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Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa

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6 Reviews

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Face Care / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    6 Reviews
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      21.06.2013 13:35
      Very helpful



      A fabric facial treatment

      I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse range before and really enjoy using their face masks as they are a fun treat and the lovely descriptions on the packaging makes them sound very appealing. I like to try out all the different varieties - or "flavours", as I think of them! - and this Dead Sea Face Spa is the one I've used most recently. The face masks are available to buy in most high street beauty stores, and I bought this from Boots for £1.29.

      This particular face mask contains crushed dead sea salt & seaweed, and is a calming & cleansing fabric facial. Product description: "Too busy to take time out? Need to feel pampered and rejuvenated? Let the calming dead sea salt and soothing pressed seaweed submerge tired, stressed out skin leaving it smooth and re-hydrated."

      Recommended directions for use: Cleanse...apply...relax for 5-10 minutes...massage...rinse.

      I like to give myself a good pampering when I am using a face mask, and they are one of my favourite weekly beauty treats. To begin with, I made sure that all traces of make-up were fully removed and I then went about applying the mask. The mask comes in a standard foil packet to keep it fresh and moist, but rather than being a fluid that you spread straight onto the skin this was actually a real mask, and is made of a face-shaped cloth infused with natural ingredients. I thought this was a neat idea as it is very quick to use with none of the mess and fuss that you get with ordinary face masks, and you could easily use one when travelling as the slim packet is easy to pack and all you'd need to enjoy it is somewhere to sit and relax for 5 minutes.

      The cloth was very moist and was soaked through thoroughly to give an even application to the skin. There are cut-out sections in the cloth that allow you to place it over your face with sections left for your eyes, nostrils and mouth to remain uncovered. The mask itself is made of a plain white fabric and there is the Montagne Jeunesse logo printed on one side, which as shown in the picture on the packaging, is the outer side of the mask, so it makes it easy to see which side should be applied against your face. The mask has slits in a couple of places which should help you to position it correctly and get a smooth fit by folding the sections in to cover the curves of your face. It fitted closely against my face once I had smoothed the fabric over my skin, and the wetness helped it to stay put. To make it easier for the mask to stay in place properly, and to make the most of my relaxation time, I decided to just lie back on my bed with a bunch of pillows to prop me up and had a comfortable 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing while the mask did its thing. It was very cold when first applying, enough to make me gasp with the shock of it, and although this was a bit off-putting it did feel really soothing on my face as I was wearing it and was especially effective around my eye area as it helped to cool and refresh my tired eyes and left me feeling very relaxed.

      The mask had a very strong fresh fragrance to it, but this had some quite harsh bitter undertones and I didn't find it particularly pleasant. It should be left on for 5-10 minutes to allow it to really get to work on your skin, however as the minutes wore on I noticed that there was a bit of a tingling sensation starting to build up, and this was becoming a little uncomfortable which made me worry that my skin was going to have a bad reaction. I stuck it out for 5 minutes and then removed the fabric mask. It was still very moist by this time and left a light layer of liquid over my skin, which I massaged into my face in small circular motions. This was absorbed quickly but left my skin feeling a bit sticky, and I had to rinse my skin twice to make it full fully clean again.

      Initially, I was not that impressed with the results of the mask. My skin looked and felt like it had been freshly cleansed, and it did appear to be tighter and more toned. But, there were no noticeable hydrating effects and the surface texture of my skin was not improved at all. I stared at my face in the mirror for a short while, rubbed at it with my fingertips, proclaimed my thoughts to be "meh." and then carried on with reading some paperwork. I left my skin clear without using any additional products to follow up, and later on maybe after about 30 minutes, I absentmindedly rubbed at my face. Now the results were in! My skin had a perfectly smooth finish and felt even and toned. Maybe it took a little while for my skin to rebalance after having to wash away the residue, but after a slight delay my skin had certainly reaped the benefits of using this mask. The only down side is that my skin still felt a little on the dry side and I needed to apply a separate moisturiser. I was still noticing positive results on the following day, as I had previously spotted a couple of blemishes forming on my chin, but the mask seemed to treat these really quickly and helped to reduce and get rid of them within less than 48 hours.

