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Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Masque

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49 Reviews
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  • It is not so cleansing
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    49 Reviews
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      28.03.2015 13:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth"
      • "Fun to use"
      • "Smells like chocolate"
      • "Great value"


      • None

      Just like slapping a load of melted chocolate onto your face, yum!

      I like to enjoy a "pamper night" every so often, where I give myself a facial and treat myself to a nice face mask. I buy this range of face masks as they are cheap to buy, readily available and they come in a handy single application sachet. You simply tear open the sachet in the corner and squeeze out the face mask. The mask is a chocolate brown colour and the consistency resembles that of melted chocolate, yum yum! It actually smells like REAL chocolate too, which is a nice bonus. The masks are usually priced at 90p to £1.00.

      You simply apply the mask to clean dry skin allowing it to dry before washing it off. I find the mask easy to apply to my skin. It's just like slapping a load of melted chocolate onto your face, which makes the whole experience a lot nicer. The mask smells great and the smell lingers on your skin as the mask dries. I find the mask dries in around ten minutes, although I like to leave it on for around twenty minutes so it's had a decent amount of time to soak into my skin. I then wash it off with warm water and pat my face dry.

      The mask washes off easily and after use it leaves my skin looking (and feeling) great. I am always impressed with the results I get after using this mask. My skin feels much softer, it looks a lot brighter and overall my complexion just looks a lot clearer. The kaolin (mud) in the mask also helps with oil control, which is something that benefits me as my skin is usually VERY oily.

      I would definitely recommend these face masks. They're great value, fun to use and lovely and relaxing. They're perfect for a girly night in or as part of a sleepover hamper.

      Where can I buy them from? I've seen these face masks for sale in the following stores:

      Amazon.co.uk (Gift sets)
      Home Bargains
      99p Stores

      Worth trying!


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        29.11.2014 22:39
        Very helpful


        • "It is pleasing to use"
        • "It makes my skin soft"
        • "It has got a very nice chocolate smell"


        • "It is not so cleansing"

        Montagne Jeunesse chocolate mud face mask

        WHAT IS IT?

        This is a face mask that is made by Montagne Jeunesse. You can buy it if regular chocolate or dark chocolate.


        This face mask comes in a sachet like all of the Montagne Jeunesse face masks. You can use it only one time because the mask is very thick so you need all of the sachet to cover your face and neck.

        WHAT I THINK

        I like this face mask very much because it smells like it is a treat and is very strong and like chocolate in its smell. It can be applied to my face very easy and I like how it feels when it is on my skin because it feels like luxury and is creamy also.

        My skin feels soft when I have used this face mask and it takes only about 15 minutes for it to work. The smell stays strong while I have got the face mask on and it lingers for a small amount of time after I have rinsed it off.

        It is very messy to rinse off so you have to be careful that you do not stain your towels with it.

        I do not think it makes my skin feel very clean and that is a pity because alot of the masks I use from Montagne Jeunesse are very cleansing and I think if this one worked better for cleansing then it would be a perfect face mask.


        A sachet of chocolate mud face mask costs about £1.20 and I think that is value even though you can only use it one time because it is very pleasing to use and makes my skin feel so soft also.

        4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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        14.02.2014 11:23
        Very helpful
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        chocolate masque

        There is nothing better than chocolate in my opinion and to be able to smother it all over my face to do something nice for my skin is amazing too. Thats why I love this face masque from Montagne Jeunesse as its not only great for my face, it smeels great too and is a really relaxing treat which is one of the main reasons why I like to do a face mask.

        These little Montagne Jeunesse packs are great because they are very inexpensive and also are a one use time sachet so you don't have to worry about the rest spoiling if you don't use it again for a long time. The sachets only cost £1 which I think is a great price. I tend to do one a week or less, whenever I get the time to have a nice bath and so for just £4 a month its one beauty treat you can really afford. Montagne Jeunesse say, "Rich in natural ingredients this deep cleansing chocolate mud masque will help to unblock pores, allowing impurities to be drawn out. Coupled with the skin healing properties of Dead Sea Salt, and the moisturizing benefits of Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter, you will be left with renewed, rehydrated and younger looking skin."These masks are so easy to use which is another thing I love about them.

        They come in a little sachet and you just need to rip the top off to get to the gel inside. Then I just apply a thin layer of the chocolate mixture to my face and sit back in the bath and relax. The mixture is nice and soothing and it feels really nice to sit back and let it work its magic.The chocolate smell is absolutely amazing and really does smell like real chocolate. In fact, its so sweet and succulent and I almost have to stop myself from licking my lips to taste a bit of the chocolate. You leave the mask on for 15 minutes or so which is long enough time for a bath.

        This masque is said to achieve deep pore cleansing, especially in the T-zone area and i do feel like this area is refreshed after I wash the masque off.If I get some in my hair by accident it gets a bit sticky and if the mask has got a bit hot from the bath fumes it will make it a bit harder to remove but after washing off my skin feels really nice and refreshed and is smooth and of course smells lovely. I think this is a really inexpensive way of treating yourself and relaxing for a few minutes. The masks costs in the £1 region which in my opinion are great value and can be purchased at Boots or directly from the Montagne Jeunesse website. 


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          16.01.2014 11:52
          Very helpful



          A lovely little face masque that I'd recommend for dry skin types.

          I received several little 'beauty-themed' stocking-filler gifts from friends and family at Christmas time, with some being from the well known "Montagne Jeunesse" range. This review outlines my experiences of trying out the "Chocolate Masque."

