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Oil of Olay Definity Intense Anti Ageing Cream

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4 Reviews
  • has a illuminating effect
  • makes you glow
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    4 Reviews
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      22.06.2013 21:58
      Very helpful



      2 stars

      I used to really like this anti-ageing cream but now I have found that other products are much better. Oil of Olay or Olay as it is now called used to be a really reliable product and when I heard about anti ageing creams this was the brand I went to. We all want to do what we can to keep our young looks and so paying a premium is sometimes really appealing. This costs around £25 which actually is quite a reasonable price to pay when compared to others but it still is a lot of money especially if you use it daily.

      When I first used this several years ago I thought it was great, now though I have found other products which work better.

      It comes in a cardboard box and inside that is the tub which is glass and has a dark lid. The tub always looks really appealing and stands up against other upmarket products. I never keep it in the box the little tub takes up less space and looks much nicer.

      The cream is quite light but this doesn't mean it doesn't go on easily. In fact, because it's so light it is easy to apply and it does go a long way. It is slightly fragranced and I really like the smell. It is meant to penetrate many layers of skin and help to keep you young. It contains SPF 15 too which is a bonus as this really helps to reduce damage from the sun which leads to ageing.

      Now where I find that this isn't as good as other brands is that it didn't make a huge difference. It absorbed really quickly which was good as it meant applying make up afterwards was fine but I didn't notice much difference at all in my skin. It looked slightly healthier but there was no sign of my lines fading and I used this frequently for 3 months.

      I now use a different brand which I think is much better and makes me look fresh.

      I think it may work for some but it's not a cream for me especially at £25 for that price you want results.


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      18.02.2010 19:33
      Very helpful



      A lovely feeling product....just not for me!


      A staggering £15.99 at Boots for a pot containing 50ml

      Years ago, in another century, I always used to use the traditional Oil of Olay facial moisturiser. In fact, it was so long ago that it was then known as Oil of Ulay, for those of you old enough to remember that.

      Then one day, something changed: my old faithful started to make my eyes water and my skin break out in spots and rashes, so I had to "discontinue use" as it says on the label.

      So it was with interest and a bit of trepidation that I tried this: Now I am far too old for teenage spots, so would this product now be okay for me?

      The first thing I noticed about this lotion was that it had a lovely texture - creamy, yet it sinks it quickly, and with a lovely sheen. I guess this is the light-reflecting properties that contribute to its' anti-ageing promise. The colour is creamy yellow and smells really nice.

      I applied this cream all over the face and neck area, and I could instantly see an improvement: the light-reflecting idea definitely worked.

      Applying foundation over the top was easy too - it glided on like a dream, so I can certainly confirm that it makes a great base for make-up.

      Unfortunately, the bad news is that yes, it still makes my eyes water, and the next day, I was covered in the tell-tale blotches and spots. Okay so I am just one person out of millions, and my report is anecdotal, but that is my true experience of the product, sorry!

      My theory is that the more "science" is within a product, the more it makes me spotty, and I can't be the only one. Sadly, the price of this product suggests that it contains too much "science" for my skin type!

      However, for those less sensitive, this is a quality product: Before it all went wrong and I had to stop using it, I could see an instant improvement after applying it, to be fair.


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      18.06.2007 21:22



      dont bother unless u feel like flashing your cash

      well i bought this as i had heard good things and im a bit disappointed. yes it smells lovely, looks well packaged, quite a light fragrance but it doesnt feel as light as my loreal pureA moisturiser and i dont think that it is absorbed as easily either. I also feel that it has brought me out in a few mroe spots than usual which is a shame. Maybe it is just my skin type though?


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      21.03.2007 22:48
      Very helpful



      A really good moisturiser

      I have used the original oil of olay for years, it is one of those things that i have never bothered to change. It suited my skin and was a decent price.
      I was running low and asked my sister to pick me up some more, seeing as she works in Boots. She turned up with this one, i pointed out to her ( very nicely!) that this was not the one i asked for and was also about 4 times the price. To which she said that she thought she would treat me ( she's up to something!) Then i noticed it was an anti-ageing moisturiser ( cheeky cow! ). I very politely pointed out that she is only 4 years younger than me and if she keeps reminding me about this she will need more than an anti-ageing product!
      So just to spite her i gave this a go.


