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Olay Quench Active Hydration Mousse

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4 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Mousse / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Hydrates,

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    4 Reviews
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      14.07.2010 18:18
      Very helpful



      Great little product, my bestest!

      Olay are mostly known for their anti-aging formulas but this was a little bit of a breakthrough for them. Firstly I want to start of by saying that this product works....well! The hydro quench formula really did make my skin visibly soft.

      Appliance is quick and easy, apply a small amount of the mousse on to the palm of your hand and rub until the mousse is oil like then spread evenly over skin and rub in until absorbed then, you will automatically notice the difference.
      The product uses green tea and a strong vitamin complex, each contributing to the softness of the skin.

      The product is a body mousse, used to hydrate dull, dreary and lifeless skin transforming it into smooth, hydrated and healthy.
      What I liked most about this product is that it moisturizes underneath the skin also, keeping hydration levels up to date and having a second layer to back up the first.

      When the mousse was first released it cost £5.99 which is a little bit extravagant, although for the miracles it worked for my skin I would happily pay this again, in fact I still am! The product is sold in most good cosmetic and beauty retailers over the country as well as being available online for even more reasonable prices.

      The mousse has a cool, absorbing texture melting in your fingers, like foam; which is pretty much what mousse is! The smell is very pleasant so, therfore making my skin smell divine.
      The packaging is a light purple bottle with dark purple and black text, standind out to me within all the other body moisturizers and therfore persuading me to buy it.


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      04.06.2010 14:44



      If you find it for a quid, you must buy it!!!

      I picked this up from a pound shop at the same time I bought the Olay Mousse Cleanser (see my other review). I use moisturising body lotions and butters every day so this really caught my eye as a really unique idea. It comes in a tall can in a metallic lilac colour, and it looks quite nice on my dressing table amongst all the other clutter. The mousse contains shea butter and vitamins.

      Unlike the Olay Cleanser, which I wasn't at all sure about, I really rate this product. One little squirt dispenses a pure white, fluffy ball of mousse into your hand and a little goes a very long way - just as it says on the tin! It's extremely light and absorbs into the skin almost instantly, and has a lovely, fresh smell. Despite the lightness of the product, it leaves skin feeling soft and supple all day long, and with no sticky residue. And in the light you notice that it leaves skin with a lovely sparkle, although there is no reference to this on the packaging so this may be a surprise to some people!

      Although this isn't as rich as body butters and other moisturisers, it's a nice option for summer months where you may not want a thick, heavy cream on your skin. And for a quid, this is an absolute bargain, and will last for ages as the mousse expands such a lot that you don't need to dispense very much. This is one I will definitely pick up again. However, I don't think I would recommend this product for very dry skin as it may be too light.


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      12.03.2010 18:44
      Very helpful



      A real luxurious treat

      I found this fab product a few weeks ago on a trip into town to stock up on my toiletry essentials. I thought that I would use if for at least two weeks before I reviewed it. I tried the DEEP MOISTURE with COCOA BUTTER, JOJOBA and VITAMIN B3 and here are my findings .......

      I don't like to harp on about packaging too much but I was enticed initially by the look of the metallic lilac can which houses the mousse. It is sleek and slightly tapers at the top and has a clear lid. It states on the can that this product is new - which I believe it is.

      First Impressions:
      Apart from the stylish appearance of the product the smell is quite nice. It is a warm sweet cocoa/vanilla smell which is rather quite strong. I can be put off by this smell sometimes but realised that once dispensed the mousse itself is not as strong.

      The Mousse:
      You need to shake the can before the mousse is dispensed from a foam diffuser (just like hair mousse) into a meringue like mound. This particular 'flavour' has 'Aquacurrent science' which it states helps the mousse glide onto your skin evenly with ease. I'm not sure exactly what this is as it glided on in the same manner as the other flavour that I have which isn't as scientifically gifted!

      You only need a small amount because true to it's word a little does indeed go a long way. The mousse glides on so easily and absorbs straight into your skin. After use my hands didn't feel greasy, which I thought they would and my skin felt soft and supple with a lovely shimmer. I did find though that if used after shaving my legs it slightly stung. That hasn't put me off because what do you expect when you have just scrapped a layer of skin off.......

