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Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream

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4 Reviews
  • Easy to apply
  • Effective in the short term
  • Quite expensive for what it is
  • Doesn't 'cure' anything
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    4 Reviews
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      06.03.2013 09:57
      Very helpful



      A moisturiser from Olay's Regenerist range, one that I've happily used for a few years

      I've been using Olay moisturisers since I was a teenager, back in the olden days when it was still Oil of Ulay. When I first began experimenting with make-up, both my mother and my grandmother suggested that if I was going to wear cosmetics then it was also time to start taking proper care of my skin. It was excellent advice, and I've always been grateful for it. I have used Olay more or less ever since, with occasional forays into Estee Lauder, Lancome and Elizabeth Arden when funds allow - or when I am sent or given a lovely freebie or gift.

      At the RRP of £21.95 (I found it for £12.92 online), this is by no means a budget moisturiser. Nor is it as expensive as premium range skincare such as Estee Lauder and Lancome. At both price points, I think it falls within the same price range as Boots No7's skincare. .

      Over the years, Olay has always suited my age and skin type, and I've tried a number of their ranges. I love the Regenerist range, and the Replenishing Cream has been a real pleasure to use.

      It comes packaged in a black and red box (slightly different to the older packaging shown above), reflecting the colours of the Regenerist brand. There's a little plastic window on the front so that you can see the tub of moisturiser within. At the base of the box you are offered 'dramatically firmer younger looking skin'. I'm afraid I foolishly discarded the box after beginning my last tub, so I can't pass on the normal info you would get there. However, a list of ingredients can be found on the Olay web site.

      On opening the package, you are presented with a reasonably smart creamy-pink tub with a see-through black lid. You are able to see how much product there is inside the tub, and can see the level change as you progress - especially if you hold it up to the light. On pulling up and removing the lid, you can then see the curved top, which has a small hole at the centre. You will first need to remove the tiny gold label that protects this opening. Pressing down on the dispenser produces a little 'worm' of product. I think some people will like this type of pot, as there is no need to dig out any product with your fingers, and thus the cream stays nicely hygienic. I have always found this dispenser easy to use, even though my hands and wrists are on the weak and feeble side. When the tub is finally empty, you will no longer be able to push the dispenser down.

      I like to rub the cream gently into the palm of my hand before applying it. I read in one of my beloved glossy magazines that this warms the product, and makes it even easier to smooth onto your skin. Then, using your fingertips, apply the moisturiser onto your face and neck. I find that one full depression provides enough product to cover my face and neck. You should be careful to avoid contact with the eyes, and if this occurs, rinse with water. The cream has a delicate and pleasant fragrance, and it is easily absorbed into the skin. You can use a serum first, if you prefer, and there are two serums available in the Regenerist range.

      According to Olay's website, this cream has an 'advanced new formula that contains the peptide Carnosine', which apparently gives additional anti-oxidant power, and it also contains pentapeptide KTTKS - another anti-ageing ingredient. These amino-peptides are designed to regenerate the cells in the outer layer of your skin.

      I really like the effect this moisturiser has on my skin - both instantly as well as long-term. My skin feels soft and plump, and well cared for. Although I recently used the lovely Estee Lauder Resilience Lift cream, I sadly found that it was too rich for my skin, and so I reverted to my tried-and-tested Regenerist Replenishing Cream.

      Olay say that this moisturiser contains light diffusers, which are designed to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I was surprised on my very first application of this product to find that this actually was the case. When I look in the mirror after applying the cream, my skin looks as if it is wearing a slight 'veil', disguising the worst of my wrinkles (although I have to confess that I don't have too many - mostly above my upper lip).

      Regenerist Replenishing Cream is quite rich, but is not at all greasy. It's designed to provide high levels of hydration, which with regular use should help make your skin feel firmer and more elastic. One of its promises is that it will help keep your skin looking younger - and I'm all for that! I'm 57, and I intend to keep the years at bay as best I can.

      This cream can be used both morning and night, but I have always preferred something richer for overnight. You can also use this product together with the Daily Regenerating Serum. I use serums, and like the extra benefits they offer, but I also like a moisturiser that will deliver everything I need in one product. I have found recently that the Replenishing Cream is not quite enough for my very dry skin when used on its own. I suspect that this might be because of too many cold winter days - so a serum has definitely helped. Generally, though, this cream leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and well-moisturised, and it has served me well for a few years.

      Olay's Regenerist line consists of a wide range of anti-ageing moisturising treatments. As well as this Replenishing Cream, there are also: 3-Point Treatment Cream (also available in a Fragrance-Free version); Flawless Skin Cream SPF30 (this would suit me, as I have had skin cancer twice); 3-Point Super Serum; Daily Regenerating Serum Fragrance-Free; Eye Lifting Serum; Night Recovery Cream; Night Renewal Elixir, and Wrinkle Relaxing Complex.

      Olay is made by Proctor and Gamble. The product is good for twelve months after opening, and both the outer carton and the tub are recyclable.

