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Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal Masque

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8 Reviews
  • It is refreshing
  • It is cleansing
  • There are no disadvantages
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    8 Reviews
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      09.11.2014 13:29
      Very helpful


      • "It is refreshing"
      • "It is cleansing"
      • "It is very good at being an exfoliator"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Montagne Jeunesse iced crystal face mask

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is an exfoliator and face mask that is made by Montagne Jeunesse, it is one of my favourite products that is made by them and one I have bought many times.


      This mask is cream but inside the cream there are granules of sea salt. You cleanse your face and then leave it wet, massage the face mask into your skin and spend some time doing this so that the salt can exfoliate your skin. I use circle motions and massage for a total of about 5 minutes and I make sure I massage all of my face also. Keep the face mask on your skin for about 15 or 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cool or cold water.


      I think this is a very effective face mask and as an exfoliator also. It is a light exfoliator and I would use something else if my face needed to be cleansed deeply but I think it makes my skin alot brighter and I think it is a very cleansing mask that is suited to be used regular, you can not use stronger exfoliators so much because of the chemicals they have in them.


      I like the smell of this face mask very much, it is minty and that is not what I would choose for a face mask fragrance but it is very refreshing and I am happy I bought it by mistake for the first time because I would not have bought it if I knew it was going to smell like mint. It is refreshing and wakes me up so I do not use this face mask before I go to bed because it has kept me awake before and left me so refreshed that I could not go to sleep.

      I think it is clever that you exfoliate with the mask because then the mask stays on your exfoliated skin and adds moisture so it feels like you are having a whole facial using one product only. This mask makes my skin feel soft and very smooth when I have rinsed it off, it is quite hard to rinse but I use face wipes instead of water and then splash my face after I have taken all of the mask off with the wipes.

      I like the way this face mask tightens my pores and I used it alot in the summer for that reason because my pores enlarge in the hot weather. I like that it feels cool on the skin also even though the mask is not cold, that is very refreshing in the summer.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      19.01.2014 18:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A freshening mask!

      I love Montagne Jeunesse masks and every Christmas my Mum and Nan treat me to several. This being one of them as they know it is my favourite. This mask can be picked up for around a £1 in Asda and Tesco.

      The mask comes in a sachet containing 15g which is enough for one use.

      The mask contains dead sea crystals, spearmint and a cooling menthol blend. The mask is suitable for normal, dry, oily and combination skin so pretty much all skin types.

      The packet tells me that dead sea minerals help to remove dead skin and dirt to leave the skin soft and clean and spearmint leaves your senses refreshed as well as being an anti oxidant to help fight ageing.

      To use the mask you need to cleanse your face and leave wet. You then apply the mask and massage in for 1 minute before leaving for 10-15 minutes massaging again for a minute and then rinsing with cold water.

      The mask is a pale green in colour and quite runny it has a lovely smell spearmint is my favourite minty smell and this is really refreshing. As soon as you apply this to your skin it is immediately cooling. There is a decent amount of 'scrub' in this mask. You can give it a good massage for a minute and none of the 'bits' disappear.

      This mask smells nice but it doesn't taste nice, I don't know how I manage it but on several occasions I have ended up tasting it and it is very salty! (it is recommended you don't eat this!)

      The mask doesn't dry on the skin and it continues to give the skin a 'tingling' sensation throughout the duration it is on your skin. After the allotted time has elapsed it is recommended you rinse this with cold water.

      It is a bit of a wake up rinsing with cold water but it really invigorates the skin. The mask is easy to rinse off.

      After using this my skin feels lovely and smooth. Some masks leave my skin dry and I have to use a moisturiser after this isn't one of those my skin doesn't feel dry or tight. My pores also look clearer and it is great if you have blemishes as the mint seems to help take the redness out of spots.

      I would recommend this mask it is my favourite, it leaves the skin looking clean and makes your face feel fresh for hours after.

      5 stars from me!


