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Murad Clarifying Mask

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Brand: Murad / Type: Face Mask / Subcategory: Cleanser / Contents: 75g / What it does: Cleanses, Protects / Skin type: Suitable for: acne prone skin

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      An okay face mask, but so not worth the price tag

      As a subscriber to Glossy Box every month I receive a selection of beauty products, which have been chosen as a result of the information I provided about my skin/hair type etc. Unfortunately, one of the bottles of perfumes contained in my November box had leaked and as a replacement was unavailable, Glossy Box sent me a couple of other items; one of which was a 30g tube of Murad Clarifying Mask with this review discussing my experience with using.

      I was delighted to receive the mask, which was much more welcomed than the perfume, as for well over thirty years I have spent a lot of time and money on my skin care routine and I love trying out new products. My skin type can be described as T-zone where I suffer with dryness on my cheeks and oily patches on my forehead and nose. However, whilst I am not normally prone to spots over the last few months I have suffered a few breakouts, so I was delighted to discover on the tube that the mask is marketed as an acne treatment.

      However, after looking up the mask on the Murad website, there was no mention of the word acne with the product description advising the consumer that it will draw out impurities and keep blemishes at bay. I was interested to learn of the claim that it will leave skin shine free in addition to absorbing excess oil; both of which are necessary for me, as I cannot bear a shiny face.

      I discovered that the mask contains two rare earth clays, namely kaolin and bentonite; both of which are intended to draw out and absorb dirt that clogs the pores and as a result excess oil is removed. An ingredient I have not previously noticed in any of my other facial products is liquorice extract, which is intended to calm and sooth irritated skin. In addition, the mask contains grape seed extract to protect the skin from free radical damage.

      Whilst I have followed a strict beauty regime since my teenage years where I cleanse, tone and moisturise, face masks have also played an important role, as I use them once or twice a week to deep cleanse my face to remove any dirt and impurities, which may have worked themselves deep into my pores.

      It is recommended the mask be used once a week and after thoroughly cleansing and toning my skin I squeezed out a small amount onto my finger tips. The pure white fragrance free mask offers a fairly thick consistency and more so than any other brand I have used and I anticipated that it would be a little troublesome to apply. However, the warmth of my skin enabled it to soften, so spreading it thinly over my skin was effortless although I had to work quickly as I was able to witness it starting to dry in a few small areas.

      Despite the mask consisting of clay, it did not feel cold on my skin, which was a huge plus point especially as my initial use was on a cold November evening. The mask should be left on the skin for ten minutes to enable the ingredients to work themselves into the pores; after which it should be rinsed away with warm water and the skin patted dry.

      After approximately five minutes following application I was able to witness a tightening sensation over the majority of my face although I cannot admit to it being uncomfortable, which can often be the case with clay based masks. I continued to relax for the remainder of the ten minutes and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it rinsed away, as generally, clay masks tend to adhere to the skin and require a considerable amount of rinsing before every last trace is removed.

      I witnessed a very slight tightening sensation in my cheeks although this is not unusual for me, especially as the skin is frequently dry in this area. However, I cannot speak of suffering any adverse reactions such as dryness or discomfort although it was necessary for me to apply my usual moisturising cream. Whilst my skin is normally soft and smooth, directly after using face masks it offers an additional level of softness, which I would describe as velvety. However, as I ran my finger tips over the surface of my skin I was unable to witness any difference, which I found really disappointing.

      In relation to the claim of deep cleaning, I feel the mask worked well although this is generally the case with the majority of face masks that I've used. In addition, the deep cleansing ingredients deliver a healthy radiant appearance to the skin, which is something that I need especially as I am so pale.

      I continued to use the mask every week and the odd spots that had reared their ugly heads disappeared with no signs of any new ones although there is no way of knowing if they would have appeared if I hadn't used the mask. I enjoyed using the mask, but I do not feel it delivered anything in addition to my usual brands, which are far more affordable. As the mask will set you back £38 for a 75 g tube I feel it is over priced especially as my 30 g tube lasted me for only six uses.

      Due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a three star rating to be appropriate.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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        05.02.2009 21:23
        Very helpful



        Definitely the best face mask I have EVER used, and I've used lots over the years!

        One of the many beauty products I received for Christmas was this Murad Clarifying Mask which my niece gave to me as part of a bundle of lovely smellies, she has excellent taste so I knew I'd like the mask and couldn't wait to try it.

        Although this mask is made for people who have the kind of problem skin which breaks out into blemishes, my niece assured me it would be fine for my very sensitive skin and may help as it would draw out impurities and gives skin a deep clean.

        As soon as I squeezed some out I was impressed, it smells very gentle and is a clay mask which wasn't immediately apparent from the packaging. The mask is a beige/grey colour which is a little more attractive than the very grey mask I was using before Christmas.

        The Clarifying Mask is easy to smooth over the skin on my face and neck because it has a nice creamy consistency which means I could easily get the mask to cover the areas on my face where I need the most help, I laid it on thicker in these areas whereas my forehead and chin benefited from me using less of the product.

        As the mask dries I was impressed that it doesn't set as hard as other clay masks, it sets completely but not to such a stiff and powdery finish. This is great for me as I hate the tightening effect a lot of masks have on my face as they dry.

        From the moment I used the mask I was hugely impressed, I could literally feel my skin being cleansed from the inside out and this was reinforced when I rinsed it off a few minutes later using tepid water. My skin was glowing, I've been impressed with other face masks recently but this one is the absolute best.

        The skin on my face felt extremely cleansed and it was tingling slightly, my skin felt soft and smooth and looked very healthy. I also found my delicate skin felt soothed and moisturised afterwards, I did admittedly use a light facial lotion afterwards but I don't dare let my facial skin get too dry so did this just to be on the safe side.

        I use this Murad Clarifying Mask once every three or four days now and am finding the appearance and feel of my skin is getting better all the time, it's not a miracle cure nor an anti-wrinkle product so major skin problems will not be helped overnight but as for making me look healthier and more alert I cannot fault this mask at all.

        The main ingredients are liquorice extract, zinc and sulfur which may sound like a strange combination but the first two are known for their soothing and calming properties, while sulfur will help to comfort and heal any blemishes you have on your skin. In particular products containing sulfur are excellent for acne sufferers as it will not only calm your skin but also help encourage the affected areas to heal.

        Murad Clarifying Mask is not the cheapest you can buy, my 75ml tube costs £21.99 from www.beautybay.com and this is the cheapest price I could find online at the moment. But I think it will last for ages, I use mine roughly twice a week and have had this tube for five weeks now and there is barely any difference in the amount of product in the tube. You only need to use it quite sparingly I've found as if you apply too much it won't set anyway and will feel very heavy on your skin.


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      • Product Details

        Take a break from blemishes / This natural clay-based formula absorbs impurities as it deep cleans and quiets acne breakouts / Sulfur reduces acne's severity as it encourages the skin to clear / Soothing zinc and licorice extract comfort and calm irritated skin / Earth ingredients (kaolin and bentonite clays) absorb impuritiesAllantoin is a skin protectant and powerful healing agentLavender extract an anti-inflammatory ingredient, helps to control redness and irritationGrape seed extract, an antioxidant, helps to prevent free radical damageHow to use:Apply an even layer over clean skin / Leave on for 10 minutes / Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry / For optimal results, use at least once a week and follow with Clarifying Toner and recommended Murad moisturizer / Skin types:Suitable for acne prone skin /