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Olay Regenerist Rehydrating Lotion with UV Protection

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3 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Type: Moisture Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Hydrates, Protects / Product line: Olay Regenerist

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    3 Reviews
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      27.05.2009 18:55
      Very helpful



      Very highly recommended moisturiser

      I'm 29 years old, have 2 kids with another on the way & an active job where I'm outdoors in all weathers. I have pale sun sensitive skin (I prefer to call it 'English rose'!) I would class my skin as combination. I'm not a regular 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' kind of girl - I don't have the time! More a supermarket own brand face wash and face wipes then slap on some moisturiser and off I go.

      I've not found an own brand or cheaper moisturiser that I have got on with.
      I've never been a big fan of the regular Olay lotion as I found it very 'ordinary' and actually quite greasy. Following all the hype about Regenerist I decided to give it a go.

      I think it is expensive - I begrudgingly paid the full price for my first bottle of this, but now I'd never go back to anything else! The price differs depending on stores. You pay around £20 in most high street shops - however many of the leading beauty stores regularly have it discounted to around £15. But if you want a REAL bargain then head onto ebay and you can pick it up for £10.

      Since using it my skin has become softer, more radiant and I have less breakouts and blocked pores. It's a beautiful smelling light non greasy lotion which is dispensed from a pump therefore ensuring you apply just the right amount and it seems to last forever! The sun protection is excellent and it also provides a lovely base for foundation.

      My regime of cheaper face cleansing products, but splashing out on the moisturiser has really worked for me. I only have two beauty products I splash out on. This is one of them.


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        06.01.2009 19:13
        Very helpful



        Highly recommendable face lotion

        I was never really big on Olay products and I used the regular Olay moisturiser only because friends recommended it and it seemed non greasy encased in that nice pink bottle.

        Anyhow, after watching the powerful commercials for the Olay Regenerist rehydrating lotion with uv protection on TV, I was totally taken in and I decided that I will have to give this attractive face lotion a try.

        I bought the 75 ml bottle for 11 pounds at Sainsbury. I am sure it can be found cheaper on sales and may be more expensive on regular price. I thought the price wasn't too bad considering the quality of the lotion and the little amount it is supposed to be used in.

        I usually tend to use all creams and lotion liberally on face but with this product I soon came to realise that a little goes a long way.

        It is packaged nicely in a black-red plastic case that can be opened easily from the top. There are instruction behind the sleek white bottle with the black lid. The lotion is very easily dispensed from the pump out lid.

        The directiond to use are very simple. Just pump out a few drops of the lovely liquid onto your fingures and smear on your entire face and neck area after cleansing. It is a very smooth non greasy lotion that spreads easily and is absorbed easily onto the skin. It can last long if used in the correct amount.

        Active ingredients in the lotion include 4% Octisalate, 2% Avobenzone, 1.25% Octocrylene and 1% Ensulizole.

        Procter and Gamble has produced some of the greatest items in the past and this is another one in the list. I am positive that with regular use of this product the ageing process of my skin will slow down and it will be protected from the harsh UV rays as well.


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        26.12.2008 20:57
        Very helpful



        Suitable for dry skin

        When it comes to Olay products I admit I'm a bit of a fiend. I like using moisturisers and face products in general and couldn't live without them quite frankly and I really love Olay.

        As I've said in previous reviews about moisturisers although I love all the advertising and promises I'm not so naive to believe everything I read and see!

        However I do think a good moisturiser is incredibly important. I don't believe that in 24hours I will use something and wake up with perfect skin and my wrinkles will suddenly vamoosh. I do however believe that a good moisturiser can hydrate and smooth skin therefore if your hydrating skin then your going to look a hell of a lot better anyway because dry skin can look tawt and wrinkled even if it isn't really.

        My skin at 34 is only just really starting to show the signs of aging though I do get alot of people saying I don't look my age. I recently went to a wedding reception with my bf (he's 42) and people kept asking him if I was his daughter and his own daughter says I look 20! Ok's she's only 9 years old but any compliment given is worth taking in my view lol.

        I personally spend alot of time looking after my skin. I use face masks, I cleanse and tone religiously and always use good, branded products. However like I say you can't stop the hands of time and along with all of what I think of as teenage problems which seem to be ope pores, spots, white and blackheads, an oily t-zone and patches of dry skin and scars (all caused from spots), I also have got deep frown lines and under my eyes laughter lines. All not to bad but visible to me and I'd like all the problems to simply naff off to be honest with you!

        I came across this product is Sainsbury's when having a nosey which I do quite often when I have a few quid in my pocket and nothing in mind to buy (I admit I'm a shopoholic lol). Now I paid £5.00 for the full size of this with another full size product and a few samples of Olay things and a couple of fabulous face masks back in August. I don't know why but the gift sets were really highly reduced and the funny thing about it is this was on sale in the packaging you can see on the top of this review (in a black and red clearish 'pocket') right above the set I purchased for £23.98 (currently this is on offer in Boots for £18.98) but do shop about on line for this before you splash out as you can find this quite alot cheaper if you look about for it!

        The Packaging....

        As I said it comes (if bought singly) in a black and see through sort of pocket you pull it out of. On the front your clearly told what it is and who it's by and on the back told a bit about the product, ingredients and stuff like that. It can also be bought in a cardboard box (as I've spotted online).

        The bottle is tall and not cylinder shaped but sort of squarish which gets bigger towards the top. It's 75ml in size, opaque plastic with a black shiny plastic top and on that is a grey pump action dispenser. On the front the Olay symbol adorns it and in black and gold and under that I'm told it is Olay, Regenerist Rehydrating Lotion With UV Protection. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use and a warning (about getting it in eyes), contact details for Procter & Gamble are given, the size is stated and finally the recycle symbol can be seen. It's nice enough packaging and doesn't look cheap or nasty.

        A Bit About The Product.. According To The Back Of The Bottle...

        Light, non-greasy moisture with amino-peptide complex and SPf15 for dramatic skin improvement.

        Directions For Use....

        To begin using, twist the pump nozzle anti-clockwise. using fingertips smooth evenly onto clean skin over face and neck, use once or twice daily.

        My Experience....

        Well first off I have to say that this lotion is incredibly easy and fuss free to use. It comes out of the nozzle easily and although I've owned mine for quite a while not once has it blocked or given me a lump of stodgy liquid or anything. It always comes out white, and quite wet but with a bit of body to it and it isn't drippy or a pain to use.

        I use it on a freshly cleansed face and I use about 3 drops which easily and evenly covers my whole face and neck. It glides on ever so easily and although it dries to the touch in about a minute it still does hydrate the skin and makes it feel like you've given it a wee drink. It's hard to explain but you can feel the moisture and grease content under the skin rather than sitting on the top.

        It's not heavy and none sticky and perfect for using under make up as a make up base and I personally use it for that reason or whenever my skin needs a bit of moisture added. It cures my dry skin (like around spots) instantly and is a great on the spot treatment. Sure if you have very dry skin it's great for every day use but not every day does my skin need a treatment as rich as this.

        Although it's rich it is gentle in it's approach. It's suitable to use over spots etc without tingling to hell and it's suitable to put on eyes and also suitable for use on and around the eyes. The smell is delicate and smells slightly of fruit and it all just feels very natural indeed.


        Say goodbye to dry skin and a more radiant glow due to it's hydrating capabilities. I wouldn't say it combats the signs of aging as such but I do when it's on my face feel slightly smoother to the touch.

        This isn't my favourite product from Olay but it does work out economical after the initial amount you spend on it as you need so little of it, it lasts ages. I'd recommend this for very dry skins that have a tendency to feel tight etc.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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