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Olay Total Effects Premium Cleanser

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Brand: Olay / Type: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Olay Total Effects

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    4 Reviews
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      06.04.2013 23:49
      Very helpful



      Product needs to decide what problems its treating and stick to it

      I'm no product snob. Ive used cheap, medium price and more expensive products for my face.Like most women ( and men these days ), we want to look good but dont want to spend all day with a 10 pot/tube/cloth/flannel routine. I personally want to spend a small amount of time prepping skin, treating skin and then off I go. When I want to treat myself to something of more of a facial/spa treatment I'll make the time for that and use certain products-but this isnt that kind of product, it was bought for the quick and go option.

      Firstly, its by Olay. A company that we all know and has been around for donkeys years, and to be fair, we've probably all used something from their range as it is so extensive e.g washes , serums, creams etc.

      Over the past year, Olays products have been on special offer regularly ( every few months ) in supermarkets, so can be picked up at an afordable price.I think I paid around the £2.50-£3.50 mark.

      So what is the product and what does it do?
      This is supposed to be a 7 in 1 facial cream wash.The title suggests it has 7 different functions, which altogether should give you a ' radiant ' looking skin. This product is supposed to:
      1. Exfoliate
      2.Improves light reflection from the skin surface
      3. Improves skin smoothness
      4. Provides moisture and skin hydration
      5.Gets rid of dead skin cells
      6. Removes make-up
      7.Helps get rid of fine lines

      Now, I have afew issues with some of these statements. Firstly, I think its near impossible to have any form of product that can provide 7 different aspects of cleansing to the skin. Personally, I think its poor in judgement for the company to market the packaging in this way and can lead to alot of disappointing people who havent experienced so many different ' treats to the skin '.
      They also seem to to be very economical with the statements they make in regards to what this product does to the skin.Example, on the packaging it says ' Gently exfoliates to improve skin softness '. Then ' Polishes away dry surface skin cells '. Isnt that pretty much the same thing just worded alittle differently? Wouldnt just saying its exfoilates getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving skin smoother not be enough? So would that make this product a 6 in 1 not a 7 in 1?

      Getting back to the product itself....It comes in a 150ml tube, which is a decent amount and means the product should last probably around the 3 month mark, maybe longer. The packaging is practical the sense of the tube stands up,its easy to hold, nicely shaped and also with the shape it is ( its wider at the top than at the bottom ) as you use the product it will move from top to bottom,so you will use nearly all the product and be able to get to it.So many bottles and tubes I've used, because of the shape, mean that when they're finished, they really arent finished, I just cant get to all of the product so some is wasted.

      When opened-it has a shelf life of 12 months which is ample time to use it or not as the case may be.

      How to use?Simple, use morning and night, damp face, massage product into skin then rinse off with water.Very easy and quick.No messing around. My personal experience is this-I dont feel this should be called a cream wash, but an exfoilant. The texture was creamy and had a lovely light fruity fresh smell to it, but although the refining beads arent big, theyre big enough to feel and in my opinion would need to be smaller.For most people, its advised that you should exfoliate 2/3 times a week. Potentially, you will be doing this up to twice a day.Not for me. It was easy to use, rinsed off well, made my skin feel clean but didnt feel or see the look of the skin being different. I aslo felt my skin was alittle on the dry side so didnt hydrate.

      For anyone thinking of buying this product I would say its ok, but think about how genuine and realistic it is to say on packainging something is a 7 in 1. Maybe 2, 3 or at a stretch 4, but not 7 in 1. Personally I think this should be called an exfolliator not face wash.


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      14.05.2012 18:38
      Very helpful



      A brilliant facial wash which cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and brightens the skin

      I have oily skin and I wear a lot of make up so I need a really good cleanser. I also have skin which is starting to develop wrinkles so the first brand which came to mind was Olay so I went to the Olay stand to find a cleanser. The Total Effects Cleansers Radiance Enhancing Cream Wash is a facial cleanser by Olay. It is an anti aging cleanser which promises to keep the skin looking younger and healthier in 7 different ways.

      What does the product do?
      The product exfoliates the skin to remove dead and dull particles from its surface and revealing the healthy new ones underneath. This exfoliating action also prevents the pores from becoming enlarged and stops blemishes to form. It also claims to make the skin smoother and more radiant by reflecting the light and brightening the complexion.

