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Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder

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11 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Type: Face Care / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Olay Total Effects / Gender: Ladies

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    11 Reviews
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      06.06.2013 15:22
      Very helpful



      great product

      I am reviewing Olay Total effects wake up wonder ,facial moisturiser

      I recently recieved a free sample of Olay Total effects wake up wonder ,anti ageing moisturiser.
      It came in a 7ml little plastic tube,in the familiar Olay pink pearlescent colour. on the back it tells me to squeeze a hazelnut size blob onto your palm,rub both palms together and spread over my face .

      It has a black flip up lid which makes it so easy to dispence the moisturiser .

      It came out in a little creamy white swirl and quickly made the reccomended little hazlenut sized blob .

      It spread over my skin easily and absorbed quickly , my skin felt really hydrated instantly , the cream was very cooling on my skin,which I liked the effect of instantly .

      The result ............

      I tried this product and the result was fantastic, my skin felt softer and well moisturised, it wasnt sticky ,and covered easily.

      My skin looked much refreshed and clearer after using this for 5 days, a great help when you have as many wrinkles as me .

      I t,s moisturising effect has lasted well through out the day , even when I have been in the garden in the sun , my skin has not felt dry as it normally does

      Product information............

      Total Effects Wake Up Wonder is an age-defying moisturiser providing 7 age-defying effects in 1 product PLUS a lightweight formula, with mint extract, to wake up creased, tired looking skin.

      Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

      Hydrates skin for a healthy, radiant glow

      Hydrates for a firmer skin feel

      Improves skin surface dullness

      Helps to prevent free radical damage to skin's surface layers

      Helps minimise the appearance of pores

      Ther were no ingredients listed on this tiny tube.

      Would I buy it ...........

      You bet I would ,I,m hinting to my daughter cos my birthday is just around the corner ,and Olay ,special effects wake up wonder would suit me fine

      I am giving it 4 dooyoo stars ,as it certainly improved this tired looking skin.


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        27.03.2013 10:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A totally effective day cream

        I'm a bit of a beauty addict and love to try out new products. I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of this Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder moisturiser directly from Olay as part of a promotional campaign. You can find this product in most high street beauty stores and it costs RRP £13.99 for a 30ml bottle, although I did note through the dooyoo shopping links that this is currently selling on Amazon for £8.78 which is quite a bargain.

        Product description: "Total Effects Wake Up Wonder is an age-defying moisturiser providing 7 age-defying effects in 1 product PLUS a lightweight formula, with mint extract, to wake up creased, tired looking skin.
        + Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
        + Hydrates for a healthy, radiant glow
        + Firmer skin appearance
        + Improves skin surface dullness
        + Smoothes and evens skin texture
        + Minimises the appearance of pores
        + Helps to prevent damage to skin's surface."

        Directions for use: After cleansing skin with an Olay cleanser, smooth this moisturiser on to your face and neck.

        I received a 7ml sample size tube of this product, which was enough to last me for just under three weeks of using it each morning on my face and neck. The full size version of this product comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser, but my smaller version is a simple tube with a screw-top lid. The moisturiser itself has a pure white colour and is quite light in consistency so it flows easily from the bottle. It is easy to spread over my skin and gives a refreshing cooling sensation which is nice when using it first thing in the morning. The cream absorbs fairly easily without much rubbing, and sinks in fully leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch.

        This is not aimed for any specific skin type, and the claims above will be appealing to most people. I have a standard combination type complexion, which requires a bit of delicate balancing as my T-zone across my forehead, nose and also my chin can become oily if not treated with the right products. I'm also prone to suffering the occasional blemish but thankfully this is becoming rarer as I'm getting older. I find that this Wake Up Wonder is perfectly suited to everyday use and is lightly moisturising without leaving a heavy layer on my face and neck, instead my skin seems to soak this up really quickly and I feel like it's getting to work properly instead of just sitting on the surface of my skin. I always apply a light layer of foundation to even out my skin tone and hide any imperfections, and this product prepares my skin to create a smooth base before putting on my make-up. Despite my tendencies to break out in oily patches, I have noticed that with frequent use this moisturiser helps to keep my complexion balanced and I do not end up with a shiny face by the end of the day.

