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Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off

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32 Reviews

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Peel / Type: Facial Peel / What it does: Peels, Protects

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    32 Reviews
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      02.03.2014 02:16
      Very helpful



      A good face mask that works

      I'm reviewing my Montagne Jeunesse Passion peel off face mask .
      These cost around £1 and are available in many outlets ,even in Primark and Pound shops.

      This mask was one of three I got in a Christmas goody bag from the toddlers I look after.
      Each item was chosen by the children themselves so there was rather an eclectic/unusual/interesting collection, but these masks piqued my interest since I haven't used a face mask in quite some time .

      This one is the Passion Peel off mask and it comes in a neat little sachet which contains 10g ( 0.3fl oz) which is just enough for one use .
      Before using this you cleanse your face area, and then dry thoroughly.

      Once you open the sachet you immediately get a really deep fruity fragrance from the product which I personally found more pleasant than the musky floral fragrance some manufacturers tend to prefer for grooming and skin care items .
      The lotion itself is pale pink and rather more loose or runny than I was expecting it to be.An odd texture.
      With past masks I could squeeze some onto my finger tips and work that onto my face in sections , but this being runny meant the best method seemed to be to squeeze a good amount onto the palm of one hand, set the sachet aside (making sure to stand it upright) and then quickly apply the product onto my face.
      After using about half the sachet to get a thin layer I used the remainder and built up a thicker layer .
      It smooths on easily and the fragrance alters slightly from the initial deep fruitiness to a more gentle fruitiness where the less obvious leafy/flora aromas came through.More subtle and cosmetic smelling.
      There is a fair amount in this sachet and I actually used it for a good distance down onto my neck. It could have gone further but I decided that too thin a layer (from eking it out) would make it less inclined to peel away properly.
      Of course it stands to reason you don't apply this TOO close to your eye area , or too close to your hairline .
      Once it was all applied I washed the residue from my hands and went off to read while the mask dried out.
      20 mins later (the recommended time) I felt that it was still a bit tacky feeling against my skin so I gave it another 5 mins.
      It dries slightly shiny and remains pink .


      This is definitely the best part of using this.
      I unpicked an edge in my neck area and gently peeled the nicely set mask back and was really surprised to find it actually came away pretty much in one piece.
      Yes, there were a few tiny bits that needed removed after the main one was gone, but they were minimal and came away with a gentle scrape/unpicking with my nail.
      There was just something very satisfying (for me) in peeling this off and I found it a nicer experience than washing off a non-peel mask.
      I finished off the procedure by splashing my face with lukewarm water while feeling around for any stray remnants, then patted my skin dry .

      Once it was all removed my skin felt great....tightened up, but not 'tight', and really smooth.
      The slightly dry areas had softened and there was no sign of the dry skin or rough patches I tend to have on occasion .
      I experienced no redness, itchiness or irritation when using this, either during use or after removing it .
      I used this in the evening and simply added my usual cocoa butter cream to my skin at bed time.....and that seemed to glide on nicely and didn't have an adverse reaction to the mask use from earlier .
      The 'new skin' feeling lasted for at least 24-48 hours, which I found reasonable .
      Holly(who bought me this) approves too. Her comment next day was "Oh mummy myloh, we made you just BEAUTIFUL !".
      Yes I know, I'm sure she meant to say "more beautiful"....... obviously.

      ***MY OPINION***

      I was very happy with this product. Application was easy , the smell was nice and the results on my skin were good.
      I'm trying to find a fault but other than it being a bit runny and possibly the smell not suiting everyone it seems to tick all the pro boxes.
      Yes, I suppose the fruit smell was a bit fake, but then mixing fruit smells with floral can give you a rather odd slightly 'off' fragrance and it is still pleasant enough and only lasts the length of the procedure then dissipates entirely.
      I prefer this peel off style to sloshing water around, and in my opinion it is less messy in that respect .
      The peeling off still makes me smile thinking of it actually, and I think it is possibly a psychological thing , like shedding the old you and finding the fresh new one underneath. Whatever the reason, I found it incredibly satisfying and for that experience alone I'd buy this mask again .
      The fact that the nice effect of this lasts a good 24-48 hours means I'd be happy to use it prior to a special occasion to give my skin a nice boost, but of course I'd advise anyone buying this to try it out well before any 'special occasion' use , just in case you get an adverse reaction.

      This contains chemicals, but rather than overload the review with the full ingredients I'd advise that if you have special preferences or things you choose/need to avoid then check the product contents online carefully.
      This mask claims to be
      *Gluten Free*
      * Nut Derivative Free*
      * No Added Parabens*
      The manufacturers also claim ,
      "All Montagne Jeunesse products are bursting with natural ingredients and goodness and are as eco-friendly as possible. Montagne Jeunesse are vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals."

      ..............good to know .

      Would I recommend this . Yes, and I'll pick this one up occasionally when I see it on offer.
      I did see these in POUNDWORLD at 3 for £1, but this one was not among the selection (sad face).
      Regarding stars. I was going to give 5, but in truth the initial texture is odd and the fruity smell might not be to everyone's taste so on that basis it isn't 100% perfect, and 4 stars seems fair.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful.~~myloh


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        04.02.2014 23:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very passionate face mask

        I have a Glossybox subscription, and I was quite pleased to find two Montagne Jeunesse masks in my Glossybox this month. I also love peel off masks, so was very happy to find that one of them was a peel off one.

        The Company

        Montagne Jeunesse have grown from a small kitchen business to a global brand. However, the brand still remains true to the core values of providing natural products that pamper, are cruelty free and natural where possible.

        The mask

        This mask contains extracts of pomegranate and passion flower. It promises to deep cleanse, purity and protect skin. Amongst other ingredients, this has extracts of pomegranate which has anti ageing and antioxidant benefits, Passion Flower which has antibacterial and healing properties, extracts of raspberry, grape and cranberry which protect the skin and Vitamin E which is well known for it's anti oxidant properties. The mask itself is a bright pink colour and has a gorgeous fresh, fruity scent, you can really detect the pomegranate and the cranberry when you first open the sachet, and the scent does really last while this is on your skin as well.