          There is a large range of assorted face masks available from the Montagne Jeunesse brand, which you can find in good drugstores such as Superdrug, as well as some supermarkets. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay around £1 - £1.40, depending on where you shop. I tend to purchase my own items from the range from Asda, where there is a reasonable range to choose from.

          The product's packaging is pretty unique, and I believe that the distinctive designs and in particular the 'shape' of the Montagne Jeunesse face packs are trademarks of this particular company. I like too how the packs of face masques usually depict an image of a female who has her face covered in the product; I like to know what I'm buying and this allows me to 'see before I buy' as it were.

          The only negative point I have to mention about the packaging is that I can never really manage to use the little 'tear-off' tabs that are incorporated into the Montagne Jeunesse Sachets; these are fiddly for me to tear and rip, so I always just snip the top of the packs off with scissors. The packs might be easier for other consumers to use, as I do have problems with using my hands at times due to disabilities.

          The Chocolate Masque is VERY thick, although I didn't find it difficult to squeeze it out from its foil-lined pouch. The appearance of the Chocolate Masque is identical to a sort of chocolate cream that you would find in the centre of a chocolate gateaux or cake; I had to remind myself that the product was NOT edible, as I found it quite remarkable how 'life like' it was; it even smelled of delicious chocolate cream.

          I liked how the Masque didn't drip or 'run' from the fingertips as it was applied as this allowed it to feel easy to use; so, ideal, for a relaxing bath-time treat when fuss or 'faff' is particularly off-putting. The thick, smooth texture of the Chocolate Masque allowed it to spread over the skin easily, and my face was covered in just a few moments. During the application of the Masque, I was careful to follow the advice on the packaging and keep it away from the delicate eye area and from around the mouth. It is true to say that the Masque felt a bit 'heavy' on my face as it settled, but I didn't find that this was unpleasant or uncomfortable, and I found the product's delicious scent really 'piqued' as I finished the application of the product. As it started to dry on my skin, I found that the scent settled a little, but was still verging on being mouth-watering as I found it so life like - just delicious.

          Another little plus point for me, personally, is the fact that I was able to obtain two separate uses from the Chocolate Masque, allowing the RRP to feel like good value for money. True, I've found that some of the Montagne Jeunesse products are really only suitable for one single use, and I do find that those that are 'peel off' masques will often need their sachets' full contents applied to achieve optimum results.

          Once the Chocolate Masque had dried on my skin, I found that it felt - and looked - dried up with the brown-coloured masque resembling a more 'clay-like' substance. The masque was quite cracked, although I didn't find that it 'flaked' off whilst it rested on my skin. To remove, I simply splashed lots and lots of warm water over my face, which seemed to break down the clay-like masque. Small patches of the dried masque clung to the skin quite stubbornly, but for the most part I found the product was easy to rinse off. After a minute or two, my skin was free from all traces of the product, and I found that my skin was wonderfully soft, and fully moisturised, with any stubborn dry patches being completely quenched and replenished.

          I do usually like to apply a heavy-duty moisturising cream, or a fluffy, whipped night cream to my face in a thick layer after using a face mask like the Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque, finding that it really allows the 'softening effect' achieved from the masque product to last a little longer. This is what I did on both occasions following the Chocolate Masque's use; I chose to slather my face in a thick layer of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Night Cream, which seemed to work in harmony with the Masque product, allowing the wonderful softening qualities obtained from its use to last well into the next day which is a really great result as far as I am concerned, particularly as my skin is extremely dry and will seldom feel soft and smooth during the harsh winter months. I did feel that the Masque provided a little TLC to my skin, and I was very grateful!

          As with all other products in the Montagne Jeunesse range that I've tried before, I suffered nothing in the way of aggravation or irritation to my sensitive skin during the product's use. I do therefore recommend it as being suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin issues.

          Taking everything into account, I feel that the Chocolate Masque product is worthy of a full recommendation from me. I would buy it again in the future, and felt that it was entirely suitable for my dry, sensitive skin type. I have nothing negative to report, and therefore feel that the product is deserving of top marks in the rating score.


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            25.05.2013 23:04
            Very helpful



            An inexpensive mask that works well.

            Chocolate Mud Pie Mask - not for oral consumption!

            Throughout my teens and early twenties I indulged myself with a weekly face-mask. Nowadays this is more of a twice-a-season event.

            The latest range of face-masks I have been using is the inexpensive Montagne Jeunesse. First things first: this is a bizarre name for a UK company. Youthful Mountain. Hmmm. Not exactly inspiring.

            The masks come in easy to open proprietary shaped sachet packets that are styled in a way that reminds me of a footprint.

            ~~~ My experience ~~~

            The very pleasant scent of chocolate is noticeable as soon as the packet is opened. The cleansing product is chocolate brown, very thick and not at all watery. This makes it easy to apply to the face and neck. This mask is dissimilar to some I have used in that there is no discomfort on application. This mask hardened a little after a few minutes. I usually leave the mask on my face for a maximum of 15 minutes when I wash it with tepid water. Thankfully, and unlike a previous brand, this chocolate mud pie mask was easy to remove.

            I noticed an immediate but short-lived difference in my face. My face seemed fresher and unexpectedly more youthful; hydrated but not greasy.

            I am reminded of something a dermatology colleague once said: a quick method to reduce wrinkles is to smother the area (such as the face or neck) with a cream containing sorbitol or similar. Then immediately drink at least a litre of water. The water molecules are attracted to the sorbitol. This hydration reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

            I suspect a similar process happened to my face through the use of this mask.