        I have been pleased to note that this product really delivers what it claims to. It certainly does have a lightweight formula, and the mint extract does seem to help my skin look less tired. I only have a few minimal lines & wrinkles as my skin has only recently reached the stage of starting to show signs of ageing so after just a few weeks I haven't really noticed any dramatic effect here, although there are already visible improvements to my neck in particular. My skin is hydrated with each application, feeling soft and smooth to the touch, and giving a healthy radiant look. I have very pale skin which can look dull especially if I have my standard dark undereye patches, but this moisturiser creates a lovely effect which gives a brightened appearance with a light dewy sheen all over. It also helps minimise the appearance of pores which I believe is what prevents my skin from becoming oily as the day wears on.

        I am glad to have received a sample of this product to try as I probably wouldn't have been drawn to it had I come across it in the shops. It is a good all-rounder and provides just the right touch of moisture that is needed for everyday use, giving my skin a soft, smooth finish and a healthy, dewy sheen. I can definitely recommend Olay's Total Effects Wake Up Wonder and will most likely make this product a priority choice the next time I need a new day cream.


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          03.07.2012 10:57
          Very helpful



          I like it, but I don't think I will be repurchasing.

          I suffer with my skin, with it going really dry particularly in winter months, and then also breaking out in spots regularly. I have discovered in recent years that the best moisturisers for me come from the olay range as they moisturise my dry skin without causing me to instantly break out in a new crop of spots.

          I ran out of my complete care, and as I had not desire to take a trip into town just to buy some moisturiser, I decided to see what they had in my local medium sized tesco. They didn't have my complete care version, so I decided I would try this total effects moisturiser, after all, now I'm in my 30s, my skin is sometimes a little dull if not yet wrinkly, so I thought I would see if this one was worth swapping to and would prove to be beneficial to my skin.

          I find the price tag to be mid range on olay products. Not so high it puts you off, but not so cheap it is in the pocket money range. I paid somewhere around £8 for it, and it is currently available in Boots for £6.99. This is for 30ml of the product which comes in a pump dispenser plastic bottle which has a plastic lid so you can transport it without losing some of your product.

          I like the product. It is easy to get out of the bottle. I find that a couple of pumps on the dispenser gives me enough product to treat my whole face. It is a white cream, medium consistency. It is not really heavy, but it is dense enough to not slide off my fingers when applying the product.

          The product smells really fresh to me. Slightly minty as it has a mint extract in it, and perhaps a little floral as well, but only a really mild smell which you can only smell when your nose is right up next to the product rather than a smell that is overpowering. I find that as I apply it, my skin feels a little tingly in a pleasant way. It does wake me up a little, but not as much as a slug of coffee does.

          I haven't really felt that my skin looks majorly different, but then again, it wasn't looking 'old' to start with. I have been lucky to not have any lines showing when my skin is hydrated. The product claims to help with seven signs of ageing.

          1) Line minimisation.
          Well, yes, it has helped here as if I use no product at all, I do have some that start to appear near the top of my nose. Any moisturiser would minimise this though.

          2) Hydration
          Yes, it does make my skin look nice and plump, but again, no more than my other olay moisturiser.

          3) firming
          Couldn't really say as my skin is not really saggy to comment on any improvement. The mint must do something though.

          4) Dullness
          I would say yes for this one, my skin isn't dull, but I think this is helped more by my dermologica exfoliater I've been using. If you have dull skin, any exfoliator will benefit it more than a moisturiser, though this is nice to use afterwards.

          5) Exfoliation
          Personally, I don't think any moisturiser can promise this, as you need a decent product as you get older and your skin needs more persuasion for the dead skin cells to shed rather than leave rough patches on your face. I need a product with rough grains in it from my experience over the last 15 years, so I would say no for me to this one.

          6) Pore appearance.
          This is meant to minimise the appearance of your pores. I do get a fair amount of blackheads. They are a little better using this cream. I guess the mint has a tightening effect on the pores which perhaps stops them getting as blocked. I've never suffered with really large looking empty pores, so I'm not sure if it would work well on that sort of skin problem, but for someone with a milder problem, it should help.

