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Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser

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Brand: Neal's Yard Remedies / Type: Cleanser / What it does: Cleanses, Nourishes / Contents/Size: 100g

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 16:54
      Very helpful



      A great all-in-one cleanser that thoroughly removes make-up whilst intensely moisturising the skin.

      This is another Neal's Yard Remedies product which I absolutely love. It is a chamomile cleanser; it is super calming, soft and moisturising. It is a very creamy cleanser but it is absolutely fine for my combination skin. It states that it is for normal skin which I always take to suggest they mean combination skin. But I think it is fine for all skin types to be honest.

      Again like all of Neal's Yard products they are organic and natural. It says on the side of most of the skincare how organic a product is which is nice to see. This product is shown to be 57% organic.

      Pot or Tube?

      I bought this back in April and it came in a pot which I must admit for a cleanser is a little bit frustrating, but I have noticed on the Neal's Yard Remedies website that they have now changed it into a tube. My only concern with this is that it is a thick cleanser so I can imagine it would be a little challenging to get it out of the tube (but I may be wrong). It still seems like a better option though in the tube.

      You could look at this pot of cleanser and mistake it for moisturiser because it is so thick and creamy. This is why it is so wonderfully moisturising but without being greasy because it actually has quite a light silky feel to it.

      My skin feels exceptionally soft after using it which I have not had from other cleansers like Clinique's facial wash or their rinse off foaming cleanser.

      What is special about this cleanser?

      The cleanser not only cleans the skin but it also calms upset or sensitive skin as well as removing make-up easily and quickly. Another fantastic plus about this cleanser is that it can also be used on the eyes to remove eye-makeup, I have tried it and it does work and it is very gentle and it does not sting, it even got rid of my long wearing Double Wear mascara from Estee Lauder which I was amazed at. You could massage it into the lashes to remove eye makeup (how I tried) or alternatively damp a cotton pad and then put the tiniest bit of the cleanser on that and wipe the eyes gently with that which I would imagine is a more thorough way of removing eye make-up. But I personally prefer not to use it on my eyes.

      The smell of this cleanser is very relaxing which is great before getting into bed, its main ingredients are coconut, chamomile, sunflower oil and moisturising shea. I personally cannot smell the coconut in it but I can definitely smell the chamomile and shea.

      The coconut moisturises dry, itchy or sensitive skin. Its antioxidant properties also help to fight premature ageing.

      Chamomile has many skin benefits such as it being a natural acne treatment through working to eliminate acne scarring, and it is packed full of antioxidants which help to fight breakouts. Chamomile also helps skin irritations and sunburn and protects the skin from free radicals which can lead to ageing.

      The sunflower oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and protecting antioxidants.

      Lastly shea helps to prevent and protect even the most chronically dry skins, it penetrates the skin quickly to provide immediate hydration, and helps to alleviate any discomfort in the skin.

      So overall the ingredients in this cleanser do many different things and despite the cleanser saying it is for a normal skin I think it would be fine for somebody with a drier skin, a combination skin, a sensitive skin or acne prone skin because of the ingredients in it. My skin can still be temperamental for spots still and it is fine with this cleanser.

      My recommendations for use

      I would recommend for anybody using this cleanser to get the muslin facial cloth. This not only helps to take it off the face, but it also provides a light exfoliation when removing the cleanser. It also helps to remove any further make-up which washing your face with your hands struggles to do. Only about 2 x pea sizes of this cleanser is needed. I do not feel that 1 x pea size is enough (which the pot recommends) as it is so creamy that to get that luxurious feel a little more is needed. It can be massaged into a wet face and then removed with water with the hands or with a wet muslin cloth. I would further recommend that you massage the cleanser in a circular motion, the smell of the cleanser is wonderful! It is also suggested that the cleanser can be put on after spritzing your face with toner which is quite nice rather than wetting your face. However it must be rinsed off with water to fully get rid of the cleanser and makeup from your face.

