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Montagne Jeunesse 5 Minute Miracle Face Tonic

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Face Tonic / Subcategory: Tonic / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2009 22:21
      Very helpful



      This is my favourite montagne masque so far


      This comes in a lovely oval shaped, bright yellow and white coloured sachet "on the front" you will see the words "vibrant fresh skin - fast" and you will also see written "bursting with orange and vitamin c." The word bursting is written in orange writing and the rest of the writing is mainly green except for a message which is written in red which says that this will "explosively invigorate you - for the night or day ahead."

      There is a picture of a woman who looks "relaxed" on the front of the sachet and "below this" there is another picture of her "wearing the face mask." On the back of the sachet there is "a lot of information" and for the "most part." The writing is "easy to see" but there is a part of writing "that i will mention" later in this review, which is written in "green writing" and in my opinion this writing could do with being a "bit bigger."

      Nevertheless you can still see it and "understand it well" you just might need to really focus on it. There is also a "step by step" guide of "how to use it" shown with small pictures on the back. The sachet is "easy to open" and i am really not sure about what the "outer packaging" is made from, because looking at the outside "it looks plastic" but it could be foil as the inside of it is made with foil.


      When i opened the sachet and "lifted out the masque" (i would prefer they named it mask lol) "Masque" i think, is just a "fancier" way of saying it. I suppose "they think" calling it that add's to the overall luxurious appearance but they didn't need to because it's already perfect. The fabric masque "i expected" to be dripping with what ever ingredient's that they used on it, i was "preparing myself" for it being messy.

      I am glad to say that "i was wrong." It did not drip and "was not" even in the slightest bit messy. When i was holding it "i noticed" that there was "four" cleverly placed holes on it. One was for the mouth, one for the nose and the other two where for the eye's. When i first placed it on my skin, it was soft and i felt the "overwhelming" but not in a bad way "freshness" instantly. The smell is gorgeous it "fills your sense's" with its "citrus and orange scent" from the minute you open the sachet. It feels so cool on your face and "you can feel it working."


      On the back you will see this written - "Salon style fabric facial" beneath this you will see written "Real Orange Oil invigorates like never before. A luxurious face masque but without the time or fuss. So next time you are running late for a date there's still time to condition your skin. Or, if you wake up late the morning after, it's a great WAKE - UP call for tired and stressed - out skin.

      Instantly cooling and soothing, whilst the moisturising actives and vitamin c help replenish your skin's natural balance and vitamin levels. To benefit best from this, it instructs you to "remove" all trace's of make-up and cleanse you face. At certain parts on the masque where there is hole's "there is" fabric that requires to be carefully removed "before you apply" the masque to your face.

      It tells you to leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes but i loved it "that much" i had it on "at least" half an hour before removing it, even though i did wonder "what might happen" and if there was any side effects of leaving it on to long but thankfully there isn't. It lasted more than "long enough" without drying in. Once you are finished, you should remove the mask and massage in any "excess liquid" then splash your face with water and pat it dry.


      This should be kept out of reach of children, the natural ingredient's may vary in colour. It is for external use only and you should "test sensitivity" to natural oils by applying a small amount to the "inside" of your upper arm and leaving it for five minutes. If a bad reaction occurs you should discontinue use. This is not for babies or young children.


      Montagne Jeunesse's five minute miracle claims to be a "miracle face tonic" which is "great for a lift" anytime! It claims to leave your skin looking fresher, feeling softer and to leave you stress free.


      Yes without a doubt "from the moment" that i applied this too my skin. I felt it working "its such a nice" and "fresh" feeling on your skin and it lasts along time before soaking completely into your skin. There is a lot supplied on the fabric masque, i am "astonished." I don't know "how they managed" to get "so much" on to it "to make it" last as long as it did.

      While still managing to make it "not messy" at all, my skin felt so fresh while using it and even did so for "quite a while" after. I did not want to take this off. I used it "longer" than the recommended time because it was so "incredible." It is sort of like a "nice cold drink" for your face. The feeling of "coolness" is really nice and it's from "more than" just the fact that the "liquid on the masque" is cold.

      The ingredients have "cooling effects" i find it quite "hard to relax" as i have had alot on my mind recently but this managed to have me "zoned out" for at least half an hour of "pure relaxation." It lasted a long time before all the liquid on the masque dried in and "i wished" i had another to put straight on my face after. It does make your skin look fresher and feel softer just as it promises, my skin "still" felt fresh hours after using this.


      I love this, it takes a lot to make me relax and "this really did" it is a real treat and i would recommend it to others, "without a second thought" apart from that if they are "allergic" to any of the ingredients or if there skin is too sensitive then i advice them to avoid it. I have never been to a spa but if i did go, i am sure that the "face masques" that they use would feel as lovely as this did.

      It is of "extremely high quality" and i will be buying it all the time now. I love all of the products "from this range" but this has now become "my favourite" one that i have tried so far. When i remembered it, i went and dug out the empty packet. I had it in my cupboards which i keep make-up and other thing's in. It is hard to miss like all of there "other product's" the sachet is brightly coloured and attractive.

      The part where it tells you it is "bursting" with vitamin c and orange couldn't describe it better, the smell is "fresh" and "so is the feeling" when it is on your face. I am not one bit surprised that it is a "salon style" facial because it gives the sort of results you would expect from one. It definitely is cooling and soothing and is very reasonably priced considering how well it does work. I am now a regular customer of Montagne Jeunesse and all of the other products from there range that i have tried so far. I think they are excellent for if you want to treat yourself and this one in particular is excellent for "if you feel tired" as it really does give you a lift.


      Like mentioned in my other reviews of "Montagne Jeunesse" products. I got over 20 various ones on ebay for just £6.99. So that is a good place to go looking for them but they can be gotten for between £1 and £2 and they are available in quite a few shops on and off-line.


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