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Neutrogena Visibly Spot Stress Control

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4 Reviews

Brand: Neutrogena / Type: Blemish Control

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    4 Reviews
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      17.03.2012 21:57
      Very helpful



      Soothing, and does make my skin look a lot less red, but not less bumpy.

      At 32, I am well past the age where you expect to be suffering with spotty skin, but in fact mine has phases where it is a lot worse than it was in my teenage years, and it is very sensitive to my hormone levels and being stressed. At the moment it is broken out with the sort of spots that don't have heads and look more like red boils. find they can be quite painful as they are swollen.

      I periodically buy something different to try. This was in the back of the cupboard from buying it and forgetting about it so I thought that I would give it a try and see if it made me any more comfortable and eased the blotchy red patches on my skin. I can't remember where I bought this from or how much it cost me, but it is available on amazon for between £3.50 and £5.19 for a 40 ml tube.

      This is a hydrating treatment to apply to the skin, so I use it in the morning after I have washed my face with a daily exfoliating wash in place of my normal olay moisturiser while I am having a breakout.

      The tube is a screw top tube, and it is easy to squeeze out the required amount onto my finger ready to apply it to my skin. I would describe this as a gel. It has a slightly opaque appearance, and a slightly chemical aroma to it. It's not unpleasant, but it is certainly more of a medicated smell than that of a moisturiser.

      I find the gel smoothes easily over my skin, and it quickly absorbs into my skin leaving no scent or indeed any evidence I used it at all. I find my skin which is usually on the rather dry side is in fact looking adequately moisturised, though on bad dry skin days I do need to add a bit more of my normal moisturiser on to my nose to nourish flaky patches.

      The gel has something called 'microclear' technology within it. I can't find out what this actually means, but on neutrogena's website they say it is a patented formula which works by dissolving oil that is blocking the pore at the surface, and allowing a bacteria fighting formula to get to where it is needed to work. This particular gel also contains green tea and cucumer to help to soothe the skin without drying out.

      In terms of the affect on the spots on my skin, I find that this does help them to look less red, and they do heal a bit quicker, but this is not a miracle worker. It just aids the healing process, and I don't feel that it is speeded up that significantly.

      I do like to use this in the morning, as I feel like I am treating the spots a bit without going out the house with a noticeable medicinal smell about me. I think the best thing for me on this type of spot is a liberal dose of TCP neat onto the skin just before bed, so it has time to work. I do recommend this though, as it eases that sore feeling and it does not dry my skin out and make the problem worse in the long run.

      I don't use a lot of make up myself, but you could put make up on after this and not be worried about how your make up will look because it absorbs so quickly.For the price, I think this is ok.


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      14.12.2010 18:24
      Very helpful



      A great budget spot treatment gel

      Over the years I've tried many different products and treatments aimed at oily and acne prone skins from a huge range of different brands. I've found some really good products that I've added to my routine and at the moment I'm really happy with the results I get from them. The only real problem with the items I am using at the moment is the cost. I use a couple of products from the Peter Thomas Roth range that are excellent and very effective but they are quite pricey.

      Around six months ago I ran out of my Peter Thomas Roth acne clearing gel and didn't have the funds to replace my bottle so I went on a search to find something similar for less money. I'd heard very good things about the Neutrogena stress control range and when I spotted it on a two for £5.00 deal at Boots I decided to give it a go. At the time my face wash was also running quite low so I purchased a wash and a tube of visibly clear spot stress control gel.

      About Neutrogena

      Neutrogena was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff and was originally called Natone. The company began by supplying specialty cosmetics to beauty salons related to the Hollywood film industry before expanding in the 1940s and offering products to a larger retail market. The brand now offers a huge range of products that are designed to cater for many different skin types and products are available in many different countries. Neutrogena was an independent company up until 1994 when Johnson and Johnson purchased it.

      About the Visibly Clear range

      Neutrogena worked with dermatologists to create a line of products aimed at reducing spots and blackheads and also to prevent them from returning. The range combines special cleansing components and soothing ingredients to help prevent the build up of oil and bacteria that causes blemishes. Patented Microclear technology works by dissolving oil at the top of the pore and allows the products bacteria-fighting ingredients to penetrate deep in to the pores to fight spots.