      Overall I think this is a pretty good face mask, and the fabric treatment is nice as it's something new and different. I don't usually suffer from adverse reactions to skincare products so the tingling sensation was a little concerning but luckily this seemed to have no repercussions, and the cooling effect prior to this is very relaxing. It's quick and easy to use, with no mess, and left my skin in good condition. I have since noticed other variants on this fabric face mask within the Montagne Jeunesse range and I'm looking forward to trying these too.

      Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing, and have been approved by BUAV and the Vegetarian Society. Keep your beauty cruelty free!


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      17.05.2013 11:16
      Very helpful



      Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mask

      I really like Montagne Jeunesse face masks and usually pick myself one up whenever I am in the supermarket doing a shop as a little treat for when I get home to distress and unwind.

      I have found though that some of them suit my skin more than others. I really liked the idea of the fabric Dead Sea facial mask as some of the masks can be really messy to use and I thought I could just lie in bed and use this one to relax without having to worry about loads of mud to clean up.

      The Dead Sea fabric mask is just made of fabric that is basically face shaped with cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth. The fabric is wet as it has been soaked in a preparation including Dead Sea salt and pressed seaweed.

      You just take the mask out of the packet and then place it on your face and lie back and relax. I used it by making sure that I had thoroughly cleaned my skin and removed any traces of make-up so that the Dead Sea preparation could enter my skin and nourish it. I found that it was a little bit difficult to make sure that the fabric was touching all my skin especially the area on the sides of my nose because of the placements of the cut outs but it did have contact with my cheeks, chin and forehead with no problems.

      I put the mask on and followed the instructions about leaving the mask on for 10 minutes to make sure that the mask had time to get to work on my skin.
      After a couple of minutes I noticed a slight stinging on my face. Before using the mask I had made sure it was suitable for sensitive skin so I was a bit concerned but as it was only a slight stinging I ignored it and left the mask on for the rest of the 10 minutes.

      After 10 minutes I took the mask off and the instructions said to massage the excess liquid into my skin and then splash my face with cold water which I did. I noticed that my face was looking very pink afterwards which didn't concern me to unduly as it was night time and I wasn't going anywhere but I was a bit annoyed that a mask saying it was suitable for sensitive skin would leave me looking so pink. I certainly wouldn't have been happy if I had used this as a pick me up before going out for example.

      The pinkness lasted for hours on my skin right up until I went to sleep. Luckily the next morning all the pinkness had vanished and my skin looked amazing. It was literally glowing and looked so fresh and even looked a little bit more plump. It also was so soft to the touch and I noticed that when I was putting on my make-up that it went on smoother and it also seemed to last longer throughout the day.

      I was really impressed with how this made my skin look and feel and I will definitely buy it again but I will make sure that I use it at night again as I wouldn't want to use this and then be seen afterwards thanks to how pink it made me. I also liked the fact there was no mess with this mask. There is a time and a place for pampering and sometimes I like to get in the bath and use loads of muds and lotions but sometimes it is nice to just give my skin a quick boost and have no mess to clean up afterwards.

      I think this cost me £1.30.


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      05.10.2012 13:21
      Very helpful
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      A mask which I would not be repurchasing.

      I recently went on holiday to the states and thought it might be nice to have something I could put on mid flight to try to look after my skin and occupy myself! Not wanting to deal with a cream mask which needs washing off, I chose this sheet mask which would give minimal mess!

      I paid around £1.50 for this mask so I wasn't expecting amazing results, but unfortunately I still found this product disappointing. The mask fits well over the face, it has pieces cut out so it doesn't cover the eyes, mouth or nose and the mask is well soaked in the tonic so it sticks well to the skin and doesn't slip. So far so good, however after using the mask for a minute the initial coolness from the it became a slightly irritating itch. It wasn't exactly that my skin was reacting to the product, it was just not soothing as promised but instead mildly irritating. Unfortunately I ended up removing the mask and rinsing off the residue rather quickly after application and would not consider repurchasing this product.

      I would definitely not recommend using this product if you have sensitive skin and I wont be trying this product again.


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        02.06.2012 21:04
        Very helpful



        I will buy again!

        Montagne Jeunesse specialise in offerinng face masks for various skin types. They also offer scrubs, bath and hair masks.

