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Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Dry/Very Dry

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5 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Boots No7

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    5 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 16:12



      The making of Beautiful Skin!

      I got this No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream as part of a gift set.

      ~ Price ~
      As I got mine as part of a gift set, my night cream comes in a 25ml tube, but the night cream is usually sold in a 50ml pot for £13.50. As it is a No 7 product it is only available from Boots or boots.com.

      ~ In use ~
      The night cream is white in colour and it feels light and quite thin in consistency.
      You don’t need to use much of it for a good coverage and it is easy to rub in. It sinks into your skin very quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
      There is no stickiness or residue left by the night cream.
      The packaging advises to smooth into your face and neck after cleansing every evening. I also use the matching day cream, which was also in the gift set that I received.
      I think applying the night cream improves the appearance of my skin. It looks brighter and more radiant after application. My skin looks and feels more moisturised and healthy.
      I have not had any irritation or reaction from using this night cream and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight.
      I have been impressed with this night cream. I was really pleased to see this in the gift set when I opened it and I looked forward to trying it. This product didn’t disappoint me.
      I would definitely purchase this night cream again. I think it is reasonably priced and makes my skin look and feel moisturised and radiant before going to sleep. It feels like it is doing my skin some good, keeping it moisturised during the night as well as through the day so that it doesn’t dry out.


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      19.06.2013 17:28
      Very helpful



      I like

      When I first bought some skin cream my husband laughed at me and told me I was too young to buy such a product and all my friends thought I was being paranoid and daft but I ignored them and used it anyway. I was 22 when I first bought some and I didn't get it because I thought I had wrinkles or looked older than my age but I bought it because I wanted to try to keep my skin looking young and being as healthy as possible. Of course I have no idea what my skin would look like had I not have used this but in my opinion it is in fairly good condition.

      Skin creams

      I decided to buy skin creams when I was 22, I can't help but be influenced by all the adverts on tv and in magazines about how amazing skin creams are and how they help you to look about 20 years younger! So I thought perhaps I should buy one to help nourish my skin as much as possible so that I would know I had looked after my skin. When I went to Boots to buy some though I was faced with a huge array of different kinds and brands and didn't really know where to start. There were so many to choose from that all looked like they did slightly different things and had price tags that varied too. I actually opted for No7 because it was on offer at the time for 3 for 2 but even just choosing no7 then meant I had another decision; which kind of no7 product? There were various kinds, day creams, night creams, for very very dry skin, for age defying... the skin cream industry must be booming! I find it hard to imagine that the properties between each product are that different really but there really is a cream for all eventualities!


      I chose the No7 Beautiful Skin because I thought that at the end of the day I thought that should encompass everything I want- my skin basically looking it's best! Now saying 'beautiful skin' is perhaps a bit of a bold statement- can a cream really give you beautiful skin or can it just improve it? BUt I suppose having 'Improved Skin' written on the tub wouldn't really have the same impact! It came in a cardboard box which had the tub inside. The tub is made from a tough glass which is actually really thick and means that what you're getting is less than it looks as the glass takes up so much space. The glass inside the glass in which the cream sits is a dusky pink and the edge of the big white bold lid is a dusky pink too. This means that when it is in the cupboard next to my day cream it's easy to know which is which. I did think it was a pink cream but it's not so it's the glass which makes it look this way. The tub is a nice shape, it's round and ever so slightly narrower at the bottom than the top and I think it looks quite an expensive product. On the front is the No7 logo and next to that it says Beautiful Skin, Night Cream, Normal/Dry in black writing. On the back is the company address and in tiny writing the directions which is 9 words long so it is a very minimal tub which I think is good as it looks very simple and sleek. The lid twists off which is easy enough to do but putting it back on can be a bit messy if you have just used the cream so I always wash and dry my hands before doing so so that it doesn't leave the lid all greasy. The bottle contains 50ml of cream.

      Using it

      The directions on the back of this tub say: For best results: Smooth into your face and neck after cleansing every evening. I will hold my hands up now and admit that I do not do this every evening. This is for one main reason- I forget! I do not have a specific skin care routine so this means that sometimes I do forget to use this cream but when I do remember to use it I do follow out the instructions. I always cleanse first to make sure my skin is as clean as possible, I use any cleanser that I have which really depends upon what was on offer at the time! At the moment it is a No7 cleanser. I then apply this in a conservative manner. The lid easily twists off and inside is the cream which is cream but has a very, very little hint of pink about it. The cream is a nice consistency not too thick but certainly not runny so it's easy to dip my fingers in and get a good amount out which means I don't have to faff around trying to put some back or having to go back for more. The tub is a good design for that. The cream is slightly cold when putting it on my skin. I use an amount about the size of a 5p and rub it into my face and neck. I find that the most dry part of my face is my forehead and also just under my chin so I pay special attention to these areas whereas my cheeks are quite oily so i don't put as much on there. I find that it absorbs into my skin fairly quickly, usually by the time I have brushed my teeth and got changed it is completely absorbed. There is a very slight smell to this, a bit like of roses or something else which is floral, it's a nice enough smell and I don't think it stays around for long so that's fine by me.