      The range consists of eight different products including, washes, scrubs, cleansing wipes and treatment gels and there are a further four products offered that help to reduce and eliminate blackheads, remove make up and hydrate skin.

      Price and availability

      The Neutrogena Visibly Clear range is available from a number of different sites online but I find Boots and Superdrugs prices to be the lowest. The product is currently priced at £4.45 at Superdrug and similarly priced at Boots, although I'm unable find the product on the Boots site at the moment. There are also a number of different sites online that offer the Visibly clear range and this particular product where you can normally purchase for less but I find postage to be quite expensive.


      The gel is packaged in a 40ml, plastic tube with a semi transparent screw on top or lid. The front of the tube contains the product name, the range it's from which is printed on a bright orange and turquoise background and the Neutrogena brand logo. The back of the tube contains information about what the product is designed to do, a warning to avoid contact with the eyes and a contact address and phone number for Neutrogena. The tube also came packaged in a cardboard box which I no longer have but it was similar in appearance to the tube and contained more detailed instructions on how to use and an ingredients list.

      The packaging isn't the most beautiful I've seen but the bright orange and turquoise colours that have been used definitely make the products and range stand out in shops. The squeeze tube is easy to use as is the screw on lid and one thing I noticed when coming to the end of the product is the gel is still fairly easy to dispense even when there isn't much left.

      How to use

      The hydrating spot treatment is designed to be used on clean, dry skin. A small amount is supposed to be applied to the affected areas or you can use it like I do and apply all over the face. I choose to use it in this way because it's a hydrating product and I tend to use this instead of a moisturiser which works well on my oily skin. I have added a little bit of moisteriser over the product occasionally when areas of my face have been slightly drier than usual and have found that any additional product added on top of the spot treatment still seems to sink in well.

      The gel is a semi transparent white colour and is quite thin in consistency but isn't runny which makes application easy. The product is scented but the aroma is quite subtle and dissipates quickly leaving just a faint whiff of fresh cucumber. I find a pea sized amount which I dab on various different areas, nose, cheeks, chin etc is enough to cover my entire face in a thin layer of product. The gel is easy to rub into skin and absorbs quickly leaving no sticky residue and my skin is left feeling fresh and clean.


      One of the things that initially attracted me to the hydrating spot treatment apart from the great reviews I'd read was the fact that the product was hydrating. A lot of treatments aimed at oily and spot prone skins tend to work by drying skin out which can sometimes be quite uncomfortable and can look quite unattractive, especially when make up is applied over the top. The first time I used Neutrogena's gel I was actually quite surprised at how comfortable and hydrated my skin felt after using. I haven't really come across a treatment gel that not only helps to fight spots but also moisturises and leaves my face looking and feeling soft and healthy.

      My skin wasn't in a particularly bad state before I started using the product because I'd managed to get it under control before I added the gel to my routine and at the time I was only suffering with a few minor blemishes and blocked pores. I am always wary when using new products because my skin tends to be quite fussy and reacts horribly to most things I try but I had no issues at all with the hydrating spot treatment. The few blemishes and blocked pores I did have were not completely healed by the gel but were definitely reduced and looked a lot calmer after I'd used the product a few times. My skin also felt a lot more comfortable and less inflamed but the biggest difference I noticed which I mentioned above is how soft and hydrated my skin felt after applying the gel. I also noticed an improvement in the amount of oil my skin was producing when using which I assume is again due to the fact that the product hydrates and my skin doesn't feel the need to produce as much oil to combat dryness.

      I normally use all treatments in the evening because I feel they work better when applied overnight but I have also used Neutrogena's gel during the day underneath make up. I have to say that it works extremely well as a make up base, creating a perfectly soft and smooth canvas on which to apply concealor and foundation.

      Would I recommend?

