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Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Face Masque Treatments

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9 Reviews

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face

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    9 Reviews
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      18.05.2013 09:53
      Very helpful



      A great mud masque

      I love treating myself to a face pack and usually buy Montagne jeunesse self heating sauna face masque which I love but saw the chocolate ones on Amazon recently which worked out cheaper so decided to try this instead. There are lots of different face masks available from the range to suit different skin types and target problem areas as well as foot treatments too.

      The packaging.
      The masque comes in a 20g brown/grey coloured sachet. The brand logo 'Montagne jeunesse' is visible on the front of the sachet at the top. It clearly states that it is a chocolate masque in white and pink large lettering. Underneath is a picture showing a woman's face covered in a chocolate face masque which obviously fits with product itself. It tells you the sachet size at the bottom of the sachet. On the back of the sachet it tells you the benefits of using the product, lists the ingredients, gives some brand contact information and confirms that it is BUAV (animal cruelty free) and vegetarian standard approved.

      The product.
      To apply the product simply tear across the top of the sachet at the point of the small perforation lines. This makes it easy to open the sachet and squeeze out the contents. The masque itself it brown in colour and has a really thick consistency. It smells like, yep you guessed it, chocolate. I must admit because it smelt so good when I had applied it I was very tempted to have just the tiniest little taste but thankfully I managed to resist. Once you have thoroughly cleansed you face with warm water and squeezed the contents into your hand simply apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip area. Because the product is really thick and not runny I found it really easy to apply onto my face. Leave the masque on for 10-15 minutes or until dry ( It will set and harden once dry) then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Be warned this can be quite messy if you do not have a sponge to remove it. I used my hands and my white sink was a lovely shade of brown within seconds. Note to self, I must purchase a sponge soon! It is recommended that the pack be used on a weekly basis to obtain maximum results.

      The benefits.
      - Deep pore cleansing
      - Rich in natural ingredients
      - Draws out impurities
      - Contains Cocoa butter and Shea butter to moisturise
      - Leaves skin renewed, re-hydrated and younger looking
      - Targets normal, dry and T zone skin
      - Anti stress
      - BUAV approved
      - Vegetarian Society approved

      Price and availability.
      This product is widely available from beauty stores, some supermarkets and on line and usually retail around £1.09. I recently purchased mine from Amazon and paid £5 for a pack of 6 with free delivery so got a good deal.

      My verdict.
      I love this product and will definitely be purchasing some more. It is easy to apply, smells great and feels nice on the skin, once removed it left my skin feeling smooth and revived. A super big 5 stars. ;-)


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        02.04.2010 21:31
        Very helpful



        avoid this at all costs

        I was given a load of Montagne Jeunesse face masks for Christmas and have been gradually working my way through them. so far I really liked one and disliked the other so I remained opened minded when I tried this one.

        As part of the Anti-Stress range I tried the self heating 'Hot Fudge' Vanilla flavoured Mask. It claims the self heating mask will de stress me and leave my skin replinished and refreshed.

        I followed the instructions correctly, washing my face with water only, I applied it evenly to my skin, avoiding the mouth and eye areas and left it on for 10-15 minutes.

        The packaging is easy to open with dry hands as it has an easy open edge, however with wet hands it is impossible to open however hard you try. You simply squeeze the product put of the sachet which is a little messy as your hands will be slippery with product whilst your trying to squeeze the next batch out.

        It did like the smell which was like the stated Vanilla fudge flavour and it wasn't too synthetic which was quite nice however I do prefer the fruity flavours.

        It felt warm as soon as it touched my skin which was really nice however the hot affect lasted for around ten seconds then my skin felt like its normal temperature. I was disappointed as it claims to be a 'sauna mask' which self heats and this was the big selling point on how it de-stresses you. What a big let down.

        I couldn't feel anything happen during the 15 minutes. It didn't heat up or harden. It felt a little sore where I had a small scratch but other than that I probably could of easily forgotten it was on my face!

        It is quite a thick texture which is good as it doesn't run everywhere but it is quite faffy to remove, as it doesn't come off with one rub.

        Afterwards my skin felt a little dry and tight with a slight silky touch but overall felt like I had a layer of cling film over my face. I really wasn't impressed.

        The only non synthetic ingredients are Mediteranean Clay and Vanilla essence. Who knows what all the other ingreidents are but they sound manmade and are certainly far from fresh or natural!

        Overall at 99p for a 15g sachet I think it is over priced and even if it was 10p I wouldn't buy it again as it made my skin feel a little chalky, dried out and tight.

