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Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm

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4 Reviews
  • It is cleansing
  • It is very nice to use
  • It makes my skin dry and that is bad because it is for people who have got dry skin
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    4 Reviews
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      19.11.2014 11:21
      Very helpful


      • "It is very nice to use"
      • "It is cleansing"


      • "It makes my skin dry and that is bad because it is for people who have got dry skin"

      No 7 Beautiful Skin cleansing balm

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a cleanser that is made by No 7. It is a balm and says on the packaging that it is hypo-allergenic and is for people who have got dry or very dry skin.


      This cleansing balm comes in a tube and I think that is the best packaging for a product that is like this. I had some of another No 7 cleansing balm in a small bottle that came in a set and it was very hard to take the balm out of the bottle, it is easy with a tube because you can squeeze it out straight into your hand or onto a ball of cotton wool.


      The best way to use this cleansing balm is to massage it into your damp skin with your fingers and then wipe it off when you have cleansed using a ball of cotton wool. It is very easy to use.


      I did not choose to purchase this and it was gifted to me by a friend who knows that I like to try out many different cleansers. I have been happy to use it but I will not buy it again because it did not make my skin feel very clean and my face felt very dry after I had cleansed also. That is not very good because this cleanser is for people who have got dry skin.

      The balm has got a very thick feeling and it feels like luxury to use, the fragrance is very plain and I am happy about that because I think No 7 produce smell a little bit strange sometimes.

      My skin feels very clean when I have used this and it is true that it will remove make up but not if you wear a lot of heavy make up because I saw that it did not dissolve the lipstick I was wearing at the same time as I was using this cleanser and it is not effective at removing eye make up also. That is a pity because Boots say on the tube that it will remove make up and they should say also if there are kinds of cosmetics that it will not remove.


      A tube that has got 150ml of cleansing balm in it costs £9.50 and you can buy it only in Boots. I think it is worth that money if it is suited to your skin but it is not suited to mine so I will not buy it.

      3 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      18.12.2012 22:18
      Very helpful



      A lovely cleanser which protects and cares for dry skin

      Having dry skin is never easy and trying to find products that help ease the problem and keep your skin moisturised and nourished isn't always straight forward. Plenty of brands generally have their own dry skin range products but over the years I have found that most of them don't really work as they promise and you are yet again left to find another product. However, when I find a good product I tend to stick with it.

      One such product is the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm which is of course made by Boots and is part of their No7 skincare range. No7 is a range exclusive to Boots and they have a wide range of products varying from make up to skincare and over the last few years I have found their skincare products for dry skin to be some of the best I have used and I am quite happy to pay the price tag to ensure my skin is looked after.

      == The Balm ==

      The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm is a more solid type cleanser specifically formulated to treat dry and very dry skin and anything in between. It's formula is gentle enough to cleanse, comfort and hydrate skin whilst dissolving any impurities as well as make up. It contains No7's unique mineral and multivitamin blend which is formulated to protect and replenish the skin's moisture levels so ideal for those who suffer with dry skin. It is also hypo-allergenic so also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

      "Enriched with No7's unique multivitamin and mineral blend to help hydrate and energise, plus a blend of replenishing lipids to help nourish dry skin and lock in moisture." Dr Mike Bell, Boots Scientific skincare advisor

      == Packaging ==

      No7's skincare range is incredibly simplistic in terms of packaging regardless which collection you buy from. The cleansing balm comes in a plain white plastic tube with a grey flip top cap. On the front of the tube there is the No7 logo together with the product name. On the back of the tube there is information about the product, usage instructions, ingredients list and contact information for No7/Boots.

      == Using the Balm ==

      The cleansing balm is classed as a cleanser and basically should be used as the first product in your beauty regime (it does have Step 1 on the front of the tube). The balm is pure white in colour and has the same sort of consistency has a hand cream, it is quite thick and not runny in the slightest which I like as it makes it easy to apply. It has a gentle, soft fragrance which is lovely and pleasant but nothing overpowering or in your face.

