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Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum

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8 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Texture: Serum / Product line: Olay Regenerist

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    8 Reviews
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      06.08.2011 13:09
      Very helpful



      Top quality serum aimed at mature ladies

      I tend to think of serums as quite new-fangled. Up until a few years ago I'd never even heard of them. Back then, my morning pre-make-up routine was a simple cleanse, tone and moisurise. Well, I still do all that, but nowadays in between the tone and moisturise, I also incorporate a bit of Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum.

      I am a big fan of Oay Regenerist products, and have regularly used their day and night creams for a good few years now in the hope that the anti-ageing claims are true! Then one day about three years ago, whilst Boots-browsing, I came across their new addition - the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating serum. It was on special offer, so I decided to give it a whirl. Three years on, I'm still buying it!

      ***About the product***

      This serum is part of Olay's Regenerist range, which is aimed at mature women who hope to reverse the signs of ageing. Olay recommend that this serum be used morning and night and, although it can be used alone, most people prefer to use it under other creams in the range. Olay claim it will moisturise and regenerate your outer layer of skin cells, so your skin looks and feels like new. The active ingredients, apparently, are the anti-aging pentapeptide KTTKS and an anti-oxidant peptide, Carnosine. There are forty-four ingredients listed on their website, most of which are unpronouncable; if you're into chemistry you might want to take a look! The serum comes in a 50 ml plastic tube which, if I'm honest, isn't particularly attractive. However, for this product, I will overlook that! The product is dispensed through a pump-action lid which is easy to use and hygenic.

      ***My experience***

      I use this product every morning. I cleanse and tone my face then, when all toner has dried, I dispense two pumps of the serum onto my finger tips and blend it gently all over my face. The serum is an opaque white, and has a gel-cream consistency. It feels very light on the skin and has a slight delicate fragrance, a bit like Johnsons Baby Powder. It blends very easily into the skin - no dragging or pulling is required, just a light, finger-tip action. Once on my face it absorbs instantly leaving no visible trace. My skin feels immediately hydrated and any tightness (people with dry skin will know what I mean!) disappears instantly. After a minute or two, I apply my usual moisturiser. Having already used the serum, I do find that I need less moisturiser than I otherwise would. The layering of the serum and moisturiser (which is usually Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream - review to follow) gives an excellent base for my foundation, and I can rely on my make-up to last throughout the full day.

      ***The verdict***

      This is a lovely item. I enjoy trying new products, and I'm a sucker for special offers, so I have experimented with other serums. None of the others have even come close to this one and I always come back to it. At £25 for a 50 ml tube it IS expensive, but shop around - it can be bought much cheaper on-line, and both Boots and Superdrug regularly have it on offer at either a third off or half-price. A 50 ml bottle only lasts me about five weeks, so it is worth looking round for the best deal.

      Highly recommended for mature ladies, though I'm sure younger women would love it too.


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        26.05.2010 22:19
        Very helpful



        A great serum which if bought for less is well worth using as part of your beauty regime

        The Olay skin care product range covers many different types of skin care across a varied price structure. The Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum is amongst the higher end Olay products that are on offer.

        Being priced at around £25, although it can sometimes be found for a little less, its certainly no cheap fix for your skin You get a 50ml pump action bottle for your cash, abut if you use the contents sparingly once daily, it could last for between 4 to 6 weeks.

        It is of one of Olays most concentrated formulas and has been developed for those who are looking for maximum over all effect. When used daily you do notice a difference in the general texture of the skin and its appearance quite quickly. Fine lines etc do seem to be slightly diminished and your skin seems to be plumper too.

        Its is a light and easy to apply serum, that is not highly perfumed and so should be suitable for use on even sensitive skin types. Although the info does say that the serum performs as a moisturiser, it could be used in conjunction with the Olay face washes and other moisurisers for an even better over all effect. Combining a good exfoliating wash with this serum will produce a more marked improvement in skin tone.