        I prefer The Body Shops Warming Mineral Mask and find it better value.


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          13.02.2010 16:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          WHY PAY FOR A SPA?

          Cheap alternative to spa treatments but dont expect miracles!

          *The Product*

          Montagne Jeunesse has been producing pampering treats in sachets for years! There range includes face masks, foot creams, hair treatments, bath and cellulite treatments.

          The product i am about to review is from the anti stress range. It is the Cucumber Peel Off Mask. This mask is designed to gently peel away dead skin from the face and neck area.


          The peel off mask like other Montagne Jeunesse products comes in a 10ml sachet. The sachet is very colourful and has details of the name of the product in English and French on the front. There is also a picture of a lady wearing a mask however this does not represent how the use might look! On the back of the packaging, information regarding how to apply the mask is supplied in English, French and Spanish aswell as the ingredients and company details. The packaging is attractive and eyecatching.

          The actual mask is a bluey/greeney gel and is a good consistency as not to run everywhere as soon as you open the sachet.

          *How to apply*

          As per back of pack - to benefit fully we recommend : gently cleanse face, apply thinly and evenly enough for face and neck. Avoid eyes, lips and hair. Lie back, relax and drift into pleasant thoughts. After 10-20minutes or when totally dry, gently peel off mask (never pull) to reveal younger, fresher looking, clearer skin. Wash off any stuck bits with water. Not for use on sensitive or broken skin.


          Include water, alcohol etc
          Also includes extracts of cucumer, jasmine, black walnut cactus, root, evening primrose, lime & shell extract.

          *Price and availability*

          Available from chemist, supermarkets and retailers such as Superdrug. Price range from around 79p onwards. Currently £1 or 4 for £3 in Asda.
          Also available from their website www.montagnejeunesse.com

          *My opinion*

          I have sensitive skin (i didnt read this bit before buying!). I bought this as a little pampering treat whilst in Asda last week and as i am going out tonight, thought i would try it out. I tied my hair back, got my trusty mirror out and tore off the top of the sachet with ease. The first smell that hit me was the lime extract and this was quite strong! I tore down the side of the sachet to get into the gel better and noticed it was a bluey/greeny hair gel type gel and very sticky! So i applied all over my face, trying to avoid the eyes etc but the lime was very overpowering causing my eyes to sting whilst apply on my cheekbones but this soon subsided. I was suprised that it dried so quick as when i was doing my forehead (i suffer from extremely dry skin there) that the mask on my chin was already dry! Once i had finished i noticed how much there was still left in the packet and it seemed like a waste so would be ideal if there were 2 of you using it.

          So i sat down on the sofa for just short of 10minutes and could feel my face getting slightly tighter with each passing minute. I did not feel discomfort, just weird tingly tightness! After 15minutes i felt ready to crack so went to the bathroom and found a nice dry bit on my chin and ease the mask off. I managed to get it off quite easily and without having it in a million pieces! My face felt smooth and very fresh and clean however it did nothing for my dry skin on my forehead! I have had it off for about an hour now and my skin is still smooth and i have had no reaction to it which is excellent!

          *My recommendation*

          Try it out, it isnt for everyone but at £1 you cant really go wrong. We all need to relax sometimes and this range is ideal if you like me cannot afford proper facials in salons or spas!


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            05.02.2010 18:25
            Very helpful



            Overall quick escape from your old skin

            I am always nervous when trying new products as my skin has a mind of its own sometimes...well all the time really! And when ever I try a new product I always have to time it so I don't have a job interview or night out the next day, so I don't errupt in spots.

            They use only natural ingredients derived from plant and mineral sources and also many products are dairy free. All your natural beauty care needs can be taken care of in any of your local super markets or on their on line store which also has great offer, competitions and free give aways (worth a look).

            ******Packaging & Price
            They research all product materials so they can use packaging that can be recycled. Normally come in foil tight package that is great for travelling. They all come in 10ml (0.3 fll oz) packages and are normally 99p or £1.29. I got mine on offer at ASDA - 5 for £4.00.
            The front always has a man or women on with the desired masque effect and they are always bright colours. They have a description of what skin types its for:
            Normal, oily and T Zone skin to peel pores and deep clean.

            On the back they have further instructions on how to use:
            Apply thinly and evenly
            After 10-20 mins or when totally dry, gently peel off.
            And it also comes in different languages.

            In producing products that are vegetarian certified, not tested on animals. Many are suitable for vegans. So you know what you are getting - no chemicals and absolutely nothing nasty.