        How to use

        Cleanse your skin as normal and dry. Open the sachet and squeeze some of the pink mask onto your skin. The mask does feel slightly sticky, but not unpleasantly so. The picture on the front of the mask shows this as a violet colour, but it's more a pale pink. Once a thin layer has been applied to the whole face, leave for 15 - 20 minutes, then the fun part starts. I would recommend that you avoid your eyebrows and hairline though, as I found that parts of the mask had worked it's way onto my eyebrow and was quite happy to stay there, and pink speckled eyebrows aren't a good look! You can feel this tightening on your skin after about 10 minutes, and when it approaches the 20 minutes or so mark, I can feel this getting very tight on my skin. It is an odd sensation, but not an unpleasant one. Once the mask starts to feel very right, start at the chin, and what I do is rub a small section until I feel it start to peel off, then pull upwards. I find that most of the mask does come off in one section, and then I just repeat the process again for any small sections that I have missed.


        My skin feels really refreshed, and while tight sound like the wrong word to use, my skin feels firmer and looks clearer. I have a few spots around my chin and these do seem to look less red and less noticeable. My skin also feels really soft and looks radiant and the visible pores on my nose look smaller. I am very impressed with the effects of this mask. Unlike some masks that leave my skin looking slightly irritated, this one had the opposite effect and I feel that I could use one of these masks before a date and not have to worry about my skin looking anything less than radiant.

        Any downsides?

        My only downside is the size of the packets. One sachet has slightly too much mask for me, but not enough for two applications, so there is some wastage, which I am slightly annoyed about. I did notice that you can now buy a 150g tube of this mask, so that there is no wastage that way.

        Where to buy and Price

        A small 10g sachet costs around £1 and is available from most chemists, supermarkets and online from www.montagnejeunesse.com/face-masks. The 150g 'tottle' costs £5 and is available from the website - I have yet to see these in any shops.

        My thoughts

        I was very impressed with the effects and the whole experience of using this mask. This was the first one of this particular mask that I had used, but I am a fan of the brand in general and do buy the masks when I fancy a pampering session. How that the largest tubes are available I think I will treat myself so I can have the fresh faced effect that this mask has more often. I do feel these are great value, although they are a little expensive of you buy one at a time and use once a week, but they are perfect for an occasional treat. I loved the scent of this mask, and the fun of peeling it off, and I had no problems with the peeling off, unlike some other peel off masks where you almost had to use a chisel to get it all off. These face masks are suitable for vegetarians, BUAV approved and not tested on animals. It is also gluten free and has no added parabens.


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          19.06.2013 17:06
          Very helpful



          A great gel based mask from a brilliant range, great for my skin,

          =Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off=

          My weekly treat is a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, as I like trying out the different types.

          =Price and Availability=
          These can be purchased from most retailers, from supermarkets, Boots, Amazon, Discount Stores, my last purchase was a 3 masks for £2 from Home Bargains.

          Each mask is 10ml of premeasured mask so you have enough to use for one use.

          The packets are brightly coloured, and show a picture of a woman on the front wearing the mask and her eyes are covered in this case with Pomegrantes covering her face, (this part changes according to the mask that you buy), there is an array of pomegrante seeds displayed around the edges, on the rear of the packet is the to use instructions, care information as well as contact details.

          It is also mentioned that this product is suitable for vegetarians.

          The packet also goes on to say that the mask will cleanse, purify whilst deeply cleaning the pores.

          =Fruity all the Way=
          The packet is jam packed with fruity anti-oxidents including pulped pomegrante, passion flower, raspberry, grape and cranberry.

          =Open the Sachet=
          Just tear the sachet at the corner, once you have done this the mask comes out of the packet easily. The mask is a pinkish reddish colour, and is sticky to the touch. (This would be because it is a peel off mask).

          =Evenly Spread=
          I just evenly spread the mask across my face, avoiding my eyes and hairline, within a couple of minutes I can feel the lighter parts of the mask drying out, within about 10 minutes the mask has nearly dried out.

          =15 Minutes Later=
          Bing I was done, time to remove the mask, I try to peel from by my chin and get as much off as I can in one go, with the bits that are left, I just wash these off with warm water.

          =My Skin=
          My skin felt really refreshed after this smooth and clean feeling, and gentle, once the mask had been removed all those lovely fruity aromas went with it, but for those 15 minutes, i found myself whisked away to tropical shores, cocktails in hand, a gorgeous man fanning me down!

          =Would I recommend=
          I would highly recommend this mask, at the moment it has jumped to my no 1 favourite mask.


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          17.06.2013 11:50
          Very helpful



          Brilliant pamper product

          The past few weeks have been pretty stressful here and I have barely had a minute to myself. So when my mum told me she could have the kids for the weekend I was more than happy for the break, my boyfriend was working Saturday morning, so since I had the house to myself for a few hours I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for some rest and relaxation. Finally I could finish reading my book and pamper myself with the Montagne Jeunesse face mask which had been sitting in my bedside draw for at least a month. I had bought it in Home and Bargain for around £1, they had quite a few variety's to choose from and I picked the passion fruit peel off.

          Montagne Jeunesse passion peel off comes their standard looking 10ml sachet style packaging. The front of the sachet shows the brand logo along with the fact that this is a "passion peel off" mask containing pulp pomegranate and passion flower. There is also a picture of a girl wearing the mask with pomegranates covering her eyes, an array of juicy looking pomegranate seeds are also displayed around the edges. The packaging makes the product look very appealing it is bright and fun.

          General information is given on the back of the sachet including ingredients, warnings and directions for use. The product proudly carries the BUAV approved logo, it is also suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans as it contains lactoperoxidase from milk origin).

          Montagne Jeunesse claim that this peel off mask will cleanse, purify and protect the skin whilst deeply cleaning pores. The product is packed full of fruity anti - oxidants including pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape and cranberry

          To open the sachet you simply tear at the corner as instructed. Immediately the mask began oozing out of the opening so I set to work applying the product to my face. The mask itself is a light pinky red colour and of a sticky syrup like consistency. Initially the product felt rather strange on my skin. I used the whole sachet in one go, but I think it could easily have stretched to two applications. After ensuring the product was evenly spread on my face I grabbed my book, relaxed and waited the fifteen minutes as advised. During this time I really enjoyed the fruity aroma of the mask, it was delightful and rather invigorating. I felt the mask begin to dry on my face and the initial sticky feeling began to disappear and was replaced by a slightly tightening feeling, which was actually rather enjoyable.

          Fifteen minutes later I was looking at my face in the mirror preparing to peel off the mask. The product gave my skin a red shiny appearance which was rather strange. Peeling the mask from my face was really easy, the majority of it came off in one piece, apart from a few bits under my chin which I simply brushed with a wipe.

          Removal of the mask instantly revealed my radiant looking skin, it looked fresh and rejuvenated. My face looked and felt smooth and clean. In my experience face mask can temporarily leave my face a little pinkish, but I did not experience this problem whilst using this product, actually I felt it was quite gentle. The fruity fragrance did not linger long on my skin, but it could be detected in my bedroom for the rest of the day.

