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Nivea Visage Light Daily Moisture Cream

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Brand: Nivea / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisture Cream / Subcategory: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Moisturizes, Protects

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    3 Reviews
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      01.10.2008 18:33
      Very helpful



      Ideal for summer for soft skin

      This was bought for me after my usual 'Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme' had run out. At first it didn't seem all that different apart from looking slightly more expensive as it came in its own box, the tube was matt and had a different smoother feel to it. However when applied it does feel a whole lot lighter on the skin whereas my usual moisture can - before it has had time to soak in - make the skin feel slightly 'caked'. This was refreshing and because of its lightness took less time to soak in! I use the moisturizer twice a day, everyday and I have no complaints with it. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and its ideal especially in the summer when you don't really need to use too much moisturizer and I tend to switch to using my Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme in the winter when I do. You can buy this product from superdrug online for £4.09 and Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme for £1.79


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      27.01.2008 20:59
      Very helpful
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      Nivea Light moisturiser

      I usually use Nivea Visage Rich Moisturiser in the colder months when my skin needs a little bit of extra help, and Nivea Visage Light Moisturiser during the summer. I recently ran out of the Rich version, so have reverted to using Nivea Visage Light until I get round to buying some more.


      This comes in a plain white tube with a screw top lid and blue writing on the front. The tube is nothing spectacular, but for the price I don't think you'd necessarily expect it to be.

      ~Using it~

      The cream is white in colour, and has a gentle but pleasant smell. The tube recommends applying in small circular movements, working from the neck upwards, which is how I apply it anyway. I find that it absorbs into the skin easily and a small amount covers a fairly large area.
      When you first apply the cream, it does feel slightly greasy and the skin has an annoying 'tacky' feel to it for a few minutes. Given this, I normally apply my moisturiser and then do my hair or something before applying make-up.


      I would say it takes around 5 or 10 minutes for the tacky feeling to fade, and when it does, my skin is left with a supple, moisturised - but not sticky- feeling. My skin feels moisturised all day and there is no need to re-apply this. It also clears up dry patches of skin, but is not as good as the rich version for this. As it is light it doesn't give your skin a heavy feeling that some others can, like the Nivea cream you get in the blue tub, for example.
      As I mentioned, I mostly use this during the summer, but unfortunately it does not contain SPF, so this would have to be used separately.


      This costs £3.99 for a 50ml tube from Boots.


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        03.08.2007 20:04
        Very helpful



        Not a great moisturiser from Nivea Visage

        This was yet another one of my freebies from the Race for Life way back in May.

        - Price and Packaging -

        Available from Boots, Superdrug and many supermarkets such as Tesco:
        50ml tube
        Boots ~ £3.49
        Tesco ~ £3.18

        The 50ml comes in a tube with a screw top lid that sits on the lid. It has to be said that I’m not overly keen on tubes as opposed to tubs as it does allow for a teeny tiny bit of waste!

        - What do Nivea say about this product -

        ~ daily moisturising cream
        ~ supports the natural moisture balance of normal and combination skin
        ~ smoothes and protects all day long
        ~ easily absorbed
        ~ encourages fresh, supple skin
        ~ contains vitamins and jojoba oil which hydrates your skin
        ~provides UVA/UVB protection

        - My experience -

        * Appearance
        This is a white cream which is pleasantly rich and creamy. It certainly isn’t as thin as some of the other Nivea products I have used.

        * The smell
        The cream has quite a strong perfumed scent to it.

        * Application
        My skin is slightly dry at the moment having been in a little bit of sun a few weeks ago and not being very good at ensuring my skin is well moisturised. I do it when I have the time!
        The cream is very easy to apply, simply use it after cleansing.
        It absorbed very quickly in to my face, initially giving my skin an instant moisture boost. However this didn’t last long at all. About five minutes after using the cream my skin felt just as dry as it had prior to application and if anything a little drier, a tight skin feeling effect and it has to be said a little ‘tingly’ in certain areas, for example, under my nose.

        - My Verdict -

        Once again I am disappointed with a Nivea Visage product.
        This does give some moisture to my skin but I just don’t like the way in which it actually makes my face feel a little tighter after a few minutes.
        I’m just glad that I didn’t buy the tube and had the opportunity to make use of the trial sachet before parting with any money.
        Needless to say, I will not be buying this product. I could imagine that it may be good for those who suffer from oily skin, however it does state that is for normal and combination skins.

        - Nivea Products -

        Nivea produce a huge range of products in different ranges:
        * Lip care
        * Face care
        * Sun care
        * Body care
        * Hand care
        * Bath care
        * Deodorants

        For more information on their products visit their website at www.nivea.com where there is also a link to the retailers that stock their range.


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      • Product Details

        Contains skin's own Hydramine to provide your skin with balanced moisture all day long / A UVA/UVB filter system in conjunction with Vitamin E helps protect your skin against the signs of premature ageing /