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Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Dry / Very Dry

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Texture: Cream / Type: Face Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Boots No7

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    4 Reviews
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      23.11.2013 10:36
      Very helpful



      Bb cream

      Boots no 7 bb cream

      I like these bb creams and having used the Body Shop one, decided to give this one a go.


      The one I use is formulated for dry to very dry skin And will apparently even and enhance skin tone and disguise imperfections, as well as helping to banish blemishes.

      It is also SPF 15 and 5 * UVA technology and hypo allergenic


      The product comes boxed with all of the information and instructions being on the back of the box and inside the box is a 40ml tube of the stuff, again with the instructions and information on the back of the tube. It has a screw on/ off lid and when first used the protective sealing has to be taken off the top. Once this is done, then it's easy to dispense the product by giving the tube a gentle squeeze and out it comes.

      Te cream itself is a light brown in colour and comes in light medium and dark. I have the medium colour figuring that it will cover all bases!

      Given that this one is for dry to very dry skin it isn't as creamy as I had expected it to be and I have found that it's less creamy than other creams of this type and my skin does need to be well moisturised before use.

      USING IT...

      The instructions tell me to shake it but given that it's a tube when I shake it there doesn't seem to be a lot happening. Once shaken the cream should be applied evenly over the skin using a sponge or fingertips.

      A little of the product does go a long way and it is nice and easy to blend so that's a real bonus.


      The product is available online at www.boots.com and also from boots stores.

      It costs £12.95 which seems a bit steep but it does last a long time


      THe cream is easy to apply and really does even skin tone without it being obvious that I am wearing make up. It is light coverage which I like for daytime use.

      As mentioned earlier I find its best to have skin well moisturised before application because if skin is too dry then it doesn't go on as smoothly.

      It doesn't provide all day coverage and I find that after a few hours it is beginning to look a bit tired and really could do with a touch up. On the plus side it does blend with skin tone and matches itself up to whatever colour skin is and gives me a more "wide awake" look first thing in the morning.

      Lasts a long time and no adverse effects on my skin but I have had better bb creams

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      26.01.2013 18:14
      Very helpful
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      Good BB cream

      This is a review of Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Dry / Very Dry which I recently purchased during a 3 for 2 offer on the No 7 counter. I must admit I felt a bit conned in to this purchase as I was trying to use the two vouchers I had and when I did the 3 for 2 transaction I was told I could only use one voucher. A clever ruse by Boots as I picked this item up on the advice of the sales assistant to take advantage of the 3 for 2 and it was £13 I would probably not have spent if I knew that it would invalidate one of the vouchers I planned to use.

      Purchase decision
      Although I wasn't planning to buy this, I had recently come to the end of a BB cream by Dr Jart that I really enjoyed using and so I was looking for something to replace this and was keen to see if the No7 version was any good. I do love the majority of No7 products so it was looking likely to please. As stock was low, I grabbed medium without really checking and I bought it for dry /very dry skin which will be OK for me during winter but dry skin is not something I really suffer much from.

      The Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Dry / Very Dry looks expensive in its boxes packaging. The silver text on a pale lilac background makes it a bit hard to read though as you have to angle it to read it as the writing is reflective. Inside is a plastic 40 ml tube that is a flat shape and easy to hold.

      In use
      I place a squirt of this on the back of my hand and apply with my fingertips to my face and neck. It blends in easily and at first the medium shade looks a little dark on my skin but when it dries, it looks fine and seems to adjust to my skin tone. It feels really creamy and more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I do agree that this gives a bare make up look and is something you can use on its own rather than with a full face of make up. Some days I just use this if I am in a rush and other days I finish it off with some powder. Once it is dry I generally add some bronzer to give a bit more definition to my face. Removing this product is easy, I just use the cream cleanser also from the No7 range.

      My thoughts
      This really does stay in place all day and I also like the fact that it has a spf25 within it. It is not thick and gloopy though, as some face creams with spf in can be. I feel like I am using a moisturiser when I use this cream and this is feeding my skin and keeping it nice and supple. It is not at all greasy which I would kind of expect with a product designed for dry skin. I don't really have any negative views on this product and have enjoyed using it so far.

      A 40ml tube is priced £12.95 which can be reduced if you have a voucher or use a 3 for 2 offer when buying. You will also get Boots points which is a bonus. I am hoarding my Boots points with glee at the moment ready for a real splurge in the future when I might not have the cash to spend.

      Final word
      I highly recommend this cream even if you don't have dry cream, it provides extra protection for your skin in the colder winter months. I found the medium shade to be perfect for my skin and find it gives me a nice polished look without necessarily looking like a face full of foundation or make up. I think that £13 is a bit much to pay but with an offer this makes a good buy.