        Used once daily after cleansing, you just need a few drops from the dispenser, which you need to smooth evenly over the face and neck areas with your fingertips. It can be used alone, with or without an additional moisturiser and before applying a good foundation make-up.

        There are slightly cheaper alternatives on the market such as the Protect and Perfect range which is also a very nice product. However if you are able to source the Regnerist serum at a greatly reduced price then its a very good product to go for.


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        02.04.2010 16:21
        Very helpful



        Well Worth A Try!

        Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum 50ml

        I have been using Olay products for a few years now and decided to try this new Olay Regenerist Serum.

        The serum comes in 50ml packs and is boxed and sealed. I like this because it means when you open the sealed box the serum is ready to you and this gaurantees that the purchaser is the first user!

        The serum comes in the usual white olay bottle with a pump dispenser at the top of the bottle. It dispenses evenly - 2 pumps of the dispenser is about the right amont for a daily application.

        The serum is quite thick and clear, it penetrates the skin well and moisturiser can be used just after the serum. The main purpose of serum is to prime the skin for moisture.

        The ingredients of the serum are:

        Dimethicone Crosspolymer
        Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3
        Tocopheryl Acetate
        Camellia Sinensis
        Citirc Acid
        Butylene Glycol
        Propylene Glycol
        Bis-PEG/PPG-14/14 Dimethicone
        PEG-10 Dimethicone
        PEG-10 Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer
        PEG-100 Stearate
        Cetyl Ricinoleate
        Disodium EDTA
        Benzyl Alcohol
        Butylphenyl Methylpropional
        Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
        Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde

        The serum has been developed for women who are looking for maximum Regenerist effect.

        The new and advanced formula promises to do the following:

        Beautifully regenerates skin cells in the outer layer
        Skin looks and feels like new
        Performs as a moisturiser, providing hydration for immediate and long term results
        The serum has a velvety-smooth, non-greasy feel
        Immediately improves the look of skin
        Can be used in the morning as a base under makeup
        Can also be used at night

        All in all I like this product - it certainly feel good on application and if I skip a couple of days without using this serum then my skin becomes a bit dryer so for me it works well.

        The serum is dermatalogically tested and is suitable for all skin types. It says on the pack apply twice a day, I only apply at night and I have still experienced good results.

        The serum costs around £15 for 50mls - this is not cheap but a little goes along way and it can often be found a bit cheaper on eBay.

        If you are considering a serum this is well worth a try.


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          07.03.2010 22:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A disappointing anti ageing serum, which I won't be buying again.

          I recently decided to change my facial serum. I have been using Boots Protect and Perfect for some time, but I wasn't sure whether it was still delivering results. Regenerist is one of Olay's anti ageing skin care ranges. I have used and been impressed with Regenerist night cream, so I decided to give the serum a go. I bought a 50 ml bottle from Boots for £24.99.

          The serum comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, which I do not like. I tend to find that the pump dispenser dispenses more serum than I want to use, which I find wasteful (and obviously more costly). However, the benefit of this pump dispenser is that it has a very secure twist locking mechanism. This means that you can be assured that the product will not leak all over your sponge bag when you are travelling.

          The serum itself is an opaque white colour and it has a gel / cream like consistency. It has an extremely mild, sweet smell which I do not find unpleasant. Once the serum has asborbed into my skin, I can no longer smell it or feel it. The serum is very easy to apply. It feels light and it spreads easily and finely across your skin. The serum absorbs very quickly, leaving no visible sign. You can easily apply make up over the top of it.

          Olay claim that Regenerist serum immediately moisturises and improves the look of skin. Whilst I feel that the serum is moisturising, I am disappointed to find that it does not, in my opinion, make any difference to the look of my skin. As the serum does not contain any sun protection, I am also using a moisturiser over the top to provide some SPF. Overall, I do not think that this serum adds anything to my skin that I am not getting from the moisturiser that I use with it.

