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Nude Replenishing Night Oil

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  • a non greasy oil
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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2014 22:22


      • "a non greasy oil"


      • price

      A true beauty oil

      I was fortunate to receive a sample of the Nude Oil in a recent beauty box and made use of the sample for a week or so.

      First impressions
      The packaging was a small pump bottle which was great for dispensing two to three drops each time as a facial treatment.

      In use
      To use you warm up two to three drops between your hands and press it on the face and décolleté after cleansing. I applied it at night time so that it has evening and overnight to work its magic.

      What's it made of?
      This oil is made with a unique blend of omega oils that instantly absorb in to the skin for a dewy complexion.

      The price
      A 30ml bottle costs £58 which is rather expensive, outside of my budget but it really would last a long time as my 5ml bottle lasted a couple of weeks with regular use.

      My thoughts
      I love this face oil and it's amazing how it doesn't feel at all greasy on the skin. It just sinks in and plumps out the skin and makes it look really nice and sooth and it also takes away any dryness instantly. It also works well on some hangman's lines I have on my neck making them look less obvious.

      Final word
      I have used a few beauty oils now and this is definitely up there with the best. The key is definitely in less is more, although I do find it strange how this product does not get greasy. The recommended two to three drops per application is enough for face, neck and left to do its magic you can really tell it is working. I probably won't buy the full size as it's too expensive for my budget but I will look out for more samples online as it's a great brand to use.


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      02.12.2007 23:03
      Very helpful



      Amazingly scented non-greasy facial oil, not sure how much it works.

      This year I was lucky enough to get on the testing panel for The Green Beauty Bible (organic/natural sister book to The 21st Century Beauty Bible). I was quite unbiased when testing most of the products because I didn't know most of the brand names and therefore had no idea of the price or their reputation either. I had ten things to test and this was the facial oil.

      I have very limited experience with using facial oils but I was willing to give this a proper trial as skin contains its own natural oils so it makes sense that well selected oils would work well to further protect and repair your skin. As I said above, I was unbiased with most of these products because I didn't know the brand names. I didn't know the brand name Nude but the packaging was so appealing that it immediately made me biased as I wanted to like it. d'oh! It is minimalistic and plain, just a simple lilac matte plastic tube in a soft rectangular shape, product name on the front and ingredients on the back, but it's cute! (oh, and fully recyclable of course).

      The container is relatively good function-wise also, because the oil is safely contained within a sealed compartment and it won't leak out and the cap is unlikely to come off either. It's always a good idea to have oils in opaque containers otherwise light can make them go rancid quicker. The only thing I can fault is that the pump is rather stiff so you almost always end up with a full pump so you can't easily use for example, 1 ½ pumps. Apart from that it's pretty much as expected, you pump out a little bit of oil being careful not to waste too much getting it between your fingers and under your nails because it's hard to apply to your face that way. The oil is quite runny and typically yellowy oil coloured. It is not so runny that you'll lose it and it spreads relatively well if you apply it like I do - a dot on each area - both cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, then massage it in. It smells AMAZING, like a bowl of summery pot pourri, and looking at the ingredients it's obvious why. It is described on the tube as "an essential blend with omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. Raspberry, cranberry, vanilla, kukui, nigella, camellia and macadamia oils nourish and protect for silky, soft skin." The scent is moderately strong so it'll need to be a scent that your partner likes otherwise they won't be very impressed with your nocturnal aroma. Luckily my boyfriend really liked it too.

      There are two things that cause me a bit of concern when using a new facial oil: firstly, I wonder whether it will clog my pores horribly and give me spots and secondly if it will grease up my hairline whilst I'm in bed making my hair look like it's been in a chip pan. The second thing might not bother people who wash their hair every morning, but I'm sure the first must be a common concern especially as oils aren't as commonly used as creams. I was pleasantly surprised when first using this oil because I noticed straight away that when I applied the oil once I had finished massaging it in there was little to no visible evidence that I had used it. My face was never left shiny or oily, it just looked healthy, and using the oil never dirtied my hair prematurely. Using this for a couple of weeks I never found that it made my skin oilier during the day, which may be a concern for some people.
      It's sometimes hard to know whether a product is having an effect on your face or whether it's just other things in your life - diet, stress, period, lack of exercise etc. Before I began testing this I was getting spots which I don't normally get, but I am stressed at the moment and eating badly/not exercising so I put it down to all this. When I began testing this oil it didn't seem to make the spots worse but neither did it make them better. I finished testing the oil a while ago and I still have the annoying spots coming up so I don't think it was this causing it. I have also noticed that I've had more blackheads recently, but I don't know whether or not the oil caused these because I have not done anything positive for my skin recently (I normally do steaming, mud masks, regular exercise helps keep my skin clear which I haven't been doing).

      (",) A quick note about nude skincare - taken from their website (",)
      "Nude is free from the chemicals you would rather your body didn't absorb.

      Our first priority is to formulate without ingredients which are irritating to the skin or potentially harmful to the body and we have minimised our use of preservatives by using airless packaging. Where necessary, we have selected a safe, non-irritating, synthetic preservative because the natural option caused skin irritation.

      We will always choose organic ingredients wherever possible. However, some of the advanced ingredients we use, such as peptides from milk, simply aren't available organically.

      Nude has not conducted, or commissioned any animal testing on ingredients or products and we actively support the development of alternative ingredient testing methods through sponsorship of the UK charity FRAME"

      They claim to be beautiful without parabens, sulphates, PEGs, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones, GM and potential carcinogens. All these things are frequently added to products because I recognise them from ingredients lists. If any of the above things bother you then Nude may have a major selling point. Personally I am not too concerned by the things I apply to my skin if they don't create a reaction. I keep an eye on the ingredients but not obsessively because I think it'd made more sense to eat organic food before bothering about skin products.

      It is hard for me to say whether this had much of a positive effect on my skin given the circumstances. I noticed that my skin was a bit less dry during the trial period (I don't normally get dry skin but stress dries it out).

      I still have some left so I think I may wait until my skin calms down then try it again just out of curiosity. Either way, I am glad it's not a miracle product because it comes in a 15ml tube and costs £42! Definitely not within my budget for skin care....(unless it was truly amazing).

      See www.nudeskincare.com for more information on the brand.


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      Protects and nourishes the skin leaving it feeling soft and silky /

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