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Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Nivea Visage / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Nivea Visage Daily Essentials

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    5 Reviews
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      08.10.2012 21:30
      Very helpful
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      a good wipe for the price

      ==Nivea France Free Facial Cleansing Wipes==

      I tend to switch from being really good with my daily facial regime by using different make up removers, cleansers, toners and then moisturisers to not caring as much as just about managing to wipe my face over the a wipe. Lately I have been the latter of the two and for that reason I needed to buy myself some more facial wipes. On my last trip to Tesco I noticed that the Nivea range was all half price so I couldn't resist picking up a couple of different packs of wipes which were down from £2.50 pence to a mere £1.24 pence! Bargain!

      These wipes come in a pack which contains 25 wipes so in theory will last a little under a month should I continue on my a wipe a day routine. This price is pretty good for a pack of branded wipes such as these and I have been known to pay over £7 for a pack of the same size for some No.7 wipes (which are pretty good).

      The packaging for these Nivea wipes is pretty classic and does look like a Nivea product. It is clean and simple with white colourings and a simple green swirl alongside the Nivea blue logo. These Fragrance Free wipes are also free from alcohol, oil and colour and it states so on the front. The wipes claim to be for all skin types and have added Vitamin E and Pro vitamin B5. The wipes are said to Cleanse, tone, hydrate and remove make-up - including waterproof mascara and really this is why I picked them up as well because they certainly claim to tick all of the boxes!

      The pack of wipes are easy to open and have the standard clear plastic area which can be pulled back to reveal the hole where the wipes can be pulled through from. The wipes come out easily and mostly one at a time rather than pulling a ton through. Each wipe is a good size and roughly about 6 inches square as well as being really soft to the touch. They have a slight texture to them one side that is like a lot of little raised balls but the other side of the wipe is flat. Although there is no real fragrance the wipes themselves do smell very fresh and clean and they are not overly damp either and I would say they could be a little more so to enable better removal of make up whilst still feeling soft.

      On using the wipes across my eyes I feel that they are indeed soft but like I say with a little more moisture on the wipe they would feel a little softer and remove everything quicker. However with that said the wipes do actually remove all traces of make up from my eye area especially which is the hardest as there is the waterproof mascara and eye liner which really is quite stubborn. It doesn't take long to remove all traces of make up and after the 5 minutes of wiping the wipe does look pretty grim but my face does look pretty fresh and clean. My eye area is not irritated like some stronger fragranced wipes would leave them and my face looks nearly as good as when I have used the separate cleanser, toner and make up remover. I won't say it is AS good but considering it is a lot quicker and cheaper to use this wipe I think I am pretty impressed.

      These wipes aren't the best ones I have ever used but I would say that for the price I paid for them they are the best without breaking the bank. They don't leave my skin too dry either and although I always make sure I use a nice thick night cream on my face after use I don't feel like my face have been excessively dried out from using these wipes.

      I think these wipes are worthy of a fair score of 4 out of 5 stars. They are a good price for what you get although you can of course get better but with a bigger price tag! Recommended if you need some cheap wipes head to Tesco at the moment!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        20.04.2012 02:39
        Very helpful



        As wipes go, they are not bad for convenience but not thorough enough

        I decided to to try these wipes when they were on offer at three packs (each containing 25 wipes) for £5 in Boots as I thought that was really good value compared to the usual individual price of £3.30 per pack. I don't normally use wipes as I prefer to be more thorough and use a proper eye makeup remover, makeup removing gel cleanser and a face wash but I did think these wipes could come in very handy for travelling as one small packet could replace lots of bottles in my overnight bag.

        The packaging claims that the wipes remove makeup including waterproof mascara, cleanse and tone your skin in one step as well as also keep skin hydrated, so it seems they are claiming they can replace a full cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. That is a big claim from one wipe, but if true it would make these a must have in my travel bag!

        So, how did they perform?

