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Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Dry / Very Dry Skin

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2015 01:41
      Very helpful


      • "good brand"


      • "Did not like this"

      Not a day time moisturiser for my skin...

      I bought a set of No7 skin care last year which included this day cream in it. I was excited to try it as I do like most of the No7 range from Boots. I knew it was quite expensive to buy on its own as well so buying it in the set made for a lot better value. I also bought my mum a set too as she is a big fan of the brand as well.

      First impressions
      I loved the fancy glass jar and it looked fab on my dresser but the love for this item stopped there. I hated the smell and consistency and it just did not seem to do my skin any favours.

      In use
      I found this far to thick for a day cream. It was the consistency I expect of a night cream except there was a night cream in the set as well so I did try it as a day cream but it sat on my skin without sinking in and I just hated it. I ended up wastefully using it as a body moisturiser as I didn't want to waste it or throw it away but could not bear to put it on my face!

      Boots sell a 50ml pot of this day cream for £12.50 and it is also buy two get one free at the moment on the no7 line. You would also get Boots points for your purchase.

      Final word
      I won't be buying this again. It was just really awful on my skin and I definitely needed something a little lighter for day time.


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      30.11.2014 22:25
      Very helpful



      The promise of Beautiful Skin!

      This No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream was given to me as part of a gift set last year.

      ~ Packaging ~
      My day cream comes in a 25ml tube with a pink/purple lid, which it sits on, but it usually comes in a pot containing 50ml of product with a pink/purple stripe around the lid.

      ~ Price ~
      As I got mine as part of a gift set, my night cream comes in a 25ml tube, but the night cream is usually sold in a 50ml pot for £12.50. As it is a No 7 product it is only available from Boots or boots.com.

      ~ In use ~
      The cream is white in colour and it feels very light.
      I find that you don’t need to use much of this product to get a good coverage. It is not too thick and it doesn’t take much effort to rub it in. It sinks into your skin very quickly. The cream does not feel heavy on your skin and leaves no residue at all, which is good.
      It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking hydrated. My skin looks radiant after using this day cream.
      The cream also offers a sun protection factor of 15, which is great as it is important to protect your skin from the sun.
      The packaging advises to smooth into your face and neck after cleansing every morning. I also use the matching night cream, which was also in the gift set that I received.
      I have not had any irritation or reaction from using this day cream and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight.
      I have been impressed with this cream. I was really pleased to see this in the gift set when I opened it and I looked forward to trying it out. I have been really pleased with the results. I think my skin looks brighter and healthier after I use this day cream.
      I would definitely purchase this day cream again. I think it is reasonably priced and makes my skin look and feel moisturised and radiant. It feels like it is doing my skin some good.


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      11.07.2012 08:44
      Very helpful



      not up to standard

      No7 is a beauty brand offered by Boots the Chemist.

      ~Beautiful Skin Day Cream~

      The Beautiful Skin range from No7 includes different collections of skin care products suitable for certain skin types. The dry/very dry collection includes a few different products. As well as the day and night cream, the collection also includes a BB Cream, a cleansing balm and a hydration mask.

      The day cream is this collection has SPF 15. It should be applied each morning after cleansing. This day cream is designed to moisturise your skin, nourish and leave the perfect base on which to apply your make up. This day cream is hypo-allergenic so is suitable for those with sensitive skin.


      As with the matching night cream, this day cream is presented in a lilac, cardboard box. The cream itself is presented in a glass pot with a screw top lid. Like other No7 pots, this pot has a double construction wall which keeps the cream fresh. The pot can be recycled and this cream has a 12month shelf life. I like the packaging - it looks expensive.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Beautiful Skin Day Cream can be bought from Boots or www.boots.com. A 50ml pot is priced at £12.50. It is worth waiting for special offers that No7 offer including free gifts, 3 for 2 and £5.00 off vouchers.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a big fan of the No7 brand so when it came to replacing my skin care products, I opted to try the Beautiful Skin range. A few months ago, I made use of the £5.00 off vouchers and spent a fortune on new products including the entire collection of the dry to very dry skincare products. I managed to purchase the day cream for £7.50 which is a fair price for a mid ranged day cream.

      A day cream is important to me. I have really dry skin which is sensitive too. If I don't use a day cream, my skin suffers badly through the day. I cannot apply any sort of make up to my face unless I have smooth skin either - it simply looks awful. This day cream is quite strongly scented but fresh. It has quite a thick, creamy consistency which is easy to scoop out the pot and apply to my face.

      I wasn't massively keen on this day cream from the start. I prefer a day cream which is cool and soothing for my skin and didn't experience this with this day cream. When I applied this to my skin, it felt a little tingly - not sore in any way but it didn't give the same soothing experience I would expect from a day cream. I only ever applied a little blob of this day cream as too much and my skin ends up feeling heavy and greasy.

      A small blob feels lightweight on my skin and soaks in quickly - possibly a bit too quickly for long lasting results. This day cream isn't very hydrating despite claiming to be suitable for dry to very dry skin. My skin didn't feel very moisturised - only a tad. I felt like the day cream clung to my skin and emphasised the dry bits especially around my forehead. My skin did feel smooth around my cheeks and chin area but this cream was barely effective on the dryer bits of my face. The scent lingered for a while.


      This day cream does have some benefits. It isn't heavy on the skin despite being so thick and it does contain a small amount of SPF which is good enough for a little bit of sun exposure. It just doesn't perform as well as it should. It doesn't moisturise and hydrate unlike the matching night cream.

      I cannot say that I recommend this day cream. There are much better day creams and I have moved on to something different as I didn't get on with this No7 day cream.

      Thanks for reading x


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