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Oil of Olay Daily Facials Clarify Renewing Scrub

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Brand: Oil of Olay / Scrub / Type: Facial Scrub / Subcategory: Face Oil / Scrub / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Exfoliates, Purifies,

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2008 17:49
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      Dont bother

      I have an Olay daily facials renewing scrub on my bathroom shelf. Its been there in a half used state for quite a while, and the following should explain why.

      To start with I do not and have never had a professional facial. For one thing I dont have the money but the idea of going to a place to be prodded and plucked by some random woman while she askes you insipid questions doesnt exactly fill me with joy. Anyway as somewhat of an alturnative i bought this "Daily facials" product from Olay, not that I can compare it with that of a facial iIpresumed it would give me more than your standard product.

      It is a facial scrub to be used everyday, morning and evening and then you are supposed to use an Olay toner and moisuriser afterwards. It contains a dual hydroxy complex (whatever that is) that is supposed to lift off impurities and dead skin cells. It contains sage, gree tea and aloe vera to purify and care for skin.

      It comes in a 150ml squeezy plastic tube with a grey flip top on the bottom that you can stand it up on. The packaging is basically some blue/grey/purple ribbons surrounding the olay logo and name. The tube is semi-transparent and you can see that the scrub is a dull grey colour, kind of like rain water mixed with dirt. Nice!

      The scrub says it is suitable for oily and combination skins so I presumed it would be a pretty hard formula. The scrub itsself is a grey gel with blue grains inside, it does have a nice fresh scent but thats the only good thing I can say about it.

      I used it by wetting my face and then lathering up a small amount in my hand, I felt no roughness to the scrub at all on my face and wondered whether it was actually doing anything. It just felt like using a face wash. After I had washed it off my face felt very tight and I new my skin was too sensitive to be using this anymore. I dont think it was the grains inside the scrub that made it tight and I couldnt feel them at all but it was more the ingredients in the gel

      Basically the chemicals it contains was too harsh for my skin to be using it everyday, and I dont think it was effective as a scrub either.

      The scrub is 4.49 at boots and part of a 2 olay products for 6 pound offer.


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        30.10.2007 20:55
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        Not a good scrub

        I am a big fan of facial scrubs. I find they keep my skin looking soft, fresh and healthy. A couple of months ago, I ordered some toiletries from Boots.com, but thanks to the rather dodgy search facility, couldn't find my usual Neutrogena product. This Olay product was thrown up though and as it was a good name and the price wasn't too high (it was on special offer at the time), I bought it.

        The packaging
        The product comes in a very generous 150ml tube that is very easy to use in the shower when your hands are slippy. The colours on the tube are purple, not something that I would usually identify with Olay, but it is attractive enough. Unfortunately, that is about the only plus side to this product.

        The claim
        The product claims 'to gently lift off impurities and dead skin cells to reveal newer looking skin.' The inclusion of sage, green tea and aloe vera is supposed to care and purify skin. I can't find anywhere that says what sort of skin it is for, but as it is Olay, I presume that it is for more mature skin and therefore a little gentler than the average scrub.

        The ingredients
        Although the ingredients of sage, green tea and aloe vera are highlighted, they make up a very small part of what is in the product. There is a huge list of unpronouncable chemicals, most of which I have never heard of. The usual glycerin is there, but that is about the only one I have heard of.

        There is a very slight smell to the product - a very pleasant clean smell is about the only way I can describe it.

        The product
        When I first used it, squeezing out about a fifty pence piece-worth, I was a bit taken aback to see that the product is pale purple, with tiny blue beads - I expected something a little more natural looking than that! My second impression was how cold and slimy it was, much colder and slimier than any other facial scrub I have ever used. However, I didn't let this put me off, but massaged it over my face in circular movements, then rinsed off with warm water, finishing with a splash of cold water to tighten the pores.

        I had noticed that the scrub was much less harsh than other scrubs I have used and was interested to see how well it would react on my skin. When I looked at the results in the mirror, I wasn't that impressed. Frankly, it didn't have much of an effect - I may as well have used a foaming facial wash for all the 'scrub' properties that it had. I appreciate that older skins perhaps don't need as much exfoliating as younger ones, but at 38 with slightly oily skin, this just didn't cut it.

        On the plus side, it didn't dry out my skin in any way - I find most facial scrubs do. However, as I apply moisturiser afterwards anyway, this isn't a particular advantage for me.

        I was quite disappointed by this product. I bought it over two months ago and will use it all up, but I am not in any hurry and have already bought another, much better product that I use most of the time - a Cyclax facial scrub with apricot kernels, which is miles better and much cheaper. I can't remember exactly what I paid for this, because it was on offer at the time, but the current price is £4.49 for 150 ml. For the size, it isn't too bad, but considering that it doesn't really work all that well, I certainly won't be buying it again. If you are interested though and spend £20 plus on Olay products from boots.com, you can get an extra 1000 Advantage card points, which equates to £10 - this does make it a bit more palatable.


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      • Product Details

        Gently removes impurities and dead skin cells to reveal newer looking skin / The combination of sage, green tea and aloe vera helps purify and care for your skin /

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