          I have now been using this product twice daily for a couple of months. Over that time I have seen absolutely no difference in terms of skin tone, plumping or wrinkle reduction. In short, this serum has not delivered any anti ageing benefits. However, my experience of using this serum has confirmed to me that No 7 Protect and Perfect does work, and I will be returning to it.


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            17.08.2009 01:38
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Will buy again, if it becomes cheap enough.

            Am pleased with this- really pleased!

            OK, this product, which is made by Olay, exists in a 50ml bottle, with a press-to-get-anything spout. It's a matter plastic finish and will cost you anything from £6.50 to £20 depending on where you shop. Me? I got mine from Tesco who were having some sort of clearance, for £5.14.

            What is a serum used for you may ask. A serum is a product which evens out skin tone. It makes your skin easier to absorb the moisturiser you are meant to apply following, but also creates an excellent base for make-up as most defects are glossed over with the silicon in the product filling minor imperfections.

            I normally don't go for serum, I had a bad experience with Boots Protect and Perfect which had seemed like the perfect way to even out my skin tone and give a nice clear base for make-up. Only problem was it dried out my skin. You see, serum is made from silicon. Silicon sits on your skin, but at the same time, it pushes water out of the surface of your skin. The water evaporates, your skin is left supple as the silicon is where the water was and cannot evaporate, but once you rinse off the silicon, the lack of water in your skin begins to cause problems. Once or twice won't bother you too much, but daily use or silicon, in your hair, on your skin, wherever natural water is, will eventually dry things out. Boots Protect and Perfect left my skin with white patches which took a few weeks of intensive exfoliating to get rid of. Annoying, but the thought of flawless looking skin still draws me back some times, as long as I use it only once or twice a week I am fine, but doing that is a problem for me...I am I-tried-this and I have a serum addiction....

            So, when I saw the Olay for £5.14, I thought I would give it a go. It couldn't do any worse then Boots, could it? And if it did, £5.14 was not going to break the bank, and I could use it for hair serum. (Similar product ingredients). I was all out of the trial protect and perfect (lets face it, I'm never going to be able to allow myself to buy a product that ruins my skin if its £20, hence I live from the free trials Boots give with purchases).

            The bottle was not what I had expected, its matte plastic (as described) but I had expected glass or something a little more weighty. The plastic felt cheap and it would have put me off buying if I had seen it on the shelf without its cardboard box.

            One use, the serum squirts out a little too little at a time for my liking, I need to press twice or three times to apply to my forehead and nose and chin for example. (I like to do all three at once as it's easier to get a better application flow). But perhaps enough for one eye, so maybe waste less is a good principle to have here for some people. But application is easy, the serum is not as dense as Boots P&P, and yet it does not take very long to dry at all, its as though it sinks right in to my skin. It gave a nice sheen afterwards- not an iridescence, but a dewy-I just broke into a sweat look, with my jaw bone and cheek bones whilst evening out my forehead. The P&P in comparison took a little longer to settle, and when it did, gave a matte finish. This product did not give a matte finish, and for me, it worked all the better for the dewy finish it did give.

            What it did not do, was even out some of the defects in my cheeks, where teenage spots on very pale skin have left "holes" in. When advised not to pick, I like many others ignored the rules. (Annoying thing was, I never had acne, just one or too spots. Its amazing how going that bit too far just a few times can cause so much damage).
            It also does not protect against sun damage or skin cancer- there are no SPF's in this product, which is a shame, it would be 5 stars if it did that.

            This does give a nice base for make-up, but to be honest, my skin looked so nice and dewy, I really didn't want to spoil it- the tone was fresh (I do have a good complexion anyway) and the even tone made all the difference. My skin has not dried out since using this and it's been at least two weeks now, with ten of those seeing me use this product. Not problems yet! (Boots P&P took me three days to cause me dry skin).

