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Nivea Visage Sensitive Calming Cleansing Milk

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Brand: Nivea / Type: Cleansing Milk / Subcategory: Face Milk / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Cleanses, Calms,

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2008 02:19
      Very helpful



      A good everyday cleanser that won't make your skin scream!

      When it comes to cleansing I think it really is a very important thing to do. Soap and water after the amount of make-up I use just doesn't cut it besides which I've never used soap on my face and I wouldn't! I own bottles of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, make up remover cloth type things, actually you name it I own it or I've tried it over the years! I sadly admit I'm seduced by advertising hence why I own so much.

      Although I'd never heard of this. I bought it cos I know of Nivea and it was 99p a bottle in my local Sainsbury's so knowing it was a bargain at the price it was on offer at I grabbed 2 of them!

      Now we all know that when a cleanser is used it should be followed by a toner. I personally like my Olay toner and cannot be budged from that as it's my favourite and doesn't upset my skin so this is what I follow any cleanser with so I don't know about the corresponding toner and even if there is one as there is no mention of it!

      The Packaging....

      200ml white opaque recyclable plastic pump action bottle that has a light lilac almost see through push on/pull off lid and a couple of dents on either side of the bottle for ease of use. It looks exactly as it does in the review photograph at the top of this page. On the front of the the bottle I'm clearly told that it is indeed a Nivea Visage product and that it is 'Sensitive Calming Cleansing Milk'. I'm also told on the front that it has no fragrance and no colourants and that it has soothing natural Licorine & balancing complex and that it gently cleanses & helps protect reactive skin. On the back I'm told a little bit about the product, how it works, directions for use, ingredients and contact details for Beiersdorf uk (the manufacturers of Nivea products.

      About the product....

      Nivea Visage Calming Cleansing Milk, free from fragrance, colourants and alcohol, is a skin friendly cleanser specifically developed for sensitive, reactive skin.

      How It Works....

      It gently cleanses sensitive skin by removing make-up and daily impurities.
      Enriched with soothing Licorine it feels satin-soft on the skin and calms the feeling of tightness and irritation.
      A balancing complex helps reduce skin sensitivity.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply with your fingertips or cotton wool. Massage gently and tissue off without rubbing.

      (Please note that it doesn't say to use toner but as I stated earlier I do).

      Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
      Patent pending technology.

      My Opinion....

      I mainly use this after wearing make-up all day long. I'm a heavy make-up user. You name it I use it! Moisturiser, foundation primer, eyeshadow primer, concealer, foundation, pressed powder, blusher, lipstick (primarily max factor lipfinity), kohl eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye-shadows (such as high pigment dark ones) mascara (loads of), a face highlighter and if that's not enough for evenings out over the top of eyeliner I use liquid glitter eyeliners! (I did tell you I use loads!) So when I review cleanser I hope you can see that I really put them through their paces. I expect a lot cos I need a lot.

      Now I have very sensitive skin, well it's hardly surprising is it?!

      I have loads of blackheads, a few white heads, lots of open pores and I have laughter lines and wrinkles starting to appear but the worst thing? Spots. At 33 they're not just hormonal either they just appear from nowhere to upset my life! At the moment I have loads of spots some puss filled some completely blind but some hurt me! I'm not sure why the sudden break out but this is the reason I opened this up to use it instead of the one I have been using that contains moisturising properties.

      So to use it I pump about 5 -6 squirts on to a large piece of cotton wool. Now this sounds a lot of product, but it really isn't alot at all. You push the pump action nozzle down and only small amounts of the white liquid come out. Now it's not a cream but its not a soaking wet drippy liquid either so it doesn't go everywhere. Now to me this product does have a slight smell to it but I can't work out what it is cos I'd say it's natural ingredients but it smells very clean.

      What's impressive about this product is that when you gently rub your face with some cotton wool (or tissue) over your face with this product it feels very nice, gentle and soothing. What it does do unlike some cleansers I have used is it 'grips' make up. Instead of getting through tons of cotton wool (in my case) I need to gently rub over once and it doesn't spread all my old make up over my face creating a dirty, smudgy mess. It removes most of it on first wipe. Then when you done get some fresh cotton wool or tissue and repeat the process to remove the last traces.

      Skin naturally feels clean. No zingyness no tightness your face is clean in a quiet no singing or dancing way. Face feels moisturised too and very silk like. Another great thing about this is when you wipe over your face with toner to remove the last traces of this cleanser all the toner has to do is remove that and no make up has been left for the toner to clean! Another benefit of this product is even though your making sure with the toner that the cleanser residue has gone the effects are not totally wiped away and your still left with the smoothness the cleanser has given. I also suffer really sensitive eyes and if you get this in your eyeball it doesn't nearly kill you! It doesn't upset eyes at all an any way shape or form.


      This doesn't agitate sensitive skin. My skin loves a reason (like me) to misbehave but if you suddenly get an outbreak you can rule this out. It's gentle and it's kind. It's moisturising and most importantly removes make up in one simple step. It's incredibly unmessy to use even though it's a lotion and me, I'm very impressed indeed! This is a quiet little worker! If it removes my make up it must be a good un!

      Also I must add I do cleanse and tone first thing in the morning or after a shower or bath as I suffer tight skin on my face after contact with water. This does remove any impurities from your skin and I'm constantly surprised how dirty my skin gets when I've done nothing!

      Recommended for anyone to use of any age, either sex (even men can cleanse their skin whether they use make up or not!) and it lasts ages cos it's a large product and you don't need heaps! Very economical!

      Not 100% sure of price of this but I think it's about £4.49 per bottle and can be found in alot of supermarkets and chemists.


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    • Product Details

      Gently cleanses and removes impurities for the most sensitive skin /

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