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        16.09.2012 12:59
        Very helpful



        Boots BB cream

        ** please don't rate , I put this in the wrong section, it's supposed to be for normal/dry skin not oily, thanks **

        I had heard and read lots about BB creams before I bought this one and I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently its a revolutionary new approach to skin care where a cream will work to even and enhance skin tone and disguise imperfections while the nutrient-enriched formula helps to banish blemishes.

        Practically all the make up brands now produce a BB cream so I wasn't too sure which one I was going to buy but I had a No7 voucher from Boots and so decided to purchase one of their creams. I ahve used No7 products in the past and liked them so I was hoping this cream would be good too. 

        There were a number of different creams to choose depending on your skin tone but I decided to go for the one for normal skin as this most matches my skin type. When I was first researching these creams I wasn't aware that they were tinted too so this was quite a surprise for me when I tried the tester in Boots that the cream was actually more like a foundation than a primer or a clear cream but I decided to try it anyway. I usually wear the Olay tinted moisturiser so its sort of the same thing as I do not like to use a heavy foundation on my face, I much prefer the natural look. 

        This BB cream from No7 says, "Take off those winter layers and reveal your outer beauty this spring with new No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream." The tinted moisturiser was a medium based colour and so works well on my fairly pale skin. The cream is easy to use and blends well onto my face. Its quite light which I like and you can blend it in well and I think this is because it is a cream based moisturiser. I find I only need a bit of this to get a nice coverage on my face as I don't like it really heavy. I apply a little bit more under my eyes as these are quite discoloured at the moment. 

        Around my nose I also have little red veins that are a bit noticeable and I find this cream does quite well at covering them up without looking like I've covered them up. If I look at my profile in the mirror after I have put on this cream my skin does look quite smooth and balanced and I like that look. I apply powder over the top and I get a really nice complexion. 

        The cream also has the added protective power of SPF 15 and 5 * UVA technology to help skin stay youthful. 

        A tube costs £12.95 from Boots and I think its a nice way to put your face on. 


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        02.04.2012 15:51
        Very helpful



        negatives far out weigh the positives for me and I would not recommend this product

        No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream: Dry/Very Dry skin Formula

        I bought this product a few days after it was released in stores (about two months ago I think) as this is the first foundation/tinted moisturiser type product that I had seen that is aimed at dry to very dry skin - which is what I have, but less so now that my eczema is nearly gone. When I bought it this product sounded perfect for me and my skin type but on the whole I am really quite disappointed by this product and I will not buy it again.

        - Product description (from boots.com)

        "Take off those winter layers and reveal your outer beauty this spring with new BB cream. It's unique 3-in-1 formula evens and enhances skin tone and disguises imperfections, while the nutrient-enriched formula helps to banish blemishes. And with the added protective power of SPF 15 and 5 * UVA technology to help skin stay youthful, BB is the only way to wear this season's must-have essential - perfectly-pared back, beautiful skin."

        - What is a BB Cream, about this product and packaging

        A BB Cream is basically like a tinted moisturiser as it does not have heavy coverage and it is light feeling on the skin. I have tried the Garnier BB Cream and I was very disappointed by it but as this product claims to be designed for dry to very dry skin I thought that I would give it a try. Also on the box this product claims to have light to medium coverage and a BB Cream that has medium coverage is something I have not seen/heard of before now. This product comes in a squeezy tube and it has a small nozzle dispenser which is great in my opinion as it means that you cannot really dispense too much product. Overall I like the tube container as it is hygienic and you cannot really waste any product when dispensing but I think the packaging looks really boring and unimaginative. One tube contains 40ml or 1.3 us fl. oz. of product. This product is also hypoallergenic, it has UVA and UVB (SPF 15) protection and it is made in France.

        - Shade: Who is the fairest of them all?

        I bought this product in the shade 'Fair' as it is the lightest shade and I am fairly pale, but there is only one other shade! If you have pale skin then I think you will be able to buy the fair but if you are really pale/fair I think the 'fair' shade may be a little bit too dark and too orange. If you have tanned skin then the medium shade may be suitable. If you have dark/olive/extremely pale skin tones then I don't think either of the shades will be suitable. The 'fair' shade is a medium beige colour that against my skin tone when it is not blended in looks too dark and really quite orangey, which is not what I want. But when this shade is blended into my skin it matches me fairly well, although it is still a little bit too orange for me. Overall, the shade is ok but it is slightly too orange for my skin tone especially at this time of the year but in the summer when I have a bit of a tan I think it would match my skin tone really quite well.

        - Texture, consistency and scent

        The texture of this product is one of the best points in my opinion as this product has a really nice texture, as it is really smooth therefore it applies and blends into my skin really nicely and fairly quickly too. This product has a kind of gel/cream texture which makes it nice to apply and it has a fairly thick consistency which is very different to my Revlon colourstay foundation which is really quite thin and runny. In terms of scent, I do not like face products or makeup products that are scented and this product is great as it does not have a scent really and it does not irritate my skin really either and I think this is mainly because it is unscented - although it has a very, very slight plastic/clay scent but it is not noticeable at all when it is on the skin.