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        21.06.2013 14:58
        Very helpful



        A really good skin cleansing mask - great for deep clean of the face

        =Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal Masque=

        I feel like I am getting addicted to these Montagne Masks, but they are great value as I can get them for 3 for £2 from Home Bargains, and they do so many different types that I like trying them.

        =Price and availability=
        Generally these masks retail for £1.00 to £1.50 each, but there are regular offers on such as the Home Bargains, this mask I got from Boots and I think I paid around £1.50 for it. I grabbed it as I had a bonus points offer if I spent £30 and I had under calculated, and this was at the till, so sold.

        =The Packaging=
        These are single one use packets. They are brightly designed, as they have a picture of a ladies face, with the mask on, so you can see whether you are buying a clay mask which dries hard like plaster or a gel which is like a peel off rubber mask. With this picture there is also iced pictures of mint leaves across her eyes.

        On the reverse of the packet is the instructions for use, care instructions, and contact details for the company.

        =Cleansing and Exfoliating=
        This mask is both a cleanser and an exfoliating actions, as it has dead sea salt granules in the mask.

        =Here I go=
        I always massage the packet before I open it, as it ensures an even distribution of the mask, as soon as I opened the mask, the first thing I noticed was the spearmint smell, it was almost eye watering experience.

        =The Mask=
        The mask is a clear coloured gel, but it has a hint of a bluey/green appearance to it. When applying you can see the dead sea salt granules, as they exfoliate as your applying the mask. The mask is light to the touch and is easy to apply.

        Once fully applied, (avoiding the eye area and the hairline), the mask had a minty smell, it just reminded me of spearmint chewing gum. Within about 5 minutes I noticed the mask was starting to dry out, and by the 20 minute mark the mask had dried out, it looked a bit weird as the granules reminded me of a outbreak of whitehead spots (a change from black heads!).

        =Taking the Mask off=
        I peeled some of the mask off, it comes off easily enough, and just washed the rest off with warm water.

        My skin felt cool and it felt refreshed, the mint and the salt were a good combination, and I noticed a glow to my skin and it felt tighter (in a good way). My skin looked cleaner and smoother.

        =My Thoughts=
        I did really like this mask, and it is one that I would use again, but feel it is a "special occasion mask, for example I was going somewhere special, or had been somewhere and my skin felt grimy. I felt that this was an intensive feel to the mask, and I feel that it is a top of the range mask in the collection.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend this mask, it really does give a deep clean.


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        19.06.2013 17:56
        Very helpful



        Tingle all the way.

        I've used a few masks from this range recently as I got a bargain bundle of them from a discount store. This is one of the ones that initially really appealed to me so I was excited to give it a go.

        The mask comes in a plastic sachet with branding on the front and instructions on the back. The instructions are easy to follow, essentially cleansing with water and then applying the mask while avoiding your eyes and lips. The mask is both cleansing and exfoliating which is good because that covers two bases in my beauty regime. It has spearmint and dead sea salt in it and s I was expecting a refreshing relaxing mask.

        The mask is a clear coloured gel which has a slight blue/green colour to it. There are little granules in it which help to exfoliate the skin as you apply. The mask has a light touch and feels very cooling when first applied to your skin. It also has a lovely refreshing minty smell to it which helps to give your skin a cool feeling. Once applied to your skin it takes roughly 20 minutes to work its magic on your skin.

        Once the 20 minutes had passed I washed the mask off with a little bit of warm water and patted my skin down with a dry towel. My skin felt a little tingly initially and the lovely scent of spearmint stuck around giving my skin a very fresh feel to it. I have to say my skin did look visibly clearer and smoother after using this scrub and mask and I felt that my skin was noticeably softer.

        I still have a few of these masks left to use from the bundle I bought but this was definitely one of my preferred masks so far.

        Overall, a nice scrub and mask combination which gets your skin tingling.


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        17.05.2013 16:57
        Very helpful



        A mask that exfoliates, cleanses & tones!