          7) Antioxidant action
          I can see a few things in there known to be beneficial to skin, like citric acid which would provide vitamin C, so it must have anti-oxidants in there to be able to make this claim.

          My overall impression of this cream is it is very nice, it soothes my skin and is a decent moisturiser. It is a little towards pricey for only getting 30ml for £7-8, but it lasts a while as it is easy to spread a small amount across your skin.

          I have a couple of little niggles with it. I can't see anywhere that it has any sun protection in it. This was stated quite clearly on my last bottle of olay complete care that it was included at factor 15, and to be honest, I expect any day moisturiser these days to have this in. I might be wrong here, but I think if it was in there, they would be broadcasting the fact by putting it on the bottle. We get told to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent ageing, so for me, I won't want to repurchase this as my day moisturiser. I know I could wear sunscreen on top, but I am a busy mum, I don't have time to slap sunscreen on for the school run, so I expect my moisturiser to help me out a bit. I also found in winter when my skin was at its driest that I needed to reapply part way through the day as I had some dry spots showing through again. It has been fine when the weather has been a bit warmer though.

          I also found once that the top part of the bottle (the black dispenser) just came off. I suppose this is a good thing as it means you can get every last bit out the bottle with your fingers, but at the time when I was in a rush it was messy and inconvenient. It did just pop back on, and didn't come off again, but it was a little annoying.

          I like it, but I can't see it being something I repurchase unless I find out differently about it containing sun protection. I might try instead the day moisturiser in the range, as that definitely does have SPF in it. It's one thing having antioxidants to treat free radicals, but it is even better to remove some of the risk of free radicals forming.


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            27.11.2011 13:28
            Very helpful



            I will continue to buy this wonderful anti aging cream

            I love Olay products and have used a lot of the Olay Effects Range in particular, but they always seem to be bringing out more and more and I can't seem to keep up with them lately. One of the better ones in this range, in my opinion, is their Wake Up Wonder Cream. I first tried this as a sample in a magazine and I was hooked. The sample barely gave me enough to use for more than two applications though so I was determined to purchase a bottle and try it out longer term.

            I paid £13.99 for a 30ml pump dispenser bottle in my local Sainsbury's store. I have noticed that you can sometimes buy these on special offer with "one third off the RRP" - the trick is to just keep looking out for them.

            This cream particularly intrigued me, as Olay states that it helps the "seven signs of aging" in just one little miracle cream. Olay state the seven signs are:

            · Lack of skin hydration
            · Dullness
            · Build up dead skin cells needing exfoliation
            · Lines and wrinkles
            · Lack of firmness
            · Open pores
            · Decrease in antioxidants

            Apparently this cream works to alleviate all seven signs with regular use.

            I must admit I suffer a little from dry dull skin with a greasy T zone, and I do like to use a separate exfoliator, so I thought that if this cream could achieve all seven of these pitfalls, then I was onto a winner.

            I love the fact that this bottle has a pump dispenser as I always find that this is the most effective way of using and applying face creams - it just creates less mess for me personally.

            The cream itself is a light cream/off white colour and is very light in texture. It is absorbed very well into my skin and I apply it morning and night all over my face and neck area and pay particular attention to the throat and eye area. It feels gorgeous on my skin and not heavy or 'cloggy'. I use it by itself at weekends (without make up) and underneath make up during the week before I 'put my face on' for work.

            I have been using Olay Wake Up Wonder Cream now for almost six months and I will continue to keep using it as I have found that it has given me a clearer and less dull complexion. The smell is light and fresh and not heavily perfumed.

            Since using this cream my jaw line and neck feel more toned and I have seen a definite improvement in the small pores I had around the sides of my nose. I was particularly impressed by the cream's ability to reduce the size of pores as prior to using this I was using a separate pore minimizing cream from Clinique (which was working out rather expensive to use long-term).

            The only thing I have found this cream does not help me with is its claim to exfoliate my skin. I suppose it must be exfoliating to some extent however, as I think that is why my skin appears fresher looking and less dull, but it doesn't FELL like it is exfoliating. I always think an exfoliating cream should be able to be FELT working - i.e. the feel of those little grains between your fingers and your face when it is applied. This is obviously not the case with this cream as it goes on smooth and grain-free!

