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Nivea Visage Young Wash Off Mild Cleansing Gel

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Brand: Nivea / Type: Cleansing Gel / Subcategory: Face Gel / Wash / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Nivea Visage Young

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    4 Reviews
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      13.11.2012 07:59
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      Nivea visage young wash off gel

      Little Miss is getting to that age where she has to start taking more care of her skin and so we recently bought some of the products from the Nivea Visage Young range. This range was developed in 2005 to help girls develop a proper skin care routine to help keep skin looking healthy , and I thought it best to start her on products developed for skin as delicate as hers.

      WHO IS IT FOR?

      Clearly this has been marketed for younger skin but is also marketed for people with normal to combination skin who want mild everyday cleansing. Seems like it's for most people...


      This promises to be an oil free cleansing gel which will clean skin and prevent impurities. It is apparently enriched with Ocean Minerals to mildly cleanse skin, and remove dirt grime and eye make up. All of this without drying out the skin, so this should be good if it lives up to the claims.


      The cleanser comes in a 200ml plastic bottle which has all of the information and instructions for use on the back. The bottle has a flip up/press down to close lid and when I try to get the cleanser out of the bottle, I find that it does come out of the bottle very easily; at times I find that it can come out of the bottle too quickly some time.

      The cleanser itself is a very pale blue/almost white colour and has a very faint scent which is slightly medicinal and slightly floral. It sounds a strange mix and it did surprise me that it wasn't odourless but the smell itself does work as a smell and isn't at all over powering or unpleasant. It does feel like a gel albeit quite a watery gel and not like some gels which feel quite dry; I assume this will make it easier to use when applied to the skin.


      The product should be used morning and evening; for best results it should be massaged into the skin and then rinsed off with water. Because the gel isn't overly thick, the gel does massage easily into a nice gentle lather which doesn't irritate the skin. Unlike some more creamy cleansers it does rinse out very easily which I think is a bonus when being used by younger people.


      The product costs about £7 for 200ml and is available from supermarkets and chemists. Its not the cheapest cleanser but a little bit of the product does go a long way and even when used daily it does last at least a month or more.


      The gel is easy to use and does leave skin clean without drying it out or irritating. I can't comment on its effectiveness in removing make up as Little Miss doesn't use make up but for the general removal of grime it is very effective. I have used the cleanser a couple of times but given that my skin is more "mature" I find that I need a bit more moisture in my cleanser, so I think this is definitely more suited to younger oily skin.

      When followed with a moisturiser this is a good product for younger school and one which I would recommend.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      09.09.2011 12:25
      Very helpful
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      To keep my skin in tip top condition I have to wash it morning and night. This minimises my chances of getting spots. Because I wash my face quite frequently, I have to use something mild, yet effective. It is really hard to find this balance, and so far the only things I have found which do this job well are premium brands, and it would be good to use something a bit cheaper.

      The other day in Tesco's on the end of the aisle they had this product, Nivea Visage Youth Wash off Cleanser. It was on special offer, 2 for 1, so it worked out at around £2.50 each for a 200ml bottle.

      The bottle has a lid which you press down one side and the other end pops up, out of a small hole you can chose how much you need to use. I only use a tiny bit, it tends to spread really far. It is a cool, light blue soft gel. It doesn't lather up really, but this doesn't stop it being effective. I rub it over my face and especially into my chin, as that is a problem area for me.
      It is advertised to wash off make up as well as general skin use on your face. I haven't used it for this as I don't like getting products on my eyes. I use it on my forehead, chin, nose and cheeks.
      Once its on I use a flannel and warm water to wash if off. Immediately my face feels much cleaner, softer and oil free. The skin doesn't feel like it has been treated harshly, or like it has had it's top layer removed. It stays clean and oil free all day.
      I would recommend this product as part of your cleansing routine. In my opinion it is as good at cleaning as Clearasil, however it is not as harsh. It is cheaper than the Clinique and clarins brands I love, yet still does a good job!


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        08.06.2010 00:39
        Very helpful



        4.99 TO WASH YOUR FACE

        Nivea is a well known skincare brand which offers something for all ages and skin types. They have a range targeted to younger skin called Nivea Visage Young.

        This range is based on a 3 step programme, however the products can be used alone. The 3 step programme consists of :

        Wash Off! Mild Cleansing Gel
        Smooth It! Mild Exfoliating Scrub
        Be Beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser

        You can also purchase the following products in the range :

        Clean Deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Wash Scrub
        Stay Clear! Purifying Toner
        Control Shine! Mattifying Gel Cream


        For the purpose of this review, I will concentrate on the Wash Off! Mild Cleansing Gel.

        This gel is designed to remove make up, prevent impurities and allow your skin to be fresh.

        It is suitable for normal to combination skin and is mild enough for daily use.

        Nivea advise that the gel contains ocean minerals and is oil free. It is designed to not dry out the skin and removes dirt as well as make up.

        The result specified is that your skin will be purified, refreshed and feel soft and supple.

        The gel is non comedogenic meaning it does not clog pores. It has also be dermatologically approved.