      Prices for the Regenerist Replenishing Cream seem to vary widely. The RRP is £21.95, and the best price I found today (6th March) was £12.92 (with free delivery) at Amazon. You can purchase this product at a wide variety of high street stores and online outlets. Do shop around, especially online. Boots currently have it for £21.95, and are offering '3 for 2 mix & match across selected skincare, body care, No7, indulgent bathing, self-tan and vitamins - cheapest free'. It costs £16.99 at Superdrug (their website is offering free standard UK delivery until 10th March). Feelunique have it for £18.30. I remember snapping up an excellent offer at cheapsmells.com some time ago, when I bought two tubs, and I also remember how delighted I was with my bargain.

      From my own experience, I think that Olay's Regenerist Replenishing Cream is ideally suited to a woman in her 40s or 50s who has dry skin. I've used it - and loved it - for years. However, I am starting to find these days that my ageing and very dry skin needs a bit of an extra boost. I actually got in touch with Olay, explained my concerns, and asked for their suggestions. In the meantime, I had a look through their various ranges, and decided on a particular cream. Olay responded quickly and thoughtfully, suggesting the same cream. So, once I've used up my current pot of this Replenishing Cream, it will be time to wave - a possibly temporary - farewell to this lovely old friend, and start getting chummy with her big sister. Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream, here I come!

      Given my experience with this moisturiser, I am happy to give Olay's Regenerist Replenishing Cream five stars.

      (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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        26.05.2011 18:55



        love love love it

        I am a bit addicted to skin care creams and Olay is a favourite of mine, I think I have tried nearly all their products by now! This one is definitely near the top of my top 5 list! I love it and when I feel like treating myself I buy this one every time. This is mainly because I genuinely do feel I can see a noticeable difference in my skin when I use it for a while. It looks tighter, brighter and (I like to think!) younger.

        It glides on lovely, really luxurious, not too thick, not at all greasy, really makes your skin instantly soft.

        Although I rave about it and love it, there are some potential improvements. Firstly, the packaging. The bottle does not make it easy to get out and is wasteful. I'm sure a lot of it is still in there when you cannot get any more out. Secondly, there is SPF in it, so you can't use it during the day really (well I like to have factor 15 every day), but it is not really a night cream either, it doesn't really claim to be either so i'm not sure when best used.

        However, I still love it and will always come back to it.


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        12.02.2010 23:15
        Very helpful
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        Pretty ineffective, as are most similar products

        I'm only 21 years old but, to my horror, I do have a faint line across my forehead - which is why I decided to give the Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream a shot. My 'wrinkle' is barely there so you'd have thought that if this cream was going to work at all, it would work for me. I applied the cream religiously for a few weeks and can honestly say I can't see the slightest difference. So as far as combating wrinkles goes, the Regenerist Replenishing Cream gets a zero. Olay is a well established brand but I doubt this product is any more effective than cheaper alternatives from other brands.

        However, this is still a nicely designed product and there is a certain luxury to applying it every night. The fragrance is pleasant and not overpowering, and the cream does seem to leave the skin looking brighter. Used simply as a moisturiser, this is a nice product and hasn't irritated my skin or blocked my pores. I'll continue to use it. If you're looking for something that will make you drop ten years, however, you might want to look elsewhere as I'm skeptical that any face cream, least of all this one, is going to make you appear younger.

        Originally written for Amazon.


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          02.12.2008 03:49
          Very helpful


          • "Effective in the short term"
          • "Easy to apply"


          • "Doesn't 'cure' anything"
          • "Quite expensive for what it is"

          Instant helper in a tub?

          When it comes to Olay it's a range of products I really do love and have grown up with over the years. I do get confused at picking the right one out for myself though because nowadays the range is so vast and complicated! However with this purchase my mind was easily made up for me! For £3.39 I got this particular product in a box with lots of other products! Yep I got the full size for that price of this and this product alone will set you back £17.61 (Boots). Pleased I was and as I'm familiar with the range greatly I knew what a massive saving I was making as I stood impatiently at the checkout. Sadly I was broke though after buying lots of different Olay sets for myself in Sainsbury's lol but a real bargain they really were and in fact I think my biggest ever savings were made in a store that day!

          The Packaging:

          Well the tub comes in a black and clear recyclable sleeve type of thing. On the front your clearly told what it is and on the back a bit about the product etc. I never got the outer sleeve however I did get the 50ml white tub with a see through black lid over the top. On the front of the tub the usual Olay branding in the form of a gold face is on the front and under that I'm told it is Olay, Regenerist, Replenishing Cream. On the back of the tub all in small black writing I'm told a bit about the product, given directions for use, given contact details for Procter & Gamble UK (the manufacturers of Olay products), the size is given (as I've stated already) and finally I'm told the product is made in Ireland. It's nice simple packaging with enough information on it and basically holds the same information as the outer packaging if I remember rightly from what I've owned in the past.

          About The product .... According To The Back Of The Tub:

          Rich and luxurious yet non-greasy, intense moisture with amino-peptide complex for dramatic skin improvement.