          I found Montagne Jeunesses passion peel off mask to be an excellent pamper product. Personally I don't think my skin needs the regular use of such a product, so its not one I would use often. However, next time I get a few hours to myself I will certainly be buying another Montagne Jeunesse sachet for a pampering treat.


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            18.05.2013 20:07
            Very helpful



            One out of five stars.

            I used this face mask earlier today and I have to say that I am very disappointed. Infact I think that this is probably the worse Montagne Jeunesse mask that I have ever used - and I've used a lot of them!

            The first thing that I don't like about this product is the packaging. It comes in a sachet which you tear open, but even once I'd teared it, it was still sealed and I needed to get out of the bath, put my dressing gown on and run down stairs to try and find some scissors!

            Once I'd opened the sachet, I was greeted by a very strong and unpleasant scent which did smell very fruity - as I had expected from the product name and the pictures on the sachet, but it had an extremely strong smell of alcohol too which I found so strong that it felt like my eyes were stinging!

            Obviously I didn't put this any where near my eyes or mouth though. The consistency of this face mask is very thick and gel-like with a stickiness to it, and I found it very hard to spread over my face as it doesn't spread over the skin well. After a lot of patience and persistence I managed to cover all of my face in it.

            Once on my skin, the mask felt very heavy and the strong alcohol smell was unpleasant and stopped me from being able to lie back and relax like I usually do with face masks - I couldn't wait to take it off! The mask did not actually dry in the 10 minutes that I kept it on my face so when it came to removing it I was obviously unable to peel it off.

            Instead, I had to spend around five minutes trying to get the mask off - most of it came off with a couple of wipes with a flannel but I had to then spend a while getting all of the sticky feeling residue off before my face felt clean. After using the mask I have to say that I couldn't feel or see any improvement in my skin, and it felt very dry - so dry that I had to use my moisturiser.

            I'm glad I didn't buy this my self (it was part of a gift hamper that i was given at christmas) as it did nothing apart from make my skin feel dry. It is quite cheap though (I believe it is about a pound per sachet) so even if I had bought it my self at least I wouldn't have wasted much money. Overall I am going to give this one out of five stars and I do not recommend it.


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            12.01.2013 09:45
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great peel-off mask from Montagne Jeunesse

            I've seen the Montagne Jeunesse range of products, with their brightly coloured sachets, in several stores before and have read many positive reviews. I saw a deal on Living Social for a basket of Montagne Jeunesse goodies at a reduced price. It sounded like a bargain, so I purchased one and got an exciting mix of stuff. Among the products were a number of face masks, including this Passion Peel-Off Masque.

            The packaging doesn't state what skin type the masque is suited for, but the previous Montagne Jeunesse peel-off masques I have tried - Cucumber and Green Tea - were designed for normal, oily and T-zone skin, so I imagine that this would be the same. It is claimed that it is anti-stress. Animal lovers will be pleased to know that the mask has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and bears the BUAV bunny logo to show that it has not been tested on animals.

            The masque comes in a pink sachet with a picture of a woman wearing a pink-coloured mask with passion fruit slices over her eyes. The sachet is bright and eye-catching and in line with the rest of the range. The masque contains nutrient-rich fruits sucha s raspberry, pomegranate, red grape, passionflower, cranberry, lotus blossom, evening primrose, ginseng to revitalise, aloe vera to soothe, and Vitamin E to condition. The masque is intended to leave a deep cleansed, toned and radiant complexion.

            In order to use the masque, you should cleanse your face, apply the masque, leave for 15-20 minutes and peel off. It was purple-pink in colour - which made my skin look a bit rosy - and had a lovely, fruity scent. My face felt a bit tight after a while but I had expected this from this kind of masque.

            After the allotted period, it was time to remove the masque. I didn't manage to get it all off in one go, but it was very satisfying to pull large pieces of masque from my skin. This meant that removal was a much less messy process than usual - I just put the peeled-off masque in the bin and used cotton wool soaked in toner to remove any last traces. I followed with my usual moisturiser.

            My skin felt very clean and fresh after using the masque. I didn't experience any skin irritation at all and my skin looked glowing - it did look and feel as though the masque had pulled away the rubbish from my skin. I could see the effects for a few days after using the masque. My skin tone appeared more even, radiant rather than tired, while my oily T-zone was much less shiny, even my nose, on which the pores appeared much less noticeable.

            I was able to get three uses out of this masque, one per week, which was impressive and shows what good value for money it is.

            I've tried several masks from Montagne Jeunesse, with varying results. The peel-off ones are probably my favourites so far, as this Passion Fruit masque, the Green Tea one and the Cucumber one made a real and positive difference to my skin. This is a masque that I will certainly be repurchasing in the future, and I recommend it particularly for oily and combination skin.

            Montagne Jeunesse products are made in the UK and these face masks can be bought from places like Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Amazon (where you can currently buy 6 sachets for a fiver). Normally they are priced at £1 or less which makes them good value for money, particularly when each sachet can normally be used at least twice. You can find out more at www.montagnejeunesse.com.


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              30.11.2012 20:05
              Very helpful



              A good value skin treat

              I'm quite a fan of the Montagne Jeunesse range of face masks, as I try to buy cruelty-free products wherever I can, and these masks bear the BUAV's jumping rabbit symbol of approval. In my experience, these masks are usually effective, pleasant to use, a decent price and I like the fact that they favour natural ingredients. I have used Passion Peel Off several times now, which goes to show that it is one of my favourite products in the range.

              As you can see, in keeping with all Montagne Jeunesse masks, there is a photo on the front of the sachet of a woman whose face is covered in the product and has some pieces of exotic-looking fruit placed over her eyes. Some people might find these pictures a bit ridiculous. Personally, I find them rather inspiring. They always make me want to get the best out of my pampering session and go rummaging through the fridge to find something I can chop up and use! They make me think of applying a face mask as a fun experience, rather than a chore, so I think they are great masks to choose if you need a bit of motivation to stick to a good skincare routine.

              I hate picking up a product containing a long list of unrecognisable, multisyllabic ingredients, which probably only make any sense to a chemist. When you pick up a Montagne Jeunesse sachet, you can see exactly what you are getting, which is quite reassauring - and what you're getting from Passion Peel off is an impressive blend of antioxidants. This mask contains pomegranate seed extract, passion flower, fruit extracts of raspberry, red grape and cranberry and vitamin E.

