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Nivea Satin Sheen Body Moisturizer

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Brand: Nivea / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Smoothes, Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2008 17:23
      Very helpful



      Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, perfection!

      As many people on here will now know I do like the thought of using a body moisturiser. I buy them frequently with the best of intentions but like most people I tend to use them once or twice consecutively and get fed up of the fuss and time and effort it takes and they end up on my bathroom shelf as dust collectors that once a month I dust and try again with or they land in an overflowing toiletry drawer. I own loads of them! Bottles, tubs and tubes you name most that are stocked in Boot's and I've used it or I own it! This one however offers me more than one function. To give soft skin and to give radiant skin. So in it jumped into my shopping basket and away I went full of hope.

      The Packaging

      200ml recyclable white plastic slightly shimmery squarish bottle with integrated flip top lid. the label on the front clearly states it is a Nivea Body product and I'm told it is Satin Sheen Body Moisturiser, for smooth, radiant skin, with light reflecting pigments. In lighter, larger writing beneath where I'm told all of that the words reflection are broken up as a pattern. On the back I'm told whats it's for, what to expect, directions for use, ingredients, size (as I've stated already), and contact details for Beiersdorf Kk Ltd (the manufacturers of Nivea products). All in all nice, grown up packaging.

      About The Product....

      Nivea body satin sheen body moisturiser has been specially formulated to improve the natural beauty of your skin whilst keeping it smooth - all over and every day.

      This new body moisturiser contains light reflecting pigments to give your skin a beautiful radiance, whilst rich replenishing oils moisturise and care for your body.

      Gives skin an even texture with a radiant glow
      Contains rich replenishing oils to keep skin smooth
      Conditioning lipids enhance skin texture
      Dermatologically approved

      Directions For Use....

      Apply liberally, gently smoothing onto your skin. Avoid contact with clothing until dry.

      Me Using It....

      The first time I used this I was surprised when I poured some into my hand. It was fairly runny. I mean it came out the bottle easy but didn't feel cheap and you do have to squeeze the product out but what gave me the surprise was the colour of it. It's a slightly shimmery beige colour!

      Using it is so simple and so lovely. It's a cross between a cream and a lotion and feels very luxurious indeed. No rubbing is required. Neither is loads of product though as suggested you can slap it on if you wish, your skin will absorb as much as you want to give it but I prefer the less is more approach and it goes on smooth and cooling.

      The smell is lovely. It just smells very creamy and a bit aftershavy but don't get me wrong not masculine at the same time. It's still very fresh and very light just not flowery or anything. I can't pick out a fragrance, it's nondescript but it isn't really overpowering and you can still use your deodorant's and body sprays and fragrances and stuff with out stinking to high heaven and the smell stays delicately on your skin for hours as does the softness you achieve.

      I apply it all over for total hydration most of the time if I have the time. It absorbs quickly and really does moisturise you. Whilst it's on the skin you do feel as soft as satin them words uttered by Nivea are very true. The shimmer it gives to the skin and which again lasts for hours is amazing and noticeable and particularly excellent on an existing tan and therefore in my mind would be great for people with olive skin tones. It creates a subtle shimmer that the eyes can see even on the palest of skins like mine. It doesn't contain glitter so it looks really natural looking.

      For me if I don't have time to moisturise and I'm going out of an evening I'm happy to apply this wherever I have naked skin on show. It's a wonderful product in this way and makes me looks really healthy and draws attention!

      Once applied it takes a few minutes to dry and this is important due to the fact that it can transfer onto clothes as it's slightly coloured. It doesn't take long to absorb completely as I've just pointed out and it really is worth the wait. Although slightly coloured do not confuse this with a fake tan in any way, shape or form as it isn't one!


      None sticky, none greasy in feeling and totally hydrating. Over time of using this on a regular basis my skin in general feels much smoother and it's an instant top quality moisturiser. On dry skin like around knees and elbows it glides over and smooths them rather than clumping up. It really is simple to apply and quick. Me, I love everything about this product as it really does deliver it's promises and even is honest enough to warn you to let it dry before getting dressed. How honest is that?!

      The only problem with this is finding it and I do spend alot of time trying to track it down as for me this is head and shoulders above other moisturisers promising radiance! Excellent for a woman of any age. Providing you can locate it!

      I currently get mine in Superdrug for about £3.99 a bottle and it lasts ages!


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    • Product Details

      Improves the natural beauty of your skin with a silky shimmer whilst keeping it smooth every day /

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