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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment

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4 Reviews

Brand: Neutrogena / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Treatment / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Neutrogena Visibly Clear

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    4 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 10:49
      Very helpful



      great spot treatment for redness and raised spots.

      As a teen I suffered from spots badly but now at 22, my skin is very clear but now and again I will get a rogue red spot which feels sore and irritated.

      I wanted to buy something which would help with the raised redness and went to boots on the hunt for something. I first asked a member of staff to recommend something to me for them and the sales assistant took me over to the spot clearing section. Who knew there is a whole aisle for it!. She then showed me this Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment which claimed to reduce redness within 4-8 hours so I was happy to give it a go.

      It cost me £3.99 and for 15ml of the product I knew it wouldn't be a product I would be using everyday so I didn't mind the price. Still I got 12 boots points for it too!.

      When I arrived home I tried it out on the area which my spot had inhabited. I cleaned my face with a facial scrub and made sure my face was completely clean and dry before applying the product and using some alcohol gel on my hands before touching the spot.

      I used 1/2 a pea size amount of the gel and rubbed it into the area and left it. I could feel it stinging a little as I'm sure that is what it was doing to kill the spot!. I left it alone throughout the day and checked on it before going to bed. I once again cleaned my face and hands and applied it before going to bed. When I woke up, low and behold the spot was no longer visible!.

      There is always some sort of demographic to what percentage of people found it helpful and I must be in the good side as I read some people found it didn't work.

      I did use it again the next day just to be sure it was all gone and no more redness and it was.
      The spot still hurt a little but I was just glad the area wasn't like a red traffic light any more.

      In my opinion this is worth checking out if like me you get the odd spot which sticks out like a sore thumb when your skin is clear. I don't think this is the answer for people who suffer from acne or any other spot prone condition as it's quite strong and should only be used in small amounts.
      I have since bought a Neutrogena facial scrub too and it has been working wonders and keeping my skin even clearer.

      Just make sure to wash it off if you have applied it before bed or wash it off before bed.

      I give this spot treatment 5/5 for working so well for me.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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      26.01.2012 00:53
      1 Comment



      Although Neutrogena have some more reliable products, I would not recommend this one.

      As I am a young man I am still, from time to time, victim to the irritating troubles of acne. When one morning I became aware of a small breakout close to my mouth, I immediately went into GOOGLE BEST SOLUTION PANIC mode. The result I seemed to find popping up most often was this one. I had used other Neutrogena products throughout my teenage years and, while my skin still had its ups and downs, I was generally fairly happy with my (mother's) purchases!

      Anyway, I had a party to attend that night and was therefore anxious about showing up with these rosey red pimples adorning my mouth. For this reason, the promise made by Neutrogena to reduce my spots in the space of eight hours was highly exciting for me, and I immediately ran to the supermarket to get some. I applied it as soon as I got home, and trusted the mild tingling sensation it gave my skin, as I was under the assumption that it was all part of Neutrogena's mysterious methods of prettying me up for my party.

      8 hours later. Oh, look. The spots are still there. As big and red as ever. Party time woop woop.

      When I woke the next morning, the spots did seem to have calmed down a little, but I was unsure as to whom or what I should thank: Mother Nature or the mysterious "MicroClear technology" contained in this little bottle. I chose the bottle.

      For the next week or so, I would apply a little amount to every blemish I was worried about. It didn't help. Infact, I think it made it worse. It would simply leave my skin dried out, only to attract more spots as my skin tried to rehydrate itself.

      Eventually I decided I'd had enough, and decided to tackle my spots the old fashioned way: healthy eating and tonnes of water.

      I personally would not recommend this product to anybody, as I would never recommend something that I had found unsuccessful (especially when it involves something as personal as acne), but I am sure there are people this has worked for.


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        06.12.2010 23:00
        Very helpful



        Great product only if used twice a day

        Neutrogena is a brand I trust and believe most of their products work so when I came across Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment in Boots for £4.49 I picked it up and was pleased with my purchase.

        Neutrogena say this gel will visibly reduce spots in just 8 hours leaving you with beautiful clear skin week after week. Impressive claims even if I do say so myself.
        This product is oil free, none greasy, none drying of the skin unlike other spot treatments and quick drying clear gel with MicroClear. Unfortunately, which I think is Neutrogena's biggest downfall is it doesn't actually say what this MicroClear technology is. I have searched for it on the Internet and nothing, but I did read it may contain 10% Benzoyl Peroxide but this something I do not agree with what so ever.