        I bought this face mask a while ago as part of a big bundle of different Montagne Jeunesse face masks and I finally got around to using it a couple of days ago. One sachet of this retails at around a pound which isn't bad value at all and it is pretty much just as good as more expensive face masks.

        One sachet is enough for one use and I'm disappointed that there weren't any more of this face mask in my bundle as I really liked it - I will definitely be buying it again! Montagne Jeunesse market this as a cleansing, toning and exfoliating mask and it it contains sweet almond & jojoba oil as well as dead sea salt. As I have dry skin the fact that it contains oil didn't bother me at all but for people who suffer with greasy skin this might be a bit of a disadvantage.

        The first thing that I like about this mask is the smell - it is amazing! It's unlike any face mask I've used before smell wise as it smells kind of like toothpaste but a little sweeter and it is really, really refreshing smelling. Because of the smell I don't think I'd use this as a face mask to use while winding down and relaxing in the bath, but that's just my personal preference. The consistency of the mask is thick - almost gloopy with little chunks of dead sea salt which exfoliated my skin as I applied the mask.

        Although not painful, it wasn't the most pleasant sensation and it is quite a harsh exfoliater in my opinion, however for people who are used to exfoliating regularly it probably won't feel quite as harsh (I barely ever exfoliate properly unless my skin is mega dry). Once on my skin it dries pretty quickly and it makes my skin feel quite tightened and stiff which I wasn't expecting, I was expecting it to just sit on my skin for ten minutes or so and then wash off.

        I decided to wash it off about 15 minutes after applying it. When washing it off it sort of lathers up so when rubbing it to get it off it provides even more exfoliation so if goes without saying that once I'd washed it all off my skin was the smoothest and silkiest it's felt for ages! It also felt lovely and soft and smooth with no dryness at all and my skin actually felt suprisingly hydrated and it looked glowy and healthy, and it felt really clean. I was very impressed with the results!

        I also like that although it does really exfoliate my sensitive skin, it doesn't leave it bright red or sore - there was a slight bit of redness in my face when I initially washed off the mask but it soon faded and I've not had any break outs or anything from using this mask. I'd definitely recommend this face mask and I will definitely be re-purchasing it. Five out of five stars.


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        30.03.2013 14:18
        Very helpful



        Thumbs up!

        One thing that I like to treat myself to is a face mask as I see it as a bit of a treat for my face and often bung one on whilst soaking in the bath. I bought this one from Amazon in a pack of 6 of them for a fiver though I have often seen these about often in places like Superdrug, Boots and all good supermarkets like Asda and Tesco for around the pound mark each.

        The Packaging:

        Like all of the face masks in this range this comes in a plastic on the outside and silver foil on the inside of it sachet that holds 15g of the mask and on the front of the sachet which is green and blue in colour with a lady donning the mask and with what looks like spearmint leaves covering her eyes we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and that it is a 'Exoliating And Cleansing Facial' and that it is Spearmint & Dead Sea Salt then on the back of the sachet other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and shown via diagrams and a few words how to use and apply it, the ingredients are listed, we are told that it meets Vegetarian standards and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated. There is nick to the top of the sachet so its easy to get rid of and it really is informative enough packaging without there being too much of it!

        The Mask:

        All you do with this is to apply this to a clean and dry face and you get plenty of the minty smelling mask and its a transparent light bluey/green colour and when applying it you can feel grains of sea salt within it, though it doesn't feel uncomfortable to apply or leave on with those bits in it or anything adverse like that.

        So its easy to apply and I simply smeared it on and gently massaged my face with it and then I sat back and gave it 15 minutes on my face and part of my neck. However it was a nightmare this one at first! I didn't apply it to my eyes or too close to them and the spearmint mintiness really made my eyes water really badly. I had to pat my eye area with a clean warm flannel but for a couple of minutes I was in quite a state though the feeling did subside. Would I be to use this one again I really would only apply it to my chin and lower cheeks and the such and nowhere near my poor eyeballs!

        This didn't set on my skin and so it was easy to rinse off with warm water and boy was surprised by this wonderful product!