            ~~~ Ingredients ~~~

            The ingredients listed on the packet include:
            Water, Kaolin, Glycerin, Glucose, Mediterranean clay, Bentonite, Cocoa, Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Fruit Powder and Aroma.

            ~~~ My thoughts ~~~

            I bought this mask for 90p from Primark. I can't compare it to expensive branded face masks, but I am certainly impressed with the short term effect. I will definitely buy it again, and also consider using it a few hours before any special event.



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            14.05.2013 19:20
            Very helpful



            A fun facial mask which smells delicious and leaves the skin soft and clean

            I am slowly getting myself acquainted with the Montagne Jeunesse range and being a chocoholic, it made sense that my next experiment should be with the Chocolate Masque.

            What does the product do?
            The product promises to deeply moisturise the skin with both Cocoa and Shea butter which both hydrate and nourish the skin leaving it feeling soft and looking healthy. It also contains Deep Sea Salt which helps to heal the skin and you should be left with healthy and renewed skin. It contains Mediterranean Clay to draw toxins from the skin leaving your skin fresh and clean. It is suitable for dry to normal skin and it has no added parabens.

            How do you use the product?
            You need to cleanse the face using only warm water and then you apply the masque to the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip area. After leaving the product to get to work for ten to fifteen minutes you can then rinse the product off the skin, pat the face dry and then apply a moisturiser.

            Packaging and Price
            The product comes contained within a sachet and there is a picture of a lady on the front wearing the mask. Her eyes are covered with leaves and some pieces of chocolate. There is some more information given about the product on the back of the sachet. Each sachet will cost you around £1 and it can be bought from stores like Superdrug, large supermarkets and also from a range of online websites.

            Application and Performance
            When you dispense the product from the sachet, it looks exactly like melted chocolate and has the appearance of Nutella. It has quite a thick consistency and smells completely delicious like chocolate brownies and it made my mouth water. Despite the thickness of the product, it does spread easily on the face without pulling or dragging the skin and it gives a good coverage. Your face will have a thick covering of the brown mask so you will look a little silly if you need to answer the front door while wearing it.

            The product does feel comfortable when it is on my skin and it doesn't sting or give me any unpleasant sensations. You can smell the delicious aroma of the product the whole time but it isn't overpowering and it doesn't make you feel sick or become too much to bare. The product does start to dry as it on the face and it can begin to crack and tighten up so at that point I wanted to wash it off. I used a warm flannel to get the product off my face which did take a while and my flannel and sink ended up in quite a big mess. I then rinsed the excess off my face with a splash of cold water.

            After use my skin did feel a little tight and I did feel the need to apply a moisturiser straight away which I wasn't expecting from such a 'hydrating' mask. My skin did look a little bit red once the mask had been removed but then this faded within a few minutes. My skin did then look brighter and felt softer. It also felt really fresh and clean which I liked. It didn't cause any blemishes on my skin and it left my pores looking clear although it didn't make them smaller.

            All in all, this is a fun product to use and makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves chocolate. It didn't make a massive difference to my skin but it did leave it feeling softer and looking brighter. It left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I would use this again but I wouldn't make it a priority to rush out and get it. This is a nice product but it definitely didn't blow me away.


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            15.07.2012 00:01
            Very helpful



            A delicious smelling face mask from Montagne Jeunesse.

            I absolutely love face masks and I will try almost any scented mask if it looks or sounds nice. Lush ones are something that I buy regularly with the cupcake face mask being my favourite of all time! Sometimes I run out of this and I cannot get to another Lush shop for several weeks or days and so I often look for alternative face masks to keep me going.

            These Montagne Jeunesse face masks are ones that I have seem for a number of years now and I have tried several of the range in the past too. This particular one I have tried a few times in the past but not for a good year or two now and so I snapped five packets up for just £3.00 on a local Facebook selling page. I have seen these in Savers and Wilkinsons in the past too for around £1.00 - £1.20 which seems to be a reasonable price for me. I love chocolate and so the chocolate mud flavour was one that really interested me and within minutes of the masques being posted I have said I would take them and sent my husband off to pick them up for me!

            This particular mask is one that is ideal for T-zone problem skin, normal and dry skin too. It is a nourishing and cleansing mask but then I would expect that from a face mask anyway. This mask contains dead sea salt, cocoa butter, shea butter and Mediterranean clay. All of these work together to help clear away dead skin and look after the skin that is left behind as well as removing excess oil and cleansing.

            This mask is one that I have been using while relaxing in the bath and I then wash it off as I'm ready to exit the bath. This mask is easy to open, I can tear the packet with my bare hands easily enough. This mask is thick and creamy and it is quite difficult to get it all out of the packet when you're getting to the end, however, as this lasts me two uses I don't mind so much. This mask is smooth and is easy to brush across my face. This really does smell like chocolate and instantly I can smell this from the second I open the packet. It had a strong, sweet but not overpowering scent that was great and I really liked. I found this smell to be invigorating and relaxing.

            This mask did start to become quite hard and tight across my face while it was drying. It was not sore though nor was it unpleasant. I left this mask on for around 8-10 minutes each time and I found that this was plenty of time for this to become quite hard and to feel like I have got the full effects from this. After I have finished using this I use a warm flannel to rub my face lightly initially and then splashed warm water on my face to wash off the last remnants. I have also found the shower head quite good for helping me to remove any excess.

            After I have used this face mask my face and my skin feels fantastic. I did find that my skin was a little dry initially but after I had cleansed, toned and moisturised it looked and felt amazing. My skin looked brighter and more fresh after I had used these for a few times and I must say that I felt more confident on the days where I was not wearing make-up too.

