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Montagne Jeunesse Nut Oil Masque

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Face Mask

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2013 16:55
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      Lovely offering from Montagne Jeunesse

      So I've had my dalliance with Superdrug facemasks and a very fun dalliance it has been too. But my fickle side came out when I saw that my local Wilkinsons had their entire Montagne Jeunesse range knocked down from £1 a shot to a juicy 75p per sachet. Yes, I'm a shallow, easily tempted face mask tart and I deserve to be punished.

      Except I wasn't. Because I picked up a new treat from the range, the Nut Oil Mask. And it's really rather good. Here's why.

      They like bunnies, and don't like putting beauty products on them. They're veggie, they're known peddlers of superior facemasks and have ventured into other product ranges, and they live at montagnejeunesse.com. They'll even give you free postage if you order direct and spend over fifteen of your English pounds, but you can find their wares in many a discount store, supermarket or similar.

      ***THE NUT OIL MASK***
      Was a new one on me. But I had the horrible experience of seeing myself caught on film on a recent work jaunt and realised that I did look as bad as I thought I did - a combination of a mental summer at work, a recent cold at the same time as a stomach bug basically putting me entirely off food, and needing to catch up on about three week's worth of sleep has left me looking a total state, and my skin was suffering. To glance at it un-made-up in the mirror I wouldn't so much be a casting candidate for a fair maiden in Middle Earth as I would some sort of troll with a humble abode situated beneath a bridge. My skin is tired, dry and looking considerably older than it should.

      At the same time my little treat basket on my dressing table boasted only one lone remaining Superdrug face mask and that was of the clay-based and clarifying variety, not a particularly nourishing one. It wasn't really tempting me, so fresh for the glorious benefactor that is payday gracing my door, I toddled off in pursuit of new spoils.

      The Nut Oil mask is also clay-based, using natural clays for a cleansing approach, but this is also packed full of natural oils as well for a moisturising approach to the cleansing process. Honestly, angels started singing when this one went in the basket. I wasn't let down, either.

      First off, I'd have bought this on the inclusion of Baobab Oil even if I hadn't tried eating the stuff - well drinking it, at least. The fruit, not the facemask. I tried a smoothie with a Baobab extract earlier this year and it was utterly sublime; therefore the inclusion of the oil of the seeds from the 'Tree Of Life' wasn't going to put me off in any way!

      Add to that Marula seed oil and, when you look into the ingredients, Cocoa seed oil and you have a very tempting mix indeed. Never before is MJ's standard warning been more apt - that while this smells good enough to eat, you shouldn't!

      ***WHAT'S IT LIKE TO USE?***
      Lovely. This is a standard clay-based mask in that it is thick, doesn't run and dries on the face, although I noticed with this one that whilst it did dry, it didn't crack and it didn't tighten on the skin. Presumably this is because of the high oil content, as that process is fairly standard with most of MJ's clay masks in my experience.

      Once you've ripped open the sachet you have a slightly off-white clay substance which initially doesn't seem overly scented, but when you apply it all you can smell is nuttiness. If you don't like that sort of scent then leave it alone but this is an earthy nuttiness with a tiny hint of cocoa, not a horrible almondy Bakewell Tart type of nuttiness.

      This goes on smoothly and I imagine having been kept in a fridge would be glorious soothing. There was a bit of a tingle as it went on initially but this soon faded and I enjoyed my resting 15 minutes with a book whilst it did its thing. I then popped into the shower and it rinsed off fairly quickly. At no point did my skin feel dried out or irritated and the mask didn't crack at all - in fact I was surprised that it had dried as much as it had when I checked with my fingertips.

      After use my skin felt smooth, not dry at all, and there was no redness whatsoever. This surprised me - often I think that even soothing and moisturising masks leave some sign of being there but my skin looked genuinely calmed and more soothed. If I were not paranoid about moisturiser and determined to try a new one I could easily have gone without one - normally my skin will feel tight immediately after a treatment like this or any shower and skin scrub but I managed to go half an hour of bimbling about doing Other Stuff before I got around to my new skin treat and I felt none the worse for it.

      When I did apply my new face balm I also noticed that the action of massaging it in activated a few lingering hints of nutty scent but I hadn't noticed these lying dormant until now, so there is some pleasant scent residue but this is extremely light and of a natural-smelling variety based on natural oils, so I was pleasantly surprised by it. My skin was smooth and reacted well to make up application.

      In conclusion I think that this outperforms many of Montagne Jeunesse's already very competent range of products and if you can find it on offer it is even better - I had never seen this one before and I hope that it is a new addition to the range rather than one that I had missed and is on its way out, as I see that the product page on the website is not easily found - I had to google it to get the direct link as I couldn't see it on the homepage options and when I did find it half of the information options were blank. Please don't discontinue this beauty, Montagne Jeunesse - I've only just found it and it is superb!


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