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OC Eight Mattifying Gel

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Brand: OC Eight / Type: Facial Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2011 13:29
      Very helpful



      This is now a staple product of mine and will never be without.

      ***Why I want the product***
      As a woman with oily skin I always have an endless supply of oily absorbing powder and blotting tissues/paper. On a few occasions I thought I have found my holy grail of mattifying products but they always developed their flaws later on, which mostly means my face gets oily again after a few hours and with makeup on it is near impossible to keep re-applying the product to naked skin.

      Watching a random makeup video on YouTube a good few months ago a woman talked about how oily her skin was and nothing worked for her until a Dermatologist recommended a product to her that can be bought without prescription.

      The product in question is called OC Eight Mattifying Gel, a product I had never heard of before but was interested to find out more.

      ***About the product***
      OC Eight is described as a hard working gel that has been formulated to work with oily to very oily skin types for oil control throughout the day without the need for touching up.

      This breakthrough mattifying gel deposits invisible mico-particals onto the skin to capture excess oil on contact, thus controlling shine all day. OC Eight is said to work for up to eight hours a day, hence the name, allowing confidence to the user by knowing their complexion is shine free with a matte appearance for up to eight hours.
      It has been known that makeup artists to the stars use this miracle gel to keep them fresh faced all day long.

      A full size tube OC Eight comes in at 45g.

      ***What the ingredients that make OC Eight so special?***
      OC Eight has been formulated with Acrysorb, an ingredient which is known for its absorbing properties that lock away surface oil on contact for hours while being invisible to the naked eye without compromising your skins natural pH balance. Acrysorb has the ability to permanently trap up to 6x their own volume in oil, which is unheard of in the skin care industry without a prescription.

      A shocking discovery on mine was an ingredient called Propylene Glycol. This is the main ingredient used in anti-freeze. Propylene Glycol is colourless and is used in cosmetics, baby wipes, skincare items as well as anti-freeze, de-icer, pet foods, lotions and other personal care products. Even though this ingredient sounds shocking it is actually an amazing ingredient that helps to retain moisture and oil content, that is why some pet foods are soft, wet and chewy. It makes the skin feel moist without ever drying it out or make it feel uncomfortable.
      Sodium Hydroxide is used to control the pH of your skin type, and in cosmetics and personal skin care products.

      Methylparaben is used in many cosmetics, food and drugs. It comes from another ingredient called benzoic acid and is believed to have rejuvenating properties for skin.
      The main job of methylparaben is to kill unwanted bacteria, fungi and microbes that might otherwise grow in beauty products and be potentially harmful.

      OC Eight is alcohol and fragrance free, which is perfect for sensitive skin types, none-comedogenic - perfect for acne or congested prone skin types and none drying.

      This product comes in a simple matte white cardboard rectangle with OC Eight with a blue background border with writing underneath saying what the product is and a brief description.
      The back of the box states its unique formula, directions of use, ingredients and an expiry date of 12 months once opened.

      The product itself is like the packaging, simple matte white design that looks clean and fresh. The screw off lid is the same blue as the blue band on the box.

      ***How to use this product***
      In the past with other mattifying products you are to apply them like a moisturiser, then you can apply your desired SPF or moisturiser on top. OC Eight works differently by applying this like a primer, over the top of your SPF without compromising the SPF factor you have just applied.
      On cleansed skin apply OC Eight in a light layer in circular movements. Once dry you are free to apply oil free makeup if required.

      ***Applying the product, and how it feels***
      After my SPF has sunk in and blotted excess oil or moisture if needed I then squeeze a small amount of product from the tube, there is no scent what so ever and the product looks light with an off white colour appearance that looks almost transparent. As it is a gel it feels very smooth and glides on my skin smoothly, almost feeling like a serum it's that light. As I have oily skin and not just combination skin I apply OC Eight all over my face avoiding my eye contour area. Only a tiny amount is needed, I would say bit bigger than the size of a pea is used to cover my entire face with the desired light layer affect that is needed for OC Eight to work effectively. The product feels cool on skin upon contact but quickly warms up with your body temperature.

      Unlike La Roche Posay Effaclar M where as soon as product is in contact with the skin it dries instantly matte, OC Eight looks wet, right before your eyes you can see the product drying and my skin looked no longer oily.
      In fact it looks matte without looking so matte my face looks dry. Even when OC has dried makeup application can begin is necessary without any problems. In fact OC Eight say this mattifying gel is perfect as a makeup primer as it's applied over your moisturiser so a separate primer is no longer needed.

      I have also found with other mattifying products applied over the top of moisturiser the matte product seems to 'roll' off into little balls along with your moisturiser, this is due to the two products are not compatible to work together and separate. I have not come across any problems like this with OC Eight.

      As soon as OC Eight is applied to my skin and once the product dried, which takes a few seconds I could see the difference in my appearance. My skin was matte without looking dry or harshly matte.

      ***With makeup application***
      Applying makeup afterwards is so much easier to apply as there is no more shine and endless amounts of powder needed. I find my other makeup such as foundation, whether it will be liquid or mineral lasts longer as one application is needed all day. As there is no harsh dry parts on my face due to the mattifyer drying out my skin too much I am able to achieve a flawless yet natural finish without looking made up.

      As OC Eight is also combines use of a primer there was no need for me to touch up in the day apart from a little concealer in different places as my matte appearance means my makeup no longer slides off my face through the day.

      ***Does OC Eight really last eight hours?***
      In an absolute nutshell, yes I would say it does. However, there has been a few times some oil has come through a few hours after but this has been when I've been in a hot kitchen cooking, baking and after while ironing! Even then I would not say I was back to how I normally am, far from it. My face looked more of a light shiny glow instead of an oily mess. On this occasion I did re-apply a very small amount to the areas I felt more oily without making a pigs ear of my makeup but a little makeup re-application was needed when OC Eight dried.

      Wearing it every time leaves me in absolute confidence that I am shine free, all day and when I say all day I really do mean eight hours. Every time I have worn this product I have mostly applied it in the morning around 7:00am and took my makeup off at night around 9:00am, by that time my skin is still shine free apart from a little glow, which is nothing to moan about.
      There have been times that my face feels like it is greasy and I've been looking at the mirror ready to blot and moan about another useless product, but to my surprise my face has been matte and fresh looking with no scrap of oil or shine in sight.

      ***Price and availability***
      I bought this product from www.pharmacy2u.co.uk for £10.15

      ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
      This is a product I adore, my absolute holy grail in mattifying gels/creams and a product I can see me purchasing for years to come. It does exactly what it says it will without the harsh dryness that these gels/cream can create, which brings a whole of new problems to deal with.

      I love the fact this gel does not compromise on my SPF, it fact it works with it and doubles as a primer. I love everything and everything this product brings. 45g of tube means long lasting product for you for a price that is very reasonable.

      ***Would I purchase again?***
      Do I really have to say? This product has been amazing and I honestly cannot rate it recommend it enough for oily skin types without the need for a prescription.


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