      Olay was created by a chemist called Graham Wulff in the 1950's. Back then women used thick and greasy creams that came in tins that looked like the old style shoe polish.
      He used his wife as his guinea pig ( good job they were happy! )
      And he also did a lot of research by talking and listening to women ( yes, listening ). He found out that the majority of women wanted young and beautiful skin.
      Using this he came up with the original oil of olay beauty fluid, which was lighter, absorbed well and also had a light fragrance. This was introduced to the world in 1959 and was an overnight success.
      In 1985 Procter and Gamble bought the company and now owned the olay name. In 200 they decided to shorten the name to just Olay to make the brand seem more up to date.


      Ok this product is supposed to be a new breakthrough for moisturisers. It states that it penetrates deep , up to 10 layers of the skin to fight past damage and discolouration, wrinkles and lines within 8 weeks.
      It also claims that 76% of UK women that trialed the product would recommend to a friend. The product line is that it redefines anti-ageing to reveal luminous skin.


      This contains Glucosamine complex which everyone knows about!! yeah right, The complex is made up of 2 ingredients, The
      first N-acetyl glucosamine which is supposed to block the ability to produce the menolin with in your skin that causes brown spots.
      The second is Niacinamide, which is more commonly known as vitamin B3. ( I prefer the common name!) This is supposed to promote exfoliation and give a moisture barrier. It is also said to hydrate and reduce red and blotchy patches.

      The active ingredients are Octisalate, Avobenzone, Ensulizole and Octocrylene.
      This particular one contains SPF 15.

      If you are still awake that's the end of the long names!


      The packaging looks a bit different to the original olay. It comes in a box that has the olay definity name on it. Also some coloured triangles.The name of the paticular product and it's contents.The box is mainly white with a black top.
      Inside the box you find a moulded plastic tub with your magic formula. The tub is white and the top is a soft pink, the actual tub looks quite nice and up market. It seems they are trying to make the olay brand stand out more and compete with the more expensive brands.


      The cream is really nice, it is not too thick but also it's not as thin as the original olay. It is white in colour and has a very slight fragrance which is pleasant.
      A little of this goes a long way, which is good seeing how much it costs! It spreads and absorbs very well, And doesn't leave you skin feeling greasy.
      I use mine at night after my bath and my skin still feels soft the next morning and for most of the day. Which i must say i was impressed with especially this time of year. I have noticed a slight change in my skin, it really does feel softer and the lines around my eyes have started to fade a bit. I didn't have any red blotchy bits before ( no, honestly ) so i can't really comment on the effectiveness of this.


      Ok the painful bit
      The definity anti ageing with spf 15 50ml ---- £22.99
      Night cream 50ml ----- £22.99
      Foaming moisturiser 50ml ----- £24.99
      Intense hydrating anti-ageing
      cream 50ml ----- £22.99
      " " " " With spf 15 50ml ----- £22.99

      If you shop around you can pick them up a bit cheaper but i haven't seen them much cheaper.
      Olay do recommend that for best results to use these products together. Well they would at those prices! I haven't used the others ( for obvious reasons ) and to be honest i can't see the point. You can get samples from the olay website.

      I really wanted to hate this product due to the cheeky way it was given to me but i am going to have to swallow my pride and admit i like it. But i am not sure i can justify spending that amount of money on a small pot of moisturiser. Mind you the other half could do with missing a meal or 2. Also if i start to look to youthfull and line free the other half will think i've given up work!

      Property of madmum71 & lisa8871


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    • Product Details

      Olay Definity Intense Anti-Ageing Cream With SPF 15 immediately brightens and smoothes skin's appearance, while helping to diminish the look of colour imperfections / With daily use, it helps prevent future sun damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and discolourations over time /

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