            Contains :
            Jasmine flower extract
            Black Walnut shell extract
            Ginseng root extract
            Cactus flower extract
            Evening Primrose
            Lime fruit extract
            Vitamin E

            It is BUAV Approved and Approved by the Vegetarian Standards.

            I would recommend using this only once a week. I also, on my first go, got it too close to my eyes and it really stung (and its all natural!)
            Apart from looking very scary I thought that this tightened really quickly and I will admit, paniced a little! You can buy these from Tesco, Asda, Ebay and Amazon for as little as 99p and some chemists stock these as well.

            Overall, it left my skin feeling fresh, clean and tingling (in a good way) and it was simple to use and left little mess.
            I found that it was a little hard to peel off and had to wash some bits off with warm water then pat dry, but it was a nice treat that didn't relieve my stress but keft me slightly relaxed for the night!


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            20.09.2009 20:35
            Very helpful



            Not amazing, but good for the price.

            A couple of months ago I decided to treat myself to a face mask. I'd seen the Montagne Jeunesse face 'masques' in the shops a lot, and they are cheap (around 99p per mask), but I was initially put off by the scary looking women on the front. So I turned to dooyoo, which told me that the masks were in fact good, and so I decided to try a few out.

            Montagne Jeunesse do a pretty wide range of face masques, including warming ones, peel-off ones and traditional mud packs, which is what I picked up. The mask was chocolate scented...and I have to say that I'm not a big fan of wearing chocolate (I normally go for fruit things), so I was a bit apprehensive. However, the chocolate got the best reviews (not sure where the specific reviews have gone for it) so I went with that.

            The packaging is well designed to keep the mask cool. I picked up a few different ones, and whether they were liquid or paste-y, they kept cool and moist in the packaging, even after opening and leaving for a few days. I don't like the designs on the front, scary cucumber woman etc., but they are bright and the wording is convincing enough.

            Opening the pack was easy, the instructions straight forward, and I rinsed it off after the allotted time. The masks go on easily enough, though I did feel a bit...almost claustrophobic...and it got a bit itchy when it was ready to take off. It rinsed off easily in the shower, and despite covering my face and neck, there was more than enough of the chocolate for a second application. There were no real lasting effects on my skin that I noticed, but I felt pampered and I have young skin so I wasn't expecting much. My skin is quite fussy about what I put on it but there were no complaints.

            So a few days later I tried the other half of the masque. I was impressed that it seemed to have no effect on the quality or consistency of the masque, and I applied another generous amount, more than ample for face and neck. So much so that I got a bit carried away and ended up covering the end of one eyebrow. Rinsing it off, I went to bed...and woke up next morning, went to the bathroom - and I was missing half my eyebrow!!! Luckily it wasn't too noticeable, but I was pretty shocked - they must put pretty strong stuff in the masques! It hasn't put me off using them but I'm very careful now not to get it anywhere near my eyebrows, eyes etc.

            Overall, I would recommend, but use with caution!


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              10.10.2008 13:34
              Very helpful



              something for everyone

              I've seen these sachets of face, foot, hair, leg and even chest firming masques in shops like Superdrug, Boots and Tesco's many times before. I think I first ever noticed them in 2002. They always grabbed my attention because they were so brightly coloured, had some interesting pictures on them (usually a lady with the bright coloured masque caked on and leaves over her eyes) and the sachets were in unusual shapes.

              Even though these masques were very attention grabbing, I never really got intrigued enough to buy them, though there were only about 90p each... I'm not sure why I never tried one really... I didn't have much to loose. Perhaps it was because they were so cheap that I thought that the quality wouldn't be very good.

              Anyway, I came a across their website one day and saw that they were giving away free samples. I got one in the post and had to try it. This was a FREE sample after all. I thought the scent, consistency and quality of the product was excellent and I've been hooked ever since! You need to try these to know what works for you, but I love the chocolate and cucumber peel off masque, the over night treatments and am very happy I got that free sample. I was truly missing out! Very good value for money and these are so cute to give as stocking fillers too!


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              07.04.2008 16:20
              Very helpful



              Not worth using

              Having to nip into the town centre on a Saturday (one of my pet peeves) to take my boyfriend's phone off to be repaired (we did all try to warn him against buying it in the first place *sigh*) we faced the prospect of having to pay to park. Well, quite frankly there are better things to spend money on isn't there? Luckily there's a Sainsbury's in our town centre where if you spend £5 then you get to park for free. We needed some ingredients anyway for the culinary masterpiece I was preparing that evening (I'm not joking here!) and so to bring it up to the £5 mark I needed something for around £1.