              Antioxidants are believed to fight 'free radicals' that cause skin damage. I don't know for sure whether the benefits of antioxidants are best derived from the food we eat or from the products that we apply to our skin. I think the jury is still out on that one. I try to eat lots of fruit and veg and I drink gallons of green tea, but it makes sense to cover all bases, so I also opt for antioxidant-rich cosmetics wherever I can. As a result, I don't think my skin is faring too badly for someone in her 40s.

              When I snip open the sachet of Passion Peel off I can immediately detect a light, fruity aroma of berries. Sometimes raspberry-scented products can have a disappointing, synthetic smell, but this is very natural and not overpowering. It really does smell like a fresh fruit smoothie and I find it quite a summery fragrance, which is a great antidote to the depths of winter.

              Unlike many face masks which have a rich, creamy texture, this product is pale pink and has the consistency and appearance of Calpol, the children's medicine. (It certainly isn't the fetching shade of mauve we see in the picture.) It is extremely sticky and a bit runnier than I expected, although not to such an extent that it will drip off your face. I can't say that it feels particularly pleasant to apply. I would certainly recommend that you put on a shower cap before applying this mask, so that you can avoid getting any in your hair as it has the potential to make an awful mess. I usually enjoy plastering a thick, voluptuous layer of mask over my face, but this one is not so nice to dip your fingers into due to its strange consistency. Once you have applied it, however, it does start to feel pleasantly cooling on your skin.

              One of the best things about Montagne Jeunesse face masks is that you are instructed to leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes and relax. (It's always nice to be handed a good excuse to put your feet up for a decent amount of time!) I know there are face masks available which claim to work in much less time, but I think it defeats the object of a pampering session if it's all over and done with in 5 minutes, so I really do appreciate the generous chill-out time that these masks allow me. I tend to put the mask on before having a bath and then just have a good long soak while the product gets to work.

              With some masks I have used, I've found it difficult to leave the product for the recommended time because as the mask dries, it makes my skin feel uncomfortably tight and even a bit itchy. With Passion Peel Off, however, I have no such problems and can easily leave it for the full 20 minutes. The mask does feel pleasantly tingling while it is still wet, and as it dries it does feel as if it is tightening my skin a little, but in a good way, not an unpleasant way. I don't feel desperate to remove the mask, as has been the case with some products. I have certainly never experienced any burning or soreness. It is one of the more comfortable masks I have used. Unfortunately, the berry scent doesn't seem to be detectable for long. Although I can smell it while the mask is wet, as soon as it starts to dry, the scent quickly fades.

              The important thing with this mask is to leave it until it has dried completely before you try to remove it. It will only peel off easily if it is absolutely dry. When the mask has dried, just loosen it around the edges with your finger, then you should be able to lift it, give it a little tug and it will pull away, almost as if you were peeling off a layer of fake skin. I must admit, I LOVE peeling off this mask. There's something wonderfully therapeutic about it. It's the same kind of feeling that I get when removing wallpaper from the wall, when you happen to pull off a really big sheet all at once without tearing. It's strangely satisfying. (Of course you can't rip this mask off your face as roughly as you would rip wallpaper off the wall. You need to do it gently. It's even more important with this mask that you avoid the delicate areas of skin around the eyes and mouth, as it would REALLY hurt if you tugged it there.) It can be tempting sometimes to tug it a bit too enthusiastically, especially if you're going for the - "pull it all off in one piece" challenge, which could make your skin sore, especially if you have sensitive skin. I also recommend that you avoid getting it anywhere near your eyebrows as it can be rather painful to peel off in those areas and, although I'm all for multi-tasking, nobody wants to unwittingly pluck their eyebrows whilst removing a face mask.

              Although I usually succeed in peeling off the majority of the mask, there are often stubborn areas that don't dry completely and therefore can't be peeled away cleanly. A quick rinse of my face in warm water usually gets rid of any of the debris. I then splash my face with cold water, pat dry with a towel and apply moisturiser as normal.

              Straight after using this mask my skin certainly feels extremely clean and fresh. It's a mask I tend to use when I feel that my skin is looking a bit tired or if I've been stuck inside with the central heating on and haven't been able to get out in the fresh air much. It gives my skin a bit of a healthy glow, as if I have been for a long, energetic walk out in the open. In the days that follow my usage of this mask, I do feel that it has improved the appearance of my skin. The mask seems to be very effective at unclogging my pores and making them look less noticeable. Overall my skin feels revitalized. I have applied this mask to skin when I have had the odd spot or two and it does seem to help dry them up, which may be a reflection of the astringent qualities of the raspberry and antibacterial components of cranberry, which is said to be good for acne-prone skin. I have never experienced any skin irritation after using this mask.

              A 10ml sachet of Passion Peel Off costs around £1 and can be found in most supermarkets and chemists. I find that I can usually get two applications from 1 sachet as long as I put the opened sachet into a re-sealable bag. I find it will keep for a week.

              This mask is good value for money and in my experience, it brings good results, albeit not particularly long-lasting ones. You probably need to use the mask on a weekly basis if you want to hold on to that glowing quality. It would make a great little stocking filler for anybody who enjoys a pampering session and appreciates natural products.


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                14.11.2012 22:47
                Very helpful



                A nice mask!

                I tried the Pomegranate Pulp and Passion Flower Montagne Jeunesse deep cleansing face mask for the first time recently.
                On the packet, it appears a solid purple colour, but removing it from the packet I discovered that it is actually a transparent red colour.

                ~ Packaging ~
                The packet is similar to that of Montagne Jeunesse's other face masks. It is a dark pink/ red colour, with a colourful photo of a woman on the front smiling covered in a purple face mask and half pomegranates and leaves over her eyes.
                The top of the packet has the Montagne Jeunesse logo then 'Passion peel off' written across the top of the packet.
                It is a standard 10ml packet.
                The back of the packet has directions in French, Spanish and English. The directions say, 'Be good to yourself! Cleanse face and dry, Apply thinly & evenly over face and neck with fingertips, avoiding eyes, lips & hair. Relax for 10-20 minutes or when totally dry gently peel off masque (never pull) wash off any stuck bits with water. Pat dry. Use weekly.'

                ~ Use ~
                I applied the clear red liquid mask to my face and left it to dry. Its texture is like that of gel and it was easy to apply. I found that as it dried it began to feel tight on my face when I moved. When on, the mask looks greasy and slightly red on my face. It looks plasticky and wet as it dries.
                It smells strong and fruity and once it has dried it peels off easily in one piece. If there is any that hasn't fully dried is easy to wash off. It peels off a bubblegum pink colour.
                After using this mask my face feels clean, moisturised and slightly softer. My skin doesn't appear any different, but I wouldn't expect it to. The fruity scent doesn't linger on your skin.