      I have just recently moved house, and in my last house we had instant hot water so I could remove this cleanser with very warm water which was lovely. However in our new place it takes forever for hot water to come through and I can never be bothered to wait so I wash the cleanser off with cold water which makes it a bit of a chore actually as it is so unpleasant when it is cold in the house to wash your face with cold water too. However it is great for the mornings though as it wakes me up but I do not look forward to washing my face at night with cold water.


      The pot and tube gives 100g of cleanser. It is £15.50. I do think this is quite steep for a cleanser but it does last a long time and it smells amazing! Plus if you wanted to have an all in one bedtime routine you can remove your eye makeup with it too (saving on the cost of an eye makeup remover). So perhaps taking that into account it isn't a ridiculously priced cleanser. A tube of Clinique cleanser is now £17.00. I always compare to Clinique as I think that is one of the cheaper premium brands that you find on the skincare counters compared to brands like Dior, Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder and other brands.

      Other points

      I have been impressed with this cleanser. It is super moisturising, gentle and leaves my skin feeling so ultra soft. The smell is very calming and it does what it says, you couldn't ask for much more!! This cleanser paired with my Neal's Yard Remedies Vitamin E and Avocado Cream (moisturiser) is a match made in heaven. I use a Clarins toner in between those two points as I love the smell of it compared to the Neal's Yard Remedies toners.

      To conclude

      Overall this is a great all-in-one cleanser. It is calming, moisturising, softening and thoroughly removes make-up. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets particularly dry, irritated or chapped skin during the winter because of how comforting it is.

      Despite my negatives on the packaging I still rate this product with five stars as I now know they have produced it in a tube to account for the problems with a pot.

      (Please note the photograph on Dooyoo is not of the newest packaging).


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        28.03.2011 10:40
        Very helpful



        A gentle cleanser for the face which removes make up and impurities from the skin.

        Neal's Yard Remedies is a company that believes that beauty products should contain natural ingredients and it strives to include the smallest amount of synthetic ingredients in their creations as possible. Since 1981, it has been creating herbal and natural beauty products to benefit out bodies, minds and our entire well being. They are passionate about protecting the environment and never test their products on animals.

        When the brand created the Chamomile Cleanser it was with the view of making a cream that was gentle enough to work on even the most sensitive of skins. It is a gentle cream cleanser which lifts away impurities and removes make up while moisturising and soothing the skin simultaneously.

        How does it work?
        Some soaps and cleansers can leave the skin feeling tight and dry. This cleanser contains Sun Flower Oil which helps the skin to retain moisture and prevents it from drying out, meaning your skin will look younger for longer. The oil is enriched with antioxidants and contains Vitamins A and E. Vitamin E encourages the growth of new skin cells and helps to repair damage that may have already been caused to the skin.

        Sunflower Oil prevents external elements from harming the skin and due to its nature, it is one of the few oils that will not cause spots or blemishes to form on the skin making it good for acne sufferers. The oil has both a nourishing and conditioning effect on the skin.

        It is obvious from the name of this product that the cleanser contains Chamomile. This is a herb which is renowned for having a calming effect on the body and mind. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and can sooth a range of skin problems.

        It works as an antiseptic and can destroy any bacteria that is lurking on your skin. The herb has restorative qualities and contains Vitamins B and C which helps to heal any damage that has been caused to your skin. Chamomile helps to cleanse and condition the skin in a gentle way and leaves you with a healthy and glowing complexion.

        Also included is Calendula, otherwise known as the Marigold flower. It is an antioxidant which fights the damage caused by free radicals. The plant extract encourages the synthesis of collagen and the regeneration of skin cells meaning your skin will be left healthier and looking more youthful. It has both anti bacterial and anti inflammatory qualities meaning it can calm a puffy face and remove any bacteria from the skin.

        The Bees Wax in the formula acts as an emollient and will hydrate the skin deeply. It forms a protective barrier on the skin, preventing moisture from escaping the skin and also protecting the skin from environmental damage. The wax softens and nourishes the skin.