      The balm is incredibly simple to use as all you need to do is squeeze out a small amount and massage directly onto your face. You will need to apply more but you just need to start off in certain areas, for me I start on my forehead and work my way down but I still only need to use a small amount for each application. Once you have massaged it directly onto your skin you just need to wipe off with a cotton wool pad, simple!

      I really do find this one of the easiest cleansing products to use, it is also one of the gentlest. I tend to use it in the morning when I want something softening and this does the job perfectly. It can cut through make up with ease and can remove every trace of make up with no problem at all. I do think though if you didn't remove it straight away it would probably absorb quite quickly but I doubt it would do your skin any harm though!

      The cleansing balm is easily removed with a cotton wool pad and I have noticed that it doesn't leave a sticky residue or film which is even better and I can then continue my skincare regime without any problems. I have been using this cleansing balm for about two months now and I have found that it is incredibly gentle on my skin, it hasn't irritated it whatsoever and my skin has been left lovely and soft and my dry skin is non-existent meaning that it is clearly doing it's job.

      == Overall ==

      This is a wonder of a product and I can't recommend it highly enough should you have dry/very dry skin. It has done wonders on my skin, not only does it manage to keep my dry skin at bay but it also helps to keep it looking healthy and nourished. It is so incredibly to use, I really cannot find any fault with the balm at all. It has a decent consistency enabling it to be easily massaged into the skin and even easier to remove. On the whole I can easily give the cleansing balm 5 stars.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: No7
      Price: £9.00
      Availability: Boots in store or online
      Size: 150ml


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      05.05.2012 15:42
      Very helpful



      ok but not worth the £9 price tag

      ~Beautiful Skin Range~

      Beautiful Skin is a range of skincare products offered by Boots own brand No7. No7 have created a 3 skincare collections which are aimed at different skin types. Each collection has a few products designed to be used together to help skin to behave more 'normal'.

      For those with dry to very dry skin, there is the option to purchase a day cream, night cream, a cleanser and a BB (Blemish Balm) cream.

      ~Cleansing Balm~

      This cleansing balm is suitable for dry to very dry skin types. It is hypo-allergenic and is designed for sensitive skin. It contains a unique multivitamin and mineral blend which helps to lock in moisture.

      This cleansing balm is designed to dissolve make up and daily impurities on the skin. The results should include clean, healthy, soft and supple skin. To use, simply spread some balm across your face, massage it in and wipe off with some cotton wool.

      The balm itself is presented in a tall plastic tube with a flip lid at the base. The essential product information is on the tube. The tube can be recycled and has a shelf life of 24months.

      ~Price and Availability~

      No7 products are exclusive to Boots and www.boots.com. The full price of this cleansing balm is £9.00 for a 150ml sized tube. It is worth waiting for one of the regular special offers including 3 for 2, free gifts with a threshold spend and £5.00 off vouchers.

      ~My Thoughts~

      If you have read my previous No7 reviews, you will be aware I am very fond of this brand for skincare and make up. I eagerly await the £5.00 off vouchers and treat myself or stock up on bits and pieces that I know I will use. Back in March, I decided to purchase a few products from the Beautiful Skin range. I opted for the dry to very dry skin products as my face is mainly dry and I have a terrible time with dryness on my forehead.

      Whilst I was more than happy to pay over £12 for the day and night cream, I was a little unsure about splashing out £9.00 for a cleansing balm. After the voucher discount was applied though, the price was a little more purse friendly at just £4.00. I have been using this cleansing balm in conjunction with the day and night cream and it is lasting really well.

      ~Cleanse and Refresh~

      This cleansing balm has a rich, creamy consistency. It has a pleasant, non offensive scent which is identical to that of the day and night cream. Applying this to my skin, it feels very cool and soothing. The balm spreads well and thins out on the skin. It does feel a little oily but smooths across the skin effortlessly. The balm foams up slightly despite being applied to dry skin and once applied, my skin feels a little sticky.