            Overall I am very impressed with Olay Wake Up Wonder Cream and I do personally feel it is well worth the price tag. It is not too expensive and a little goes a long way. I am now onto my second bottle and after almost six months of constant use I don't feel that is too bad at all.

            Definitely recommended.

            Review may also be posted on Ciao as dawnieG


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              08.02.2011 22:47
              Very helpful



              Good, effective product

              It has to be said that I'm a bit of a fickle thing when it comes to skin care. A frugal lifestyle means that I tend to move from one free sample to another, seldom actually considering buying the contents. Until I got this one as a freebie, that is!

              I do suffer with extreme dryness to my skin as the result of a medical condition. Whilst I'll happily plaster pharmacy-based products on the rest of me, it doesn't feel very evocative of a beauty regime to slap the same stuff onto my face and even less like a pampered moment, so I do like to try 'proper' face care products!
              Now my memories of Olay stem back to the Oil of Ulay days, where both my mum and my nan carried that subtle tell-tale scent which was part of the reason I loved to rub cheeks with them: I'd get that lovely scent too! So, as you can tell I do have a soft spot (no pun intended) for Olay products, which meant I was glad to get hold of this as a freebie!

              Given the nature of my skin, most moisturisers feel OK to start with, but soon disappear and leave my face feeling as coarse as it ever was, which I expected to happen with this one too. Initially, this Wake Up Wonder seemed to be doing the same thing, but because I love the scent I'd use a blob in the evening too. After a couple of days of using it this way, my skin was already starting to feel less 'scaly' (sorry, I know it sounds horrible) and actually was beginning to look less tired overall and several members of the family asked if I was getting better because my skin was starting to improve. Now you have to remember that this time of writing (February) is the time of year where skin is either pasty from indoors or ruddy from the weather of outdoors. My tendency is towards pasty, yet everyone around me comments on how good my complexion is now and I can only put it down to this product, which essentially has been like giving my face one long drink a day - I can almost feel it hydrating as I use it, along with the fact that I have been using it regularly.

              Plus points: non-greasy, subtle scent, a little goes an awfully long way. It's actually seldom that a product lives up to its marketing claims (and believe me, I am a real cynic) but in this case, this moisturizer really does deliver something a bit different!

              Negatives: I'm going to have to pay for my next lot (although this is really a positive: it's impressed me so much I'm prepared to pay out for it)!


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              26.01.2011 14:31
              Very helpful



              Great for the Cost!

              The Product:
              I received a 7ml sample of this Olay product from the Olay website. This is quite a new Olay face cream introduced to the UK market last year (2010). I am really into face creams and I am always looking for the new wonder product which diminishes signs of age and gives you glowing youthful skin!

              This face cream is part of the Olay Total Effects range, this range offers anti-ageing products for day time and night time and is suitalbe for all skin types.

              The Packaging:
              The product comes in a cream coloured plastic bottle. The bottle has the name of the product on the front of it, what the product is and it also displays the Olay logo. The plastic bottle also has a very handy pump dispenser at the top of the bottle, this dispenser is fantastic and dispenses the cream evenly and makes sure you get every last drop of ths cream out of the bottle. The plastic bottle can be recycled after use.

              What this anti-ageing cream claims to do:

              This face cream is a lightweight anti-aging moisturiser providing 7 anti-aging effects in 1 product, to wake up your creased, tired looking skin. This is thanks to its new lightweight formula with mint extract.

              This face cream has a new lightweight formula to address the first signs of ageing with 7 age defying effects to wake up creased tired looking skin.

              The age defying effects are:

              Line minimisation
              Improves Dullness
              Gentle Exfoliation
              Minimises Pore appearance
              Anti-oxidant to prevent free radical damage

              The Cost:
              My first 7ml tube of this product was free, I have since bought a 30ml full size bottle of this product from Tesco for £13.99. This seems to be the normal Tesco price as there was no special offer/promotion involved.

              My results using this product:
              I started using this product on holiday last October. I started off using my free 7ml sample. I applied the cream to clean, newly cleansed skin.