      Well I don't wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think "wow!" but I do think that when I use this my skin looks less tired especially if I use it along with the day cream too. It certainly helps to keep the dry areas of my face at their best and I do think it has positive results. I always feel I look better when I use this than when I don't. I don't know if it has helped to protect my skin against ageing or if this cream is superior to others, it may simply be that applying any cream to your face before bed helps it to look more healthy, I don't know but because this seems to work and do something positive for my skin, I continue to use it.


      This is a skin care cream which I bought several years ago just because I thought it sounded good; beautiful skin! It was quite a big statement to make but I wasn't expecting it to suddenly provide me with the most beautiful skin in the world but perhaps it would help to make my skin as beautiful as it could be. I think it works well for my skin type with it being normal/dry as there are parts of my face which is dry and parts which are not so and so when I chose this, this one seemed to fit the bill the most and I do think that it works well for me. I like the design of the bottle too, it looks nice so that was another reason why I chose it too.

      I am glad that I bought this product because I find it does help my skin. I try to use it as much as possible but some evenings I do forget due to just being too tired or busy. I cannot possibly say what my skin would be like now if I hadn't used it several times a week for the last 7 years but it's good to know that I am doing something to take care of my skin. I wouldn't suggest you buy this and expect to wake up in the morning to have absolutely stunning skin but just to have a healthier looking face, I do feel as though my face is glowing a little when I use this and that's always nice!
      I like this cream, despite it's bold statement and think it works well for me so I cannot give it any less than the 5 stars I think it deserves! I bought this from Boots recently and it cost £12.50. I try to always buy this when it is on offer to try to save me as much money as possible!


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      03.08.2012 13:02
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I love No 7 products, I buy them all the time and usually when I have a £5 off voucher I receive from Boots. Using the voucher is a very good way of saving a lot of money for an item from this range. I like to use my vouchers for items I like a lot or to buy ones I haven't bought before in the past. This cream is one I bought to try because I hadn't bought it before.

      It comes in a very sturdy, transparent plastic tub, which has a screw off top. It is really easy to hold in the hands comfortably and I noticed it is quite a light weighted tub too because it was plastic. The tub only has the name on the front and writing about the cream.

      Once the top is removed, it is a white cream. The cream has a slight perfume fragrance but not very strong, it is a hint of scent and one I do like quite a lot. The cream is very soft, smooth and creamy. It has a fairly rich consistency but not as rich as some other brands I have bought but it isn't a runny cream. It does feel a nice cream on my fingers.

      All that is needed to apply is to dip the fingertips into the tub and just gently massage the cream into the skin after it has been cleansed thoroughly. I find this cream absorbs really well into my skin in around 3 or 4 minutes, maybe less if you apply a little less of the cream to the face. I also apply it to my neck area too. Once absorbed into my skin, I can definitely feel my skin feels extremely soft. It certainly helps my skin to breathe well and not leave it tight at all. I have really dry, sensitive skin now I am of my mature years and in my 50's, I do need that little extra help for my skin to feel less dry because I hate the feeling of dry skin. It is a feeling I loathe and don't feel comfortable all day if I don't apply a face cream.

      This cream moisturises really well and helps the very dry patches on the face which need extra help.
      The cream is designed for dry to very dry skin. It puts back the moisture back into the skin in a couple of minutes. I have been using this cream on a regular basic along side my other moisturisers and have found this one to be a favourite. I really love the way it has improved my dry skin and helped soften it perfectly. Nourishes just the way I like a cream to work on my skin too.

      It also has SPF15 to protect the skin when outdoors. I think it is a fabulous moisturiser for the summer months for that added protection and I am looking forward to using it for the winter months when my skin can feel really dry with the colder weather.

      This one is also a nice cream for the neck area, some people forget to apply moisturiser to the neck too and that area does need to feel soft too. It doesn't feel sticky, tacky or greasy once absorbed. It just feels soft to the touch. A really nice cream to use as a base cream before applying foundation. I have used it before applying my foundation and I have found my foundation is really easy to apply over the top of this cream with no problems at all with the foundation having problems sliding all over the skin etc, as I have found with some other moisturisers.