        The wipes are pretty typical in that they are moist white wipes with a slightly raised texture. They have a light fresh smell, nothing too overpowering. I first use them on my eye area to remove my eye makeup. The makeup did not dissolve and disappear as quickly as with my usual Clinique eye makeup remover, but with a slight bit of rubbing the wipes removed my eyeliner thoroughly. They found the waterproof mascara a bit tougher and I had to spend longer with these wipes than I normally would, just to make sure everything was gone. Even when I thought the job was done, I did still find slight traces of mascara which the wipe had not removed. I'd say the wipes just about did a satisfactory job on the eye area and I was happy with them as a quick solution while travelling, but I definitely can't imagine ditching my normal eye makeup remover for these on a daily basis.

        On the rest of the face the wipes initially appeared to be doing a good job, as my skin felt refreshed and clean. However, when I went to use my clarifying lotion the cotton pad came up a little dirty after I had smoothed it over my supposedly cleansed face. There was still traces of my foundation on my skin as I had been using Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is a very long wearing foundation and which had obviously posed a challenge for the wipes.

        I did also use them in the mornings while travelling, which showed me how well they perform when you don't have makeup on, and I found them a lot better then. If you don't wear a lot of makeup these wipes would probably be fine for you but for those who wear longwearing or waterproof makeup, they are not really strong enough to properly remove everything at night.

        My skin felt fine after using them, not too tight and not irritated. However, I didn't feel especially moisturised and I still used moisturiser afterwards.

        On the more positive side, I noted that these wipes are fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes. They have no perfume, alcohol or oil. That's the reason why I picked these ones up rather than some similar ones (also Nivea) on the shelf. My eyes sometimes sting if I use products which don't agree with me. I didn't suffer any negative effects from these at all and I would definitely agree they are suitable for all skin types and you don't need to worry about using them on the delicate eye area. They also have Vitamin E and B5 to add a bit of goodness.

        As for the packaging, it is pretty typical. It looks fresh and attractive in white with a bit of green and most importantly it is easy to reseal so that the wipes don't dry out.

        Overall, a good solution if you need to travel light and worth getting if they are on offer but I won't be using them every day as I prefer something more thorough and they are not quite up to the job when it comes to removing longer wearing makeup.


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        31.03.2011 08:25
        Very helpful



        Average product

        I normally use cleansing lotion as a part of cleaning routine .I usually use brands like L'Oreal, Olay and Nivea 2 in 1 cleanser and toner. However, this time I had opted for a new cleansing method which was facial cleansing wipes.

        I know they are widely available and used by lots of ladies but I had always been unsure about them as I used to, for most of my life, use cleaning lotion with a cotton pad. Facial wipes always remind me of baby wipes, which is an off putting idea for me.

        There are a lot to choose from with so many claims. A few months ago while I was reading my emails, I had an email from magicfreebies with 8 new freebies one of them was free full size ''Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Fragrance Free cleansing wipes'' I decided to try them and as there was nothing to lose, it's a freebie, who doesn't like freebies anyway? The only condition to obtain the free product was to like Nivea on a Facebook page. Unfortunately I do not have Facebook so I logged in into my eldest son's account and liked the page (sorry son I did not mean to embarrass you).

        == The packaging ==

        The 25 wipes came in a plain and white plastic wrapper sealed on both sides. The pack is full of useful information and many other beauty tips along with the list of ingredients and the postal address.

        == The look, texture and smell ==

        To open the pack, simply pull back the clear plastic seal on the front of the packet to take the wipe out. After opening and closing it ''several times'', the plastic seal became weaker and hardly stuck.

        My first impression was positive; the wipes were folded in half like tissue papers and sat nicely in the plastic wrapper. I unfolded one of the wipes to reveal a square shaped, white cloth. It was very thin but surprisingly it was extremely strong and stretchy. It was difficult to rip, even when I pulled strongly on it from both sides. As for texture, the cleansing wipe has two sides; one was slightly course which has little dots. In fact it is a lot similar to kitchen roll while the other side was smoother. The facial wipe was like an elastic piece of muslin cloth.