              My skin is in general in pretty good condition, thank you Lush! I do cleanse/tone/moisturise twice a day almost religiously, with the odd exception. I do however still get the odd spot on my chin, caused by hormones, caused by the pill, grrr. Such was the case last week, with a monster growing and threatening to take over my whole face, and perhaps the whole city had something not been done to stop it. All the cleansing/toning/moisturising/current face mask/toothpaste etc hadn't done enough to rid me of this horrible beast so I felt I needed to get myself a new face mask and try and "draw my impurities out". Also I had a few black heads around my nose which I don't know where they came from but I wanted rid.

              So £1 to spend, and in need of an all round better face; is it possible to solve both problems at once? Well I decided to get the Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Cucumber Peel Off Mask to literally peel all my problems away.

              The next day and I went on a major room cleaning frenzy, followed by a much needed shower, so to finish off I felt I need some much needed relaxation. I had cleansed my face in the shower using Lush's Coalface cleanser, and it is recommended you cleanse your face before using the mask.

              Hair tied back, comfy sweat pants and vest top on, I applied the mask. The mask is in a sachet, showing a girl with a pale green creamy looking face mask on her face and of course cucumbers over her eyes. The sachet opened easily, not requiring scissors which was a bonus. Now what I find with any sachet is that they are a bit of a nightmare to use. Trying to squeeze the product out without making a mess and then using your hands which have already got stuff on them to squeeze more out of the sachet etc; it's all a bit of a messy experience.

              The face mask itself is a light bluey green gel consistency when it comes out of the sachet. It looks a bit like a cheap hair gel. Smoothing it onto the face it appeared clear and very shiny, and had no noticeable smell. It applied easily but the gel texture was something I wasn't quite used to and I kept feeling I wasn't applying it right. It said to apply a thin layer and I stuck to this. The pack also recommends applying this to the face and neck. I never normally apply face masks to my neck but since I wasn't going to be able to save anything in the mess of a sachet I now had beside me I decided I may as well use it all up and applied it to my neck too.

              Now I know face masks are supposed to make you look funny. I know obviously that's not their main aim in life but it is something they go hand in hand with. Funny green looking faces that look clearly face masked I can deal with. People who happen to see you wearing it might think "hehe she looks funny, she's wearing a face mask" but they will actually understand you are wearing a face mask, which to me kind of makes it all okay and mildly amusing. Looking in the mirror whilst this was on my face just looked incredibly shiny; it looked like I had varnished my face. This too was quite amusing between me and the boyfriend (who kept giving me odd looks) but I wouldn't like to answer the door with this on. I did look a bit like a victim of some terrible accident with an oddly scarred face.

              Anyway the mask says to leave on for 10-20 minutes or until fully dry. I opted for the 20 minutes as I had nothing pressing to do and I wanted to make sure I got the most out of the product. The pack recommends you lie back and relax but I actually sat up and read a book with my head tilted slightly down.

              After not so long the mask dried and it felt very tight. It wasn't uncomfortable as such but it's hard to describe exactly how tight it felt. I imagine it felt how it would feel after a face lift, only without the horrendous pain, just the tightness. Then came the moment, after it was fully set, that my boyfriend interrupted my reading to say something to me and I tried to look up to look at him. Because I had the mask applied to my neck and my face, and then had my head tilted down somewhat whilst I was reading, it had set solid, and it really is this tight I'm not exaggerating, so that when I tried to lift my head after it setting, I couldn't move it. My neck/head were set at that angle and no matter what I couldn't budge my head up which meant moving my whole body in order to look at anything for the remainder of time it was on. Again, this wasn't really a big problem, but something I felt was worth mentioning.

              I quite liked how tight it felt, and how it had frozen my head solid, because I figured it must be really doing something. The time passed nicely thanks to my new book (Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult) and soon enough my twenty minutes were up.

              I didn't hold out that much hopes of it all peeling off in one piece but I kind of hoped it would come off in as few pieces as possible. I eventually managed to get a corner up at the bottom of my neck and proceeded to pull gently upwards. My skin was stuck firmly to the mask but it did peel away and the majority of the mask, from my neck, up to my chin, cheeks and nose peeled off in one go which I was very impressed with. Off to the light to hold up the piece of film that is now in my hands that was a few minutes ago my face mask. I was hoping to see something. Black heads, dirt, anything, but alas despite the tugging it gave my skin there was nothing visible on there.

