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Montagne Jeunesse Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Mask

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6 Reviews

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Mask / Type: Cleansing Mask / Subcategory: Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    6 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 15:55
      Very helpful
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      A mask that makes a postive difference to the look and feel of my skin

      I use a face mask once or twice a week and feel I receive great benefits from doing so. As well as my favourite products which I keep to hand, I buy different masks to make a change or because the ingredients sound especially appealing. I picked up the Virgin Olive Oil mask from Montagne Jeunesse while it was on a three for two offer in Wilkinson's. (Standard price there is £1 for 15g.) It appealed to me as I had just started using a facial oil and was already seeing benefits from that. I was not however all that sure I would like the texture of mask containing oil but the other main ingredient - shea butter - was more familiar so I decided to take a chance.


      This particular mask promises to be deep cleansing which appeals to someone such as myself with large nose pores that tend to get blocked rather easily. It is also supposed to moisturise my skin and leave it feeling smooth and supple.

      I chose Montagne Jeunesse face masks because they are a British company that doesn't test on animals or use animal ingredients in their products. So the mask sachet carries the leaping bunny logo to show it is BUAV approved and the Vegetarian Society emblem as well.

      NICE TO USE?

      Despite my trepidations, the mask was actually easy to use. I did find it a bit stickier than others but not to the point I found it actually unpleasant to apply. You may not like using it if you don't like getting your hands messy, as that is hard to avoid, but the same could be said about many similar masks. It felt cool when going on, a fact I would probably have appreciated more if the weather was warmer as no doubt it would feel especially refreshing then. The texture is thinner than a clay based mask for example, but that makes it easy to smooth across your skin. Even though I applied it thickly, I didn't use anything like all of the sachet contents. I find most MJ mask sachets are similarly well filled. I used the remainder up on my neck the following day - waste not, want not!

      The mask is a light green when you first squeeze it from the pack - there will be no mistaking where you have already applied it, that's for sure. It smells a bit of olives to me but I would call the overall aroma a fresh, botanical smell without a strongly distinguishing note. I really like it as it is lighter in scent than some of the more floral and fruity masks, which makes it all the more pleasant to leave on my face for the required 10 -15 minutes.


      The mask had dried out and started to crack by the time it came to remove it, which made the job easier than if it had remained soft and clinging. Washing it off was really fast and my skin didn't feel at all tight or irritated once I had done so.


      Sometimes a mask leaves my skin looking slightly pinkish or actually worse than average immediately after I take it off. That wasn't the case with the olive oil one though. My skin looked "calm" but on the other hand, it's appearance was not much improved either. It looked clean certainly, but I had cleansed before using the mask anyway. My pores did look clear and my skin felt slightly smoother but I was a bit underwhelmed overall. Thankfully that was in the evening and when I first looked in the mirror the following morning I was pleasantly surprised with how refreshed and radiant my complexion looked. My skin also felt very soft, and this lovely feeling lasted a good 48 hours after I applied the mask. I don't usually find face masks drying as some people do, but I was still surprised at how moisturised my skin looked and felt. I wish the fresh looking glow to my skin had lasted as long, but I didn't really feel I was seeing the benefits of using the mask much after the following day. But it was great while it lasted!


      I think this is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a cleansing mask that is also leaves your skin feeling very soft and hydrated. Don't be put off by the virgin olive oil title if you aren't converted to oils in skin care - this product is easy to use and doesn't feel "icky". I have combination skin so I used to avoid oils for my t zone at least but this product causes me no problems with added shine. I have used masks that gave me more of an instant result but my skin looks so good after using this that I think the effect was worth waiting for! I have also used products that produce longer lasting results so I am going to knock off a star but overall I think this is a nice scented and effective product in it's own right.

      You can buy Montagne Jeunesse masks in a huge range of places including Superdrug, Boots, Savers, many supermarkets, and some clothes shops such as Primark. I tend to buy a batch when they are on offer, which is often, but otherwise I pay from 90p to £1.25 on average per mask.