            I really enjoyed these face masks and even if I had to pay full price for them I would find them to be fantastic value for money as one face mask packet easily does two generous face masks that have helped me to keep my skin in tip top condition. I am going to give this face mask 5/5 as I feel its great quality and my skin has benefited from me using this.


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              19.06.2012 21:16
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Masque

              The first time I saw this mask lying in the shop I suddenly got hungry for a piece of chocolate. The packaging is brown of color and just like with all Montagne Jeunesse masks you have a woman on the front. She has the mask on her face with green leaves in front of her eyes and pieces of chocolate. An actractive packaging. It's a hydrating mask which should make your skin suppler and it prevents dehydration.

              Montagne Jeunesse is a British company that focuses on skin care products as for the face, feet and hair. The most famous product is the masks that sit in colorful sachets. On the front is a picture which you can see for what the mask is intended (face, hair or feet). It really was used to be a brand for woman, now they focus on men and for them there is also a special range of products to pamper their skin with a mask. The products are tested on animals.

              The mask includes ingredients as aqua but also Mediterranean mud, sea salt and theobroma Cacao. As with all facial masks that I use I make sure my face is completely clean. I scrub my face and then I open the sachet which is easy to tear open at the top. Then I put the mask on my palm of my hand. The mask doesn't feel that thick but also not too thin and is ideal to apply on the face. It doesn't drip. You need to spread the mask on the face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that you can wash off the mask with warm water. The mask is easy to rinse off.

              It's certainly a mask to eat especially since it has a wonderful chocolate sent to it. After using the mask my skin feels refreshed, hydrated and very soft. You can definitely tell that the mask had his effect on my skin. The mask doesn't drip and stays firmly on the skin but is easy enough removed with hot water. A great mask!


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                06.04.2012 10:52
                Very helpful



                A face mask scented with chocolatey goodness that will make your skin feel lovely at first but awful

                I am always looking for new ways to keep my skin in tip top condition so decided to treat myself and purchase some face masks from Montagne Jeunesse. One of the masks I purchased was the chocolate masque which is designed for normal to dry skin and provides deep pore cleansing. My skin is what would be classed as normal however I do tend to get little spots on my chin and some on my forehead so I hoped this would help to deep cleanse my pores.

                **About the facemask **

                "Nourish your skin with a feast of rich and creamy delights. Treat yourself to a mud masque with a difference! Rich in natural ingredients this deep cleansing chocolate mud masque will help to unblock pores, allowing impurities to be drawn out. Couples with the skin healing properties of Dead Sea salt, and the moisturising benefits of cocoa butter and shea butter, you will be left with renewed, re-hydrated and younger looking skin."


                As with most of the face masks from Montagne Jeunesse this one comes in a sachet with an image of a lady on the front. This lady has her face covered in the chocolate mask with cubes of chocolate covering her eyes.

                In order to open the sachet there is a "tear here" instruction. I did not get on with this whatsoever! I tore open the sachet and it just wasn't enough to squeeze out the product. In the end I opted for cutting the sachet open with scissors, this seemed to do the trick.

                **First Impressions**

                As soon as I had opened the sachet I was very eager to smell the mask, after all I am a lover of chocolate. And I have to say this mask smells absolutely gorgeous. It smells just like chocolate and reminds me of chocolate cake. Even though I thought it smelt nice it did make me slightly worried as I wasn't sure it would be good for my skin.


                Squeezing the product out of the sachet is very easy and it comes out nice and steadily. The product itself is quite thick however it is easy to work with and spread over your face.

                After I had completely covered my face there was still extra left over in the sachet. Not enough to cover your whole face again but perhaps your T-zone.

                The scent of chocolate was really lovely and did make me begin to feel hungry however after a couple of minutes you get used to the smell. It is not a scent that I would particularly describe as relaxing but I like it nonetheless.

                Even though I used quite a thick coat of the face mask I felt it beginning to dry after around 5-6 minutes which I was surprised with as it is recommended you leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

                In order to get the best out of the product I decided to leave it on for the full 15 minutes. By this time it was definitely ready to come off as it was completely dry and my skin felt quite tight.

                Despite looking like a thick coat of dirty mud this mask is surprisingly easy to wash off. I used warm water and a flannel and it came off easily.

                **Results- Straight after using the mask**

                After using this mask my face did look like it had a bit of an extra glow to it. My skin also felt really soft which I guess is down to the cocoa butter and sea butter.

                **Results- In the morning**

                When I woke up in the morning after using this product my skin felt really greasy and as though it had a coat of residue on it. It felt horrible and I had to wash it straight away. I think this mask provided too much moisture and my skin did not like it at all.

                **Does it do what it says?**

                I purchased this mask as it promised to deep cleanse my pores, however, I saw no difference to my pores or impurities. My skin did feel renewed but did not look any younger and if anything it was over moisturised.

                **Price and Availability**

                You can buy these face masks for around 99p but in some shops you will find them on offer for 4 for £3. You can buy these facemasks in a number of shops such as Boots, Wilkinson's, Superdrug and Asda as well as online.


                Even though I love chocolate and would love to say that I love this mask I just don't. In the evening of using this mask I did think it had done a fairly good job but not even 12 hours later this had quickly changed. I will not be purchasing this mask again but since I like the smell I will give it 2 stars.

                --also on ciao--


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                05.02.2012 18:20
                Very helpful



                A chocolate let down for me, this masque re-acted with my skin!

                From my recent reviews you will know I have a passion for face masques, I do believe, for me they are an important part of my skin care routine. They certainly have a calming effect on me, which works wonders for me as my life isn't plain sailing.