              The product is pure white in colour, as you open the product it has the usual Olay scent, to me this scent is a very clean and fresh smelling light magnolia scent. The product contains mint extract but I can not smell any trace of mint in this cream. I apply a small blob of this cream to my face, about the size of a hazelnut. I rub the cream into my face and neck. It adsorbs well into my skin and it is lovely to apply, the cream is soft and very soothing, it smells lovely.

              I like this cream immediately, it is a really lovely cream to apply. I get good results even from my first application of this cream, my face feels soft and moisturised and this effect lasts all day. The cream has a cooling effect as soon as you apply it and I really think this is down to the mint extract in the cream.

              I have been using this product for a couple of months now and the only one thing I dislike about this product is that it does not contain an SPF. It works well at keeping skin moisturised, it is not at all greasy or drying and because of it's moisturising effect any fine lines you do have are less noticeable. It's not a wonder skin cream, your wrinkles won't disappear but you will have lovely fresh looking and moisturised skin.

              In my opinion this is a very good face cream for the cost.


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              25.01.2011 21:55
              Very helpful



              Wonderful skin care product that actually produces positive results in a short time.

              Initially I never went for Olay products because I felt it was more for older women and that I hadn't reached the stage of any anti ageing product. But my niece (who happens to be just 19) told me of Olay total effects wonder and out of curiosity I bought it from Boots and decided to try it. Within 7 days of using Olay Wake up wonder effects my skin felt so much softer, smoother and shinier. I love the fact that it not only moisturises your skin but also ex foliates the horrible lines around your eyes, evens skin tone and makes your skin twinkle and glow. I also use to have some horrible spots on my face and after 14 days they've all faded. My skin is so smooth not to mention the wonderful honey milk aroma it has!!

              I've got a lot compliments from my friends and family that I look a whole lot younger and my skin looks amazing. I've now dumped all my other skin care products and stick to Olay range. The best thing is its good for all skin types so I'd definitely recommend this to everyone.


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                14.01.2011 19:21
                Very helpful



                a fab moisturiser/beauty flash cream.

                I started using Olay's Wake Up Wonder moisturising cream in October 2010. I apply it every morning after cleansing and before applying my make-up.

                I really like it and am now onto my second bottle. It comes in a 30ml pump dispenser and one squirt gives enough for one application. It goes on well and sinks into the skin nicely, leaving no residue and a more matt finish that some other creams. It provides a very good base for my foundation.

                It has changed the texture of my skin, making it more soft and supple, and has had a visible effect on evening out skintone and making my open pores look a bit smaller. My combination skin has become less dry and flaky.

                The cream has a nice fresh smell and although it has mint extract it is not overpowering and just adds a bit of a 'zing'. It does make my face feel more awake and alive of a morning!

                It claims to:
                Olay total effects Wake Up Wonder addresses fisrt signs of ageing with 7 age defying effects to wake up creased tired looking skin.

                Minimise lines: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they start to develop
                Nourishing Moisturisation: Intensively hydrates the skin as it begins to show signs of dryness
                Enhance tone: Balances colour & visibly evens skin tone
                Gently Exfoliate: Smoothes and evens skin texture
                Refine pores: Minimizes the appearance of pores as they become slightly more noticeable
                Brighten: For a radiant healthy glow
                Reduce the appearance of skin imperfections

                I will definitely keep on using this as long as I can find it on offer - it is available at half price if you search around. It is recommended for sale at £13.99 but I have never paid this amount.


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                08.12.2010 22:56
                Very helpful



                Not one for me

                I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder through the post. It was a nice little 7ml tube so enough to get a good feel for the product.
                Wake Up Wonder is an anti ageing moisturiser that has added mint extract. Olay claim this will wake up tired looking skin. Wake Up Wonder has Olay's usual claims of helping with the 7 signs of ageing.

                1, Line Minimisation
                2, Hydration
                3, Firming
                4, Improves Dullness
                5, Gentle Exfoliation
                6, Minimises Pore Appearance
                7, Anti Oxidant to prevent free radical damage.

                I was surprised to see that despite being advertised as a moisturiser it isn't very thick, its quite runny for a moisturiser and more like a thicker lotion, if you see what I mean. Olay suggest that a hazelnut size blob of moisturiser is adequate to cover the face and neck. Rub this briefly between your palms and apply to your face and neck.

