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Boots No7 Gentle Renewing No Grains Exfoliator

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Brand: Boots / Type: Exfoliator / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates / Product line: Boots No7

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    2 Reviews
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      15.07.2009 22:28
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      It works and works well, just not convinced about it seperating!

      I bought this product because I had a voucher for £5 off No7 at Boots and it cost less than £5! I think that it must have been on some additional promotion as other reviewers paid more than this. The product was in a 75ml transparent tube with golden writing, this is fairly standard for No7 products. As with all No7 products it is hypoallergenic, so great for those with sensitive skin.

      I didn't have any expectations of this product before I used it, I was curious to see if it really could exfoliate despite having 'no grains' which is what you would expect in a typical facial exfoliator.

      The product itself was very creamy and I found that you needed to use very little in order to wash your whole face and neck. I was really surprised that it actually did exfoliate and left my face feeling smooth and clean (I have come across a few exfoliators which don't even remove your make-up properly!). My skin did feel a little tight afterwards, but I do have very dry skin, however after applying my usual amount of moisturiser it felt fine again.

      The only thing I'm not too keen with this product is that within a month of me buying it, it had started to seperate out, and no amount of shaking would make it look like it used to! I'm not sure whether I would buy it again for this reason (unless I get another No7 voucher) as although it seems alright to use I'm just not quite sure about it


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        06.06.2008 07:02
        Very helpful



        No.7 no grains exfoliator

        I bought this product because I was coming to the end of my Avon Clearskin face scrub. I actually planned to buy No.7's Radiance Revealed Exfoliator, because it's one of my favourites, but when I spotted this one, I decided to buy it instead, as I love trying out new products.

        ~About the product~

        This is a facial exfoliator from No.7 at Boots. It is designed to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities. Most exfoliators contain grains, which when rubbed across the skin, slough away any dry skin and dead skin cells. This is different, in that it contains no grains, as the name of the product suggests. It doesn't explain anywhere how the product actually works though.

        It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.


        This comes in a fairly plain looking tube, with the No.7 logo in gold and a flip top lid. The tube has a pearly sheen as do a lot of the other No.7 products, but you can still see through it, so you know how much you have left.

        ~Using it~

        I was quite surprised when I squeezed some of this out into the palm of my hand for the first time. Although through the tube it just looks like a plain white cream, when you dispense it, it looks like liquid pearls. It has a lovely pearly effect to the lotion, and looks gorgeous and luxurious! It doesn't really have a smell to it at all - maybe a slight lotion type scent, but it's certainly not strong.

        To use, you need to massage the product into damp skin and then rinse. The lotion glides really easily over the skin, and feels just as silky as it looks. The exfoliator is not very thick in consistency, so spreads out over the skin easily meaning only a small amount is needed. It also rinses off easily with warm water.


        Before I used this, I had two thoughts about it. I thought either one - it wouldn't work because there were no grains in it, or two - It will use some sort of harsh chemical to get rid of dead skin and I would react badly to it. Luckily, I seemed to be wrong on both counts.

        Having dry skin, I need to exfoliate regularly, especially if I'm using foundation, as it clings to dry patches. Now the weather is getting a bit warmer, my skin isn't drying out as much, but I still find that this is very good at getting rid of any flaky patches that I get.

        It left my skin feeling smooth, the only downside is that immediately after use, my skin felt a bit tight and dried out after use, so I have to use a heavy moisturiser after using it.

        The product was gentle on my sensitive skin and didn't irritate it at all.


        This costs £8.75 for a 75ml tube, so it's not particularly cheap, especially when compared to my Avon one, which is great and only costs £3.50 for one the same size.


        This was OK, but I doubt I will buy it again. As I said, it's quite expensive, and although it will get rid of any flaky patches of dried out skin, I didn't like the way it made my skin feel. Yes, it was smooth, but also tight and dry, and the dryness it causes just lead to more flaky patches, meaning using it is a vicious circle.


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        Smooth your way to super soft skin with this gentle, no-grains exfoliating lotion /

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