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Morrisons Fragrance Free Facial Wipes

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2010 13:35
      Very helpful



      These put some more expensive brands to shame

      *~* A little about Morrison's Value Facial Wipes *~*

      The wipes that I will be reviewing are the Morrison's Value Face Wipes which are slightly different to those described in the product heading. I had entered a product suggestion for these particular wipes but it was refused due to the fact that I could not find a webpage providing a product description, as Morrison's is one of the few supermarkets that do not provide an online shopping facility. So this was the most accurate product heading that I could find on here.

      Whilst doing my weekly shop in Morrison's a couple of weeks ago, these particular face wipes caught my eye. At only 27p a pack, this is most likely why! Contained within a basic yellow packet bearing the Morrison's value logo, each pack contains 25 unfragranced wipes. At just over 1p a wipe, I couldn't resist giving these a try. These are the cheapest face wipes that I have came across before and I tend to go through a packet of face wipes each week roughly, so any opportunity to reduce my spending on this front is much appreciated.

      To be honest, at that price I really wasn't expecting much from these wipes and predicted that they would probably end up in the bin. However, given that they only cost 27p, this was a wasted buy that I could bear. I was also impressed by the fact that these wipes are dermatologically tested, so this alleviated my concerns that they might irritate my skin or cause my face to break out in spots.

      *~* Are they any good? *~*

      I have been using these wipes daily for just over a week now and my skin is not any different to the way that it usually is when I previously used more expensive facial wipes. No nasty spots or rashes have appeared on my face through using these wipes, so I was really happy with this aspect of this product.

      These wipes are half the price of the usual Asda vitamin E wipes that I use and 1/10th of the price of the Nivea face wipes that I also frequently use. In my estimation, these wipes perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts. They are sufficiently moist and in my view more moist than the dearer Asda own brand wipes and are great in ensuring that all traces of my make up are gone.

      I was surprised to find that the wipes were actually thick as I was expecting them to be rather scraggy. Moreover, I also thought that they may feel quite scratchy on the face, but this was not the case. They were soft on my skin and did not lose their moistness.

      For their meagre price, I really cannot fault these wipes and think that they offer excellent value for money. If these wipes were to be taken out of their packaging and used, one would be surprised to discover that they only cost 27p and are a value product. Their quality is superb and is equivalent (and in some cases superior to) that of more expensive face wipes.

      If you use a lot of face wipes like me, then I would highly recommend that you give these wipes a try. I am sure that you won't be disappointed. I will definitely be buying more of these particular wipes in future.

      These facial wipes get a well deserved 5 star rating from me!

      Thanks for reading!


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        19.04.2010 10:19
        Very helpful



        Great for hot days

        Morrisons Fragrance Free Facial Wipes.

        I bought this product this week when it was on offer for 79p or buy three packets for £2 which was a slight saving if you bought the three packs.
        I like to have facial wipes in my handbag as you never know when you might need them, they are so versatile and can just be wiped over a face to clear up any mess or to remove make-up.

        The packs are small and square with a tear off small piece at the front which is re-sealable, this keep the wipes fresh and moist as they have liquid on them to help cleanse your skin when used.
        They are not too wet and once wipes across the face the liquid is soon dries away.

        You get 25 wipes for your 79p which is good value for money and they are dermatologically tested which means someone has done a skin test of the product before it has gone on the market, so its safe to say these are alright to use if you have sensative skin.

        The wipes are enriched with cucumber and aloe vera which it is well known that cucumber is a great cleanser for the skin, whilst aloe vera is a soother for the skin and good for spots, blemishes and irritated skin. the wipes tone, refresh and moisurise all in one.

        I use them for freshening up on long car journeys or on a hot day, at my age the dreaded hot flush is ever present, so during a hot flush attack I can grab a wet wipe and gently sooth away the heat of the flushing with one of these from my handbag.

        They are gentle on the skin as I use them on my grandchildren too, the odd mopping up of ice cream or mud from their faces hasn't escaped these handy facial wipes and with them being good for sensative skin its safe to use on children, but you have to avoid the eyes.
        However saying this they are not for use with small children, my grandchildren are older now so can be given one to use themselves, smaller children would have to be supervised as it can sting if gotten in the eyes.

        You have to use the facial wipes within six months of purchase, but they are so handy I have never had any left over after that length of time and usually go through a packet within two weeks or less. At the rate I get hot flushes these days its sometimes less than a week before I buy more.

        I like the convenience of having these in my handbag and to be honest I would feel lost without them, they are handy to carry, handy to use and cool you down on hot days.
        With summer fast approaching I will need them for taking on holiday as they are good to use if you have been sun bathing and have got to hot, or just to wipe away the sand from your toes, or ice cream from the kids faces.

        I wouldn't be with out them.


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