      By hydrating the skin, the cleanser moisturises the skin and helps to maintain the skins elasticity which means in turn that fewer wrinkles will form. It also helps to tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. As well as all of this, the product also performs the usual duties of a cleanser by removing excess oils, make up and impurities.

      How do you use the product?
      You need to apply a pea sized amount of the cleanser to your damp face and massage it into the skin. You can apply the suitable amount of pressure as you massage it into the skin according to the amount of exfoliation that you require. It is gentle enough to be used on the eye area and also on the neck. After you've finished massaging the product into the skin, you need to rinse the product off using warm water. You then need to follow up the product with a good moisturiser. The product can be used day and night.

      Packaging and Price
      The product is contained within a cream plastic tube which has a black flip top lid. There is a golden number seven on the front to signify the seven different purposes of the product and extra information is given on the back. The plastic is thin enough to easily dispense the product when you squeeze it and the lid makes it convenient when closing the product with wet hands. It can also stand on its lid so this makes it look neat and tidy in your bathroom.

      The product cost me around £4 and for that money I received 150ml of the product. It can be bought from department stores such as Boots, large supermarkets and also from a variety of online websites.

      Aroma and Appearance
      The product is a very bright white colour and if you look really closely, you can see the gritty brown particles inside. The product has a creamy consistency which is quite thick and rich and it almost resembles a moisturiser rather than a cleanser. The aroma of the cleanser is quite fresh and clean, with hint of dryness.

      The product is easy to apply to the skin because of the convenient packaging. It feels lovely and creamy on the skin and it doesn't burn or feel uncomfortable on my sensitive skin. I use it over my eye area in order to remove my mascara and it doesn't sting or burn at all. The gritty exfoliating particles are evident but no so abrasive that they hurt you and if you want a more gentle action, you simply apply less pressure.

      Firstly the product really does remove all of my make up and I do wear quite a lot. It manages to even remove tricky make up such as mascara and when I dry my face with a white towel afterwards and there is no make up residue left on the towel. As it visibly removes my make up then it also must be removing the excess oils and impurities from the skin too.

      The exfoliating action is really good and it leaves my skin free from dry and dull skin cells leaving my complexion looking brighter and more radiant as promised. The cleanser must also be very moisturising as it leaves my skin feeling silky and soft, without any feeling of dryness or tightness that sometimes accompany cleansers.

      The product hasn't caused any blemishes to form on my spot prone skin and I haven't developed any new ones either. I don't think it has necessarily got rid of my fine lines and wrinkles but I think it would help to prevent new ones by hydrating and cleansing the skin. The feeling of cleanliness last throughout the day.

      All in all, I don't think I've been this happy with a facial cleanser before. It leaves the skin clean from all traces of make up and makes it feel really soft. It removes dry skin and makes the complexion brighter and it makes you feel clean all day long. It hasn't caused any blemishes either and it seems to have stopped new blemishes from forming. I really can't fault this product.


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        01.08.2010 14:27
        Very helpful



        A good product that does what it claims to

        Being a fan of many of the range of products that Olay offer, picking out the Olay Total Effects Cleanser was an obvious choice recently. Armed with a £5 off voucher from Boots I scanned the shelves and found the Olay section and decided to make my pennies stretch as far as they could by picking something that was going to be a real bargain.

        The Olay Effects wash product that I picked out seems to differ a little in the colours used from this pic, but its still the same wash. My pack is pale cream with a black lid that you can use to stand the wash on when its being stored for use. The 7 signs of aging logo is in gold and there is a small clear see through panel through which you can see the creamy coloured wash product.

        These washes used to work out at just under £1 when Boots had their £5 off promo voucher on. They have gone up a little recently and now cost a few pennies over £1, which means that they still offer good value if you have a money saving voucher. Expect to pay around £5 to £6 per wash elsewhere without a money saving voucher.

        The product is gentle on your skin even, though it contains lots of small micro granules which are included in the creamy wash to exfoliate your skin. You need to use the wash every day to get the best results from it, although you do notice an improvement to your skin tone even after the first use.