        Organic Coconut oil is there to soften your skin, promote the healing of imperfections and to protect it from any further damage that may be caused, leaving you with an all round healthier complexion. This oil also helps the fight against free radicals and moisturises the skin deeply.

        The Shea Butter in the cleanser contains Vitamins A, E and F. These vitamins are essential for a healthy appearance and repair any damage that has already been caused to the skin. The butter has both highly moisturising and cleansing properties and can remove clogged dirt from the pores, preventing spots and allowing the skin to breath.

        It also contains the citrus fruits Oranges and Lemons. Both of these are antioxidants and have anti aging qualities as they help to protect the skin from free radicals. They both cleanse and tone the skin, helping to tighten the pores.

        And finally the Aloe Vera in the product nourishes the skin with Vitamins C and E. This is a plant which has been used for centuries due to its medicinal qualities. In this product, it helps to calm the skin, while maintaining the skins natural elasticity and suppleness. It strengthens the skin, therefore toning the face and giving it a more youthful appearance.

        This pot of cleanser will cost you around £11 for 50 grams. It is a pale cream product which has a moderately thick consistency and smells citrus fresh. Chamomile cleanser comes in a dark blue pot which is the very same style of packaging that has been used by Neal's Yard Remedies since the beginning of the brand. The dark tub prevents light from entering the product and ruining the ingredients. It has a screw top lid to access the product and can be bought from many online websites.

        How do you use it?
        If you pay attention to the instructions on the pot, you are to apply a pea sized amount of the cream to cotton wool and smooth the wool across the face. After that, you are to rinse your face with warm water. If you listen to these instructions, you will run out of the cream very quickly as some of it will be absorbed by the cotton wool and then wasted. Also to dip the cotton wool into the tub means that bits of the material will be left behind in the tub.

        There is a video on the website which tells you how to use the product in a different way and this is the way I use it. I splash my face with warm water, scoop some of the cream from the tub and massage it for a few minutes over the entire face. Then I take a wet flannel and remove the product and then splash my face with water again to ensure it's all off. This performs a much better cleansing action and makes the cream last a lot longer. I'm not sure why the brand offers conflicting advice about how to use this product but these are the instructions to follow!

        All in all, this is a fantastic cleanser. My skin is prone to spots and I was worried about the ingredients which this cleanser contains as they are full of waxes, oils and butters. These are not substances that I would ever usually let near my face. But as it's a cleanser, the substances are only on my skin long enough to have beneficial effects and then they are washed away.

        It's gentle enough to be used on the eye area and leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft. With previous cleansers, when drying my face, make up still comes off on the towel. This one leaves no trace of make up on my skin which is a blessing for my white towels!

        Aqua (Water), Sorbitan stearate, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*, Glycerin*, Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) flower water*, Cera alba (Beeswax)*, Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) extract, Citrus sinensis (Orange) peel oil expressed*, Citrus limonum (Lemon) peel oil expressed*, Bisabolol, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder*, Tocopheryl acetate, Potassium sorbate, Benzyl alcohol, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.


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      • Product Details

        Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Sorbitan stearate, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Glycerin, Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) flower water, Cera alba (Beeswax), Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) extract, Citrus sinensis (Orange) peel oil expressed, Citrus limonum (Lemon) peel oil expressed, Bisabolol, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder, Tocopheryl acetate, Potassium sorbate, Benzyl alcohol, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool / Organically produced ingredient / 57% Organic / Organic chamomile and aloe vera soothe the skin in this gentle cleansing cream / Excellent for removing eye make-up / Benefits: Gentle cream cleanser / Excellent make-up remover / Moisturising and soothing / Also suitable for sensitive skin / Directions for use: Apply a pea-sized amount to cotton wool and wipe away daily impurities from the face / Rinse with warm water / Ideal as a daily cleanser, make-up and eye make-up remover /

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