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        16.06.2013 17:27
        Very helpful



        An excellent face mask which I continue to use despite it not smelling wonderful!

        When choosing a Montagne Jeunesse face mask I usually look towards the fruity or chocolate inspired ranges, but sometimes reach for this Virgin Olive mud mask - it may not be the most gorgeous mask to use but it leaves my skin looking and feeling fantastic. I always feel a little bit 'meh' when I smell it after opening the sachet as I'm so used to my face masks smelling of strawberry or chocolate fudge, the complete lack of any kind of 'wow factor' is a bit off-putting sometimes but I always force myself to think of the skin benefits and usually end up enjoying the experience anyway!

        Purchased in a sachet, the creamy mud applies so smoothly that it's entirely possible to get two applications from the single sachet - I will say that this particular mask does dry up quite quickly once the sachet has been opened so ideally keep it until you have time to apply it again the following day (or at most 48 hours after opening). Montagne Jeunesse suggest using this mask weekly, but it's a very gentle product and suitable for more regular use - at one period when my skin was very dry I used it daily for around three weeks with no adverse effects, there's always a slight pinkness to my skin after I've rinsed the mask off but this fades quickly and never leaves me feeling tender or sore.

        The mask applies smoothly and neatly; it's a creamy mud without any stickiness so seems much easier to control during application than other mud-type masks, this makes it far more pleasant to use in my opinion as I don't like to get into too much of a mess with face masks and do tend to favour those which I can get a tidy finish from. Let's face it, we all look hideous in a face mask but there's no need for sloppy gloopy lines! The creaminess means I can get a smooth finish from my masque, which helps it dry more evenly and locks the goodness into my skin. It dries quickly, forming a cracked coating on my face within ten minutes of application - despite the fact that it dries so thoroughly the mask does maintain a level of suppleness, this makes it more comfortable to wear than some of the muds which set to a much harder finish.

        I tend to leave the mask on for around thirty minutes and find my skin feels wonderful after this time; it rinses off quickly and easily with cool water, there are always a few stubborn patches but these always come off with a quick rub with a face cloth and afterwards my skin feels squeaky clean. This face mask leaves absolutely no residue on my skin after rinsing, sometimes mud masks leave me with a chalky sensation but this Olive one just gives me touchably smoother and younger looking skin. Sometimes if I'm sort of time I stick to Montagne Jeunesse's suggested time of fifteen minutes, and must admit the results are just as good after this shorter period of time so leaving it on for longer as I do isn't really necessary - although it feels so smooth and lovely on my skin that it's actually a lovely product to have smeared on your face so you might as well enjoy the sensation!

        It's suitable for all skin types but I find it works best when my skin is erring on the dry side. This is simply because it's such a moisturising and nourishing mask, these effects are sometimes wasted when my skin is already in soft and moisturised condition but when I'm feeling dry this mask instantly makes me feel better. The generous amount of cocoa and shea butters in the mask are what soften my skin, and the addition of olive gives a deep level of moisturisation while also seeming to feed my skin with goodness. It's completely non-greasy but has the sensation of being infused with excellent quality oils - it's a surprisingly light mask to wear, unlike other mud masks I've used recently, and never seems too heavy for my skin. It's incredibly cleansing with the appearance and feel of my skin being much improved immediately after using the Virgin Olive mask. These effects last for days afterwards, obviously I've already said that I'll use the mask daily if I feel I need the extra help but when my skin is behaving itself I can feel how continued the effects are for at least three days - and even then my skin feels in overall nicer condition than before I used the mask.

        To sum up, this isn't the 'prettiest' face mask to use; it generally has an oily olive fragrance and is nothing like the ultra-feminine fruity or chocolate masks that I usually go for. The effectiveness of this mask however is superb, in fact it's quite refreshing to wear a Montagne Jeunesse masque that doesn't smell good enough to eat!


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          14.12.2012 11:49
          Very helpful



          A great face masque which cares for the skin.