                ~ Price and availability ~
                This face mask and many others in the range are available for around 99p each, but I have seen them on offer where you get 3 Montagne Jeunesse face masks for £2.00 in Home Bargains. They are also available in Boots, Superdrug, Wilkinsons and Asda.

                ~ Overall ~
                Overall, I think these masks are good value. They smell nice and fruity, it is easy to pull off and it leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I think they are a fun treat now and again, but I have used other masks which I think offer better results.


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                11.09.2012 20:22
                Very helpful



                A so so product but nothing special

                Just recently I bought six Montagne Jeunnesse facemasks of varying varieties from Amazon for just a pound each. Usually I buy these facemasks one at a time in places like Boots and Asda for a about a pound each and considering really you get one free from Amazon effectively and I got free postage and packaging I was pretty pleased with my purchase really and looked forward to the random facemasks I had to try out, to which this was one of them.

                The Packaging:

                This comes in a dark red plastic sachet that is rather large in size and its foil inside and easy to tear open. On the front of it there is a woman wearing the face mask and we are told what it is and who it is by and that it contains Pomegranate & Passion Flower and that theres 10ml of the product inside the sachet then on the back of it other information listed includes being shown via diagrams how to use it, ingredients and warnings are given and contact details for the manufacturer are also stated.

                Using It:

                Well upon opening the mask you get lots of runny, light pink transparent mask/liquid that smells really of berries and very fresh indeed and pleasant. I applied this to a pre cleansed face and applied the sticky liquid all over my face missing out my eyebrows and hairline and so on.

                This is meant to dry in about 15 minutes and it did so feeling a little tight and it lost some of the pink colour as it dried. I teared it off my face which it didn't hurt at all in about two pieces to and then splashed my face with some cold water as my face did feel a little sticky after using this....and that's it the task was completed.


                My face smelt wonderful for a good couple of hours and my skin looked really deeply cleansed and clear. My skin felt gently but not uncomfortably toned and my open, usually large pores did look much smaller much to my surprise though a day or so later my face looked just the same as prior to using this!

                All in all this isn't my favourite face mask from the range but to be fair I don't like peel off face masks anyway as a rule due to the fussing about it takes to apply them however this is a nice enough one that did make a small difference to my skin and I would be happy to use it again its just one I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase again.

                This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                07.09.2012 18:34
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                Well recommended for those with oily skin.

                Recently, I've been trying to look after my skin much better and have been sticking to a strict skincare regime. I enjoy skincare, but sometimes find it quite an effort to do twice a day. I used to use these face masks a long time ago, but I never think to pick any up. When I saw them on offer, I decided to pick some up, and one of these was the Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Mask. These are great for the skin, easy to use and I think they are nice as a treat to your skin.

                You can pick up Montagne Jeunesse from a whole host of different places. They are sold in stores such as Boots and Superdrug for around the £1.00 mark. I have spotted them in Primark for 90p also which is a small saving. However, I picked mine up from Home Bargains where they were on offer 3 for £2.00. I thought this was a fantastic saving on the usual price, so the face mask worked out at around 67p when bought on this offer. As far as price goes, I think it's fantastic, and hardly does a dent to your bank account.

                The pack comes as shown in the image. You get a small sachet with the face mask inside. To use, you simply have to tear open where stated and squeeze out on to your hand. I had some difficulty getting into the pack, so have some scissors nearby in case. The first thing that hit me when opening this was the delicious smell. It consists of a mixture of pomegranate and passion flower which is a really lovely and fruity combination. I thought it smelt delicious, almost good enough to eat. I definitely prefer it in comparison to scents such as the chocolate face masks. This is a nice scent to apply to the face, as it leaves it feeling light and fresh.

                To use, you simply have to squeeze out from the sachet on to your hand and apply directly to the face. The first thing you notice is the colour of the liquid which is a light reddish pink shade. It feels warm to the skin and when you apply to the face it is quite sticky. In fact it is very sticky, which was a little irritating as half gets stuck to the face and half gets stuck to your hands. I applied all over my face but do avoid the eye area as I accidentally got some in mine and it really hurt considering I don't have sensitive eyes. It states that when applying you should avoid the eye, lip and hair line. There is a good amount in the sachet, and although I had none left it covered my whole face well and gave good coverage. I washed my hands after use and waited to see the results.

                When first applied your face goes a reddish colour, but this is just the mask so do not worry. Eventually, it settles to a clear film over your face. I picked up the peel off face mask because I thought it would be easy to use and less hassle than having to scrub the stuff off your face. After about five minutes, results start to show as the face definitely feels tighter and firmer. I left mine on for twenty minutes, and by this point it had created a good cover on my face. I found it difficult to move my cheeks and face showing that it was working well. My face was very shiny, but this is just the mask and it is quite a funny look.

                It was relaxing to use, and I could not wait to see the results when I peeled it off. Thankfully, mine did seem to peel off all in one go, rather than having to pick at bits of my face. This was pleasant, and just made it all the more easy. However, you do get some bits left over which do need washing off, but it comes out pretty easily. The only gripe I really had with this was that some got stuck at the side of my head by my hairline. I know it states to avoid applying near the hair, but this was literally just on the edge of mine, and managed to make a huge mess. It was stuck well in place on my hair, and I actually had to shower to get it out as it would not pick off. This is probably my own fault, but do watch out for this happening and stay completely clear of your hairline, eyes and lip area!

                Montagne Jeunesse state that this is perfect for normal to oily skin. I did not realise this when I picked it up, however I do have quite oily skin. This worked so good for my skin by calming it down and losing the oiliness. The firm grip it gave to my skin definitely balanced the oils within it and left my face looking and feeling much better. It also felt softer which was fantastic. I had only really picked this up to treat myself to a little pamper session, but the results were really impressive! I am now going to start using one of these regularly perhaps on a weekly basis to get long term results.

                Overall, I am really happy that I picked up this mask in particular. It really did wonders for my skin, as well as giving me a little pamper session at the same time. It is fantastic for people who like me suffer from quite oily and wet skin, as this really helps to calm it down. For only 67p I am thrilled I got this, and will be stocking up on many more to use in the future. I will be removing one star simply because I faced some problems with bits of it getting stuck in my hairline. Although this was my own fault, it did ruin the product a little bit for me, as did the extra little bits left on your face once the mask is peeled off. Despite this, it has not put me off using it and I will happily repurchase more of these. Thanks for reading and hope it helps.


