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Montagne Jeunesse Prickly Pear Face Mask

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2012 12:52
      Very helpful



      A refreshing and thoroughly cleansing peel off face masque

      I've been enjoying my pampering experiences ever since I was a teenager where I would spend literally hours preening myself in readiness for that hot date! At the age of 45 years, thankfully, dates are now something of the past, but I still enjoy my weekly pampering sessions, which I would describe as my hour of "me time" when my husband knows fully well not to disturb me!

      My sessions always include a face masque with my brand of choice generally being the South Wales based Montagne Jeunesse. Over the years, I have tried and tested dozens of their products; many of which I've repurchased over and over again. Whilst shopping a couple of months ago my attention was drawn to a few new additions to their face masque range, so my purchases were made with this review discussing Prickly Pear Peel Off.

      If you are familiar with Montagne Jeunesse you will aware that they are a quirky fun loving brand, which is clearly evidenced in the appearance of their packaging together with their style of marketing. Prickly Pear Peel Off is presented in a 10 ml curvy shaped foil sachet, which displays an image of the face of an attractive beaming female who wears a layer of masque. In addition, her eyes are laden with several fresh fruit slices, which neatly sit on a bed of dark green leaves. I'm a huge fan of peel off face masques, particularly as I'm rather messy when removing any other type, so I find them very convenient and easy to use.

      A point I favour with animal friendly Montagne Jeunesse is that their products do not contain any nasty chemicals and as their marketing blurb states, they do not use bits of animals. In addition to the prickly pear is an ingredient named mangosteen, which is not something I can admit to ever having heard of before. However, the reverse of the sachet advises of the benefits of both of these ingredients with prickly pear, which I learned is native to the Western Hemisphere, assisting to protect the skin with magnosteen having powerful antioxidant properties.

      The older sachets provide a small perforated area for opening, but as with most of the newer face masques, we are provided with a small inward shaped "v" on the upper section. I find that this design isn't quite as effective, as I cannot always tear it, so I needed to use a pair of scissors. As soon as I had opened the sachet I was able to witness a slightly sweet, but extremely uplifting aroma, which reminded me of a fruitier version of pear drops. The vivid cerise coloured masque offered a gelatine type consistency and despite being thick, was easily applied and spread over my just cleansed T-zone skin. The directions for use are to sit back and relax for 15 - 20 minutes until the masque is fully dry. A point I favoured with this masque is that within just minutes of application it offered a wonderfully cooling sensation to my skin and despite it being frosty outside, I found it very relaxing.

      When using face masques it is necessary to go into another room, as whilst my husband has been repeatedly advised that he must not disturb me, he always manages to start talking to me! Consequently, my masques are spoiled, particularly the peel off ones, which will display sagging around the mouth and chin due to me having to tell me husband to be quiet! My forehead and nose are prone to oiliness whilst my cheeks and neck can often become a little dry. However, I cannot speak of any irritation whilst using other than the familiar tightening sensation when the masque began to dry. Whilst the majority of the masque had fully dried within 15 minutes, there were a few slightly tacky patches on my cheeks, so it was necessary to wait the full 20 minutes prior to removing.

      I love the sensation when gently peeling off these types of masque and I begin with the lower side of my face and work upwards. I found that the majority of the masque came off in one piece, but it seemed to have adhered itself to my eyebrows where I had to pick off the remaining pieces. I rinsed my skin with warm water to remove any residue that may have been lingering on the surface and applied some toner followed by an application of moisturiser. Whilst I cannot advise that the masque was drying, I found the skin on my neck and cheeks a little tight. If I had to find one grumble with this masque it was that my skin wasn't left feeling smooth following use although I believe this to be due to the fact that this is a peel off masque.

      I always feel that my skin appears much fresher, healthier and radiant when using face masques and their use has been a bit part of my beauty regime for many years. I am fortunate that I do not get many spots, but my skin can be prone to blackheads and open pores if I neglect caring for it for a few days. Consequently, I feel that this masque is beneficial in removing any dirt and impurities that have worked their way into my pores.

      I frequently find that there is too much masque for one use with some of the sachets, which are generally 15 ml in weight. However, for some reason, Montagne Jeunesse have included only 10 ml with Prickly Pear and whilst it is sufficient for one use, the 99p - £1.10 price is exactly the same as the larger size sachets. I found this masque extremely pleasurable to use and it was quick and easy to remove with the exception of my eyebrows. As a consequence, I can highly recommend and I will be making further purchases once I have exhausted my supply, which currently stands at 18 assorted sachets. I have awarded this product four stars as it lost one for me due to the difficult to open packaging.

      There is a fairly lengthy list of natural ingredients included on the reverse of the sachet; the majority of which are natural fruit extracts and for obvious reasons I do not intend copying them all into my review.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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