        ~Dead Sea Face Spa~

        Whilst the majority of Montagne Jeunesse face masks are liquid based, they currently offer a range of 3 fabric face masks - Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Dead Sea. I will be discussing my use of the Dead Sea mask.

        This mask is presented in a sachet and there is one, single use fabric mask provided. It is suitable for a wide range of skin types including those who have sensitive and dry skin. The mask is vegetarian friendly and BUAV approved. The fabric mask is soaked in a tonic which is enriched with sea salt, menthol and seaweed extracts. Montagne Jeunesse claim that this mask will leave your skin feeling smooth and re-hydrated.

        To use, cleanse skin and remove make up. Place the mask over your face ensuring the mouth section has been turned upwards, pat down and relax. Once 5-10 minutes have passed, remove and use your fingertips to massage in any excess tonic that has been left on the skin before using some cold water and patting dry.

        ~Price and Availability~

        This single use face mask can be bought in stores such as Asda and Boots. It is also stocked on the company website www.montagnejeunesse.com. It is priced at around £1.30.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Whilst I cleanse and moisturise daily, my skin can often be left looking a little tired. I favour Montagne Jeunesse face masks but until reading a review from Vampireprincess on here, I wasn't aware of the benefits of a fabric mask! A liquid mask isn't always practical and at least with a fabric mask you can remove it if the door is knocked! I chose the Dead Sea mask during a shopping trip to Asda recently. It was reduced to 75p alongside others so I stocked up on my favourites.

        I don't get much time to myself at the moment but when I do, I like to treat my skin and rejuvenate it a little. Pinning back my hair and splashing some water over my face, I was ready to relax on the sofa for 10 minutes with this face mask. The mask itself is really damp when removed from the packet. It is made from a soft material cloth that feels a bit like a thick baby wipe and has a lovely marine like scent which is a little overpowering at first.

        ~And Relax..~

        Applying this mask is very easy. It is a good size and round in shape. I smoothed it across my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and it fitted perfectly. Whilst recommended that you lie down when using this mask, it does 'cling' to the skin and stays in place if walking from the bathroom to the living room for example. The appearance of the mask is somewhat cool and calming as it is white with blue wave images on it. There is a large opening for each eye and the mouth and also a small 'flap' for the nose area to ensure you can breathe!

        The effects of this mask are brilliant from the moment it is applied to my skin. I lay down and felt completed relaxed and chilled out. The tonic on the mask started to seep into my skin and my entire face felt refreshed. The scent of the mask isn't too heavy when lying down. I felt my eyes nipping a little at first as the scent was strong but it settled to reveal a pleasant and refreshing sea like smell which was favourable.

        I found it benefical to pat the mask down every few minutes to ensure I was reaping the full benefits of that lovely tonic. I also found this mask to be a fantastic stress reliever as my mind seemed settled and I could simply relax and feel less agitated. The fresh sea scent and general damp feel of the mask remained noticeable even after the 10minutes of relaxing had passed. It was easy to remove and dispose off. A small amount of tonic remained on my skin leaving it moist and this absorbed with a quick massage in. I rinsed and patted dry.

        ~Admiring The Results~

        Despite having dry and sensitive skin, I experienced no nasty side effects from using this fabric mask. My skin was soft to the touch and visually improved. This mask gave my skin a brilliant boost and my skin was left with a radiant, healthy appearance which I really loved. It was tingly fresh and my mood was generally uplifted too which was an added bonus. I didn't feel the need to slap on lots of moisturiser afterwards either.


        All in all, I can highly recommend this fabric mask. It is effective yet gentle, smells gorgeous and isn't too expensive either. I would recommend it for morning use as it really invigorates the skin and mind. I will buy this again for giving my skin a healthy boost though will continue to use the liquid masks for deep down hydrated. I cannot recommend this highly enough so give it a try!

        Thanks for reading :)


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          31.01.2012 10:42
          Very helpful



          Another amazing masque from Montagne Jeunesse

          Well after a horrid shift at work all I could think about was getting home, having a soak in the bath and relaxing with a nice face masque. However as I didn't have long to pamper myself before my sister kids arrived for me to babysit, I opted for a fabric masque to try. A big thank you goes out to the team at Montagne Jeunesse for sending me this masque to review.