        My skin was left not only feeling really supple and refreshed and alot smoother after using it, when I looked in the mirror my complexion appeared really bright and clean! My open pores and black heads were no longer visible (though this effect didn't last more than a day) and whats more my laughter lines and wrinkles really looked smoothened out and I felt I looked years younger!

        Yep I was surprised and I still am typing that! This is simply a must by, just be careful where you apply it to is my only bit of advise. My skin feels and looks clean, it smells nice too for about an hour, my skin isn't so oily but doesn't feel or look dried out and after using this I need less make up on as it applies so much easier and less caked on looking!

        I love this and am off to order some more cos anything that makes me look younger is amazing and for about a quid you just can't beat it!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          23.01.2012 16:58
          Very helpful



          A another wonderful face masque from the amazing Montagne Jeunesse

          Back with another face masque from my favourite brand Montagne Jeunesse. I would like to say a huge thank you to the team for sending me this masque to review.

          Montagne Jeunesse - Iced Crystal, Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial:

          'Wake up your skin and senses with our Iced Crystal Masque! Spearmint and cooling menthol cleanse and tone your skin while exfoliating Dead Sea crystals gently refresh and renew your skin.'

          Suitable for -

          * Oily Skin
          * Combination Skin
          * Normal Skin
          * Dry Skin

          My Findings:

          Following the instructions I cleansed my face and left wet, it then states you need to massage the masque into your face for one minute. Once that was done I sat back and relax for fifteen minutes. During that time I was thinking my face would go cold but there really wasn't any difference. I really loved the aroma the masque gave off though it was certainly was minty but only mildly.

          Massaging the gel over my face I could feel sea salt grains within the mix it wasn't rough on my skin at all. In the past some exfoliating treatments I have used have been like rubbing sand paper over my face, however this one was grainy yet mild on my skin. I could freely massage this masque over my face without that harsh rough feel, which was lovely.

          After the time is up you need to remove the masque I personally use a face flannel as I find it much easier to remove the masque that way. It does state on their website (not on sachet) that before removing the product you can massage the masque into your skin for another minute if you wish too. I did as I want to get the best from each masque I use; again you could just feel the soft grains circling around my face.

          When it came to removing the product it was then I had a cooling sensation over my face which I found ever so refreshing. It wasn't an icy cold feeling however just a light cooling sensation, perfect for when the warmer (if we do!) weather comes along. For longer last results it is recommended that you use weekly.

          Once I had removed the entire product from my face and looked in the mirror I was well and truly blown away, my skin looked refreshed, super clean and had a lovely healthy glow. To feel my skin too it was wonderfully soft and smooth, I had no dry or tightening feeling. My skin just felt well and truly amazing; I will certainly be purchasing this one! Another plus was that this feeling last the whole day and well into the next morning.

          This masque comes in a sachet where you just rip at the perforated edge and squeeze out the contents, this can be a little messy but well worth it for the results. The packaging is very eye catching and can be recycled once empty. You also get plenty of the gel to spread over your face, a very generous portion so you're able to cover the whole of your face and under your chin.

          Price and Availability:

          This masque will cost £1.09 from most supermarket and chemists. On the Montagne Jeunesse web site there are offering 4 for the price of 3 which I personally think is great value for money.


          Overall this is now one my favourites and will certainly be stocking up on a few to mix in with others I use during the week. I fully recommend you to give this a go, as I really had amazing results from my masque.

          A massage five out of five stars from me!

          Thank you for reading.

          Additional Information:

          Montagne Jeunesse does have a rather fun looking web site where you can find out about their new product, and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range. They don't just do face masques there is also bath, hair, lip and massage products for both male and females.

          You can also sign up to be on their Beauty Panel and could be in with a chance for free stuff, and it's free!

