waste of time and money

      I have slight rosacea which for those that don't know is a chronic skin condition that causes redness and spider veins on your face. I am lucky that is hasn't progressed very far and make-up still covers it but I still try out every new product designed for use on rosacea as soon as it hits in the market.
      I would love to have perfect skin without the redness as this is what bothers me the most.

      If you search rosacea one of the products most heavily promoted and recommended is medik8 serum which is a vitamin K cream.
      The vitamin K it contains is of a high concentrate and is supposed to help heal the blood vein walls to stop the blood leaking which is what causes the spider veins.

      The serum is actually a thick yellowish cream that comes in a white bottle with a pump action dispenser.
      The cream is so thick that I found it almost impossible to get it to absorb into my skin and it would leave a horrible sticky layer on the surface on my face.

      It was quite a long time that I bought my bottle of Medik8 which actually got changed to the name red alert but it cost me in the region of £30. I know this is expensive but I was and still am desperate to believe anything that tells me it will cure the redness.
      Unfortunately I found the cream to be highly unaffective and I found zero reduction in the redness of my skin. The only thing it seemed to do was leave me spotty round my forehead.
      I continued for the recommended 30 days and still found absolutely no effect so I didn't bother buying another cream from them again.

      Having a look online to see how much it now costs it seems that they have changed the formula and also the look of the red alert range. The serum is now an actual liquid serum and a cream which seems to be only for the body.
      Personally I am glad that you can no longer buy the cream as it just seemed like a huge con that was designed to dupe people like me. I was told by a dermatologist that no topical cream would ever be able to penetrate deeply enough to affect the siper veins.

      This was another product that left me disapointed and definately not recommended if you happen to come across any being sold.


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        25.06.2010 11:58
        Very helpful



        Great product to help with split, spider or dilated capillaries.

        Unless you have been blessed with absolutely perfect skin you won't need this, but if you're the 95% of the population who doesn't have perfect skin, then you just may just need this product.
        Unfortunately I am in the 95% of the population who doesn't have perfect skin and I need a little help along the way.
        I don't know a lot of women who doesn't have broken capillaries on her face and will also try anything to hide them, especially under make up; after all it is a quick solution for a long term problem.

        Skin is made up of seven layers; beneath these walls are tiny vessels that are thin and porous. These vessels only consist of a single layer of cells. Capillaries that have been over stimulated become damaged and they will then remain permanently dilated or broken while appearing as a network of fine, red lines underneath the skin. Rubbing this area will make capillaries worse and causing more.

        There are different types of capillaries; dilated, which are from a gradual loss of elasticity in the walls of blood vessels in the face. When t his happens capillaries fail to contact back after being stimulated so they remain permanently dilated making the skin pinkish in colour.
        Cheeks and nose are most affected but people with very fair skin may have a more widespread condition on their face.
        Causes of dilated capillaries are people with dry and sensitive skin, people who are exposed to excessive heat conditions, harsh weather conditions, not enough protection on the facial area e.g. clothes or skin care products, alcohol can also cause it as it stimulates blood flow as well as spicy foods and very hot drinks.

        Split, the walls of the vessel weakens so much that they rupture and blood leaks out from the tissue. The individual capillaries can be seen on the facial area.
        Causes of spilt capillaries are caused by constant rubbing at the same area, a bad cold, glasses rubbing on the nose area and excessive heat.

        Spider capillaries or veins describe the appearance, where tiny capillaries legs sprout out from the body, which is the central of the capillary. These are most often present on the upper part of the face and cheeks. You are more likely to develop spider veins in pregnancy as oestrogen levels are raised.

        I have broken capillaries on my face; because my skin is very fair I am more prone to them, but this is mostly because of poor skin care routine in my younger days wearing no SPF on my face is more properly to blame than anything else. I have them around my nose and recently I developed a spider vein on the top of my cheek. With no makeup on you can see the capillaries around my nose and it looks unsightly and the one above my cheek is small so doesn't look so bad.
        There is no magical cure to prevent broken capillaries, there are expensive beauty treatments that may cost you an arm and a leg or you can try Medik8 Serum for £27.90 at theskincareshop.co.uk. I found
        Medik8 Serum just over a year ago after searching for something that can help to repair the broken capillaries I have and to prevent more from happening and this is when I came across Medik8 Serum.

        Medik8 Serum, is packed full of brilliant ingredients including, vitamin k which helps to repair, aloe vera which is soothing on the skin, retinol palmitate which is a powerful fat based antioxidant. Grapeseed extract, which is also a powerful fat based antioxidant, collagen to help strengthen your skin, elastin that helps to promote skin elasticity, silk pro to help the skin feel silky smooth, 6 essential oils to help enhance absorption and two sun creams, which is brilliant at protecting the skin from further damage.

        Medik8 Serum comes in a vacuum packed bottle, which helps to stop oxidation and contamination to the product. It is simply opaque white with black writing stating what it is called and what is included inside as well as the benefits.
        The good thing about Medik8 Serum is it's not just for broken capillaries it also helps dark circles beneath the eye area, which is caused by tiredness, ill health; excessive exposure to sunlight and it is heredity. This product also helps with bruising and skin redness, which mostly occurs on the cheeks and nose.

        As the product is vacuum packed it is always pumped out fresh, the product is yellow in colour with a very light scent, which isn't noticeable when on the skin. The product is very creamy and sinks in easily as well. To apply simply cleanse your skin and apply before moisturiser. A small amount is only needed to be applied to the problem area, do not rub or massage aggressively as this will make the problem worse. Let the product sink in and do its work then you can apply your usual moisturiser or makeup. For me it doesn't take long for it to sink in as a small amount is needed, I apply it around my nose, my little spider vein that I have recently got on the top of my cheek and my dark circles underneath my eyes. I have done this on and off for a year and I can see a difference, especially after a few applications.
        Because the product is yellow this helps to counteract redness anyway as on a colour chart but even with a few applications and without reapplying the product I can see a difference. My red capillaries on my nose are reduced and less red. My dark circles are also less dark and that is with a few applications.
        Because I have applied this product off and on for over a year I have seen a difference but when you stop using the product the problem will reoccur as it is an underlying problem that can't be removed only helped along.
        It is said 3-4 months of continual use before full fading is observed, or it can take longer it all depends on you and your skin structure.

        Even though you get 90ml of product you need such a small amount, it will last you ages like it has lased me. Unfortunately because of the white opaque bottle I am unable to see how much product I have left.

        There are some cautions with this product; you shouldn't use it if you are on blood thinning medication, pregnant, if you are taking Warfarin. Please consult your Doctor before hand if you wish to purchase.

        If you have capillaries at the moment and want to prevent anymore from appearing please wear an SPF every day even if the weather is cloudy, dull or miserable. Sun rays are still strong even if you don't realise it. Recommend SPF is 20 to 30 every day and step it up to SPF 50 in summer months. This will help to strengthen the skin and protect it from harmful rays that cause broken capillaries.


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