          Montagne Jeunesse - Dead Sea Face Spa:

          'Too busy to take time out? Need to feel pampered and rejuvenated? Let the calming Dead Sea Salt and soothing pressed Seaweed submerge tired, stressed out skin leaving it smooth and re-hydrated'

          My findings:

          Fabric masques for me can be hit or miss, but when you only have little time to spare these can be great little treats. It gives you those few minutes of 'me time' to give you that boost to get up and start, well for me it does anyway.

          Suitable for skin type -

          * Sensitive
          * Combination
          * Oily
          * Dry
          * Mature
          * Normal

          So if you haven't tried a fabric masque before this is a good one to start with as it caters for many skin types, however it is always wise even if you have used the masque before to test for irritancy each time before use.

          To start with you need to remove any make up and cleanse skin, tear open the pack slightly and apply some of the tonic to your inner arm to test for any reaction. If all fine remove the masque and unfold ready to apply to your face. Soon as you open the sachet you have a nice fresh clean scent from the masque which I found rather refreshing. With some fabric masques I have used in the past you have to detach the material from around the mouth area, this can be a little tricky when messing with a wet masque. Luckily the mouth section is already detached so all you need to do is place over your face.

          When placing the masque over my face for the first time is was rather cool I found this rather pleasant, as it was only mildly cooling. There is plenty of tonic within this masque for my face, it was extremely moist. To get the most from your masque it is recommended that you rub over the masque so that the tonic gets all sections of your face apart from your eyes and lips of course. I have to look in a mirror when placing this masque on my face so that I can try and get it in comfortable place. As they are always on the large side, however this will then cater for all shape.

          Once the masque is sat on your face you can then sit back and relax for five to ten minutes. During that time I could feel the coolness of the tonic, which I just found really refreshing. The scent from this masque is wonderful like a clean fresh crisp day with a sea breeze after tone. The aroma lasts through out the duration of wearing this masque.

          I left my masque on for ten minutes and I really didn't want to get up and remove it! You can feel the coolness from the tonic even more so when your remove the masque. Any remaining tonic left over my face I massaged into my skin, then splashed my face with cool water and patted dry. My skin certainly felt and looked refreshed and cleansed, this is the best fabric masque I have ever tried.

          Looking at my face in the mirror it looked wonderful clean and bright, the horrid spot I had coming on my cheek had also calmed down. This was great for me as I didn't want to take the children out with a big red dot on my face. On my nose where it tends to get oily the masque had dried the excess oiliness away. In just ten minutes this little masque worked some wonders, when I have little time to spare I shall be stocking up on this masque to give my skin a boost.

          In typical Montagne Jeunesse style the packaging is bright and eye catching, with a picture of the masque on the front. The masque comes in an easy to open sachet where you just pull the contents out, once finished with the packaging can be recycled.

          Price and Availability:

          This masque costs just £1.29 from the Montagne Jeunesse web site, which is amazing value for the results I got. They are also still offering 4 for the price of 3! You can also purchase this masque from the likes of Asda, Boots and Superdrug all around the same price mark.



          So far this is the best fabric masque I have used to date, my skin was refreshed, cleansed and smelt wonderfully clean. These masques are much easier to apply and take off as it really does take little time at all. I would certainly recommend this masque if you're limited on time or just don't like the messiness from a mud masque.

          My skin feels nice and soft; I was certainly relaxed after using and ready to face babysitting! One super fabric face masque which I shall be using more often.

          Five out of five stars from me.

          Thanks for reading.

          Additional Information:


          Montagne Jeunesse does have a rather fun looking web site where you can find out about their new product, and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range. They don't just do face masks there are also bath, hair, lip and massage products.

          Montagne Jeunesse is Vegetarian Society Approved, BUAV Approved, Not tested on animals and has received Prima Beauty Award. You can also sign up to be on their 'Beauty Panel' and if selected, from time to time you will receive products in development and when you return the questionnaire to them they will send free goodies!