                Montagne Jeunesse - Chocolate Masque:

                'Indulge in our guilt free natural treat of creamy delights with our Chocolate Masque. We've blended Fairly Traded Cocoa Butter from the sunny islands of the Dominican, with crushed Cocoa and ultra-moisturising Shea to leave skin silky soft and deeply cleansed'

                My Findings:

                I had seen this masque a few time now and never purchased it, I had always wanted to try this masque and for Christmas I was lucky to have a pile within my Christmas present stash! Comes gluten free and no added parabens

                Suitable for skin type -

                * Normal
                * Dry
                * Combination

                To start with it is recommended that you cleanse your face with warm water only and pat dry ready for application. I followed the instructions and tested for irritancy before use like I do with all face masques. I applied a small blob of the masque to my inner side of my arm which I left for around 10 minutes. All was fine so ahead I went in putting this masque on my face; I've got a few sachets of this so I also put a packet on my partner Joe's face!

                When opening the packet and having a smell it was chocolate aroma heaven, I do adore the smell of chocolate well anything to do with chocolate really! Joe did add that he found it to smell a little artificial. When smoothing it over my skin it was a nice soft feeling on my face and the chocolate aroma seem to get deeper hints to it. The masque gilded easy over my face and felt smooth and soft to touch. It was a little thick in the way of consistency, however it was still light and my skin didn't feel suffocated in anyway. Once on it was easy to lay back relax and enjoy the sweet scent of chocolate.

                Removal! It is recommended that you leave this product on for 10 to 15 minutes or until dry, we left ours on for around 10 minutes. This masque needless to say was on the stubborn side, so the easier option was to run the shower on low and remove it that way. I felt my face and my skin felt really nice and soft, however when I looked into the mirror 'shock horror' my face was bright red! And the same thing happened to Joe. So we splashed our face with some more cool water to make sure the product was completely off our faces.

                There was no tightness to my skin, it did feel soft but it did make mine and Joe's face warm with lot of red patches. I'm surprised we had such a re-action as I've used other chocolate masques from this brand and this has never happened before. So as you can guess I will not be purchasing this one again, shame really as it looked so appealing.

                The main ingredients within this masque are - Cocoa, Dead Sea Salt, Mediterranean Clay and Shea Butter all of which I have used before in other masques so why I had a re-action really is a mystery to me, even when I tested for irritancy all was fine. I didn't leave it on longer than stated so I guess this really just didn't suit my face at all. If this masque does suit your skin it is recommended for weekly use.

                In Montagne Jeunesse the packaging it bold with a photo of the masque on the front. It comes in a sachet that has a perforated edge at the top, that you rip open to obtain it contents. I slide the product up from the bottom to the top, and then it is easy to squeeze onto my finger tips or a brush ready for use.

                Price and Availability:

                You can purchase this masque from the likes of Asda, Superdrug, Bodycare all around the £1.00 mark. You can also purchase this masque from the Montagne Jeunesse web site for £1.09 which they have on offer with other product four for the price of three!



                Although this is also an anti-stress masque it certainly started out well, then sadly went straight down hill. The sweet chocolaty scent sure was intoxicating and was really pleasant applying to my face, but sadly the after effects were defiantly not anti-stress!

                Two out of five stars from me

                Thanks for reading.

                Additional Information:

                Montagne Jeunesse does have a rather fun looking web site where you can find out about their new product, and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range. They don't just do face masques they also do bath, hair, lip and massage products.

                Montagne Jeunesse is Vegetarian Society Approved, BUAV Approved, Not tested on animals and has received Prima Beauty Award. You can also sign up to be on their 'Beauty Panel' and if selected, from time to time you will receive products in development and when you return the questionnaire to them they will send free goodies!


                Ingredients -
                Aqua (Purified Water) , Kaolin , Illite (Mediterranean Clay) , Glycerin , Glyceryl Stearate SE , Bentonite , Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter , Ceteareth-20 , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) , Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Shell Powder , Sea Salt (Dead Sea Salt) , Aroma , Glucose , Lactoperoxidase , Citric Acid , Glucose Oxidase , CI 77491 , CI 77492 , CI 77499 (Iron Oxides


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                  22.01.2012 16:10
                  Very helpful



                  A great value chocolate face mask

                  I really like treating my skin with a face mask every week or so and have tried several masks in the past including those from Lush and other brands. The Lush ones are my favourites but they are expensive to buy so I was on the lookout for some cheaper alternatives

                  I've seen the Montagne Jeunesse range of face masks, with their brightly coloured sachets, in several stores before and have read many positive reviews. Therefore, I decided to pick one up from Savers for 99p when I was in there one day. As I am a massive chocoholic, the mask I chose was the 'Chocolate' one. It comes in the usual curved sachet with a picture of the woman wearing the mask (and also some leaves, and some pieces of chocolate covering her eyes!).

                  The mask is designed for normal, dry and T-zone skin, and it is claimed that it is deeply nourishing and cleansing. The mask is designed to unblock pores allowing impurities to be drawn out. It contains several natural ingredients: dead sea salt for its skin healing properties, cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise, and illite (Mediterranean clay) to remove excess oil and cleanse. The mask is meant to create renewed, rehydrated and younger-looking skin. It is also meant to help reduce stress!

                  Animal lovers will be pleased to know that the mask has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and bears the BUAV bunny logo to show that it has not been tested on animals.