        Once you have been using the wash for a week or so you can really notice that your skin texture is more even, with less dry spots and flaking skin. Exfoliation when used daily and gently as part of your skin care regime, is one of the best things you can do for your skin, when combined with a good mositurising product and skin care anti aging serum.

        By following the simple step of using the Olay wash product daily, you can really see a great improvement, which can be so apparent that other people will notice your new found radiance. Over time the skins tone and over all appearance begins to look fresher and more radiant every day, with no tight dry feelings, just a fresh smooth just washed complexion.

        To use the wash, you can either wash over the sink or use the product when in the shower. I find the second option the easiest to do, as that way it becomes part of your shower routine. If you leave the wash amongst your other general use shower products, its there ready to use and as it only takes 20 seconds or so to apply and use it doesn't add to much time at all.

        To apply the product make sure you have rinsed your face a little and then apply a good broad bean sized blob of the product to your skin. Massage the wash cream in until you feel that you have gently cleansed everything and then just rinse it all off. This will leave your skin clean and slightly moisturised.

        Its so easy to apply and use in this way and takes no time at all. In fact you can wash and condition your hair, then leave your conditioner on whilst you use the Olay wash. That way you get a nice smooth toned complexion and shiny glossier hair.

        My rating for the Olay wash has to be 4 stars, which I feel makes it a very good product. I do favour the self heating wash a teeny bit more, which is why this one has a star deducted.

        However I still recommend this as a really nice wash product that can and does have really good effects, with just the minimum of effort. If you can pick this up when its on offer then all the better, as for just over £1 its a must have product for a simple and quick skin care regime.

        A quick heads up for the DooYoo lads. There is no reason why you lovely fellas cannot also use this wash product. It doesn't have a girly smell, in fact its very neutral smelling. Its easy to use and is perfect for you lads to give your boyish looks the once over. It will make your skin look good too, so what are you all waiting for!


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        18.06.2010 16:14
        Very helpful



        A disappointing product from a pretty expensive range.

        Boots recently had a promotion on where you received a £5 voucher of certain ranges of skin care if you spent a certain amount (£5 I think). I had one lurking in my purse and, being in need of a new facial wash, I went to see whether I could use my voucher on anythihg.

        The whole range of Olay Total Effects was included in the offer but then a lot of them are quite expensive so the £5 off is nice but not enough to tempt me. This product however, was £5.99, so with the voucher it was only going to cost me the bargain price of 99p - less than I would spend on my normal Boots own facial wash.

        I duly bought a tube, feeling quite smug and stuck it in the shower for use the next morning. The packaging is quite robust, it is a 100ml plastic tube with the cap on the bottom for easy dispending. The lid is flip top and the base is wide enough for it to stand easily, all very convenient and well designed.

        The claims of this product are that it will reduce the 7 signs of ageing, I have no idea what they are because it deigns to list them and assumes that you have bought into this product line, watched and paid attention to the adverts and therefore already know.

        It also states that it has 'refining micro-exfoliation beads' in it. This pleased me as I usually do use an exfoliating cleanser a few times a week.

        So, I have now used it a handful of times. Its ok in my opinion but I have issues with the full price tag of £5.99 and would feel a bit let down if I had paid that much for it. The reasons being as follows.

        The very first thing I noticed about this product is the very strong and rather strange smell. It actually reminds me of new plastic, by which I mean when you have something brand new which smells plasticy, this is very reminicent of my wendy house when I was a child. Strange, but true. It seems odd because I always expect skincare products to smell pretty, floral or fruity, scented or unscented is fine - but this is just a little odd.

        The texture of the cream is surprisingly smooth and silky feeling. This baffled me however as I was looking and feeling for the magic 'micro exfoliation beads'. I could only see one or two in my ten pence sized dollop. Maybe they were too small to see, I wondered....no, rubbing this into my face I could not really feel any kind of abrasive beads in there at all.

        I also think that for me it is not particularly effective, I have had a couple of spots since using this instead of my regular cleanser and as this has been the only change to my skincare routine in that time I can only level the blame (or some of it) at this.

        Although my skin feels clean after using this, it does not feel exfoliated and I just can't get used to the smell. For me this is an overpriced and not particularly appealing facial wash and personally I will not buy it again, even at 99p.


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