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Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir

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2 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Contents: 50ml / What it does: Smoothes / Product line: Olay Regenerist

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2012 10:51
      Very helpful



      Expensive Night cream with little effect.

      A couple of months ago I got sent a couple of 7ml samples of Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir. The Night Renewal Elixir usually retails at £29.99 for a 50ml bottle so I was quite eager to give it a try.

      After cleansing my face before bed, I usually do this; but it is part of the directions for use. I squeezed a small drop onto my finger to find that it had a clear gel like consistency; I was expecting the usually rich, creamy consistency found in night creams. The gel also has tiny gold glitter bits in that catch the light, overall I found the Elixir quite pleasant to look at. I then gave it a sniff only to find that it smells of nothing.

      Not to be put off by its lack of perfume and strange looks I applied it to my face, avoiding the eye area as instructed. The gel went on smoothly but did take a bit of massaging in. The Elixir was absorbed by my skin and I found a little went a long way. I found the Elixir to be neither greasy nor sticky, I was happy about this as I do not enjoy going to bed with a sticky face.

      In the morning I sprung out of bed to observe the magical effects of the Night Renewal Elixir only to find my skin looked just about the same as normal. However not to be put off as my skin had no bad reaction to the Elixir I continued using it.

      The samples lasted me a couple of weeks and during that time I can honestly say I did not notice any major improvement in the condition of my skin so I wont be switching from my usual Nivea moisturiser as it does the same job for a fraction of the price.

      At 34 years old I have started taking my skin care routine slightly more seriously so I am happy to give anything a go that claims to 'accelerate skin renewal' 'improve hydration' and 'leave skin softer, smoother and firmer'. Unfortunately Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir did not do anything special for me but I will happily give it 3 out of 5 stars, as I found it none greasy and it did not aggravate my skin but at £29.99 for a 50ml bottle it is well out of my usual skin care price range.

      Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir can currently be found at Boots for £19.99 (Nov 28th 2012).

      Thank you for reading.


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      28.05.2012 11:39
      Very helpful
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      A refreshingly light night treatment

      I'm a bit of a beauty addict and love to try out new products. I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of this Olay Regenerist Anti-Ageing Night Renewal Elixir directly from Olay as part of a promotional campaign. You can find this product in most high street beauty stores and it costs RRP £29.99 for a 50ml bottle.

      Product description: "Renews skin while you sleep - for smoother, firmer looking skin in 7 nights.
      More than a night moisturiser - renews skin cells as well as hydrating.
      The light glycolic formula enables natural yet gentle exfoliation."

      Directions for use: Designed to be used alone. Each night, apply evenly to your cleansed face and neck, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. In the morning, use a moisturiser with UV protection SPF15 or higher.

      I received a 7ml sample size tube of this product, which was enough to last me for over two months of using it most nights. I focused on using this mainly on my face rather than both my face and neck, so if you were going to apply over both areas this would not last you for quite so long. I was more interested to see if continued use would have a noticeable effect on my skin so stuck with using it just on my face to get a better test of the product and see how it worked for me.

      The full size version of this product comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser, but my smaller version is a simple tube with a screw-top lid. The Elixir is quite different to any other night treatment that I have used before. It is a runny clear fluid with no real scent and a nice light consistency. It is nothing like the usual heavy creams, thick serums or rich oils that I have previously tried using that are specifically for use overnight. This was a refreshing change as my skin is prone to oilyness and I did not feel like this Elixir was overloading my skin at all. It spreads very well and I only need to use a small amount to get a good coverage over my whole face. It sinks in after a few seconds, although there is a slight residue left behind which is not noticeable unless my skin is touching something else. Because this is a night treatment I apply it just before bed time, and if I have not left enough time for this to be fully absorbed (I find it takes around 20 minutes) then I get a feeling of stickiness when I lay my face down against the pillow.

      I noticed several positive results after using this night treatment, although it did take longer than the 7 nights as suggested on the packaging. I think after several weeks of continued use there was a definite improvement in some areas. Firstly, this Elixir helped to smooth the surface of my skin. I felt like I had to exfoliate less frequently as the treatment gently renews skin and leaves it feeling smooth to the touch. Because the liquid is so fine this helps to reduce any clogging and my pores did not become blocked at all, which was a big benefit for me as some of the heavy night creams can overload my skin and lead to breakouts of spots. What I was most impressed with was how my skin felt firmed and tightened. I'm only in my mid-20's so don't really feel like I'm ready for the stronger anti-ageing products, but I was surprised at how much this improved the tone of my skin. I have never had any visible sagging or looseness, but I can really feel the difference and think that the product fully lived up to its claims in this respect.

      On balance there were also a few negative points. As I've mentioned, I have a combination type complexion which is more on the oily side. Even so, I found that this Elixir did not provide enough hydration to leave my skin feeling moisturised. In fact, on most mornings my skin felt dried out and I've been topping up with a moisturising foundation as well as a day cream on some occasions to bring the level of moisture back up. Also, I did not notice any effect on the few fine lines and wrinkles that have started cropping up over the past couple of years. I thought that for an anti-ageing treatment it was a bit of a let down as my wrinkles were not visibly reduced.

      One point that I feel was not properly emphasised on the packaging was the importance of wearing sunscreen on your face the following day after using this night treatment. It gives the recommendation but I'm sure there are times when we've all ignored the writing on the packet because it does not seem to have any immediate relevance. In this case the Elixir contains glycolic acid which acts as an exfoliant by peeling away the top layer of the skin. The concentration is not usually high in cosmetic products, but it can leave the skin prone to increased sensitivity from sun exposure, and it is vital to give yourself some extra protection and wear a moisturiser, sunscreen, or foundation with at least SPF 15 during the day to avoid damage.

      This Olay Regenerist Anti-Ageing Night Renewal Elixir has definitely proved its worth by helping to make my skin feel firmer and smoother. However, I don't feel like it is a good all-rounder as I haven't really noticed any anti-ageing effects on my few budding wrinkles, and it was not moisturising even for my combination type skin. I have enjoyed using it but I don't think I have been convinced to buy the full sized product for myself. I'd say it's worth a try if you want a lighter night treatment that won't clog up your skin.


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      Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir helps to give you that smoother, firming-feeling skin by the morning / Working to accelerate your skin renewal whilst you sleep and revealing your smoother, fresher looking skin by the morning / '