      A small amount of this balm goes a long way and it is very gentle on my sensitive skin. One thing I do notice with this balm is that the light foaming action combined with massaging it with my fingertips encourages dry areas to be highlighted at first - moreso when used in the morning. When it comes to wiping off with a cotton ball, the dryness is almost fully swept away. I personally prefer to dampen the cotton ball in some lukewarm water before wiping the foam off my face.

      This cleansing balm is suitable for use in the morning and the evening. Morning use for me is simply to refresh my face. Evening use is often to cleanse away the day or remove any make up which has settled into my skin. My face does feel refreshed and doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable after using this cleansing balm. My pores can breathe and my skin does look fresh and healthy. The dry areas are still noticeable but a day or night cream combats this problem and then I can apply my make up to a completely smooth and clean surface.

      When it comes to removing make up, this cleansing balm doesn't have much to compete with. I am not a fan of heavy make up but I do wear blusher and some face powder. To be honest, I would say a cleansing milk on damp skin is just as effective but this balm does penetrate left over make up and this is evident on the cotton ball as I sweep it across my cleansed skin. The result - clean and make up free skin but not much in the way of moisturisation.


      This cleansing balm is pleasant enough to use and does offer decent results. It isn't outstanding though and I personally don't find it as effective on dry areas compared to a more nourishing cleansing milk. It isn't worth £9.00 but £4.00 is an ok price to pay. My tube barely looks touched despite using twice daily most days.

      4 stars

      Thanks for reading :)


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        22.03.2012 19:23
        Very helpful



        A strange product, but it works!!

        This is another of my recent pick-me-up purchases from the No 7 range, which I bought as part of their 3-for-2 promotion using a £5 voucher. At full price it would cost £9 for 150ml, which is expensive for a cleansing product but if you use your vouchers when you get them it brings the cost down significantly. This was the product which actually drew me to the No 7 counter in the first place, as I'd seen it in a magazine and thought it would sort out my dry, flaky skin.

        The cleansing balm is a little unusual, in that you don't apply it in the usual way. Instead of dotting it onto cotton wool and wiping your face, you apply the product with your fingers and massage it in, then wipe it off with cotton wool. It also doesn't say on the packaging anything about using toner, it just says this is a one-step solution to dry skin, so it's a bit strange but seems to work so who cares!

        The balm comes in a tube with a flip lid, and dispenses easily allowing you full control over how much you use. I wasn't sure the first time I used it, how much I should be applying, so I started off with a small dollop, which seemed to be enough to cover my face, but then when I came to wipe it off with a cotton wool pad I didn't really feel like my face was clean. The pad was brown from my tinted moisturiser, and there seemed to be more dirt than I would usually get from my normal cleanser, but for some reason, because it still felt a bit greasy, my face just didn't feel clean. I went to the effort of applying more of the cleansing balm, just in case I'd missed any make-up, but it turns out I hadn't so I'm now happy that although it feels a bit weird when your face is greasy, it is actually as clean as it's going to get.

        The cleansing balm claims to dissolve make-up and impurities, which I guess is why you have to massage into your skin rather than applying with cotton wool. I'm not sure how this works but it does seem to be very effective, and compared to my normal cleanser I'm always surprised at how much make-up I manage to remove using this.

        As well as being an excellent cleanser, this does actually rehydrate your skin. I felt the difference as soon as I started using it. I think the fact it doesn't require toner helps to avoid overdrying the skin, as this is one of the things I find quite drying on my skin. The downside to this, of course, is that your face only really feels fully clean when you've used toner, otherwise it feels a bit greasy and dirty. I've got used to this now, and am using this in conjunction with the night cream from the same range, so my skin is getting some real moisture reinjected into it.

        Although this is expensive for a cleansing product, it does offer much more than a lot of the cleansers on the market. It not only removes every last trace of dirt and make-up, but it does so without the need for toner, meaning your skin isn't being dried out. The formula also contains hydrating ingredients, which care for your skin and lock in moisture whilst cleaning it. It's a bit of a strange product, which takes a bit of getting used to if you're used to cleansing in the usual way, but it's well worth a try if you suffer from dry skin. Since using this, my dry patches have gone and my face is silky smooth and soft.


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