          Now the colder temperatures have set in I have noticed a change in my skin. I spend a lot of time outside and unfortunately this leads to my skin drying during the winter and I have to use a lot of products to help keep it nourished and supple rather than dry and dull. I try religiously to use a face pack once a week as a way of topping my skin up already full of moisturisers and creams.

          One of my favourite brands is Montagne Jaunesse. I think they are a well known brand and probably more well known for their packaging with the colourful fruit and floral creations they make on women's faces. They have a variety of face masks all suited for a certain purpose. My current mask of choice is the Virgin Olive face masque which seemed to fit the bill.

          == The Mask ==

          The Virgin Olive face masque has been specifically created with cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil which is known to help give smooth and soft skin. Not only that but the masque also contains two incredibly nourishing ingredients known as cocoa and shea butter which again will help keep your skin incredibly smooth whilst being deeply cleansed all at the same time.

          == Packaging ==

          The face masque comes in a little plastic type packet which has a small perforated edge at the top so you can easily rip it open and squeeze out the masque itself. On the front of the packet there is the logo, product name and of course a lady featuring the masque itself together with green olives as further decoration. On the back of the packet there is information about the product, how to apply it (step by step pictures) as well as the list of ingredients.

          == In Use ==

          Once you have ripped open the packet gently all you need to do is simply squeeze out the face masque. It can be a bit messy so you do need to go slow in order to apply it properly and not to waste it. I was expecting an olive green coloured face masque for obvious reasons but instead I found that it was a pale mint green colour which was perfectly pleasant just a little unexpected! It doesn't really have an olive oil aroma either, in actual fact it has a slight mentol smell but it is very subtle and not noticeable especially when the masque is on.

          The face masque itself is incredibly smooth to the touch and has an ideal consistency where it doesn't drip so you can apply straight from the packet without it dripping anywhere, it almost has a stickiness to it but being soft and smooth all at the same time if that makes sense! I also found that it is quite chilled so can give a nice cooling result on the skin when first applied which is actually quite refreshing.

          I find that it is best to apply the face masque in a thin, even layer as there is no point caking it on as it probably won't have the same effect. I find this way though that I have nearly half a face masque left which I tend to quickly put in the fridge to use the next day. I find the masque incredibly easy to apply and once on I tend to leave it for the maximum 15 minutes it suggests, basically long enough for it to go quite stiff so you can't scrunch your face up or raise an eyebrow easily!

          Once the 15 minutes are up I simply use a flannel and gently remove. I find that once a damp flannel touches the skin the face masque comes away within seconds even the further dried on parts come off easily. Even after removing it my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth and definitely refreshed which is great. My skin even looks a bit healthier which is nice especially so quick after removing the masque.

          I have been using this particular masque for about two months now and have tried to use it once/twice a week which I have 99% stuck to and my skin definitely looks healthy and the dry patches that would normally appear have managed to stay away and my skin definitely looks nourished and feels soft. Now I know this result isn't just down to the face masque but I do think it has definitely helped and certainly helped make a difference in how my skin looks and feels.

          == Overall ==

          My skin feels and looks a lot better since using this face masque and it feels softer than it has done generally at this time of year. I find it incredibly easy to use, it goes on nice and smooth and stays in place until it becomes firmer. I really can't find fault with this face masque at all and would definitely recommend it to those wanting softer skin and those who do suffer like me with dry skin.

          == Product Information ==

          Brand: Montagne Jaunesse
          Price: Around the £1 mark
          Availability: Supermarkets, pharmacies etc

          ** Please note the picture supplied by Dooyoo is obviously not correct! **


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            03.02.2012 14:41
            Very helpful



            Another excellent masque from Montage Jeunesse. My skin feels wonderful!

            Having a good skin care routine is paramount to me, suffering with horrid spotty skin in my teens really jump started me into a good routine and years on I have still kept it up. One way to look after my skin is face masques I just adore using them. I would like to say thank you to the Montagne Jeunesse team for sending me this masque to review.