        The facial wipe was extremely moist, because when I gave it that gentle squeeze, a sticky liquid came out. The smell wasn't the best, it was mentioned that wipes were fragrance free so I didn't expect to smell anything but I did smell something very artificial. The smell did put me off a little but I decided to continue using it until it finished.

        == Nivea visage philosophy as stated on their pack ==

        NIVEA VISAGE uses ingredients inspired by nature to create high performing products that work in perfect harmony with your skin - to help you look and feel your most beautiful.

        == So what is so special about these wipes? ==

        Nivea Visage Daily Essentials wipes are free from perfume, alcohol, colour and oil. They are skin compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved. They are also are suitable for all skin types and enriched with vitamin E and provitamin B5.

        == Did it work? My personal experience ==

        I started to use the pack as soon as I got it. I think I have already used around 20 of them so they have come in quite handy. I usually use one in the morning and another one at night. When I first used it, the smell was kind of a disadvantage actually. I like scented cosmetics and creams and this wasn't really my thing as I rarely suffer from sensitive skin. I started cleansing process by gently wiping my face, neck and eye area paying extra attention not to go near my eyes by keeping them closed whilst cleaning around them. When I had first begun the cleansing process, the cloth was moist. However, a few minutes later the facial wipe started to dry out and by the time I had finished it was completely dry. I was a bit disappointed because with my usual method of using cotton wool and my cleansing lotion, I used tiny amounts of the lotion on the cotton wool and it usually lasts me to the end and it is still moist.

        Nivea Daily Essentials wipes were very soft, so they didn't irritate my skin or my eyes. As for its cleansing powers, it did the job very well. It cleaned my skin very well; in fact it did such a good job that I could see the dirt marks on the wipe. I always experience problems removing mascara especially when the lotion gets into my eyes so I tried it to remove the makeup and the waterproof mascara and the results were excellent. The makeup was taken off with no time and the mascara was wiped off in one stroke.

        == Please Read: IF YOU HAVE ALERGIES for one or any of the ingredients ==

        Aqua, Isopropyl Stearate, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycerin, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Sodium Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone.

        == Prices and availability ==

        As I said I didn't pay for it and I'm not sure if the freebie still available however, you can buy it online or from Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets. The prices range from £2.99 - £3.05.

        == My final thoughts ==

        The wipes are perfect for people with sensitive eyes. It does the job perfectly as the wipes cleaned my skin very well and the wipes left my skin soft, toned and moisturised. However, because it is fragrance free my skin had some sort of "strange" smell. Thankfully, the smell faded a few minutes later.

        What I liked about it is that it does a 3 in 1 job (cleansing-toning-hydrating) but to be honest with you I'm going to return to my old cleansing method using cleansing lotion and cotton wool.

        == As a conclusion, do I recommend it? ==

        Personally speaking I won't buy it but of course I don't mind having it as a freebie again. If you use facial wipes regularly like my mum and sisters I recommend it to you because it cleanses and hydrates the skin but it's not as thorough or long lasting as my cleansing lotion.

        Overall I can place a rate of 3/5 stars.



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          18.01.2011 18:10
          Very helpful



          Not worth it, damage your skin

          Facial wipes are a must have for quick and easy make up removal, they are good for coming home at night and quickly removing make up before bed or even just if you make mistakes applying make up.
          I got a packet of these for free on the Nivea facebook page when they were doing a promotion but you can buy these for £3.05 in boots and get 12 points. You get 25 wipes in each packet.

          They have vitamin e and provitamin b5 in them, they are free from alcohol, colouring, perfume and oil. They can be used for all skin types including sensitive.
          They remove make up and even waterproof mascara although I have found theres always big clumps left on my eyelashes after I use these and I find them quite rough.

          The wipes are in a white packet with the resealable top, the wipes themselves are white and have little bumps on the top to take make up off easier and a softer side.

          Nivea says they cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin leaving your skin feeling soft.