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                  06.08.2012 21:50
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                  Face mask

                  Pomegranate is definitely the fruit of the moment right now. Its called a super fruit and is very good for you and is a very popular ingredient at the moment in everything from fruit juices to deodorants and this lovely face mask.

                  I have tried face masks from this company before and usually use the cucumber one as I love cucumber as a beauty ingredient as I think the smell is really fresh and I love how cooling it is. However, I wanted a change and I decided to go for this pomegranate one as I definitely have the pomegranate bug, I love the flavour and the smell and wanted to try it in some beauty products too. This mask is described as a Pure & Passionate Deep Cleansing mask which includes the ingredients of Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry & Vitamoin E which are Anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off.
                  Whenever I treat myself and have a relaxing bath (its not often to be honest with two children under three and a husband), I like to use a face mask. It's not something I do all the time, probably about once every two months but I love to do it as the effect is very relaxing and the result is a nice smooth face.

                  I purchased this mask at Boots and thought it was a really good price at just 99p for the sachet. I sometimes can make one last for two applications if I leave it on the side of the bath open but folded over so it doesn't dry out so this is definitely a bargain price and nice when you want a bit of pampering. Boots recommend that you use this mask weekly and fortnightly but I don't think I am missing out on any continuing beauty benefits by not using it this frequently so I like to think that it still does just as good the amount of time I use it.

                  The mask is very easy to use. It comes in a little 10g foil sachet which you can just rip the top off. Then you squeeze the liquid out. It's a sort of red gel like consistency which is quite easy to smooth over the face. I would issue one word of warning though, when you apply this red gel it really looks like you've had a very and chemical peel and your face will look a horrible bright red but don't worry, its just the look and its actually a very nice feeling once you have it on your face. The smell is lovely, quite fruity but not a complete pomegranate smell, you will smell the other ingredients too which is nice but I would perhaps of liked just a pomegranate smell.

                  Boots say that you have to be careful to avoid your eye area and lip area so I just make sure I go just under the puffy part of the eye. Apart from that it goes all over my face and down a bit on my neck. Always make sure that you face is clean of make up and dry as well otherwise there really is no point in using this masque. I then sit back in the bath, relax and let the masque do its work. It's actually quite a funny sensation but a nice one at the same time. The masque gets tighter over your face as the minutes go by and it kind of form a little tight barrier over your face. By that time you can't move your face without the masque cracking and you don't want that so you are forced to not move your face which is a really nice thing to do to help you totally relax. Another tip I would give is to not have your bath too hot as the mask will not dry properly if the bath is too hot and you have hot fumes coming up to your face, this will just make it sweat off a bit and not work as properly as it should do.

                  The package recommends that you leave the masque for about 10-20 minutes and I find that 20 usually works nicely. I wouldn't worry about leaving it any longer, I have done that on occasion and its not like the masque will burn your skin or anything bad like that.

                  The smell is lovely, a cucumber scent is one of my favourite cleansing scents as I think it is so fresh and clean smelling and this masque is no different.

                  Once the masque is dry and you feel like you've relaxed enough you can peel it off. Pulling the masque off is so satisfying and fun, especially if you do it slowly enough and can get most of the masque to come off in one go. Most of the time though it never does and you have to peel it off in little bits and I find it is just easier to wash it off with water in the end. It takes a little bit of scrubbing but it comes off eventually.

                  Afterwards my skin feels really soft and a bit tighter and I really like the glow it gives to my face. All in all, a nice relaxing at home beauty treatment that is kind to your face.


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                    28.04.2012 15:35
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                    A peel-off face mask which was cheap, easy to apply and easy to remove. Smells lovely.

                    Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Mask

                    I've tried out quite a few Montagne Jeunesse face masks over the last few years, my favourite being the green tea peel-off mask. Although I'm trying not to buy any skincare or beauty products at the moment (as I have so many bits and pieces that I need to use up!), I couldn't resist buying this one when I spotted it, as it's rare for me to come across a face mask that I've not used in the past.


                    This mask comes in Montagne Jeunesse's oval-shaped sachet. The sachet has a red background featuring images of pomegranate seeds, along with an image of somebody using the mask. The back of the sachet has an ingredient list (which highlights key ingredients in different colours) and very simple pictorial instructions for use. A lot of the text on the sachet was in French or Spanish, but there was some text to confirm that this mask is suitable for normal and oily skin.

                    The Fragrance

                    Immediately upon tearing open the sachet, I could tell that I would enjoy using this face mask. It has a pleasant, natural scent that smells fruity and slightly floral. I couldn't pinpoint exactly which fruit it smelt of but I think the closest comparison I can think of would probably be to a mixture of raspberry and peach. Looking at the packaging more closely I realised that the scent was more likely to be from two of the key ingredients - pomegranate and passion flower. Whilst using the mask, I found that the pleasant scent really helped me to relax.

                    Using the Mask

                    The packaging didn't include particularly detailled instructions, so I simply cleansed my face, patted it dry and applied the mask as the picture instructions suggested. It was easy to spread in an even layer across my skin and there was more than enough for me to use. I don't tend to use face masks on my neck but I know some people do, and I had enough product left over to cover my neck if I wanted to. Once applied, the mask felt cool upon my skin and the pleasant texture and fragrance meant that I was able to sit back and relax.

                    Though I applied the mask in an even layer, it dried patchily. On my chin, for example, it was dry within 15 minutes, whereas it took around 30 minutes for the entire mask to dry out enough for me to be able to peel it off. One thing I particularly liked about using this mask was that as it dries it doesn't tighten too much. I've found with some face masks that I've used in the past that as the product dries, it can become increasingly tight-feeling upon my skin, sometimes to the point where it becomes painful to move my facial muscles even a tiny bit. With this mask, however, the mask does become a little tighter as it dries, which I like as it makes me feel like it's doing something to my skin, but I'm still able to speak and move my face without any pain or difficulty.

                    Once the mask had dried I was able to peel it off easily. I've found that some masks I've used in the past have split into little pieces when I've started peeling off, making removing the mask difficult. However, the vast majority of this mask came off my face in one go and all I had to do was remove a few small bits from my eyebrows to leave me with smooth, matte skin.


                    Immediately upon removing this mask, my skin looked refreshed and matte in appearance, and felt a little softer and quite a lot smoother. Over the following days it continued to look refreshed and invigorated, leaving me with healthy looking skin. The softness didn't seem to last more than a day, but it certainly continued to feel smoother than usual, suggesting that the mask had removed some dead or rough skin cells when it was peeled off.