          Directions For Use:

          Pull off over-cap. Peel off protective top of package (plastic bit of paper). Very gently push down on top of package to dispense product from centre of package. Wipe product with finger and apply. Using fingertips, smooth evenly onto clean skin over face and neck day or night.

          What Olay Say About Their Product:

          Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream has a new advanced formula which now contains another peptide - Carnosine - for additional anti-oxidant power, as well as pentapeptide KTTKS - the hottest anti-ageing ingredient.

          With Olay's moisture, Regenerist Replenishing Cream intensely hydrates and beautifully regenerates the skin's appearance. A rich, luxurious, non-greasy formula, the Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream smoothes evenly over the face to provide high levels of hydration for firmer, more elastic skin. The formula also contains light diffusers to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

          Regenerist Replenishing Cream can be used during the day or at night, together with the Daily Regenerating Serum if desired.

          Using It:

          Well it's simple enough to dispense the light coloured peach cream out of the tub. You just gently push the top of the tub and it comes out of a small hole easily. The smell is lovely and unoffensive, not being too strong or over powering or anything. I can't put my finger on what it smells of really but I guess it has an expensive floral and fruit smell to it but it really doesn't matter too much anyway as you can smell it as you apply it and for a few minutes when it's freshly applied but then it loses it's slight smell anyway after a short period of time.

          A small amount goes a very long way indeed. Basically it's a couple of squirts out which covers the whole face and neck. That really is a very small amount, less than a 5p piece in fact. On the tips of the fingers the cream looks rather thick though remember that although this is a cream it still comes out of a small hole so it isn't thick and congealed but it also isn't a wet, sloppy lotion. This cream is a little set but still remains very easy to work with indeed.

          On contact with the skin it glides over the skin quickly and simply and you'd be forgiven feeling this is a little greasy cos of the glide you get over the face, but it's a nice glide and not an oil slick or anything!

          As you apply it, it feels like a line eraser. Everything softens on the face and neck and you can actually feel the quality of the product your using. Along with the smell it all just feels like your using a rather nice treatment really and that you can 'feel' the results.

          Once applied I find within 30 seconds that I can feel it sinking into my skin and no residue is left on the skin and your left with beautifully soft but natural feeling skin and I mean really, really soft to the touch and no feeling of any oils can be felt.

          What is great about this cream is that as your applying it, it really is soft and gentle. It doesn't upset my sensitive eyes either during the application or once it's on. It doesn't make my spots or open pores tingle and certainly doesn't provoke spots into action or upset my sensitive skin therefore I would say this is suitable for any skin type in my opinion. My face has an oily t-zone and dry patches of skin near old spots and this cream doesn't make my face spit grease out in defiance and it gently hydrates the dry skin into oblivion.

          It's also very comfortable to wear indeed. Wear it alone and I feel fresh faced and clean and not even after time does my face feel tight or grimy. I feel smoother and more confident in my appearance really as it gently hydrates all day long and mattifies the skin beautifully. Also this is a fabulous make up base which smoothes the face so much that make up sits beautifully on the top of it and so much so I find I need to use much less foundation as it's all so much easier to blend.


          This really is a nice product to use. No matter the method I choose to use it, it's a real multi tasker. Instantly it revives my skin tone and gives my face a bit of a perk up. As Olay say it does firm up the skin and that you can feel without stickiness or anything but I really do feel like when this is on I've had a bit of a gentle lift though whether that is noticeable to be honest is debatable but it does do your confidence a bit of good anyway! It does hydrate the face which is a really nice feeling and one given to me without greasy oils which really don't suit me and why I keep mentioning this fact lol.

          Lines and wrinkles do feel smoother and along with the recommended serum from Olay (which I own alot of bottles of) appearance wise the lot are banished temporarily and more so even in conjunction with the serum. However you do get get good results without the serum as well so don't feel like you have to buy both products.

          I say temporarily because even with prolonged use (after a few weeks of daily use) I haven't noticed any real difference to lines and wrinkles. They are still there sadly. Also skin doesn't feel firmer or smoother without the product being worn but I do feel that this is an instant little worker and that it hasn't upset my skin over time in any way shape or form. Can of course be used as a night time moisturiser where you can use eye creams etc as well and so on.

          Recommended? Depends what your after really. If you have very dry skin yes, definitely. Skin that looks a bit dull and lacks lustre, yes too. If you have sensitive skin? Yes as well! If your looking for a bit of a skin firmer and a poly-filler then if you don't mind temporary results (although your talking for a good few hours) then brilliant but if your looking for something to really try to delay the aging process or correct it? No I still very much look my age! lol. I do like this one though an would buy it again to be fair, even at full price!

          Can be found in lots of Supermarkets and Chemists but if your really interested look online in discount stores for the best deals!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        • Product Details

          Regenerist Replenishing Cream has a new advanced formula which now contains another peptide / Carnosine / for additional anti-oxidant power, as well as pentapeptide KTTKS / the hottest anti-ageing ingredient

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