            Montagne Jeunesse - Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque:

            'Nourish with our cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil mud masque for soft and supple skin. We've added ultra-moisturising rich Shea & Cocoa butter to leave your skin super smooth and deeply cleansed'

            My Findings:

            When looking at the packet if in honest it didn't really appeal to me, and looks sure can be deceiving as this turned out to be one tremendous masque that worked wonders on my skin.

            Suitable for skin type -

            * Sensitive
            * Normal
            * Dry

            When I opened the sachet I always like to have a smell to see what the fragrance is like and this smells wonderful clean and fresh. It is recommended that you cleanse your face with warm water only before use, once that is done pat dry your face and away you go in putting on the masque. I applied the masque evenly over my face; the masque is wonderfully soft and soothing whilst spreading it over my face. Like soft silky bundles rubbing against my face, I think this is one of the softest masques I have ever tried. Remember when putting this masque on your face you need to avoid around the eyes and lips.

            Once the masque was all smoothed over my face it was time to relax, it states you can leave this product on your face for 10 to 15 minutes or until dry. I always like to leave it awhile so I waited for 15 minutes during that time you could smell the wonderful fragrance oozing from the masque. When I looked in the mirror I could see all the dry and cracked patches within the masque; however it didn't go tight despite its dry look. It still felt nice and soft on my skin unlike some other masques you can feel them getting tight whilst it is drying.

            Now for the point most of us dislike, removing the masque. I for one found it ok; I splashed my face with warm water and used a soft face flannel to remove the excess. It took around 3/5 minutes to remove the masque completely. Once removed I patted my face dry and then I rubbed my fingers over my skin, I could feel just how soft it made my skin. The dry patch on my cheeks had completely gone; there was no tight sensation just a fresh soft face. It is recommended that you use this masque weekly to keep maximum results.

            The main ingredients within this masque are Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Olive, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. For me the main scents are aloe vera and olive they combine so well together and create a fantastic clean fresh scent. I'm guessing it was the butters that made my skin so soft and the vitamin E and aloe vera which made it so soothing. I will certainly be using this masque again!
            This product comes in an easy open sachet which has a perforated section you pull open to obtain the contents. Just like others in its range you have a picture on the front with a lady wearing the masque, its green theme in order to match the contents. The masque itself it light, soft, medium consistency and green in colour. The masque does get lighter in colour as it dries.

            Price and Availability:

            This masque is currently priced at £1.00 at Asda and be purchased in chemists and supermarkets. You can also buy direct from the Montagne Jeunesse web site, costing £1.09 however they are still offering 4 for the price of 3. Plus they also offer bumper masques which are great for girls night in and pamper pasties.



            I have to say I've fallen in love with yet another masque! My skin looked clean, bright and very soft to touch the feeling also last the remained of the day and most of the following day. It really is better than some facials I've had done in salons.

            I really feel this masque is excellent value for money for the results I received, so yes I fully recommend giving this a go if you like face masques.

            Five out of five stars from me.

            Thanks for reading

            Additional Information:


            Montagne Jeunesse does have a rather fun looking web site where you can find out about their new product, and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range. They don't just do face masks there are also bath, hair, lip and massage products.

            Montagne Jeunesse is Vegetarian Society Approved, BUAV Approved, Not tested on animals and has received Prima Beauty Award. You can also sign up to be on their 'Beauty Panel' and if selected, from time to time you will receive products in development and when you return the questionnaire to them they will send free goodies!

            Ingredients -

            Aqua (Purified Water) , Kaolin (Natural Clay) , Bentonite (Natural Clay) , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) , Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil , Glycerin (Plant Origin) , Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter , Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract , Silt (Dead Sea Mud) , Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil , Parfum (Fragrance) , Xanthan Gum (Natural Thickener) , Glucose (Sugar) , Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice , Potassium Sorbate , Citric Acid (pH Balancer) , Glucose Oxide (Sugar Origin) , Lactoperoxidase (Milk Origin) , Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone* , CI 75810 (Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex) , *Naturally Found in Fragrance


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              13.01.2012 09:47
              Very helpful



              A good value, effective skin treatment

              Ever since I read that the great Sophia Loren likes to bathe in olive oil, I've been attracted to olive-based beauty products. After the excesses of Christmas my skin was looking particularly ropy and I was feeling as unSophiaLoren-like as you can get, so when I spotted this Montagne Jeunesse Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque in my local Asda for a mere £1.00 I decided to treat myself.