                    Price, Availability and Value for Money

                    I'd usually buy my face masks from Tescos, Boots or Superdrug, but I happened to spy this face mask in my local Primark in a basket near the tills so I thought I might as well snap it up as I'd never tried this particular one despite having used a range of Montagne Jeunesse face masks in the past. I've since seen it on sale for around £1 in Boots and Superdrug and it can also be purchased for £1.09 RRP on the Montagne Jeunesse website (http://www.montagnejeunesse.com).

                    I paid 90p for this single-use sachet, which I think is reasonable for a one-use sachet: I'll happily pay up to £1 for a face mask sachet. I know that I'd get better value for money if I were to buy a tub or bottle with sufficient product for multiple uses; however, I like to buy single-use sachets as it means that I can try out a range of different masks and that I can use different masks depending on the condition of my skin.

                    My Conclusions

                    I was pleased with this face mask and glad that I'd decided to purchase it. I really liked the fragrance of the product and liked the cooling effect that it had upon my skin once I'd applied it. Thanks to the nice scent and consistency of this mask, I was able to have a nice relaxing pampering session on the cheap. The face mask was easy to remove (unlike some peel-off face masks I've used before which have required a lot of effort to remove every last trace of the product from my skin) and left me with healthy-looking skin both immediately after using the mask and over the following days. I'm always a little sceptical about how much good face masks can actually do for one's skin, but I can't deny that my skin's appearance improved after using this mask. At just 90p for the sachet I thought that this was a good value product as it contained more than enough for a single application.

                    Overall I'd highly recommend this face mask and will certainly be snapping it up if I see it in Primark again.


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                      19.03.2012 01:10
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                      A peely good face mask!!!

                      It's Mothers Day and I received a little Montagne Jeunesse set today from my children. (I must admit that I bought it myself and it was in the reduced section in Asda for 65p for 5 sachets!!)

                      So I have just applied a Passion Peel Off mask and am sitting here with my face feeling rather tight! I have used them previously and know what to expect form them and I very much enjoy a little pampering every now and again!

                      This mask comes packaged in a little sachet that has the brand, product name and a photo of a model wearing the mask on the front, the packaging is bright and attractive and certainly stands out on the shelf. The annoying thing about the packs is that there's no way of resealing them and one sachet lasts me at least two applications but I do fold the pack over and put it in the bathroom cabinet.

                      This pack shows the model in a lilac coloured mask but the gel inside the pack is transparent and pink in colour so don't be disappointed when you open it up! The smell is lovely, really fruity and nice and applying it is so very easy, the directions are on the back of the pack for you to follow ~

                      *Relax (easiest part!!!)

                      When applying it keep away from your hairline/eyebrows and eyes as it could pull your hair out when peeling it off!

                      I apply a generous layer over my face and then wash my hands as the gel is very sticky and wiping my hands doesn't remove it, the smell is really lovely and even though the gel is transparent it is easy to see where you have applied it or where you haven't.
                      As the mask dries you can feel your face getting tighter and after 15 minutes or so the mask can be peeled off, peeling the mask off is in no way uncomfortable but it does pull slightly and it looks like a plastic type substance when removed.... not very pretty!

                      This mask contains pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry and Vitamin E.
                      As it's a peel off mask it really cleans the pores and my face feels really refreshed and smooth after using.

                      This product is vegetarian friendly.

                      I have really enjoyed using this mask and it has been removed whilst in the middle of writing this review. My face is as soft as a babies bum and I am very pleased!

                      You can buy this in single packs and they cost around £1 or check your local Asda and get 5 for 65p in the clearance section.... Like I did!


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                        16.03.2012 11:34
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                        A refreshing and cleansing post-party skin treatment

                        I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse range before and really enjoy using their face masks as they are a fun treat and the lovely descriptions on the packaging makes them sound very appealing. I was lucky enough to receive a whole bunch of different masques through a Facebook competition, and this Passion Peel Off is the one I've used most recently. The masques are available to buy in most high street beauty stores and will cost around 99p for a 10ml sachet.

                        This item is described as a deep cleansing masque. Montagne Jeunesse say: "Pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry & vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off!"

                        Recommended directions for use: Cleanse face and dry. Apply thinly and evenly over face and neck with fingertips, avoiding eyes, lips and hair. Relax for 10-20 minutes or when totally dry gently peel off masque (never pull). Wash off dry stuck bits with water. Pat dry. Use weekly.

                        I like to give myself a good pampering when I am using a face mask, and these Montagne Jeunesse face masks always feel like a nice indulgent treat. To begin with, I made sure that all traces of make-up were fully removed and I then went about applying the masque. The packaging opens easily with a small tear-off section in the corner, but this masque is a different formulation than usual, being designed to peel off, and it is very runny and messy. I found that it dripped out of the packaging and made quite a mess when I was applying it.

                        Usually these face masques contain far too much of the product and there is always some leftover which gets wasted if you do not store it and re-use correctly. This masque came in a slightly smaller 10ml size pouch, and it covered fully my face but there was not enough for my neck as well. There was a small amount wasted where it had dripped out of the packaging when I opened the pouch.

                        The mask itself was not like the vibrant purple colour depicted on the packaging, but was more of a bright red colour when I applied it. The packet states that there may be variations in colour due to the natural ingredients used, so I wasn't too bothered by this, I was more worried that it looked like I had been in some sort of Face/Off scenario once the red stuff was covering my face! It has a very strong fragrance that was noticeable the whole time the masque was on, and it was a nice fresh and fruity berry scent. It has a gel-like consistency and was not quite as smooth as the peel offs that I've used before - this one was more like rubbing jam onto my face! It has a cooling effect upon the skin and my face did feel a little cold while the masque was still moist. It did not give me that nice relaxing, pampered feeling that I like to get when using a facial treatment, because it just feels slimy, cold, and drippy. It changes in texture as it starts to dry out, and as it dried on my skin I began to experience some tightness. It forms a filmy layer which when fully dry can then be lifted at the edges and peeled away.

                        This should be left on for 10-20 minutes. In some areas, particularly around my mouth and nose, the masque was dry and ready to be peeled after the 20 minutes. Annoyingly, there were other areas, mainly my cheeks, centre forehead and chin, where the masque took a lot longer to dry, so I kept it on for a full 30 minutes before I could finish the peeling. It comes away easily and is quite a fun process - if you enjoyed peeling spilled PVA glue off your hands as a child, then this is the grown-up beauty regime equivalent! It's sort of a novelty and it does look strange seeing the resulting layer of face masque once its removed.