          Using the wipes

          I've used these wipes since I got them to see if they worked better than the usual ones I use.
          They take foundation off easy but I always feel like my face isn't clean after using them, and they don't take mascara off very easy I have found that quite a few of my eyelashes have come out while trying to get mascara off even though I haven't been rubbing at them.

          Since using the wipes my skin has completely dried out, after I use them I feel like they take all the moisture out of my skin and now keep them as a stand by for when I run out
          Nivea is usually a great make so this product is a disappointment.

          Other than my skin ending up dry I feel these wipes are not worth the money and you would be better buying cheaper makes that work how they are meant to and don't affect your skin too much.
          I'm glad I got these for free because these would have been a waste of my money


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          10.01.2011 13:12
          Very helpful



          Average cleansing wipes that I wouldn't bother buying

          Facial cleansing wipes are one of the best skin care products around in my opinion. They're practical, time-saving, and easy to use. I always have a couple of packs at home ready for taking of heavy make-up or a quick cleanse before bed time. I received a packet of these Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes by Nivea Visage as part of a promotional offer where I was sent a free pack. This was a special offer from their Facebook page, where there is plenty of information about all their products and it gives you the chance to snag freebies every now and again. You can buy these wipes from your usual high street shops and they cost £3.05 from Boots.

          Nivea say: "Gentle cleansing is important to maintain your skin's natural moisture balance and prevent dryness.
          Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes are free from perfume, alcohol, colour and oil and enriched with vital skin Vitamin E and Provitamin B5.
          + Gently cleanses and tones your face, neck and eye area in one step.
          + Removes make-up and waterproof mascara.
          + Your skin is completely cleansed, tones and hydrated, leaving your skin feeling soft and soothed all day long."

          Recommended directions for use: Gently cleanse your face, neck and eye area with our soft wipe keeping your eyes closed. Carefully reseal the bag after use with the self-adhesive label to prevent them from drying out.

          Facial cleansing wipes are great for when I'm short on time or can't be bothered with a full on cleanse / tone / moisturise routine. These are suitable for all skin types inlcuding sensitive skin thanks to being free from irritants such as alcohol, perfume, and colouring.

          The packaging is very standard for most facial wipes. They come in a plastic wrapper with a peel-back label on the top which you can then re-seal after use. Each pack contains 25 wipes, so to cost it individually this works out as 12.2 pence per wipe. Of course one bad point is that the wipes are disposeable and this is quite a wasteful sort of product when you could substitute for a re-useable flannel and cleanser combo.

          The wipes themselves are a basic pure white coloured cloth that has a slightly damp feel to it. They have no fragrance which is great for sensitive skin. The fabric of the wipes is a little unusual, in that it has small raised bumps on one side of the cloth. Not quite sure of the purpose of this, but it semed to be a little rough over the skin and gave a bit of a strange feeling when using them. There is a "right side up" which you can see when comparing the two sides of the cloth, the dots will either be raised or indented so you can see if you have it the right way around.

          To use these cleansing wipes I simply rub over my face in the same way that I would wash with a flannel. As they are already moist you can use them without water and this makes the whole process very speedy and mess free. I rub the wipe over my face, starting from the chin and working upwards so as not to pull the skin down. I do get a nice fresh feeling on my face after using these wipes, however it is somewhat of a struggle to make sure that my make-up, and in particular my mascara, has been removed completely. I prefer to use wipes that are wetter than these ones, they seemed too dry and were draging and pulling as I used them over my face, especially the eye area which is particularly delicate and needs gentle treatment.

          These wipes are fairly average, they do the job but don't feel great on my skin and any benefits for sensitive skin and counterbalanced by having to rub harshly to get rid of all my make-up. I wouldn't recommend these facial wipes as there are many better alternatives out there. Facial wipes are great for a quick easy clean, but because of the flaws mentioned above I wouldn't buy these for myself.

          Ingredients: Aqua, Isopropyl Stearate, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycerin, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Sodium Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone.


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