      I cannot fault this cream, it is a beautiful day cream. I have used it at different times of the day but always in the evening just before bed and after I have cleansed my face etc. I always do a routine to help keep my skin nice and clean and cleansed and most of all moisturised.

      This range also have different moisturisers for your skin type. Normal/ oily skin and normal/dry skin, so a range for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and this one suits my skin really well.

      I highly recommend this moisturiser if you have really dry skin and are looking to either change a favourite moisturiser or just experiment using a different one for a change. I think if we don't experiment we never know if a product is better than a favourite one we have used for years.

      This cream is priced at £12.50 for a 50ml tub, I think it is very good value for this price because only a small amount is needed to soften the skin. The tub lasts for a long time applied every morning. I use a night cream in the same range for night time before I go to bed. The quality is really good too and I love this range from No 7.

      The tub also comes inside a cardboard box and the box and jar can easily be recycled after use too.
      I will definitely buy this one again in the future, it is now a favourite and worth every penny in my opinion. It is really suitable for my very dry skin and one I absolutely love. Best to buy it if you have a voucher to save more money because the £5 is a huge saving for buying this day cream.

      Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        16.04.2012 15:09
        Very helpful



        a good choice for a night cream

        No7 have recently released a skin care range known as 'Beautiful Skin'. There is a collection of products designed for use by individual skin types.

        *~Night Cream~*

        The collection designed for those with dry to very dry skin has a day cream, night cream, cleansing balm, a hydration mask and a BB (blemish balm) cream. This range is designed to encourage dry skin to act like normal skin.

        The night cream should be used after cleansing in the evening and is designed to work whilst you sleep. No7 claim that this night cream will nourish and hydrate your skin whilst replacing lost moisture as you sleep. It should also leave your skin looking radiant. The cream contains a blend of multivitamin and minerals to lock in moisture. It contains rosehip oil and is hypo-allergenic.


        Each collection under the Beautiful Skin range is colour coded to allow the buyer to identify their skin type. The night cream is presented in a lilac cardboard box. Inside the box, there is a glass pot with a screw top lid. The pot is like the other creams that No7 offer and is sort of one pot inside another. It looks stylish and more expensive than it actually is. The packaging can be recycled and the night cream has a shelf life of 24 months.

        *~Price and Availability~*

        This night cream can be bought in a 50ml pot. Larger Boots stores and www.boots.com stock the cream priced at £13.50. It is worthwhile waiting for the regular 3 for 2 offers, free gift with a spend of around £22 or £5 off vouchers that No7 offer.

        *~My Experience~*

        When it came to updating my skin care products, I decided to stick with No7. After consulting the No7 lady in my local Boots, I decided to change from the Essential Moisture range to the Beautiful Skin range. I made a purchase of the day cream, night cream, cleansing balm and also a BB Cream. Out of all the collection, I have been most impressed with the night cream - I have mixed opinions on the other products. I bought them as part of the 3 for 2 and £5.00 off promotion and saved myself quite a bit. I don't buy unless there is an offer on! I trust No7 as a mid ranged brand.

        I have very dry skin - my forehead is awful and I kept dryness around my cheeks and chin area. I need something intensive to give my skin a much needed drink each night and generally keep it in excellent condition as I don't have the time to apply nourishing face masks every evening before bed. I have been using this night cream for around a month now and nearly every night. The only nights I missed is when I was really ill and couldn't move off the sofa so my skin care regime went to pot then!

        *~Nourish and Hydrate!~*

        I am surprised this cream has a 24 month shelf life as it is opened and exposed to air daily. I always ensure I have clean hands before prodding my fingers in to the pot though you could use a spatula or something similar to avoid germs transfering. Visually, the cream is bright white and looks very rich indeed. I love the scent of this cream - it is fresh and has a light sweet scent. It is always nice to use a product which smells nice especially if I am using it everyday!

        Applying this cream is a true treat. I use the cleansing balm first (usually) to cleanse off make up and general daily muck but sometimes I just use a baby or cosmetic wipe if I am being a tad lazy! This cream has a wonderful consistency - it is light weight yet rich and feels quite luxurious. It spreads across my face effortlessly. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy but simply feels cool and relaxing.

        For a short while after applying, my face feels a little sticky and the subtle sweet scent lingers. As I don't apply make up afterwards, I don't worry about the cream taking longer to sink into my skin. I like a night cream to feel like it is working gradually and sinking into my skin as I sleep - this gives me what I want. By the time my head hits the pillow, my skin feels refreshed and lovely and soft.