                  I decided to use the mask for the first time one Sunday afternoon. I cleansed my face thoroughly and twisted the opening of the mask, removing it easily. I squeezed the mask into my hand. It was thick, but came out cleanly and there was no unnecessary mess. The mask was smooth in texture and I was able to spread a layer on my face very easily. The scent of the mask was absolutely divine: it really did smell authentically of liquid chocolate. The smell was strong and I could smell it the whole time I had the mask on, which was amazing! I covered my whole face with the mask (except for round my eyes) and only needed to use about half the sachet.

                  As the mask was drying, my skin began to feel a little tight. However it didn't itch or sting and I experienced no skin irritation or redness at any time while using the mask. After ten minutes I decided to wash it off. This was a slightly messy process as the mask is dark brown, and I had to wipe the sink down afterwards. The mask didn't stick to the sides or anything, though. I also had to cleanse and tone my face to remove every last trace of the product. The second time I used it, I washed it off in the shower which was much easier!

                  After use, my skin continued to feel a bit dry, even after I applied moisturiser. However it did feel cleansed and incredibly soft and smooth. For the next couple of days, I noticed that my skin did seem a bit brighter and more even-toned. The effect was nothing like I get with a Lush fresh face mask, but it was pretty decent for the price.

                  I was mildly disappointed that the product didn't make my skin look more matte. However in fairness it didn't claim to do this. It claims to create renewed, rehydrated and younger-looking skin, and while I can't test the third claim (I have young skin anyway and think it generally looks young), the first two do seem pretty accurate.

                  I enjoyed using this Montagne Jeunesse face mask and would possibly buy it again. I would also like to try some others in the range. They are not as good as Lush fresh face masks, but they are much cheaper!

                  Montagne Jeunesse products are made in the UK and these face masks can be bought from places like Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Amazon (where you can currently buy 6 sachets for a fiver). Normally they are priced at £1 or less which makes them good value for money, particularly when each sachet can normally be used at least twice. You can find out more at www.montagnejeunesse.com.


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                    27.11.2011 01:00
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                    A yummy face mask!

                    At lease once a week I like to pamper my skin with a face-mask. If you've read some of my recent reviews you'll know that I have been sampling some of the masks in the Montagne Jeunesse range which I picked up on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots. Not having been too impressed with the Peeling Passion variety which I last used I was not holding out much hope for the next mask - the chocolate masque.

                    Like the previous mask the chocolate masque comes in a foil sachet, which contains 20g of product and I managed to get 3 uses out of one sachet. I normally use Lush's range of fresh face masks which I am a huge fan of, though as these come in tubs that have to be stored in a fridge, they aren't the most practical items to carry around with you for example when travelling. The fact that the Montagne Jeunesse range comes in a sachet means that it is light and easy to transport and as I spend some time away with work I can see this being handy to keep around to take with me.
                    To use the mask there is a small perforation at the top of the sachet which when removed allows the mask to be squeezed through. The packaging is brown in colour to reflect the chocolaty nature of the mask. The mask is suitable for normal to dry skin and those, which have a t-zone. The mask acts to provide deep pore cleansing and claims to be anti-stress (I suppose this means that using this mask is very relaxing).

                    Looking a little further at the details at the back I was pleased to notice the long list of skin-friendly ingredients which include deep cleansing chocolate, dead sea salt, cocoa butter and shea butter. The chocolate acts to draw out impurities from the skin while dead sea salt has skin-healing properties. The final ingredients - cocoa and shea butters will leave the skin moisturised. The overall result should be renewed, rehydrated and younger looking skin. Some big promises - I remember thinking that if I can get all that for 99p I'll be amazed!

                    Squeezing the mask out of the sachet reveals a thick brown coloured paste, which looks like chocolate icing. I took a sniff and was amazed at just how good this smelt! Having washed my skin beforehand I applied this onto slightly damp skin (I find this helps when applying the mask). Once applied I allowed 15 minutes for the mask to dry. As it did so the mask turned from a dark brown colour to a whitish brown colour and my skin started to feel a little tighter. I also found that when I moved my face muscles there was some very fine powder that fell onto the floor, which was a little messy. The mask smelt so good as it dried that it took a lot of effort to resist licking the area around my lips!

                    After the 15 minutes were up I rinsed this off with some warm water. This came off quite easily with very little scrubbing required however it did prove to be a bit messy as there were brown patches of water over my white coloured sink and tiles. This didn't prove too much of a problem, as the patches were easy enough to remove but the extra work was a little annoying! Once off I passed my hands over my face and was pleased to note how soft my skin felt. It felt quite moisturised and looked clean and clear. I was quite impressed with this but have to point out that this is not as moisturising as some of the Lush masks I have used but for the price I am more than happy with its effect.

                    Overall then I quite enjoyed using this mask. It smelt great and left my skin looking clear and feeling soft and moisturised. For 99p I managed to get three uses out of this and think that this is an absolute bargain. It did prove a little messy to use particularly the fine powder that dropped off as it was drying. For this I have taken off one star however the chocolate masque is one that will definitely be finding it's way into my basket again.


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                      15.11.2011 11:39
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                      a lovely evening treat

                      Dooyoo have told me to put this review here as they won't accept a seperate section for the original (non mud) mask.

                      Montagne Jeunesse is a beauty brand offering a selection of face masks and body treats.

                      *Chocolate Face Masque*

                      "Nourish your skin with a feast of rich and creamy delights".

                      I will refer to this product as a mask rather than masque. This face mask is designed for use on normal, dry or t-zone skin. It is part of the anti-stress collection of face masks and is for deep down cleansing. The mask is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It doesn't contain gluten or additional parabens. It contains lots of natural ingredients.