      Olay quench mousse is avaliable in three flavours:
      Cocoa butter, Jojoba & Vitamin B3
      Green tea & Vitamin complex
      Shea Butter with Vitamins E & B3

      You can buy it online and in good toiletry stockists (Boots, Superdrug) however, I found mine in my local 99p Store. I couldn't believe it as it retails between £6 and £9 - Bargain! As you can imagine I now have the trio and have stocked up.

      Olay claims that this quench mousse gives it's user three types of hydration; 'velvety coverage, instant absorption and lasting hydration' - and I totally agree. That along with the fact it lasts a long time, my skin is noticeably smoother and I can purchase it for 99p makes it one of my number one beauty products!


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        15.12.2009 18:29
        Very helpful



        Brilliance from Olay yet again

        I love body lotions, potions etc and can't resist buying them! Problem is though I never have the time or inclination (in this weather lol) to use them however I'm a sucker for the Olay brand and hadn't seen this product before and I first saw it in Wilkinson's for £1.99 a can and then when I spotted it in Poundland (yep the price being a pound lol) I knew I was making a bit of a saving so felt unable to resist it!

        The Packaging:

        200g long lilac coloured cylinder can with a push button dispenser to the top of it and a frosted cap/lid that goes over that securely. On the front in white, purple, black and green writing I'm told it is 'New', A little Goes A Long Way Olay Body Quench Mousse, Active Hydration With Green Tea & Vitamin Complex and that it is 'Instantly absorbing 24-hour moisture' and that it gives sheer, fresh skin and of course the size is stated (as I've listed already). Other information on the back of the can includes being told a bit about the product and directions for use, warnings and ingredients are stated and contact details for Olay are there too. It's a nice looking can and very in keeping with the Olay style of presentation having the information all laid out nicely and not too much of it!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can:

        Quench Mousse gives you three dimensions of hydration:

        Sheer Coverage - Glides easily and evenly onto skin.

        Instant Absorption - Penetrates quickly beneath skin's surface.

        Lasting Hydration - Continuously moisturizes throughout the day.

        Great for normal to dry skin.

        Directions For Use:

        Shake well before use. Holding can upright, dispense a small amount into hand and smooth over skin.

        Me Using It:

        This is very, very easy and straightforward to use indeed. Simply push down gently the button to the top and out comes a rich white foam that's not watery and is just really moisturising to the touch.

        The smell of this is rather unusual and hard to describe to be honest! Slightly fruity and rather sweet it has a soapy sort of undertone to it and in my view it is a bit of a feminine type of fragrance really but it is light and fresh and that smell does linger gently on the skin for a good few hours once it's applied without overpowering other fragrances you may wish to sport.

        As for using it...this couldn't be simpler for real! Take a small blob and gently glide it over the skin and it absorbs almost immediately. A little goes a long way of this so you don't need to use heaps of it and when absorbed your left with a slight glossiness.dewiness to the skin, no weight or residue can be felt and it really does hydrate and nourish skin from the inside out type of thing. This is one of the nicest and easiest body moisturisers I have ever used and I can simply use this and get dressed immediately as it really isn't an oily, transferable product.

        I bought this when out with my friend shopping and when we got back to her home, me being me tested a blob out on the back of my arm and so impressed was I that I insisted that she let me rub some on her arm and she was so impressed with this that she's now scouring the shops to get some too....it's that good lol!


        A really fabulous quality and nicely fragrant body moisturiser this is, none agitating and weightless not only do I feel immediate results using this but I have used this daily and over a few days and any dry/flaky bits of skin have now completely vanished. It really is suitable for normal to dry skin though if you have mega dried out skin I doubt this being a rather light formula would work for you. However I like this for daily use and my skin has never felt softer, fresher or more flexible and me...I shall buy this time and time again though due to it being like a hair mousse in design I'm sure it will last me ages!

        One to look at for I spotted this recently in Wilkinson's and in several discount stores but it is available to purchase online too at bargain prices if you scout about for it!


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