          Montagne Jeunesse is Vegetarian Society Approved, BUAV Approved, Not tested on animals and has received Prima Beauty Award

          Test for irritancy before use


          Ingredients -

          Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil , Sodium Chloride (Salt) , Glycerin (Plant Origin) , Aqua (Purified Water) , Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil , Sucrose Laurate (Sugar Origin) , Sucrose Stearate (Sugar Origin) , Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil , Xanthan Gum (Natural Thickener) , Sea Salt (Dead Sea Salt) , Menthyl PCA (Cooling Agent) , Menthol (Cooling Agent) , Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil , Limonene* , CI 42090 (Blue 1) , *Naturally Found in Spearmint O


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            28.11.2011 09:22
            Very helpful



            Can't fault the results, but it stings like a bitch!

            I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse range before and really enjoy using their face masks as they are fun and the lovely descriptions on the packaging makes them sound very appealing. I was lucky enough to receive a whole bunch of different masques through a Facebook competition, and this Iced Crystal masque is the one I've used most recently. The masques are available to buy in most high street beauty stores and will cost around 99p for a 15ml sachet.

            This item is described as an exfoliating and cleansing facial with cooling spearmint. Montagne Jeunesse say: "Wake up your skin and senses with our Iced Crystal Masque! Spearmint and cooling Menthol cleanse and tone your skin while exfoliating Dead Sea Crystals gently refresh and renew."

            Recommended directions for use: Splash face with water, massage masque over the skin, relax for 10-15 minutes, rinse.

            I like to give myself a good pampering when I am using a face mask, and with the right preparation and aftercare I have noticed that my skin is becoming more healthy looking and is kept in better condition. To begin with, I washed my face with a hot cloth cleanser to make sure all traces of make-up were fully removed. I then went about applying the masque. The packaging opens easily, so you can squeeze the pouch and the contents come out of the corner through the small tear. This helps to control how much product you want to come out of the packet.

            This has an unusual consistency for a face mask, and looked more like a tooth paste! The masque has a gel-like formulation and contains lots of little particles for exfoliating. The gel was difficult to spread onto my skin as it kept separating and slipping out of my fingers. I tried rubbing it onto my face and starting the massaging straight away so that this would help it to stick to my skin. This masque is pretty messy so I'm glad I was using it while having a bath, otherwise it would have got everywhere and meant cleaning up afterwards. To go with the tooth paste appearance, the masque also has a spearmint scent, which was clean and fresh but not particularly indulgent or relaxing.

            This should be left on for 10-15 minutes to allow it to really get to work on your skin. I was only able to withstand the minimum recommended 10 minutes, as the masque felt really intense on my face. Instead of the cooling experience that I had expected, what I ended up with was a stinging and uncomfortable sensation starting practically as soon as I had finished applying the masque, and this lasted for the whole time that the masque was on my skin. Thankfully the masque was easy to wash off, but the stinging feeling still lingered for a short while.

            Afterwards I ran my fingers over my face to try and soothe the stinging a bit, but became completely distracted by just how AMAZING my skin felt! It was so incredibly smooth I couldn't believe it. The exfoliation felt fairly effective as I was massaging the masque on, but it didn't feel anything special and I hadn't expected it to be any better compared to other similar products I've used before. I swear my skin has never felt so clear and smooth, and this definitely helped to make up for the pain that I had to endure while the masque was working. Looking in the mirror, my skin appeared brightened, tightened and polished to perfection.

            Usually these face masques contain far too much of the product and there is always some leftover which gets wasted if you do not store it and re-use correctly. However, with this one I had such problems trying to apply it that I used the entire sachet for one application over my face and neck. There were not any leftovers but as it kept slipping out of my hands and into the bath some of it was still wasted.

            This Iced Crystal masque was really unpleasant to use as it felt so uncomfortable on my skin. It was messy and painful, but the results afterwards were just incredible. My skin has not looked better in ages, and the masque was obviously very effective. I don't know if I can bring myself to use one of these again in the future, but I do look forward to trying more products in the Montagne Jeunesse range.

            Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing, and have been approved by BUAV and the Vegetarian Society. Keep your beauty cruelty free!


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