                      The mask is presented in sachet form which is designed for 1 use. The sachet can be recycled and has an inner foil to keep the mask fresh. This particular mask can be identified by its brown colouring a model wearing a thick brown mask with chocolate chunks on her eyes!

                      *Claims and Important Ingredients*

                      Montagne Jeunesse claim that using this face mask will remove impurities and leave your pores clear. Your skin should be hydrated and renewed. The mask contains some key ingredients which have different purposes :

                      *cocoa - crushed for scent and colour
                      *cocoa butter - from Dominican. Fair trade and designed to moisturise and protect
                      *dead sea salt - rich with minerals. Included to remove dirt from pores.
                      *shea butter - seals in moisture and is rich in vitamin E
                      *Mediterranean clay - to remove toxins and hydrate the skin


                      This mask (or any of the other masks) can be used weekly. The face should be cleansed with water, dried and then the mask spread over the face (avoiding eyes and lips). Relax for 10-15mins, rinse and pat dry. SImples!


                      This particular face mask can bought from Asda, Boots, Superdrug and online from www.montagnejeunesse.com. It is a 20g size and costs around £1.09.

                      *My Thoughts*

                      Whilst I like to cleanse and moisturise every day, I like to indulge in a proper face mask occasionally. I favour a face mask when I've had a busy week and want to chill out whilst my son is at his grans overnight. I have always preferred to the Montagne Jeunesse face masks and this weekend, I raided my stash and found this chocolate face mask.

                      I tend to bulk buy my face masks as Asda or Boots usually have a multibuy offer on. The choice is brilliant and after being happy with the white chocolate version, I picked this one to try out. As always, the sachet is well designed, easy to open and contains just the right amount for one use if caked on. There may be enough for 2 uses if wrapped up and kept in the fridge. I have dry, sensitive skin with oily bits so specifically look for products which are suitable for my skin type.

                      *Thick and Creamy*

                      Before I even opened the sachet, I could tell this was a thick mask. On tearing open the sachet, the mask looks like melted chocolate. It reminds me of a chocolate bar which has been left in the sun and has turned to a thick, creamy mass of deliciousness! The smell is quite bitter and rich. It looks like milk chocolate but has a similar scent to that of low cocoa dark chocolate. It won't be to everyones tastes and I personally prefer the white chocolate scent. It is quite naturally scented.

                      I used this on Friday night as I had a long day Christmas shopping! I was feeling a little "flushed" from being in humid shops and carting lots of bags about and my skin was feeling the strain. It felt uncomfortable, dry and icky and I wanted to chill out watching a film. I swept my hair back into a hair band and splashed some tepid water across my face. This helped to open up my pores and this helps the mask get deep down to benefit my skin.

                      The mask isn't too messy to apply. It can be scooped out in small blobs. The consistency is thicker than it initially looks. It does have the melted chocolate consistency but feels quite clay like and is really cool to the touch. It spreads very well across my skin and coats my face in a creamy, brown layer. It literally looks like I have spread chocolate across my face. There is sufficient product to give my face and even coating and some left over to add extra to my forehead and cheeks.

                      *And Relax..*

                      I know I looked like a numpty with this on (see picture) but I prayed no one would come to the door as it would be ignored! I relaxed on the sofa. I am happy to report that although I applied this around my nose and eye area, the scent or mask did not cause any irritation or stinging. The mask feels quite heavy on my face and more relaxing than refreshing. The bitter scent from the cocoa is replaced by a creamy, sweet chocolate scent which I preferred.

                      This mask is one that dries onto the skin. It does take longer than many to dry and it is more of a gradual process. After 10mins, any facial movement felt tight but not uncomfortably. It was quite tingly in a good way. I felt relaxed but after 15-20mins, I couldn't move without brown flakes cracking over my top. I looked like I had wrestled with a Cadbury Flake and lost. I knew it was time to wash the mask off.

                      *Chill Out Time Over..*

                      Whilst I find peel off masks easier to remove, I am not a stranger to the ones which needs wiped off. I have a small wash cloth which I use and wash for this purpose and normally wash it off over the sink. Using the shower head is another method but less convenient! Some parts of my face had tried better than others. Because of the clay like feel, the mask took a bit of scrubbing to remove it. It turned creamy when I used a damp cloth on it and after 10mins, I was confident that all the mask had been removed. Well, most of it, I did find a bit up my nose a short while later!

                      After I had rinsed the remains of the face mask off, I patted it dry. My skin felt a little tight at first but this quickly subsided. I was very impressed with the results. Not only did I get to chill out whilst the mask did its work, but it actually did do something for my skin. My skin was visibly clear and I had a fresh looking face. The mask does cater for the various skin types as dry areas were smooth and soft whilst the oily areas were toned and didn't come through shiny.

                      I didn't need to apply and additional moisturiser which is definently a good aspect of using this face mask. My skin felt refreshed, clear and smooth and a slight sweet aroma remained on my face even after washing and drying it. When I woke up next morning, my skin still felt hydrated. I believe the effects of this mask are down to the shea butter which is a favourite ingredient of mine due to how well it locks in moisture to my skin.


                      This is one of my favourite, indulgent face masks in the Montagne Jeunesse range. It performs to a high standard, is packed full of gorgeous, natural ingredients and smells delightful. I cannot fault it. Given the low price of these face masks, they make ideal stocking fillers for girly girls and ladies who want a pampering night in.

                      Highly recommended by myself.

                      Thanks for reading x

                      PS Originally posted on ciao with pictures!


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                        12.11.2011 18:35
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                        A fun and fairly effective face mask.

                        Anyone who reads my reviews regularly might have noticed a slight air of panic in my approach to my skin care and the general ageing process!