          Ingredients -
          Aqua (Purified Water) , Glycerin (Plant Origin) , PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether , Hydrolyzed Oats , Glucose (Sugar) , Sodium Citrate (pH Balancer) , Parfum (Fragrance) , Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) , Sea Salt (Dead Sea Salt) , Menthyl PCA , Citric Acid (pH Balancer) , Sorbitol , Propylene Glycol , Menthol , Ascophyllum Nodosum (Algae) Extract , Laminaria Digitata (Seaweed) Extract , Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract , Fucus Vesiculosus (Seaweed) Extract , Glucose Oxidase (Sugar Origin) , Lactoperoxidase (Milk Origin)

          Contact -
          Montagne Jeunesse
          SA12 7AX


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            10.01.2012 17:32
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A dead sea salt face mask for soft smooth skin

            For Christmas I was given a whole host of face masks by Montagne Jeunesse, some had used before and really liked and some I hadn't tried before.

            The Montagne Jeunesse range has been around in the high street shops for as long as I can remember and you usually find them in places like Superdrug and Boots, hanging on their own on the end of a shelf to try and catch your attention. They do seem to cater for a lot of different skin needs with their face mask range, whether it is an anti-stress mask, Dry skin nourishing masks, aromatherapy masks, mud masks, exfoliating masks and many more and they come in an array of smells. The range itself however has grown over the years I have used them and it isn't just limited to face masks as you can now get products aimed at Men, your body and feet, your hair, your eyes, you lips and your nose to name but a few. The one thing that always stays the same with this brand is their pricing, whilst many other products have notably shot up in price, Montagne Jeunesse it seems have kept their products similarly priced for years.

            The first face mask to catch my attention from my package was the one titled 'Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa' which claims to leave stressed out skin feeling smooth and re-hydrated. It retails for £1.29 on the high street and each face mask comes in a 20ml sachet which has an easy tear tab on the side of the sachet, though I hasten to add it is easy to open if your hands are dry and not wet.

            So once you have ensured your face is clean and then dry you simply remove the contents of the sachet to find a folded up mask. I quite like these masks because once you have managed to detach the material covering both the moth and nose sections, an easy task to complete, you then lean back and relax either in your bath or wherever else you decide to use this mask and placing it over your face, you gently pat it down so that you get as much contact between the mask and your face as possible, as you apply some pressure you should feel a slightly cooling sensation on your skin and I found this to be really quite a nice feeling at the time and as I closed my eyes felt very relaxed. Then leaving the mask to work its magic between the suggested 5 to 10 minutes you can then remove it from your face. As this mask isn't a cream, liquid or gel you wouldn't expect to find any trace left behind upon its removal especially because it doesn't dry hard on your face. However, in this instance there is some excess liquid which you are asked to gently massage into your skin and then should you wish too, leave for a few further minutes before splashing your face with cold water, not hot, and then pat dry.

            After patting my skin dry the first thing I noticed was how soft my skin felt very to the touch and where I had a slight dry patch on my right cheek in its place was soft smooth skin. When it comes to the fragrance of this mask, there isn't anything flowery that really stands out, there is a slight menthol smell which isn't too overpowering, but notably when you place this face mask on your face the first thing you notice is how cool it makes your skin feel.

            Now the two ingredients Dead Sea Salt and Menthol and as above, the fragrance of the menthol isn't strong enough to overpower this mask and make you feel like you had just dipped yourself in Tea Tree Oil, instead it's the coolness on your skin which is relaxing and when used in a mask like this one, it is done so because Menthol helps to tighten pores and make your skin feel smoother to the touch. Dead Sea Salt which is rich in minerals helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt from your face which therefore leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.

            Each of the masks within the Montagne Jeunesse range is Suitable for Vegans, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Their website also claims that they use only natural ingredients derived from plant and mineral sources and that they do not test their products on animals nor do they contain chemicals or anything nasty. They can be found in all of your high street stores such as Superdrug, Boots, Wilkinsons and they can be found in your local supermarkets such as Morrisons and Asda and each product from within this range seems to be priced between 79p up to around £1.29, which as I said is not overly pricey and these products have been these prices for years.

            Whilst Montagne Jeunesse isn't always on my list of priorities when it comes to face masks, I don't dislike them and for their bargain price they are brilliant to keep in the bathroom should you run out of your favourite product. As I also have extremely sensitive skin, which is why when I usually find a product that works I tend to stick with it, but having used many products from within this range I have suffered no skin reactions. So if I need something quickly I would have no hesitations in using a face mask from within this range and would happily try anything else from the rest of the product range.


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