        Through regular use, I have noticed an improvement in the dry areas of my face. At first, my face would just feel soft each morning but after using this cream for a while, it is in a more healthy condition and the dryness is less evident. I have had no break outs or soreness and this cream keeps my face looking and feeling a little more 'normal'. This night cream is incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin yet moisturises it deep down as I sleep. When I didn't use this for a few days (through illness), I noticed the dry areas becoming quite bad again so I could tell this cream was benefiting my skin.


        Whilst this night cream keeps my skin from drying out during the night, I still use an additional cream during the day to benefit from additional protection and an SPF inclusion. I have been using the matching day cream but haven't found it to be as effective as the night cream (review will follow). If I am having a day at home, I often slather some of the night cream on to comfort my skin but this obviously isn't ideal for going out and is too heavy for using under make up.

        I use this cream sparingly as a tiny blob is sufficient to thoroughly coat my face. This night cream is effective and my tub barely looks touched. I would estimate a 50ml tub to last me 6 months which I feel is acceptable. It is mid priced - not as cheap as Johnsons and Nivea but not as expensive as Dior and Clinique. I like it - it suits my skin and skin care regime as well as being purse friendly.

        Recommended for dry skin!

        Thanks for reading :)


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          21.03.2012 22:14
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Pricey but worth it

          I've been a little frivolous lately, and after experiencing particularly stressful times at work, I have found myself cheering myself up by escaping on my lunch and buying things I don't really need. This moisturiser was one of those things, which I ended up buying after going to Boots armed with a £5 No 7 voucher, and discovering that the No 7 items were on a 3-for-2 offer.

          The moisturiser is part of No 7's new range, called "Beautiful Skin". It is a night cream, aimed specifically at dry/very dry skin. I've been suffering from very dry flaky skin lately, which I think is caused by the slightly over-vigorous air conditioning in work, and so I thought I'd treat myself to some lotions and potions which might help sort my skin out. The last thing I want with a wedding approaching, is problematic skin, so in my view, it was money well spent.

          At full price, the moisturiser costs £13.50. This is more than I would ever spend on a moisturiser usually, but I decided my skin needed a treat rather than the cheapest product I could find. With the 3-for-2 offer and then the £5 voucher, it actually didn't work out too bad so I don't feel too guilty. I did, however, feel pretty good when I opened the box and saw the jar. The jar it comes in is glass, and has a purple shade to it. It just looks really decadent and reminds me of when I was little and my mum used to have the Oil of Olay (or Ulay as it was then) moisturiser in a jar. I remember messing with it one day and accidentally dropping it because I didn't realise it would be so heavy!

          Anyway, packaging doesn't usually influence me too much, but I did feel like I'd treated myself when I put this on my dressing table. The cream is a night cream, which I'd never felt the need to use before, but as I'm in my thirties now I thought maybe it was time to start investing in products which might help reduce the signs of ageing on my face. I'm aware in particular that I usually neglect my neck when I'm moisturising, and I don't want to end up looking like Madge from "Benidorm".

          The cream is applied at night (obviously) which gives it chance to get to work. The first thing I noticed about this cream is the smell. It is perfumed, and smells absolutely divine. I have quite sensitive skin so I wasn't sure if it might react to the perfumed moisturiser, but it was absolutely fine. I noticed on the box it said it's hypoallergenic, so even though it's perfumed it's still suitable for sensitive skin. I can't really describe the smell, it's a bit floral and girly, and just smells like a good quality moisturiser!

          The moisturiser itself is quite thick, but not like the old Nivea creams or anything like that, it's just a nice consistency to rub into your face without going everywhere. It feels rich and nourishing. I usually dot some around my face and on my neck, to make sure I don't miss anywhere. It absorbs reasonably well, although I'm still aware of it being on my skin when I get into bed. I think it's supposed to be like this though, because it's providing intense moisturisation and at the end of the day you're wearing it for bed so it doesn't really matter if it's not fully absorbed because you're not applying make-up over it or anything. I was a bit concerned at first that it might clog my pores and give me spots, but it's done nothing but improve the condition of my skin.

          The most important thing I've noticed since using this moisturiser, is that my skin feels so much more soft and hydrated, and the dry flaky patches have gone. The first few nights I used this, I awoke eagerly to check my face in the mirror, and was surprised at the difference in my skin after just a few uses. It feels velvety soft, without a dry patch in sight. I have to point out, I use this moisturiser alongside other products from the same range, so it's hard to pinpoint which one is making a difference, but I do feel this moisturiser is working and my skin looks brighter since I've been using it.

          I am glad I invested in this night cream, and I think it's a good habit to get into to make sure my skin ages well. Now, I just need another £5 voucher to go and invest in the day cream.....

          **Please note, this review also appears on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty**


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