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Oil of Olay ProVital Protective Moisture Cream

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Brand: Oil of Olay / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisture Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes, Vitalizes, Protects,

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2007 02:08
      Very helpful



      Your not having my jar!

      This cream is made with the 'maturer' lady in mind so when I saw it I did think twice as I'm 33 and thought am I going to 'over-treat' my skin?

      What constitutes as mature skin?
      Our age, or the life we've led or the fact that some of our skin ages quicker than others?
      Don't get me wrong I don't look a hundred and ten, I'm just starting to look my age that's all!
      Up until I hit 32 i was constantly told I looked 22!
      Then suddenly as I approached 33 I noticed these compliments have started to fade.
      I started to feel a little paranoid about this and got a little more critical of myself.

      I realise the aging process has started to hit me quick quickly. I've lost a lot of weight and it has affected my skin quite badly. The body suits the weight loss but its taken its toll on my facial appearance big time.

      As I've lost more weight my face looks gaunt and pale at times.
      I've noticed that I'm more spotty than ever, I clear up one outbreak and then another comes.
      I grind my teeth loads, i just cant stop and I'm getting little lines around my top lip and its not helped by smoking!!
      My frown lines really make me paranoid as some bits are deeper than others and under my eyes at times look very dark like I've been punched.
      I have rings around my neck that give away my age too.

      I've spent a lot of money on products and most do nothing that they promise, but make you feel that at least your trying to do something but in the meantime the problems are getting worse under your nose lol

      I've always been a fan of Oil of Olay but for no reason I neglected it, moved on kind of forgot about the benefits.
      I looked for cheaper options and a lot of the problem with Olay is that there are so many products to choose from such as Definity, Regenerist, Total Effects, Complete Care etc that I just get lost in the range.

      I go to a chemist and I get confused, some of the range has buy one get one frees and you try work out which to have and I get bogged down with such an array of stuff.

      Anyhow I knew I had to take action and my mums friend who is 69 was chatting bout this new moisturiser she'd been given, this being the one.
      She raved about it and I had to admit she did look a lot smoother and refreshed.
      So I decided I have nothing to lose I'll give it a go why not?
      Mature skin, mine is!! lol


      So the product comes in a nice gold and black box.
      Explains its for dark spots and wrinkles, perfection!
      It comes in a recyclable 50ml tub that's opaque with a black plastic lid.
      Nothing special but I don't care about the packaging!

      The Product...

      The cream itself is not thick but not liquid enough to run.
      Its highly fragranced and its very difficult to describe.
      It's kind of like an old fashioned talc but I actually really like it.
      It absorbs really really quickly with minimal rubbing and you can put on as little as you like or as much.
      It doesn't make your eyes run or make them bleary like a lot of moisturisers and I have sensitive eyes.
      It does feel slightly greasy which is what you expect to go on more mature skin types as older skin loses its elasticity.
      So if your wearing it under makeup ( you always should wear moisturiser under make up by the way) don't cake your face in it! Just a few dabs will do!

      My face and neck love this product!
      Honestly as soon I put it on I feel like my face does a big sigh of relief!
      I suffer with tightness in my skin, particularly after being outside, particularly in cold weather, and after a bath or shower and this product I use always after cleansing and toning and it just feels wonderful.

      I can instantly see the results.
      As soon as i put it in my hands I've noticed that my fingerprints fade.
      Try this with your moisturiser as this anti wrinkle cream temporarily acts on lines on your fingertips!
      How big an advert is that!
      My skin feels and looks smoother, my open pores close up to almost invisible and my lines on my face have faded after 3 days of usage. My dark circles are faded out to and the puffiness has completely gone.
      It doesn't upset my spots and it actually feels very luxurious.
      I am a convert and I wont be so neglectful towards this brand again.


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      13.09.2000 20:25
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended by my beauty therapist friend as an excellent day cream, which contains illume - an intensive replenishing system. This facial cream has a light, supple feel to it, moisturising the face without any greasy residue and does leave my skin looking and feeling fresh. Importantly this has a UVA15 protection factor, a definite consideration when considering which facial product to buy as this will protect the delicate skin of the face from the ageing effects of the sun and wind. This cream can be used not just for its hydrating properties (it contains pro-vitamin A & vitamins B3 & E) but as a barrier against the perils of our environment, especially the UVA/B rays. I have fair and sensitive skin but there have been no adverse reactions to this at all. It is easy to apply and absorbed quickly, I am very happy using this and will continue to include it as part of my daily care. This is a good product in its own right which doesn't need one of the fancy designer tags to be good, ignore the 'name' just remember its effectiveness.


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  • Product Details

    Aims to help prevent age spots and strengthen your skin's natural resilience

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