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Olay Daily Facials Lathering Soothing Cleansing Cloths Sensitive

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Brand: Olay / Type: Cleansing Cloths / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Cleanses, Soothes / Product line: Olay Daily Facials / Parabene free: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      20.09.2012 10:06
      Very helpful



      For cleaner softer feeling skin

      A commitment to a good skin care regime is a must for healthy glowing skin, or so my Mum used to tell me when I was growing up. At the time I ignored her, thinking nothing of wiping my makeup off after a long day using a simple face wipe. However, as my skin is getting older, and beginning to show the odd line I am beginning to take more notice of her advice and put more time into following a better skincare regime. One such item that I like to have is something that washes my makeup off rather than simply wipes it as I find that my skin feels cleaner this way. Good old soap and water can do the trick or a facial cleanser but this often leaves my face feeling quite dry and due to the amount of times I travel over the year I was interested in finding something better equipped for my needs.

      I spotted the Olay daily facial cloths during a routine meander down the Wilkinsons aisle. There are such a huge range of facial cleansing lotions and potions that one can feel slightly overwhelmed looking at them and so I welcomed a simple yet effective box of cloths. Being priced at just £2 for 30 cloths, I felt that they were a bargain particularly as they work out at only 7p per wash and so slipped a box into my basket.

      --The Product--

      These Olay daily facial cloths are part of the 'Olay Essentials' range, and come ready packed in a compact cardboard box. The box does say that these cloths are 'refills' to top up the proper plastic case, however as my Wilkinsons store did not stock the plastic storage box I opted to just keep the cloths in the box instead. The cloths come in two options those being for normal skin and for sensitive skin. Although my skin is not particularly sensitive I usually like to use skincare items that are designed for sensitive skin as I find they are gentler on my face.

      Unlike the Dooyoo illustration which shows a lady gently washing her face on the front of the box, my cloths came in a blue box which is simply illustrated with a splash of water and the 'Olay Essentials' text in a black stripe. A picture extract on the side of the box also illustrates the composition of the cloths inside being white in colour and textured. The text on the box tells you that it contains 30 sensitive daily facial cloths and gives you a brief description of how to use the cloths most effectively.

      Once opening the side of the box, the cloths come packaged in a white plastic sleeve which upon piercing reveals the neatly folded cloths within. Each cloth measures about the same size as a small flannel and feels quite starchy to the touch when dry. The cloths are also textured with a series of small circular holes which I assume is to enable better cleansing of the skin once in use. Something that I liked about the cloths before use was the fact that they are completely odourless and therefore I did not feel that they would irritate my skin.

      --Olay Claims--

      Olay claim that these facial cloths contain a customised formula which includes aloe, chamomile and vitamin E. The cloths are odourless, fragrance free and soap free. In addition they state that the cloths 'go beyond basic cleansing and lift away dirt, makeup and even waterproof mascara.


      In order to use these cloths Olay provide a simple description on the side of the box although I guess you could probably work it out for yourself without reading. They recommend that these cloths are used morning and evening and that they should be used as follows:

      1. Wet cloth with water
      2. Rub to lather
      3. Cleanse
      4. Rinse (for best results use cloth)
      5. Throw away (do not flush).

      Although they advise that the cloths are used both morning and evening I find that a simple splash of water and gentle scrub with facial wash is sufficient in the mornings and therefore save the cleansing cloths for night time when I like my skin to feel at its most 'clean'.

      --My Experience--

      I like these cleansing cloths as I find that they are a convenient way of keeping my skin squeaky clean. The neat and compact packaging and the fact that the cloths can be easily removed one at a time means that they work well as a travel item. When I was in India last year we planned a 12 hour overnight train ride down from Bangalore to Goa. Although the toilets were slightly dodgy, it was reassuring to pop a cleansing cloth out of my bag and wet it with bottled water for an instantly refreshed face, particularly in the morning when my skin felt sticky with moisture from the warm air overnight.

      The cloths foam well and soften when wet under the tap and clean my skin well without leaving it feeling dry or tight. This means that I do not need huge amounts of moisturiser to top up my parched face. In addition these cloths work well at cleaning my makeup when it is just face powder, blusher and mascara. However for heavier makeup i.e. concelaer, foundation, bronzer and eye makeup I do find that these struggle slightly and therefore I generally do a rough wash of my face first before following with one of these cloths. I have yet to test the waterproof mascara claims but feel that they work well on normal mascara and eye makeup.

      Finally, I enjoy using these cloths in those moments when you just want to wash other areas on the go. Having finished washing your face and rinsing I have on occasion used the damp cloth for wiping under my arms etc. which saves the effort of finding a flannel, particularly when on a crowded train.

      Once finished using my daily cloth I just throw it into my bin (NOT the toilet!) and in turn use a fresh cloth for the following day.

      --Price and Availability--

      As mentioned, I bought my cloths for £2 from my local Wilkinsons which I consider a bargain given that they last me a month. They can also be purchased from all good Boots and supermarket stores where you can expect to pay around £2 - £4. As with all these products it is well worth shopping around for the best price.