                        I decided to use this particular face masque as I was in need of its promise of providing a deep cleanse. I'd had a fairly hectic weekend away, and my post-party skin was starting to show a couple of blemishes forming. After using the masque my skin was given a pure clean feeling and felt really refreshed. It was also much smoother to the touch and looked healthier. It did help to clean up my complexion, and drew the impurities out from my couple of blemishes, and they cleared up around a day after so this was a great quick fix. It also really seemed to prepare my skin for the moisturiser I used afterwards, and this sank easily into my skin with a better absorption than usual. I was really impressed with the results that I got from using this Passion Peel Off face masque and think it is another high quality, good value for money skin treatment from Montagne Jeunesse.

                        Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing, and have been approved by BUAV and the Vegetarian Society. Keep your beauty cruelty free!


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                          07.02.2012 13:59
                          Very helpful



                          a good face mask in this range

                          *Review posted on ciao 27/01*

                          *~About The Brand~*

                          Montagne Jeunesse offer a wide range of face and body treats. They do not test their products on animals and try to cram as many natural ingredients into their products as possible.

                          Montagne Jeunesse specialise in face masks. The face mask range includes treats for all skin types and even for men. You can indulge in fabric, peel off, wash off and even self heating face masks.

                          *~Passion Peel Off~*

                          'Pure and Passionate Deep Cleansing'

                          This face mask is a peel off mask (duh!) - there are five peel off masks available including a green tea and lemon zest mask. Montagne Jeunesse claim that it will 'cleanse, purify and protect'. This face mask is suitable for use by those who have normal, dry or t-zone skin and can be used weekly as treat.

                          This face mask is paraben and gluten free. It is suitable for vegetarians. It is approved by BUAV. Montagne Jeunesse claim that this face mask will leave your skin 'clean, purified, fresh and radiant'. This face mask is packed full of skin kind ingredients.

                          *Pomegranate - anti ageing and antioxidant benefits
                          *Passion Flower - antibacterial and healing properties
                          *Raspberry, grape and cranberry - for scent and to protect the skin
                          *Vitamin E - also an antioxidant for the skin


                          Montagne Jeunesse promote their face masks as being 'one use' face masks. Passion Peel Off is presented in a slim, foil sachet holding 10ml of product. This particular sachet is red in colour and can be identified by the image of a lady wearing a purple mask (with pomegranates covering her eyes). The sachet features various bits of product information in different languages. This sachet can be recycled after it has been used up.

                          *~Price and Availability~*

                          Passion Peel Off is stocked in stores such as Boots and Asda. The price varies from 99p - £1.09 (on average). The Montagne Jeunesse website (www.montagnejeunesse.com) offer the full range of face masks priced at £1.09. They currently offer them on a 4 for the price of 3 special deal and postage is free when you spend over £7.50.

                          *~My Experience Of This Face Mask~*

                          As you all, I love to pamper myself and regularly use the Montagne Jeunesse face masks. I normally use the masks that wash off but I recently purchased this Peel Off Mask to try. I have used a peel off mask before so knew what I was letting myself in for.

                          I cleanse and moisturise my skin daily (well sometimes I'm a little lazy). I tend to use a face mask as a way to 'de-stress'. The past week has been difficult due to family issues and also because I am not sleeping well at night. A face mask was just what the skin doctor ordered and I fished this one out from my beauty box(es). Last night when I got my lovely son in to bed, I pinned my hair back and got relaxed for applying my face mask.

                          *~Purple Face For Purple Hair?~*

                          Montagne Jeunesse recommend that you cleanse your face and dry it before using this face mask. I used a gentle cleanser to clear surface 'dirt' from my face and to open up my pores a little. The mask itself is in liquid form - quite sticky and a transparent, pink/purple. It is quite messy but cooling to the touch and once spread onto my face, doesn't drip everywhere. It feels very refreshing applying this to my face. I avoided my eyes, lips and didn't go as far up as my hair line as there is nothing worse than sticky hair! There was enough mask in one sachet to cover my face in a thin layer of product.

                          Once this mask had been applied to my face, it didn't look as purple as on the sachet - the masks never look like that once on the face! This face mask isn't a scary looking mask and you wouldn't scare anyone that came to the door. It does make my skin look like I have had too much sun - quite pink and very much like fresh, untreated sunburn - quite shiny too.
                          Not a good look but hey ho!

                          The smell of this face mask is simply amazing! When I tore open the sachet, I could smell something very apple like. The mask has a delicious, rich fruity smell which is very sweet yet natural. It smells very fresh and transfers onto my skin. It is a mind awakening scent yet relaxing at the same time. My skin feels very pampered when first applied - time to relax.

                          *~Peel To Reveal~*

                          Whilst wearing this face mask, I felt very chilled out and relaxed. The face mask made my skin feel really cool and didn't feel uncomfortable. For the first 10 minutes, it was really soothing. After the 10 minutes, I could feel the mask setting on my skin. I could detect a tingly feeling as the mask set but it never felt tight or sore at any point. I enjoyed a further 10 minutes of relaxation and the mask was fully set and ready to be removed.

                          I'm so used to having to wash off face masks but this one is a bit easier to remove. The mask did not come off in one pull. It is worth noting that you should pull the mask upwards to remove. It did take 5 minutes of pulling little bits of face mask for my face to be mask-free. The mask pulls off like a pink-tinted skin - weird but tickly experience! I put all the bits of face mask into my sink and then scooped them up and binned them. My skin looked a little red but once I had rinsed my face with some tepid water, it looked a lot better.

                          My skin was smooth but had a little dryness around my forehead (which is common) so some moisturiser was needed. My skin felt lovely and refreshed. I wouldn't say this mask cleansed deep down into my skin but it did try and the results were really good. My pores felt less clogged up and my skin generally felt calmer. My skin felt soft to the touch and looked a lot fresher than it had done in weeks. A sweet, fruity scent lingered for a short while which I really appreciated. My skin was still smooth the next morning so the results do last.


                          I can recommend this face mask. It is gentle yet effectively cleanses my skin. Whilst using this face mask, I felt completely relaxed - mind and body. It was a treat to use and I would happily use it again. This is one of the easiest masks to apply and remove. It doesn't moisturise my dry areas quite as much as other face masks have, but then it does it does have to be suitable for different skin types.

                          Montagne Jeunesse face masks make perfect treats for girly evenings in or for making up beauty packs for us girly girls. They also make ideal stocking fillers and are aptly and fairly priced for a bit of pampering.

                          Overall 4 stars!

                          Thanks for reading x


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                        • Product Details

                          Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry & Vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel off!