            Buy this again? If I can get it for £5.14, you bet! But at its current price of around £20 in most high street stores, I may have wait for a long while to save. But it would be money worth spending.


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              19.03.2009 23:42
              Very helpful



              A very good anti ageing product from Olay.

              I have always liked using Olay products, particularly because I have very sensitive skin, and since using numerous Olay products I have never experienced an allergic reaction, and they always seems to be reasonably priced.

              I have always looked after my skin but since hitting my mid thirties I have a few lines, so thought I would try a new product recommended by a friend.

              About the product: Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum comes in a 50ml bottle of which costs around £9.00, although you can get larger quantities.
              You can use the cream as a base under your make-up, or at night time, as it states it regenerates the outer layer of your skin.

              I have been using the product myself for about 2 weeks just in the evening before bed, applying just a small amount; and I had noticed the difference in my skin tone almost instantly, giving a soft smooth velvety feel to my face and neck, which actually lasts for several hours. Although it really didnt remove all of my lines and left a slight powdery residue on certain areas of my face but I guess at less than £10 a bottle that would be expecting too much!
              Definitely worth the money, if your skin needs a boost...


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              18.11.2008 20:21
              Very helpful



              An expensive serum that can smooth out wrinkles.

              When I first got this product there had been a lot of positive buzz about it in beauty magazines and the word from my (rich) friends was that this was the next miracle cure for ageing! Of course, we all went out and bought this on the back of the hype, hoping that because the Olay brand seemed trustworthy and the price of the product was so high, that this would actually be a great product and deliver great results.

              At around £20 for a small 50ml bottle in your average high street chemist chain this is definately not cheap. The best price I've seen is around the £16 mark and this was as part of an offer. I do not usually pay such high prices for beauty products but on this occasion I was tempted by the good words in the press. I was also keen to see if was any better than the No. 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum - a similar serum product which was sold out in Boots because of the demand - I'd gotten this as a gift and had been using it regularly but was unimpressed.

              The Olay Regenerist Serum comes in a small bottle which has an exotic shape - it's as though it is an ancient Egyptian design and inside is some kind of elixir of life! The bottle has a pump action style dispenser. It locks if you twist the top one way and opens when you twist it the other way. It is very secure and the pump always dispenses a generous amount of fluid. You do need to hold the bottle at a slight angle to avoid dripping fluid down the side of the bottle though.

              The serum is a semi-opaque gel like substance - a bit like glue paste that five year olds use to stick paper together! It has a mild sweet, marshmallow aroma. I need about a 20p size flat dollop to cover my face and upper neck area. It is easy to spread the serum over the skin and it drys quite quickly. It has a slight plumping effect and seems to fill in fine lines and wrinkles with a transparent layer, smoothing out skin and evening the texture.

              I do find that this does not provide enough moisturisation for my liking. I prefer now to either use a moisturiser base first then apply this to specific areas as if its main use was as a plumper. It is not quite powdery but does leave a feeling of dry residue on the surface of the skin. I find that it is not possible to apply products like concealer over this serum as it is too dry a base.

              I like to use this serum at night or when I do not intend to wear make-up. It removes the shine from my face and leaves a semi-matte finish so my appearance is somewhat improved.

              With prolonged use I have not noticed any difference in the condition of my skin. This product does seem to be a quick fix rather than something that works over time.

              In comparison to the No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum this Olay product is just not as good. The No 7 serum is much more creamy and provides ample moisturisation and hydration. This Olay is quite similar to another product in my make-up bag too - the Time Delay Line Smoother from Boots. This product comes in a smaller 15ml tube and is meant only for specific lined or crinkled areas of skin. The result of using it is identical to that of the Olay serum though.

              My recommendation to anyone thinking about buying the Olay serum would be: save your money and buy a cheaper, plumping line smoother product instead.

              Further information about the product can be found on the website:


              This review is also on Ciao!