      I do enjoy using these cloths as they add simplicity to my already busy day and would therefore recommend them. As a result they score a good four stars from me the only negative being that they struggle slightly with heavier makeup.

      Thanks for reading! x


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        17.08.2012 23:58
        Very helpful



        great little face cloths for freshening up the face (and other body parts!)

        To be honest whenever I think of the brand of Olay I think of my mum! As I think the stereotype is a brand aged at middle aged women, however they have rather reformed their packaging and branding so it doesn't feel so mature! I usually use Superdrug Tea Tree Wipes on my face, but in soul destroying manner when I went to my local Superdrug today there weren't any left! So as plan b) unfolded - basically buying something I would kind of trust, wasn't too expensive but wasn't the bargain range of the scale either!

        So after debating between St Ive's face wipes, Simple face wipes and these Olay face cloths (all 3 were on offer for less than £2 of course!) I gave in and decided I'd give these bad boys a go lol.

        ***The Product***

        Packaged in a bright/baby blue cardboard box the packaging is much different to the outdated picture shown above. The side of the box has a simple black banner running through it with the simple "Olay Essentials" as the branding. It states there are 30 cloths inside, and I picked up the sensitive skin option, but they also come in normal skin variety.

        Inside the box (as these are the refillable ones) is a plastic wrapper which encases the 30 face cloths. The face cloths are thin, perforated cloths which are folded into four and are wrapped very tightly so as they all squeeze in the packaging.

        ***How To Use***

        The box explains in simple terms how to use the cloths. Simply wet with lukewarm water and then rub together to make the cloths lather. Rub all over the face to ensure a good clean and then rinse and repeat wiping away the soap off the face. The cloths are to be disposed of properly as they are not flushable.

        ***My Opinion***

        I actually quite like these wipes and they are extremely easy to use. Simply running them slightly under a warm running tap so they catch a trickle of water is enough to generate a very huge and generous amount of lather. So much I almost didn't want to stop using the wipe as I did not want to waste it. The wipes are fragrance free and soap free and this is evident as there is literally no smell or anything to the cloths or the lather, just a soft and gentle skin care product which didn't irritate my skin at all.

        The box states it contains aloe, chamomile extract and vitamin E, all great ingredients for improving the appearance of skin and for their nourishing and protective properties. I cannot say immediately I have noticed a huge difference in my skin but I did feel it left my face looking a lot clearer and well rejuvenated. Oddly enough there was not black marks or signs of dirt on the cloth even after extensive use of it. With my old face wipes I could literally see the dirt I was wiping off my face on the wipe in my palm so I knew I was doing a good job at cleaning my face! With these, it either isn't taking any residue off or maybe my face just isn't dirty?? Hmm somehow I doubt the latter as whenever I wash my face at the end of the day there is bound to be some dirt there, so I can only assume these cloths merely wash the dirt off the face but not necessarily onto the face cloth itself.

        Post-wiping my face feels slightly dry and skin slightly stiff but no way near as extracted of moisture as my old tea tree wipes used to make my face feel. I am not sure if this is good or bad, as I am used to my face feeling quite dry after so the fact it isn't I am on the fence as to feeling 1) perhaps it didn't rid my face of all the toxins as well as my previous wipes or b) hoorah! A moisturising face cloth! Either way I like the second option better as my face does look clean and feels quite refreshed.

        The box also states these can be used in an alternative method: for massaging hands to soothe and condition or after an intense workout to get rid of sweat and feel refreshed. To be honest I haven't used these wipes for either of these and don't think I will as they seem a bit of a waste to use on my underarms or just for washing my hands!

        Overall for £1.99 I think these are handy little wipes to have lying around. I may not continue to use them as my consistent face washing item as I think when superdrug has the tea tree wipes back in stock I will nab a pack but nonetheless I think these would be great for removing heavy makeup after a night out, as these cloths are really durable and as I said before lather up extremely well for such small little things! Sure, some people may say whats wrong with a little soap and water and a flannel (my mum to be precise!) but if you want some efficient face cloths which are easy to use, and get the job done then these are the ones!


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    • Product Details

      Ingredients: Petrolatum, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Butylene Glycol, PEG-14M, Aloe Barbadensis, Chamomilla Recutita, Tocopheryl Acetate, Polyquaternium-10, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Benzyl Alcohol, Vitis Vinifera, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Silica, BHT, Sodium Laurate / Use Olay Daily Facials Lathering Soothing Cloths for sensitive skin in place of your normal cleansing routine, including bar soap, make-up remover, face wash, cleansing milk and toner / Conditions to soothe dry, sensitive skin as you cleanse: Customised formula containing aloe, chamomile extract and vitamin E / Micro-fine cloth helps gently remove dirt, make-up and even mascara / Special soothing lather conditions to calm dry skin / Directions for use: Use Olay Daily Facials Lathering Soothing Cleansing Cloths / Sensitive to remove dirt and make-up from your face, neck and around the eye area / Wet a cloth with water, rub to lather, cleanse and rinse / Dispose of used wipe in a bin / To refill, remove wrapper by opening at notch and place cloths into inner tub of original case /

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