        - Using the product

        I first start by cleansing my face with my 'REN Hydra-Calm cleansing gel' which makes my skin really smooth and then I apply my moisturiser which is currently 'Eucerin Replenishing night cream' which is quite heavy but it absorbs into my skin quite well. I apply this BB cream as soon as possible after my moisturiser so that the BB cream has a really smooth, moisturised surface to apply to. I dispense a small amount of this product onto the back of my hand and then apply to my face. I dispense about a small pea sized amount onto the back of my hand so that I can then apply the BB cream where and when I need it. I have tried a few application methods with this product such as fingertips, a foundation brush and a buffing brush (from my real techniques core collection brush set). I find that the best and the easiest way to apply and blend this product is using by my fingertips. When I have tried to use a foundation brush with this product I find that I always get a lot of streaks and it just does not look natural or even when I try to apply this product with a foundation brush. With my buffing brush I find that I get very little streaking which is great but I do not really like buffing brushes for my skin as the more I work a product such as this into my skin, the more my skin looks cakey and dry. To apply this product with my fingertips I just dot the BB cream from the back of my hand to my face where I need it first, then over the rest of my skin in a thin layer. I find that I cannot just apply this product where I need it as the colour is slightly too orange for my skin tone. So I have to apply it first to the areas that need the coverage, then to the rest of my face in a thin layer so that my skin does not look slightly patchy or uneven.

        I like the application of this product as it has a really smooth texture and it has a fairly thick consistency too, both of these factors make this product nice and fairly easy to apply/blend. I find that when I apply this it can look a little bit cakey and obvious even though I only apply a small amount which I do not like. Overall, I like the application of this product but I find that the only way I can apply and blend it is with my fingers, as otherwise with a foundation brush it can look really quite streaky and unnatural. I do like the formula of this product as when I apply this to my skin it does not make my skin look really dry or flaky like a lot of foundations and face products do and it feels a tiny bit moisturising too.

        - Results and longevity

        Once I have applied this product to my skin I find that it does not do a lot at all! My skin looks basically looks the same. For example, I still have redness although it is very slightly reduced, I still have dark circles as this product does not have nearly enough coverage to conceal them and I still have some minor blemishes. This product has not really evened out my skin tone and my skins redness is still showing though and my blemishes are not concealed. Overall, in terms of coverage, I am very disappointed by this product as it states on the box to be light to medium coverage and it is definitely not medium coverage! This product has light coverage and it cannot be built to be medium coverage as on my skin if I try to add more product it just looks really quite cakey, obvious and unnatural. I am disappointed by this product overall and the only positive results I see from this product on my skin are as follows: it appears to mask the large pores on my skin really quite well although they are still slightly noticeable and the second positive result is that this BB cream does not emphasise my skins dryness, which is great. Overall, there are only two minor positive results for me from this product and I will definitely not buy this product again and I do not recommend this product unless you have prefect skin. Although you probably won't need any product like this if you do have perfect skin. In terms of longevity, this product is average and it lasts for about three to four hours on my skin (without a powder, as setting powders look awful on my dry skin) as by then the large pores that where once covered really quite well are now visible.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this product when it was released a couple of months ago I think and it is priced at £12.95 which is more expensive than my incredible Revlon colourstay foundation which is my Holy Grail product. I used a No7 £5 off voucher when I bought this so it was £7.95 which is a more reasonable price, especially as it does not work well for me. This product can only be purchased from boots stores and from boots.com. There are two other formulas to this BB cream range which include a normal to oily skin formula and a normal to dry skin formula. I do not like this product but I really like the concept of making makeup specific for certain skin types. I like that No7 have made these BB creams specific to various skin types and I think more companies should do this as it would definitely help individuals such as myself who have extreme skin types.


        *Really smooth texture which makes it nice and fairly easy to apply
        *Fills in/masks pores really quite well
        *Does not emphasise my really dry skin and has UVA/UVB protection
        *Comes in a range of formulas for various skin types such as oily, 'normal' and very dry skin
        *Does not really irritate my skin - very, very slight itching sometimes

        *Only comes in two shades and this shade ('fair') looks slightly orange against my pale skin tone
        *Only has light coverage - it definitely does not have medium coverage!
        *Not enough coverage to cover my redness, dark circles or minor blemishes
        *Price but you can use a no7 £5 to get money off
        *Ok packaging/tube but it looks really quite boring in my opinion and no natural ingredients to my knowledge
        *Cannot be built to for more coverage in my opinion as it just makes my skin look cakey and slightly patchy

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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