                        I have been more conscious of the care my skin gets lately as I near my later twenties and part of that lately led me to try a facemask. I used to indulge fairly regularly in these and have always found Montagne Jeunesse to be among my favourite brands, but in recent years I've always felt too busy and far too rarely have I indulged in two-hour-long bathroom pampering sessions!

                        I stumbled across a Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque sachet that I picked up a couple of weeks ago but never got around to using, and decided to see if I still enjoyed them.


                        THE PRODUCT

                        The Chocolate Mud Masque is part of Montagne Jeunesse's huge range of masks, peels and body treatments. They can be bought in bottles in some cases but largely they come in peel-open foil packages with a photographic illustration of the mask and it's ingredients on a model's face.

                        The packaging is great - I have never known them to burst, the foil break rips the packaging open so that you can squeeze it all out well and also the directions are listed, although the graphic design on the back can be a bit distracting and chaotic.

                        For a treat I find that the average price of about £1 acceptable. These can be bought virtually anywhere on the high street and also from the company direct. Boots, Superdrug, Wilkinsons an Asda are my usual sources.

                        This particular product is unsurprisingly chocolate brown in colour and a lot like chocolate spread in consistency.

                        The website description states "Indulge in our guilt free natural treat of creamy delights with our Chocolate Masque. We've blended Fairly Traded Cocoa Butter from the sunny islands of the Dominican, with crushed Cocoa and ultra-moisturising Shea to leave skin silky soft and deeply cleansed.".

                        I have always found the MJ sachets have plenty of product in them so that you don't feel you are not getting the full treatment or your money's value. This version is another example of this; I was able to apply this thickly to my skin, avoiding the eye area of course, and neck, where I do get some pores blocked now and then.

                        The treatment is advised as being best left on for 15 mins or until dry, to water-washed skin, then removed with a flannel and warm water. I find that these directions are spot on as I would not want to apply something drying to my skin when it had been exfoliated or in any way aggravated, but equally I wouldn't like to leave something drying on for too long.

                        As I said, this is quite generous in terms of quantity. I think that as a result this product wasn't entirely dry when the 15 minutes were up. In a way I prefer this as, whilst this may mean more oils weren't stripped from my pores, overall I think that a drying mask can be a bit extreme. This was fairly firm but not making my skin feel uncomfortable when I removed it and it came away nicely with a flannel - although that desperately needed washing afterwards of course!

                        After use my skin felt soft, thoroughly clean but not more or less so than when treated with any other similar brand. The scent of the product was lovely, very chocolatey and very indulgent, but as a beauty treatment as opposed to treat I found this to be enjoyable and effective within the usual means but certainly no high street hidden gem.


                        MY OPINION

                        This is a lovely way to indulge for 15 minutes in the bath with a book whilst also giving your skin a little treat, but don't expect the kind of deep-pore cleansing and baby-soft skin you might get with a more technically based high-end treatment. At the end of the day it is about £1 per treatment and I feel that the results are justifiably reflective of that; this product won't change your world but it will add a degree of luxury to any indulgent self pampering evening. Pleasing, but not astonishing.


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                          15.10.2011 13:26
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                          see review

                          I love nothing more than pampering myself after a stressful week. I steam my face, use a face pack, then moisturise at least twice a month!!

                          I've used Mantagne Jeunesse face masks and mud packs a few times and I love them. They have their pro's and cons though!
                          'WHERE TO BUY

                          You can get these at your local drug stores and even at your local supermarket. I usually buy mine from either Boots or Wilkinsons as the price varies from shop to shop and these two places are the cheapest and sometimes offer a 2 for 1 sale!!

                          The packaging isn't exactly what I like to call a slap on and go package! I like squeezy bottles, gels anything like that but these are a pain in the butt to open!
                          They come in sachets which are plastic on the outside and a foil type material on the inside to keep the product fresh i guess. I opened mine and I managed to get half the product out and the rest just began heating up before I even applied it to my face. It was sticky and slippery and just a pain to get the product out.
                          As for the person on the front of the package, she must have about 3 sachets on her face as i can just about get a thin layer of the product on my face with just one sachet! And no i don't have a big head haha.

                          They are very bright and colourful which drew me to them in the first place.
                          HOW TO APPLY THE PRODUCT

                          First you make sure your face is clean and fresh
                          Peel open the sachet, or use scissors to open if it is difficult to open

                          Squeeze out the product onto clean hands and distribute evenly all over face avoiding the eye and mouth area.
                          Leave the product on for 5 - 10 minutes while you sit back and relax!

                          Wash of the product with warm water and apply moisturiser after
                          THE AFTER AFFECT

                          After i applied the mask my skin felt lovely and smooth and a little bit like a babies bottom! My skin was glowing and It made me want to buy another mask!

                          The ingredients vary per product but for the face mask Mud Pac the ingredients are :
                          Aqua, Kaolin, Glycerin, Alcohol denat, Glyceryl stearate SE, Sodium citrate, Polysorbate 20, Seaweed Extract, Lavender oil, dead sea salt, Glucose, Parfum, Citric Acid, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose oxidase, Blue 1.

                          The price can vary per shop but in Wilkinsons I saw this for £0.85 and in Boots for £0.99

                          Smells Lovely

                          Leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing



                          Packaging is difficult to open
                          Sticky application and removal

                          Doesn't apply as thick as it says on the packaging
                          Overall the product is lovely but perhaps not the best product out there. However for the price I can't fault it much!


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                      • Product Details

                        Helps to unblock pores, moisturise and heal to give your skin a healthy glow /