              Next was onto the forehead strip which again came off in pretty much one go. I had caught my eyebrow with it which hurt a bit to pull off but didn't relieve me of any hairs thank god, but worse than this was it had caught my hair on one side of my head and this hurt like hell to remove. Thankfully no hairs were lost in the process.

              With just a few bits of stray mask left on my face I assessed my skin. Spot status? Still the same as before. Black head status? Still the same as before. Does the skin look any better? No. Does it feel softer/smoother? No. Any improvement whatsoever? No. Any bad reaction? No.

              Off I went feeling a little disappointed to wash off the remaining bits of face mask which came off easily with warm water. Assessed face again firstly to check there was no face mask left on (which I thought there wasn't but the boyfriend spotted some still on later that night so do be careful) and then to reassess in the magnifying bathroom mirror if my skin was any better. It wasn't at all.

              I moisturized my skin and that was the end of that. The mask had been easy enough to apply and remove, and certainly felt like it was doing something whilst it was on but sadly it didn't deliver.

              The whole thing reminded me very much of PVA Glue. I don't know whether any of you remember being little and painting PVA Glue onto your hands, letting it dry and peeling it off? Well this was exactly the same in every way. It looks shiny when applied, it dries and feels tight, it peels off, it does nothing whatsoever to your skin. In short, you would get almost identical results from borrowing some of your children's PVA than you would from using this mask. I doubt if you swapped the two around you would notice any difference.

              All in all I wasn't too disappointed, I'd still rather have spent £1 (well actually it was 89p) on this than on parking, and heck at least with this I can probably make the money back via this review, which the same can't be said of parking, so I haven't lost out anything in trying it. I definitely wouldn't buy it again because it simply doesn't produce any results so is a bit of a waste of time and money.

              I didn't hate it, it didn't give me any adverse reactions and it wasn't a hassle to apply or remove and it didn't really badly affect my day in anyway but I certainly can't give it a positive reaction because it didn't give my skin any benefits whatsoever.


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                28.01.2007 14:22
                Very helpful



                A nice cheap face mask.

                For christmas my mum always gives me a box of bits, which normally include lots of sachets of different face masks. So i went through them and found this one. It says it is an anti stress sauna mask which sounds just what i needed, So i waited until the monsters were settled in front of the x box ( yes i know it's not healthy but it keeps them quiet for 5 minutes ) And off i went to de- stress.


                Ok it comes in a plastic sachet, this is red at the top and yellow at the middle and orange at the bottom. It states at the top that it is anti stress and also the skin type, which is normal, oily & T-zone??
                Then in big letters it has hot masque ( sorry i thought it was a mask! ). The big picture is of a womens face with apricots and leaves over her eyes. Product doesn't come with leaves! Also she has a peach mask on. Which i found strange as this one is white.
                At the botton it states that is enriched with almond oil.
                On the back it states it has moisturising oils, Vegetarian standard ( didn't think i had to eat it! ) And against animal testing.
                The product statement says that this product is a intensive heat treatment of oil of apricot and almond. And you will be deep cleansed and moisturised.

                They do say that natural extracts can cause sensitivity so it is best to test an area of skin first. Or if you are like me ignore and then wonder why you suddenly have a rash!!
                Do not use on babies or children????? I'm not even going there!
                If you get in your eyes rinse with cold water. And my personal favourite, only use externally.


                Thoroughly cleanse face. Put sachet into hot water from the tap not boiling for 1 minute, Apply evenly over face and neck with fingers. Avoid eyes and lips.
                Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water, pat dry.
                Use weekly or fortnightly.


                I needed a magnify glass for this so here goes.
                water, glycerin, kaolin, aprico kernal oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin A, roman chamomile, bitter orange. These are the ones i know.
                The others have lots of letters and numbers and will proberly send you to sleep.