        For the price you will receive 15ml of product, which you apply to the blemished area morning and night.

        Upon unscrewing the clear lid you will notice the liquid can sometimes come out quite fast and you will lose a bit of product, which is a design problem but I have noticed this if it is stored standing up on its lid, lying flat this does not happen. It smells a little medicated but nothing horrible and the scent goes within a few minutes anyway.
        I have applied this directly onto spots and around the inflamed area, straight away the gel feels cool to the skin and does every single time you use it. To apply you can simply dab it on or gently rub it in a little but not so it's been rubbed into the skin, you need to leave a little product on the surface. On separate occasions I have applied it thinly and thick either way it dries fast, which is a plus and leaves no marks as it dries clear.

        I am a person who likes to apply spot treatments at night after I have cleansed and after my moisturiser has sunk in, although it does state on the back to apply it morning and night for it to be most effective. I find with any spot treatment in the day with makeup applied over the top doesn't go so I just stick to applying it at night.

        The next day I was surprised to see my skin wasn't dry where the product had been all night, unlike other spot treatments that really dries the skin out but even more disappointed that it's claims we're not up to scratch. The blemish, which I applied this product on, was still the same size and still as inflamed when I left it and this carried on for a few days until it started to heal, to me by this point my opinion has changed of the product completely and I hated it, mostly because it doesn't work.

        However, even though I didn't like the product I continued to use it as my 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide really dries my skin out and makes it very red and sore so I use it on days when I want to give my skin a rest from Benzoyl Peroxide or when my skin is feeling a little more sensitive than usual.

        As I am at home during the day with my daughter and working from home I decided to use the product in the day and night and I was surprised to find it actually does clear the affected area a lot quicker and within their recommended 8 hours. You really can see a difference in the size, redness goes down and how quick it heals.

        The thing is with this product is as soon as you feel a tingle or see a blemish coming through you have to apply it straight away for it to work most effective and to leave it on for as long as you can. A good thing about applying it at night is it doesn't rub off on your pillows or create stains on your bedding. Yes a little may rub off, which is natural but you will find most of it still there in the morning.

        Would I purchase this product again? Most properly yeah, mostly because of the price and it doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skins. It does work but only if you act quickly and if you dont apply it twice a day and you should see a difference within a day. To me that is a winner.


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          21.07.2010 13:40
          Very helpful



          Total letdown

          ~*~ About Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment ~*~

          Packed in a 15ml tube, this product will set you back around £4 from your local supermarket. Recently, I noticed that Asda had this on special offer for £2, but whether this offer is still on, I am not too sure. The packaging looks exactly the same as shown in the above picture.

          The rapid clear treatment boasts that it will give you clear and healthy looking skin by eliminating the visibility of blemishes and spots within 8 hours of application. The packaging states that it contains an element called 'MicroClear' and uses patented technology, but fails to elaborate on what these specific elements actually are or what they do exactly.

          To apply this treatment you simply dab a very small amount of the gel directly onto the spot/blemish and leave it to dry into the skin. This should be performed in the morning and then repeated at night to achieve the best possible results.

          ~*~ PROS ~*~

          * Dermatologist Tested - Hopefully it will not irritate sensitive skin, but I had a rather bad experience on this front as you will see below.

          * The gel dries into the skin quickly

          * Not greasy on the skin

          * Easy to use

          ~*~ CONS ~*~

          * Does not work in my opinion - I applied this rigorously both in the morning and at night for about a week and noticed no difference to the blemishes on my face whatsoever. No rapid clearing happened at all. I felt really disappointed, as this product was not a cheap purchase in my opinion and I thought if any product would work it would be a Neutrogena one.

          * The treatment left my skin very dry

          * Despite being dermatologist tested this product actually irritated my skin - I do not have sensitive skin, but after applying this product for a few days I began to notice that each time I applied it I would then experience a burning sensation around the areas where the product was distributed. Subsequently, I stopped using the product as I was worried that it was doing more harm than good.

          ~*~ Overall ~*~

          I would not recommend Neutrogena's visibly clear rapid clear treatment. I felt that it was a waste of money and failed to deliver on its promise of reducing the visibility of spots within 8 hours. I noticed no positive results at all from this product and only derived negative results from its use. This treatment left my skin in very poor condition and I was rather alarmed by the burning feeling I felt when applying the product after a few days use, considering that the product states that it is suitable for everyday use. Save your money and try another brand.

          Only 1 dooyoo star from me i'm afraid.

          Thanks for reading!


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