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Nivea Visage Vital Triple Action Soy+ Replenishing Day Care

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Brand: Nivea / Type: Face Care / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Vitalizes,

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2010 18:52
      Very helpful



      a face cream for mature skin

      NIVEA Visage Vital Triple Action Soy + Replenishing Day Care is one product of the Vital Triple Action Soy range comprising also a night care cream and one for eyes and lips, a serum for face, throat and cleavage, cleansing milk and moisturising tissues. Having grown up in NIVEA's home country Germany with the ubiquitous blue tin container with the thick cream good for all occasions I had problems for a long time seeing NIVEA products as modern, hip and hot. But obviously, enough other people see them as just that, NIVEA is now the greatest cosmetics producer worldwide.

      The 4 cm high silvery container with the white lid comes in a 9 cm x 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm cardboard box. Two thirds have the same silvery colour as the container, the lower third is golden. It tries to look luxurious but I find it rather annoying. The first thing I do is to pull out the container and throw the package away. I'd rather have no luxurious-looking one and a lower price instead. To say nothing about superfluous garbage and ensuing environmental problems.

      The cream has got the typical pleasant NIVEA smell. How can it be described, what does it smell like? I wrote an e-mail to the German NIVEA HQ and asked if they'd tell me which ingredient is responsible for it if it wasn't a top secret of the firm. They told me without ado: the smell is lily of the valley. The consistency of the cream is pleasant to the touch, it's not too fat but can easily be smeared on the face. It doesn't stay on the skin for too long so that one looks like a bacon rind when leaving the house in the morning. I use the day cream also for the night. I have to admit, however, that I haven't tried the night cream at all, but I know from other brands that night creams are too rich for my liking.

      I've now used NIVEA Visage Vital Triple Action Soy + Replenishing Day Care for more than half a year. Are the statements on the package true?

      - Strengthens the structure of the skin
      - Visibly softens the wrinkles.
      This seems to be the case. My face doesn't look like a baby's bottom now, wrinkles come and stay, but my skin isn't so dry any more and the wrinkles look less papery, the skin on the whole is smoother in my opinion.

      - Prevents pigmented moles.
      This I don't believe. I already had some when I started using this cream, so they couldn't be prevented. But they haven't even lightened or become smaller, sadly, the opposite is the case.

      NIVEA recommends the Visage Vital Triple Action Soy + Replenishing Day Care for the age group from 50 to 70+. And what then? No other cosmetics range is on offer. Although it's a well-known fact that people become older and older, the NIVEA people obviously don't see them as clients. Either they assume they'll die anyway soon or they see them as so shrivelled that no cream can do anything for them anyway. 80+ and 90+ clients may have to use bacon rind after all.

      People in English speaking countries can't buy this cream in shops, they can only order it online (for £ 11.39 at Lensbase.co.uk). I wondered why that was the case and asked the HQ of the British branch. This is the answer, "Before we launch products in the UK, we carry out research to establish whether or not there would be sufficient consumer demand. The product range varies from country to country as market places differ from one country to another and if there are already a number of similar competing products in a particular country, this may mean that it is not commercially viable to launch in that country. Subsequently, there are slightly different ranges available in different countries, dependant on demand and consumer needs."

      Of course, you can buy Visage Vital Triple Action Soy + Replenishing Day Care in Germany on your next visit to the country. The shop with the lowest price I've found is the drugstore chain dm, there a container with 50 ml costs 9,45 Euro (currently 8,25 GBP).


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