                Take it out of the water and then dry the sachet. Then at the top you have a little tear bit. I always find these do not tear properly and this one was no different, it tore at an angle. Then you squeeze the cream onto your hand. This is the bit i find messy, i never squeeze it all out and then you have the cream all over your hands and that makes the sachet slippy and messy.
                The mask is white in colour and nice and creamy, it is very easy to apply and you do get enough to have a nice coverage over the face and neck. I would suggest you use a band to pull your hair out of the way as you will have strands stuck to the mask.
                This is not one of those masks that drys and cracks if you smile, it stays moist. When applying the mask feels nice and warm but it doesn't stay warm for too long about 5 minutes.
                It does have a lasting scent, i didn't smell much of the almond oil but the apricot is quite strong and lasts for the whole time you have the mask on. So now i have applied the mask it's now time to relax.
                So after scaring the hell out of the kids ( always great fun ) and trying to relax 15 minutes was up and time to take it off. It rinses off very well and any stubborn bits can be taken off with a flannel. The final results, well it didn't get rid of my spots but it didn't claim it would. But my skin did feel really soft even my forehead which can be very dry. I had no red or blotchy bits and i did feel quite relaxed.
                I asked the other half how my skin looked to which he said that i looked as smooth as a babys bum! which i thought was quite sweet until i heard him mutter " Chubby with a bit in the middle that dirty stuff comes out of".


                They are usually found for 99p at most chemists and some supermarkets. Boots and superdrugs do have a large range.


                Zen flower sensitive
                Dead sea mud pack
                Strawberry gel masque
                red hot oil sauna masque
                Cream and oatmeal gentle scrub
                Peach kernal & walnut exfoliating masque
                Cucumber purifying peel off masque
                Aromatherapy masque

                I quite liked this one and i am more likely to try the others in the range. For 99p you can't really go wrong it may not be a life changer but it is a nice little pampering treat.
                Thanks for reading
                Copyright Lisa8871/ madmum


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                  08.03.2006 10:41
                  Very helpful



                  Peel off masque

                  I have a bit of a fascination with these face masques and am steadily working my way through them all... I think I must be developing a keen sense of loyalty to a brand!

                  There are several anti stress masques by Montagne Jeunesse, and the latest to try is this cucumber anti stress masque, and boy do I need de stressing at the moment.

                  Again, it cost a mere 99p, so quite a bargain I thought. It's not often I get change from a pound.

                  THE PROMISE…

                  This promises that your face will look and feel fresher, impurities and dead cells will be removed whilst it gently cleanses and revives your skin.

                  Not forgetting that it is "sexy natural skincare with crushed cucumber"


                  The product comes in a small pink sachet with a lady on the front with cucumbers and leaves on her eyes. Strange yes, but that's marketing, although I don't know how that imagery would give me faith in its de-stressing qualities.

                  So, once again, I look forward to my soak in the bath with a rejuvenating masque on my face, ready to emerge mermaid like and transformed from the water. The packet, as with all of these products, is surprisingly easy to open. I say surprisingly because quite often with these products I have to gnaw away at the packet, having obviously gone into the bath minus scissors.

                  THE PRODUCT…

                  Squeeze the packet and out comes a relatively thick green lotion, with a distinctive fresh cucumber smell.


                  Test for sensitivity, and if it gets into your eyes, wash out immediately. Sensibly enough, it tells you not to use it on babies or small children, although if anyone could get a small child to lie back for 20 minutes with this on their face, then they truly have a well trained child!!

                  Do a sensitivity test on the back of your arm before applying to the face and if a reaction occurs, then obviously, don't use it.

                  USING IT…

                  • cleanse face
                  • apply the product thinly and evenly
                  • lie back and relax for 10-20minutes until totally dry
                  • gently peel off the masque
                  • wash off any stuck bits with water

                  MADE BY…

                  Montagne Jeunesse, Swansea SA6 8QP, UK



                  Lots of information about their products, stockist, and includes an on line ordering service

                  OTHER PRODUCTS…

                  Huge range of products, including face masks and tonics, leg and foot care, and even fab face food, which is food for thought.

                  THE VERDICT…

                  I applied the masque exactly as directed, and the initial application felt very nice- cool as a cucumber and smooth.
                  All I had to do then was to lie back and wait, which I did. And waited… and waited. Somehow, I must have done something wrong, because the masque just did not harden. There it stayed green and gooey on my face for 1o then 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I made an executive decision, that this was not going to peel off, and started to wash it off. Since the product is very thick, it took lots and lots of washing to remove it all. And I was convinced that I was going to have a green cucumber smelling face.
                  I did try it again and found the same thing happened. Several people I know have used the masque with varying degrees of success- it obviously just does NOT work on me.
                  One other suggestion (perhaps to the manufacturer), whenever I use the products, I always find that, although they are marketed as single useage, there is always far too much, and a lot is wasted. It would be a good idea to make smaller packets for those people who needed perhaps 2/3 of the amount.

                  Thanks for reading

                  Daniela x


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                  Natural beauty care / Montagne Jeunesse is one of the leading natural toiletries companies whose products are sold in over 60 markets internationally /

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