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                18.11.2008 00:29
                Very helpful




                When it comes to Olay products I'm a massive fan of the brand.... as a rule. I always have been since I was about 15 years old and received my first bottle of the pink 'Beauty Fluid' from my Mum as a gift one Christmas. Of course you can still buy the original Beauty Fluid (I know cos I still use it to this day lol) but Olay of course have dropped the 'Oil Of' and added different lines to their range of varying prices, lotions, potions and all-sorts!

                Me, well although I do try and care for my skin the best that I can I still don't pay silly prices through the nose to do it. I know that all the promises I get made when I hand over silly money never live up to much in the greater scheme of things and I don't believe in miracles! I can't go without a good face moisturiser of course and own quite a few of them but at the same time I keep to a budget and always look out for special offers and reductions to get make sure I get good deals.

                This for me was part of a deal that I couldn't believe my eyes at when I saw it. Full size of this product with lots of other Olay products for £5.00 in a gift set in Sainsbury's. Above it in a plastic sleeve selling at it's normal price of £22.00 was this! I kid you not there was no difference in the product! It's fair to say I went wild in the aisles in Sainsbury's that day and so did the cashier that served me when I explained my find to her and she spread the word which spread fast and the shelves emptied mega fast I can tell you that much! It really was an amazing deal.

                This product is one I'm familiar with as it's one I used when it first came out. I lived in London for a time and lived near a market and again I used to pay about £5.00 from my favourite stall. So all I'm saying is do look out for this one being on offer etc as I have never paid full price for this item but me, well I'm glad I bought 10 gift sets of this when I had the chance to lol!

                The Packaging....

                Well if you can see the review photograph at the top of this page then you will see that it comes in a plastic 'envelope' which is black and red in colour. Your clearly told what it is on the front and who it's by and there is a clear plastic window to see the bottle through and the size is stated on the bottom along with the slogan ' Regeneration & velvety smooth feel. Concentrated amino-peptide complex'. On the back of the packaging your told what it is, how to use it, ingredients are listed and contact details for Procter & Gamble are given (manufacturers of Olay products). I don't have this packaging cos as I have told you already mine came in a gift set (no longer available) but I have purchased it in this packaging a few times in the past.

                The Bottle...

                Is white with a black pump action lid to the top of it. On the front once again I'm told what it is and who it's by and on the back briefly I'm told everything really I've been told on the outer packaging already. It's a nice robust bottle and of decent size and all the information you need is as always provided with Olay products.

                About The Product....

                Olay Regenerist regenerates skin's appearance without such drastic measures as chemical peels, cosmetic surgery or lasers. Clinical tests prove that amino-peptides help regenerate damaged skin. Now Olay Regenerist uses this technology to beautifully regenerate skin's appearance by renewing its outer layer, revealing newer skin.

                Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum uses a concentrated form of an exclusive amino-peptide complex and combines it with Olay moisture to offer the maximum regeneration and hydration within the Regenerist line. This formula leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and is designed for everyday use.

                How To Use It....

                Using your fingertips, smooth evenly onto clean skin over face and neck, once or twice a day. It can be used alone or under make-up. As with all facial skin care products, avoid getting in your eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.

                My Experience....

                I have nothing but entire praise for this product. I just love it and although I class it as expensive if you have the money this is worth it's weight in gold to own and use. I know that picking something from the Olay range can be a bit traumatic to say the least. I don't know about you but with all the different ranges within the range and different kinds of products and prices being high I feel like I get really lost. I don't know what I'm looking for that's my main problem. I get stuck between hydration potions, lotions and creams and regenerating serums and some products are mix and match and in the end I walk away due to financial restraints and not knowing what is best for me to plump for.

                However this products is brilliant for everything! If you don't know what to buy that kind of does everything that you possibly need then let me talk to you about this product because it really is a grab and dash one in my view and a perfect gift for someone as I'm so sure this would suit everyone's skintone, type and age!

