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Nip & Fab Spot Fix

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3 Reviews
  • Clears spots in a flash
  • Slightly expensive for the amount you actually get
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    3 Reviews
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      02.03.2015 23:32
      Very helpful



      I'll eat my hat then...

      I'm always backwards about coming forwards to try new products.
      I tend to find that my skin can be crafty and when it is used to a product that I have been using after 6 -12 months the blemishes reappear.

      On advice of a dermatologist and various websites I now change my cream to catch the spots out.
      This range was a surprise hit.

      The three main ingredients are:
      TEA TREE
      VITAL ET

      And one of these should do the trick although I am quite nervous around tea tree oil, t did the opposite for my skin when I was a teenager. But now I have more mature skin it handles this ingredient a lot better now.

      The product should only be applied to the individual spot not all over as the tube is too small and you won't have this for long.
      In the past, I have found that these 'wonder' treatments that are meant to reduce the spot overnight doesn't work. I thought 'I'll eat my hat if it does.' and it did! I'll get back to you about the hat.
      This was very cooling to the skin on application and firmed up the area also reducing any signs of oily skin.
      This significantly reduced the size so that when I applied foundation it was barely visible and on some they disappeared completely.

      I would highly recommend buying this as a S.O.S and leaving it in your makeup bag in those desperate times when a spot appears when you least need it.


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      28.08.2014 13:53
      Very helpful


      • "Clears spots in a flash"


      • "Slightly expensive for the amount you actually get "

      Be gone you horrible spot

      I have used a fair few Nip and Fab products and I buy most of mine from TK Maxx, where they tend to be a lot cheaper than they are in either Boots or Superdrug. Anyone who reads my reviews regularly will know that I often mention those horrible hurty spots I get at certain times of the month, primarily on my chin. They don't look particularly bad but boy, do they hurt.

      I used to use plain old TCP on my spots (as I have done this since I was in my teens) but then I discovered Nip and Fab Spot Fix. This comes in a tiny 15ml sized tube and it costs just a fraction under ten pounds. It has a long shelf life though and you only need to use the tiniest amount (unless you have a lot of spots).

      It is a clean gel and the tube has a nice pointed end so that you can actually direct it right at the core of the spot. I actually prefer to use a cotton wool tip as I find that I can get a better application this way.

      The gel itself is clear and I can personally detect no smell on it at all. Sometimes it hurts when I apply this gel, other times I can feel nothing at all, I think it just depends on whether or not the head is broken.

      This gel works fast and for me personally it has been a bit of a life saver as I usually find that I am about to develop a spot the night before I am going gout or have something important going on at work - possibly stress related?

      It clears the spot before it manages to erupt and it works for me within twelve hours, which is really impressive It also doesn't have the TCP smell, which can be really off putting.

      Overall, I am really happy wit this product and would definitely recommend it.


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      17.04.2013 10:10
      Very helpful



      Spot Fix treatment

      Nip + Fab is a brand that I had heard of and was interested in for their supposedly miracle-working results. I received a set of 3 Nip + Fab products as a free gift when subscribing to a magazine and I was really pleased with this as they are more expensive than the products I would usually go for. You can buy Nip + Fab products from many beauty stores, and online at their website www.nipandfab.com. This Spot Fix costs RRP £9.95 for 15mls.

      Product description: "A fast acting gel that targets blemishes.
      Spot Fix contains:
      + salicylic acid exfoliates skin + pores
      + vital et® targets blemishes
      + tea tree cleans + refreshes skin"

      Directions for use: Apply a small amount to affected areas. Reapply as needed

      This Spot Fix comes in a simple plastic tube containing 15mls of product. The packaging is quite simple looking with a blue and white pattern that is used across their skincare range. The tube has a screw-top lid and inside that the product is dispensed through a pointed nozzle. Squeezing the tube gently allows a small amount to be used at a time, and this stops any excess waste. Unfortunately after some time of using this, my tube has suffered a bit of damage and there is a split at the top of the nozzle, so when I squeeze the tube the product spurts out through the split instead of going nicely through the hole at the tip like it should do.

      The Spot Fix itself is completely colourless and has a light gel texture to it. It feels very smooth and spreads easily onto the skin. The gel absorbs quite quickly and does not leave any residue behind so I am still able to use make-up to cover up the blemishes while the Spot Fix treatment gets to work. Because of this it is also possible to reapply throughout the day if necessary, and further applications can be used for any particularly bad breakouts. The gel does have a slight scent to it and I can catch hints of a sharp citrus tone as well as the easily recognisable tea tree. Unlike some products that contain tea tree, this is not an overpowering scent and it disappears quickly after the gel is used.

      My skin type is combination with an oily T-zone area. I have always been quite prone to getting outbreaks of spots, although for a while this had seemed to be improving they are now unfortunately back with a vengeance. My spots usually crop up around my chin, but lately I have noticed that the odd few are spreading to my cheeks or nose. I have been using Nip + Fab's Spot Fix treatment after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising. I apply a small amount of gel directly to the spot, just enough to cover the whole area. Of course as much as I would like an instant fix, the product needs some time before it can work its magic. On smaller spots I have noticed improvements overnight. For example, with small spots that are not very large or raised, I will apply the treatment just before going to bed at night, and the next morning the spot will have reduced down to just a speck. I then follow up with a further application of the treatment with my morning cleanse routine, and the spot is usually fully gone within 24 hours. With larger spots it takes longer for the effects to work. In some circumstances the spot has not fully developed when I initially start using the treatment, and it will get bigger and badder during the day which means enduring an awkward period of having to put up with a big ugly spot that just cannot be hidden. It can be very tempting to squeeze the spot when it reaches this full stage, but it's definitely for the best to resist and I usually top up with repeated applications throughout the day if I am at home. Within about two days of repeated applications - at least once in the morning and once at night - the spot will reduce back down and will be gone without leaving any angry red marks behind like you might get if the spot is squeezed. It's frustrating to have to wait a couple of days before the spot is completely gone, but in my experience it can take the best part of a week for a spot to go away of its own accord without using any additional treatments, so using the Spot Fix does cut down the amount of time before my skin is looking clear and healthy again.

      Overall I can recommend this Spot Fix treatment for anyone who suffers with occasional breakouts and wants a reliable product that will help to get rid of blemishes. It feels gentle on the skin, works effectively to reduce spots in a reasonable time, and is especially good for smaller blemishes. It probably won't suit anyone suffering with a more extreme skincare problem such as acne, but this has really helped me during the dodgy phase my skin is going through at the moment. Nip + Fab are currently offering this at 50% off through their website so now is a good time to buy if you want to try it for yourself.


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