              Montagne Jeunesse is a brand I like, because their products bear the jumping rabbit symbol to show that they are BUAV approved. They are also vegetarian. I always try to buy cruelty-free products whenever possible. I like the fact that the ingredients list for these masques is relatively short and doesn't read like an Oxbridge chemistry paper, but is comprehensible, so you know exactly what you are getting. The masks contain natural ingredients.

              The masque contains olive oil, which has antioxidant properties to fight the free radicals that damage your skin. If olive oil is the Mediterranean's beauty secret, Shea butter is the African equivalent, renowned for its moisturising qualities. Along with cocoa seed butter, I hoped these trusted ingredients would soothe my skin, which was feeling a little sensitive after being exposed to the full force of those familar winter culprits - cold weather and central heating. I was also impressed to see that the masque contained Dead Sea mud which, along with Kaolin (natural clay) would hopefully draw out impurities and clear my pores to give me a brighter complexion.

              The process for using this masque is very simple. You cleanse your skin, apply the masque with your fingers, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. On opening the sachet, I was aware of a subtle, fresh, slightly fruity, feminine scent. I would like to say that it smelled like walking through an olive grove, but I can't honestly say what an olive grove smells like. I can say, however, that it reminded me a little of freshly mown grass with a slight herby, zesty hint to it. It definitely made me think of summer, which was quite welcome in deepest December. Once the masque was on my skin, however, I wasn't really aware of the scent at all. I have used some Montagne Jeunesse masques which have definitely smelled stronger, but a gentle scent suited me just fine as I didn't really like the idea of applying a highly perfumed product to my skin when it was feeling a little fragile.

              The last Montagne Jeunesse masque I used had disappointed me slightly because it was very sticky and difficult to apply evenly. This masque totally restored my faith in the brand due to the ease of application. The masque feels wonderfully creamy and voluptuous when you dip your fingers into it. It smoothed over my skin effortlessly and felt cool and luxurious against my skin, soothing it instantly. It wasn't so sticky that it dragged or stuck to my hair, like the last masque I used. There is enough masque in the sachet for two applications, without having to skimp on the amount you use, so you can really go to town and slap this on with gusto, which is a rather satisfying feeling. I don't know why but it is strangely therapeutic to 'paint' your face green in front of the bathroom mirror.

              Once applied I relaxed and let the masque do its work. It began to harden very quickly. After 5 minutes it was completely dry. I experienced that rather unpleasant tightening sensation which all face masques bring when they dry and I must admit I was tempted to wash it off before the time was up, because I really didn't like the stretching feeling. However, I held out for the full 15 minutes and then, with some relief, set about removing it. One annoying thing about Montagne Jeunesse is that they never specify the temperature you need to use when washing off a face masque and I nearly always make the wrong guess. I opted for lukewarm water this time but it didn't even begin to shift the masque. I needed hot water to remove this masque and it wasn't as easy as it could have been, with it proving particularly stubborn in certain places (around my hairline and the edge of my nose, in particular.) Once I had removed all traces of the masque I splashed my face with cold water, which seemed to remove the very last dregs of it.

              So, what of the results? I am usually sceptical about these masques and tend to use them more for the feeling of pampering than because I expect them to work miracles on me. However, I admit to being pleasantly surprised by the results of this masque. There was no obvious improvement immediately after application, apart from the fact that my skin did feel soft and look and feel refreshed but the minor spots I had did begin to dry up very quickly following the use of this masque. Next day I was certain that my skin looked clearer, brighter and a little more toned. I accept that this might have been my skin recovering naturally from the Christmas indulgence as I began to eat more sensibly again, take more exercise, get more sleep, etc., but I like to think that this masque made a contribution. Nearly a couple of weeks down the line my pores are fairly clear and there have been no new breakouts.

