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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Ultimate Moisture Night Cream

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Brand: Neutrogena / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes / Product line: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2010 12:00



      Great buy for the winter when your face need that extra boost to stay moisturised.

      Im normally quite stressed getting ready for the day and lacking time to spend in mornings applying a morning cream. I bought this product to combat the dry skin i tend to get in winter, which for years i have just ignored or occasionally put moisturiser on on particularly bad days.

      I applied the product every evening just before i went to bed. It is easily absorbed and does not leave the skin feeling at all greasy like i have found occasionally with other brands who sell similar products.

      I was careful in choosing this product as i have very sensitive skin, however i was not dissapointed. Within a week, my dry skin problem was compltely in the past. 1 and a half or so of them got me through the winter period and id deffinately purchase this again!

      You notice a drastic change within a week, your skin looks more alive and nourished. It did not irritate my sensitive skin, and takes 2 minutes to apply in the evening before bed, which im sure anyone can spare.

      I would say a great alternative to morning creams for those people who are a bit flustered, or often rush to be getting out of the door.


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      18.07.2008 00:02
      Very helpful
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      An effective, quality product

      I purchased this product few months ago after trying the corresponding Day Cream (see previous review). I couldn't believe the difference I saw in my skin when using the Day Cream, but wanted some even more serious moisturisation...


      Like the Day Cream, this is not a product the average female consumer would grab off the shelf. It's hardly alluring to say the least - a 6" blue cardboard box with very boring white and red writing. Very similar to the Day Cream in style - and, once again, no jazzy colours or fonts here. This rather bland appearance is replicated in the small squeezy tube with a screw cap lid.

      Just a word of warning that the box is likely to be even better concealed than the Day Cream - stashed right at the bottom of the shelf, and often behind a load of other products! You may need to be a super sleuth...This is if your local Boots or supermarket stocks it at all - many have the Day Cream but give this one a miss.

      Don't let this put you off - it's well worth tracking down.

      **Norwegian Formula...?**

      An odd-sounding name for a brand if you ask me... Designed for dry skin, a synthentic blend of fish oils make up the core ingredients across the range. Whilst this does not sound particularly appetising, the moisturising properties are second to none. All thanks to the Norwegian fishermen discovering that real fish oils kept their tough hands beautifully soft and hydrated.

      Like the Day Cream, however, I would say that this particular product in the range is not suitable exclusively dry skin. I have typical 'combination' skin and this cream is highly effective on all areas of my face. Obviously the Night Cream is rather heavier and intensive when it comes to moisturising; once again, however, the product isn't so oily that you'll wake up with your face stuck to the pillow after a sticky night!

      **The Product**

      Soy is the main active ingredient here, and Neutrogena promise that this natural product 'continuously feeds skin with moisture and nourishing nutrients leaving it softer and smoother'. And moisturise it really does - it soaks in rapidly, yet your face feels just as hydrated and comfortable when you wake up the next morning. Soft and smooth but not at all greasy - and without being over-harsh in any way. Sensitive skins can also use this product with confidence (mine is very sensitive and I've never encountered a problem - many others make me go an attractive shade of puce...!).

      The cream itself (again more a cream than a fluid) is slightly thicker than the day cream, but a little still goes a very long way. Squeeze the tube and you sniff the familiar scent of nearly all Norwegian Formula products - sort of faintly 'oily', but clearly a product of the ingredients rather than synthetic aromas.


      Just two minor points - again common to the Day Cream so I won't mess about: 1) the tube doesn't stand up very easily which can be rather irritating at times - especially when there's not much left! 2) The hole to dispense the cream is a little too small. This is more irritating with the Night Cream: you have to stand there squirting for a little longer because the cream is rather thicker!


      This is rather more unexciting than the Day Cream - I miss the 'healthy glow' the Day Cream gives my face, but then, hey, is it really necessary at night...?

      Don't just rely on the Day Cream. This is not just some kind of marketing stunt on the part of Neutrogena - the Night Cream works really well in conjunction with the Day Cream. I have experimented by using the Day Cream at night and the level of moisturising is just not up there with this product - my skin was simply not as soft nor as hydrated in the morning.

      Buying this one is also likely to save you money. Its more intensive moisturising properties mean that slightly less is required per application - all this for the same price as the Day Cream. My current tube has a considerable amount left after a little less than 4 months on the go.

      All in all, these two products are the perfect package for those looking for a quality, intensive, but non-greasy moisturiser. The two together will cost under £15 and, in my opinion, are well worth a try for this price. I certainly won't be going back to Simple or Nivea!

      Highly recommended.

      **Key Info**

      Stocked by larger Boots stores and some larger supermarkets eg. Sainsbury's/Asda

      Price: Usually £6.99, but often included in promotional offers (eg. save 1/3 - grab a bargain!)


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