                Firstly as advertised this is a serum. Most of us gals are familiar with what a serum sort of product is and I don't know about you but the concept of putting one on my face was a tad off putting to be totally honest. Well forget the serum title. For me is isn't a serum at all but to be fair I don't know how else Olay would describe it but they really do need to find a way I think lol

                The serum is like a soft gel in consistency. It isn't watery and wet but is a whitish and transparent colour with a creamy, soft feel to it. On touch with the skin it evaporates in but it doesn't go all wet and/or slimy as you rub or anything like that. It doesn't feel like rubbing in a cream it just vanishes and it's as simple as that with so little fuss it's unreal lol .

                There is no hard rubbing required and a gentle touch is all that is needed. A small blob (about the size of a 5p) is needed to cover the face and neck adequately but of course if you want less or need more if it then you adjust the amount to your own requirements of course. It's infused with what smells like light fruit oils. It's hard to smell them as they are so light and fresh and they don't irritate the skin in any way shape or form or taste (if rubbing near your lips).

                The small amount I use blends in so easily and feels so satin smooth and not oily or too dry during application at all. Give it about a minute or so and the serum has completely vanished into the skin leaving me with the softest feeling skin on my face I have ever achieved. I mean magnificently soft and noticeable beyond my own belief!


                Giving me soft skin is only the tip of the iceberg with this product. My face not only looks and feels visible softer and therefore brighter and cleaner any dry bits of skin are hydrated and over a day or two's usage of this my skin texture is alot smoother and dry bits of skin take the high road!

                This is the perfect base for make up and I find with applying this before foundation not only to I get a smoother and more even coverage but I need alot less make up because a smaller amount of the stuff goes further and looks alot more natural and less caked or mask like. I'm also happy to be seen with this on my face alone because my skin does appear fresher in general and doesn't look so bad naked!

                So as I said ok I have smoother skin but what else for it's high price tag? Well when this is on my face and neck my skin feels tighter and firmer. This isn't achieved with a sticky feeling as there is nothing sticky about this at all but I do feel less saggy and more tawt and to me my faces appearance supports that statement. Lines are seriously softened due to this action. My frown lines whilst this is on my face certainly don't look deep and crows feet and laughter lines all but vanish into thin air. This is great for smokers who have tiny lines around their mouths. Since quitting smoking I have been applying this to them and they go completely when this is on them.

                Now when I say all this I only mean for the duration of the serum being on my face and not after prolonged use. Although I think this is a marvel when on the face I haven't noticed any long term effects apart from a little bit more softer skin in general and skin condition looking a bit better but lines etc do come back sadly lol.

                This doesn't make my sensitive skin pop up more spots which is brilliant. No more blackheads have arrived of late and my open pores are helped by this not making them stick out more and this sort of goes over these problems and matts them down a bit. Skin is much more hydrated but not in a greasy way and even after this being on my face all day long my face doesn't suddenly become greasy as it does with alot of products.

                This is a just a really easy product to use. Far superior in my view than a lot of ordinary moisturisers that are saturating the market. It lasts ages in the bottle and on the face and it's simply a really unfussy joy to use with lots of benefits. I totally recommend this to anyone worried about dry skin, lines and wrinkles and would feel its perfect for people who are suddenly starting to feel the signs of aging are popping up and want to see some results and fast.

                Of course you can use this under make up or on it's own all over the face but you you can use this to target problem areas and use your usual moisturiser everywhere else if you wish to! Use it as you want to as it's incredibly versatile! I like it particularly around my sensitive eyes, lips and frown lines! It's amazing for sweeping away them lines for a few hours and because I use it as a targeting treatment in the main it lasts me for ages but if I have a date or I'm doing something special or god forbid having my photo taken I wouldn't dream of not applying this under make up!

                A must have beauty product!

                Can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists.

                This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                Regenerate the skin on a cellular level by renewing the outer layer /

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