              For its inexpensive price (especially bearing in mind you can get two applications out of one sachet) it is well worth trying this masque out in conjunction with (not instead of) a healthy eating/lifestyle regime. It's pleasant to use, gentle and cruelty free, so it's one I would be more than happy to use again when I wanted to give my skin a bit of TLC. Whether Sophia Loren would agree is another matter.


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                24.11.2011 10:51
                Very helpful



                A lovely face masque by Montagne Jeunesse

                I have tried the Montagne Jeunesse range before and really enjoy using their face masks as they are fun and the lovely descriptions on the packaging makes them sound very appealing. I was lucky enough to receive a whole bunch of different masques through a Facebook competition, and this Virgin Olive masque is the one I've used most recently. The masques are available to buy in most high street beauty stores and will cost around 99p for a 15ml sachet.

                This item is described as a Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque with cold pressed olive oil. Montagne Jeunesse say: "Nourish with our cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil mud masque for soft and supple skin. We've added ultra-moisturising rich Shea & Cocoa Butter to leave your skin super smooth and deeply cleansed."

                Recommended directions for use: Cleanse, apply, relax for 10-15 minutes, rinse.

                I like to give myself a good pampering when I am using a face mask, and with the right preparation and aftercare I have noticed that my skin is becoming more healthy looking and is kept in better condition. To begin with, I washed my face with a hot cloth cleanser to make sure all traces of make-up were fully removed. I then went about applying the masque. The packaging opens easily, so you can squeeze the pouch and the contents come out of the corner through the small tear. This helps to control how much product you want to come out of the packet.

                The masque itself has a thick consistency, making it extremely easy to spread onto my face. The liquid stayed in place well and didn't make a mess or drip anywhere when I was putting it on, however it did seem to dry quite quickly even as I was applying it. I decided to layer this over my skin a couple of times to get a thicker application and this felt smooth and comfortable on my face. The masque did not look quite like the picture on the packet, as it turned a wonderful bright minty green colour and was much more fun and colourful than I had expected. It also had a bit of an unusual smell, and I could not really smell any of the main ingredients; olive oil, shea butter or cocoa butter. Instead it had quite a soft scent that reminded me of baby powder and I found that this was nice and relaxing.

                This should be left on for 10-15 minutes to allow it to really get to work on your skin. I left it on for the full 15 minutes and by this time the masque had almost fully dried out, and was cracking in places. Because the masque had solidified it made it more difficult to remove, and it took me quite a while to fully wash it off. Afterwards my skin felt smoothed and I did not notice any sensitivity. I noticed that my skin really did feel like it had been given a deep clean, and as an extra bonus the masque had hydrated my skin so it felt well moisturised. I did follow up with an eye cream and facial moisturiser to finish off my pampering session, and my skin felt really great as well as looking clear and fresh. Unlike some other face masks this Virgin Olive masque seemed to have lasting results, and after the deep clean I did not notice any blemishes or breakouts for a whole week after using it.

                Usually these face masques contain far too much of the product and there is always some leftover which gets wasted if you do not store it and re-use correctly. However, with this one there seemed to be a bit less included and I was able to get one full application to cover my face, including layering the masque in some areas as it dried when I was applying. This was the perfect amount for a single application and there was nothing leftover to be wasted.

                This Virgin Olive masque was a nice treat to use as it felt smooth on my skin and the scent was very relaxing. It gave my skin a deep cleanse as well as a much needed moisture boost, so I think it was a great choice for my little home spa pampering session. I would definitely recommend this particular masque as it had excellent results, and I look forward to trying more products in the Montagne Jeunesse range.

                Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing, and have been approved by BUAV and the Vegetarian Society. Keep your beauty cruelty free!


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