        The gel comes in a flattish but curvy plastic bottle which is see through. There is a white plastic cap which can be twisted off. There is also a push down lid which reveals a small square to dispense the gel.

        The is a clear label on the front of the bottle which has the Nivea logo, product name, blurb, size and some pretty flower images. The back of the bottle has a blue label with some further blurb about the gel, about the 3 step programme, directions for use, ingredients and contact details for Nivea.

        *The Gel and Using*

        The gel itself is an aqua blue shade. Through the bottle, you can clearly see lots of various sized bubbles. The gel is quite thick and highly scented.

        Nivea recommend you use this as the first step of the 3 step programme and follow with the scrub and tinted moisturiser.

        To use, apply morning and evening to a wet face. Massage into skin and wash off.

        Once opened, you should use this within 12months.

        *Availability and Price*

        The gel comes in a 200ml standard bottle. It can be found in Superdrug for £4.99.

        *My Opinion*

        I recently picked up a goodie bag of Nivea Visage Young products in my local charity shop. I have so far reviewed the Tinted Moisturiser and now would like to review the Cleansing Gel. I have yet to use the Scrub and will advise here that I have not used the items as part of the 3 step skincare system that Nivea recommends.

        Facial cleansing for me, usually consists of sweeping a face wipe over my face and slapping on some moisturiser. Despite doing this, my skin felt dirty and clogged. I was happy to see this in my goody bag and decided to give it a try.

        The bottle is attractive to me and the design seems pretty and youthful. The information on the back is quite small though not too difficult that I cannot read it. The flip at the lid is perfect as it is the perfect size not to squirt out too much gel and therefore wasting it.

        I decided to use this one evening for the first time. I hadn't removed that days makeup traces. I wet my face with some cool water and decided to use cotton pads to apply my gel. Squirting some out, the gel does come out quite thick though not majorly thick. The scent is strong and you can tell the ocean minerals have been included as the colour and scent both remind me of swimming in the sea at the beach.

        The gel goes on perfectly smooth and light. It is extremely cool on application and is easy to massage in. I have also tried using my fingers which seems to get deep down into your skin but the cotton pad is perfectly adequate. I smoothed over my full face obviously avoiding my eyes and lip area.

        The cotton pads had turned a peachy shade from my makeup. I used my face cloth drenched in cool water to remove the gel. The gel came away easily from my face. I patted dry my face and could feel no stickiness or residue. My makeup had been removed and my face felt very clean and fresh.

        I do have sensitive and dry skin on my face. I did not experience any reaction to this gel though I will advise that after patting my face dry, it did feel a tad on the dry side. This feeling was quickly replaced by soft and smooth skin. My face was clean in appearance as well as feeling and I was very happy.

        I now use this every few days. Although it is a quick thing to use, I don't always have time to do it before I go out.

        I cannot see this in Boots or supermarkets and so far have only spotted it in Superdrug. £4.99 isn't bad as you really do not need a lot per application so it is worth the money.

        I recommend this gel to everyone :)


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          08.01.2010 18:21
          Very helpful




          I have T-Zone skin that can get quite oily especially on my nose so I wanted a daily, mild cleanser which didn't contain chemicals will will dry out my skin. This product was recommend to me so I decided to grab a couple of bottles myself.

          This cleanser is described as very mild but will remove dirt, oil and make-up. It doesn't contain in special spot-fighting chemicals so it isn't suitable for acne-prone skin - it's more suitable for normal or combination skin as it is a very mild cleanse. It a blue gel which comes in clear 150ml bottle. It costs around £4 each so it's a tad more expensive then I usually pay for cleansers (I usually opt for store brands or grab them in places like Home Bargins).

          It suggests you use this morning and night along with other products in their range which includes a toner, scrub and moisturizer. However, I only used this cleanser each evening (as washing twice a day tends to dry out my skin so it produces even more oil) with warm water. You really only need a small amount of the product - it doesn't lather up great but the gel is very thick so it spreads around your face easily. I'm not sure about sensation I have when using it - I can't decide if it's a pleasant tingling or an uncomfortable burning?? It was only really noticeable when it's just left sitting on your face, though, so I only use this for a very quick on and off wash. Luckily it never made my face look irritated and red so I continued using it. For this reason I highly doubt it's suitable for sensitive skin! This product did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth yet also dry, tight and uncomfortable but this was solved by applying moisturizer.

          After the first few uses my skin looked great - my skin looked more radiant and healthy whilst my pores looked smaller. But, after around 6 months of use...I honestly haven't noticed a huge difference to be skin's condition. I still get the occasional break-outs and spots as well as greasy patches. I was also disappointed in this product because whenever I would follow-up with a deep cleansing lotion a lot of dirt and make-up would still come off my skin.

          Overall I don't think I would recommend this product. It would probably work well if you already have skin in great condition (oh how we envy you) and just wanted to remove make-up and dirt, but anyone with mild or major skin problems would be left very disappointed. The only time I would ever buy it again is if it was on sale...otherwise it really isn't worth the money!


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