      As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the main reason I purchased is because I couldn't afford my beloved Peter Thomas Roth acne clearing gel at the time and thought this would be a suitable and cheaper alternative. I certainly wasn't disappointed with the results I got from the hydrating gel but I have to admit, I have gone back to the acne clearing gel since, not because Neutrogena's offering doesn't work but because I feel acne clearing gel gives slightly better results due to the glycolic acid it contains. I do keep a tube of Neutrogena's gel to use when I'm running low on other products and sometimes use it under or over other products on days when my skins in need of a bit of extra moisture.

      I thoroughly recommend hydrating spot treatment to anyone who suffers with problem skin and to anyone with combination skin who finds most spot gels too drying. It's not a miracle product but it certainly helps to sooth, calm and reduce blemishes and for the price I think it's an excellent product.


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        22.07.2010 11:48
        Very helpful



        Worth a try, but dont be surprised if you get oily skin like i did!

        This product puts an emphasis on the fatc that stress can cause spots as well as many other factors. For the simple reason that it highlighted to me a cause i had never really thought about before i decided to give it a go.

        You apply the product once a day to the effected areas after cleaning your face with a facewash before. So i used to use it in the evenings just before bed, or just after my shower in the mornings.

        The product does a good job in controlling and reducing spot size and fading blemishes. However, i found that it left my skin very oily in the areas i applied it to.

        I have quite oily and sensitive skin anyway, so maybe that played a part, however i stopped using it as the excessively oily skin it caused was almost as unsightly as the spots and blemishes that it was preventing.

        I seeked a new solution and i found the body shops tea tree blemish gel. It effectively does the same thing as this product. Apply once daily, and within 3 days spots are reduced without leaving skin oily, i found it did the complete opposite, reducing oily skin without leaving it dry.

        To sum up, this porduct works, theres no denying that, however i found it left skin very oily. Worth a go i guess, but id reccomment the body shop tea tree blemish gel over it any day!


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        26.04.2010 10:41
        Very helpful



        Must have if you suffer from break outs.

        This product advises you that it is to be used once a day in order to control the blemishes and the spots that might appear on your face due to stress and other factors.

        The best time to use it is after applying the Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub, so that it sinks into clean, exfoliated skin. It has the patented Microclear technology, devised by Neutrogena, with a formula specially designed to control blemishes and spots.

        *The Packaging*
        It is easier to spot on the shelf compared to other brands because it has orange and turquoise packaging, which is very distinctive as most of the other products are usually packaged in a water like blue or mint green colour. Though the tube it comes in is quite small, the product tends to last quite a long time, surprisingly so for a hand sized tube. It is bright and eye catching, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to use it in the first place. Most of the packages are emblazoned with the word "New" in the top left hand corner as it is a completely original idea and formula that has only been on the shelves of beauty shops for about 6-8 months in total.

        *The Product*
        I use this moisturiser daily after the scrub of the same branding and I find that it is perfect for keeping my skin feeling refreshed and soft. The texture of the moisturiser is quite thick, which worried me at first as I thought that it might be too heavy on my skin and make it quite oily but it sinks in like a dream.

        As the product is quite thick you do think that it will make your face much more oily or make it prone to more spots as some moisturisers sit on the skin well after you have applied them but this is not the case with the Hydrating Treatment, within about a minute you don't even notice that you have used moisturiser and your skin feels like it is in better condition than it was before.

        A small amount spreads really well and tends to go quite far, only a pea sized blob is needed for each cheek. It definitely feels like it is hydrating your skin as you can feel it almost tingling as you apply it and it smells like it contains cucumber and tea tree oil, which of course help moisturise and fight spots.

        As far as keeping blemishes and spots off my face, I have definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my skin, with less blemishes and red patches unnoticeable about a day after application. In combination with the Daily Scrub by Neutrogena, I would absolutely recommend this product as it helps to both moisturise and fight spots all at the same time, leaving my skin clear as well as soft and smooth.

        As the Daily Scrub is around the £5 mark you can kind of tell that the Hydrating Spot Treatment will be around a similar price range and it does tend to cost between £3 to £5 depending on where you shop, but because it does last a long time this can almost be forgiven!


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      Clear Hydrating Spot Treatment

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