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Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Type: Moisturiser / Product line: Olay Essentials

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2013 17:06
      Very helpful



      An excellent high SPF moisturiser at a great price

      Before I begin this review, please note that the product I am reviewing is not the product listed. I suggested the product I am reviewing, but as usual Dooyoo have come back to me saying the product is already in the catalogue (which it is not) and I need to write my review here (when they'll learn to read product suggestions properly I do not know!), so this is unfortunately what I'm doing.

      The product I'm reviewing today is actually the Olay Complete Care SPF30 Lotion. I picked this up recently after searching for ages for a moisturiser with a high sun protection factor that was suitable for my combination-oily skin AND reasonably priced (all others I'd seen were over £20). I finally found this one in Superdrug on offer for £6.86. The usual price is £10.29, which is still very reasonable compared to others on the market.

      It comes in a tall white plastic bottle, which you can just about see through, so you can tell when it's running out. It has a pump action dispenser on the top which makes it easier to control how much you get out, meaning less is wasted.

      The lotion has a mid consistency - not runny but by no means thick either. It feels really creamy and smooth but still light. I find 2 pumps of the dispenser gives the perfect amount to cover my face, and one more is needed if I also want to cover my neck. The lotion spreads really easily over the skin and massages in nicely, absorbing fairly quickly and leaving my skin feeling instantly softer and smoother.

      It doesn't leave a residue behind or make my skin feel greasy, which a lot of lotions, and especially one's with a high sun protection factor, do. I do find it leaves my skin a little shiny, but other than specifically mattifying moisturisers I'm yet to find one that doesn't. I also find this doesn't feel heavy on my skin or clog my pores like many richer lotions can, so my skin remains comfortable all day.

      I love how soft and smooth this lotion leaves my skin, and the fact that I'm getting a higher than average sun protection factor makes me feel confident that I'm looking after my skin as best I can, so I will definitely continue to use this lotion and will happily pay full price for it.


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      29.04.2013 19:08
      Very helpful



      A good moisturising cream that has been revamped since I bought it.

      ===Not My Regular Choice - So Why Buy? ===

      Note: I am reviewing my 50 ml cream, bought in 2012, rather than the lotion which has replaced it.I'm not sure DooYoo have this in the right place.

      It's not often that I buy moisturising products for a short-term period. However, when I was preparing for last summer's trip to Kenya I had to put a lot of thought into what I took. I needed to travel light, as we were hoping to take as many items for the school as we could and had a meagre baggage allowance. Another, lesser consideration was that it seems that highly perfumed products are not a good idea, as they may attract malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Having a dry, mature skin I wasn't sure what moisturising product to take. I knew that we would be in the school from 8 a.m. until after 3 p.m. but the likelihood of being out of doors for part of that time meant that we would be using quite a bit of the old SPF 50 sunscreen. I wasn't sure that would be enough for my skin, although it does tend to be less dry in warmer weather. I thought that a tube would be better than a heavier pot. I thought it would be easy to find my ideal product. I didn't want to pay a lot, as I thought I might leave the tube behind when the fortnight's trip came to an end. It turned out to be a harder task than I thought, partly because I didn't have much free time and we don't live near any major stores, and partly because of my own indecision, to be honest. The problem was that most of the products in the price range were suitable for oily/normal skins. This one was for normal/dry. It was the brand name 'Olay' that finally decided me; I've used Olay in the past, although it's not my first choice brand I felt it was a reliable one.

      === Price and Availability ===

      I believe I paid about £5 for my 50ml tube. I notice the packaging has changed since last summer, and the current size seems to be 75ml. I'm not sure the one I have is still available as it's now described as a lotion whereas mine is a cream. I believe it's just been revamped. I bought mine in Boots, where it seems to be on sale now for £5.99 so I guess that's not too inflationary after a period of over 6 months. It may be possible to get a cheaper deal, e.g. Amazon at £5.10 currently.

      === What Does It Say? ===

      I really can't remember whether the tube came in a box or not. The tube is a pastel primrose lemon in colour, which I find quite attractive. Apart from the brand and product names, there's little on the front except a brief explanation that this is suitable for normal/dry skins, and has an SPF of 15 - not high enough, you might think, but then as I've said it would always have a layer of sunscreen on top if I was going out into the sun. On the reverse is some brief information about it. Compared to some skincare products it IS brief, saying that it has everything my skin needs for 24 hour moisturisation and SPF 15 protection, with light reflecting particles and mandarin extract to help my skin look naturally radiant. I wasn't worried about the radiance in Kenya, to be honest! Still for other situations it's something of a bonus I suppose.

      We also have basic directions for use, contact numbers for the UK, ROI and RSA in the event of questions or comments, the Olay web address, a UK address for Proctor and Gamble - it's distributed by P&G South Africa, so we have that address, too. The product is made in Poland and should be used within 12 months - which gives me until the end of July I think.

      ===Using It ===
      It's easy to control the amount dispensed when I squeeze the tube. I find this product is easily absorbed into my skin and it does indeed moisturise, better than I expected in fact. In Kenya I found it very good to use on my face after my morning shower, and before I put sunscreen on. We often showered at least twice a day as the classrooms were so dusty; that is, we showered if the power was on - not guaranteed! I would reapply after an evening shower, although in this case I was applying my 50% Deet insect repellent on top. Ugh! [At least I found one that didn't smell too awful or sting this time!] It has quite a distinctive, fruity smell. I'm not sure if this is due to the much-promoted mandarin extract.

      Having brought this back to the UK with me - sometimes we leave toiletries behind either for the local ladies or in case the next intake of helpers need them - I fully intended to try it out on the British summer. I'm sure you remember Summer 2012! I chickened out and went back to my regular moisturiser as I felt happier with that in the kind of temperatures we experienced. It was no reflection on the Olay one, just me playing safe. If we get temperatures over 20°C this summer I hope I'll be able to use it up. It's not quite enough for me in lower temperatures; although it seems moisturised enough, my skin tends to feel tight.


      Well I'm not going to list them! They're not on the tube - you need to go to the website to find them and it's a long list full of chemical names.
      The two things that I noticed were 'mica', which I suspect is the ingredient that contributes the light reflecting particles, and the mandarin extract which is said to contribute to skin radiance. I can't say I've noticed much in the way of an effect. I think I've seen the mandarin extract referred to as vitamin P somewhere, but don't quote me on that!


      This is a difficult one. I would buy this again for myself if it was still available and for the same purpose. Please bear in mind that Olay have revamped it since I bought mine. I'm cautious because if the new version is a thin lotion I know it wouldn't be right for me. I give my current product a 3 star rating. It's good value for money if it works for you. It's worth trying at the price and you may find you would rate it more generously.

      Thank you for reading this review. It may appear on other sites.
      ©Verbena April 2013


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