                Despite having mint extract in the moisturiser I cant actually smell it. The cream smells fresh and fruity but definitely not minty.
                I found the moisturiser glided over my skin sinking into it almost instantly, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised. I was very impressed.

                I was a little surprised though to find that after rubbing the cream into my face the Olay wake up wonder actually left my hands feeling almost sticky for an hour or so afterwards. Although I didn't really like this it wasn't really a problem.

                A little while after using this for the first time the skin on my face didn't feel right, I find it hard to describe it, I wondered if it was the mint extract making my skin feel this way. As the minuets ticked by my skin felt "uncomfortable". Not irritated but verging on feeling a little bit sore. I left the cream for half an hour or so and the feeling did start to wear off. I tried the moisturiser night and morning for 3 days and the same thing happened each time.
                The wake up wonder made my skin incredibly soft and it certainly improved the appearance of it. It looked fresher and felt very well moisturised but I didn't feel happy using it.

                As I said my wake up wonder was a free sample but if you are interested, a 30ml bottle costs 13.99 from Boots and it comes with a nice pump dispenser making it economical to use.
                I cant say I recommend this product, I've no doubt that it is up to Olay's usual standard but it just wasn't for me.


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                24.11.2010 18:35
                Very helpful



                a nice light moisturising cream that doesn't cost the earth

                In the last few years Olay have reinvented themselves and appear to be attracting a younger market than I remember from when I was a lot younger.
                As much as I hate to admit that I might need to start using anti ageing products, I have resigned myself to the fact that I should at least use something to deter those ageing signs rather than waking up one morning to find my face looking older than my time.
                I tried Olay's Total Effects Wake Up Wonder moisturiser because it was on special offer, and also because it was in a pump action bottle rather than a pot, and I liked the design.
                The bottle itself is a nice design, neutral colours of cream and black which work well together, and a pump action nozzle. To apply the blurb instructs you to use a hazelnut sized amount of cream. I worked this out to be two pumps of the lid. For my skin I have found this is too much and leaves my face feeling greasy, so I really would start off with the less is more attitude to find your own preferred amount for your skin.
                Once pumped out, you are instructed to massage your hands together before applying to your face and neck area. I have always applied moisturiser directly from the pot to my face, but I have to say the idea of applying to your hands first before applying works very well as I find you get an even coverage without too much effort. This way each part of your face is reached rather than finding you have a large amount waiting to absorb in your cheek and a dry area on your forehead. You could apply any moisturiser this way, not just this one, but it's a nice tip from Olay.

                As the moisturiser is marketed at addressing the first signs of ageing, I think this is better aimed at younger skin. As with all products it promises to minimise fine lines, hydrate the skin, evens skin tone, smoothes skin texture, brightens the skin, and reduces the appearance of imperfections in the skin.
                But does it?

                After using morning and night for two weeks, I was pleased with the way my face looked in terms of lines. I don't have many lines to start with but there are a few appearing around my eyes and they do look better when I use this moisturiser. My skin feels more supple after using, and feels nice to the touch which always makes me feel better.

                The product also has a mint extract included, but to be honest I can never smell mint when I am applying this. It has more of a fresh citrus aroma, still very pleasant.
                I find the cream to be light as long as I don't apply too much to my face. Any residue left on my hands I use as a hand cream to make my hands feel soft. Sadly I don't think it'll rid my hands of any lines though.

                A 30ml bottle of this moisturiser will cost in the region of £10 and last approx 1 month with one pump used twice daily.
                Overall I am pleased with this moisturiser. I prefer to buy it when I can find it on offer, but it's good to find a product that suits my skin so I will keep buying it.


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                  10.11.2010 10:35
                  Very helpful



                  An ok product in the range, but no better than the original

                  The reason I first tried Total Effects some 11+ years ago was thanks to a free sample popping through my door, and the reason I tried this Wake Up Wonder version this autumn was for the same reason, a sample through the letterbox. It's an approach that works well to attract, and keep, my custom.

                  I have been using Total Effects constantly since that first sample - which means, yes, I have been slapping on the anti-ageing stuff since I was 17. The reason? It's just such a nice moisturiser and is universally available (in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Australia - everywhere I've lived in that time). It's cheaper in some places than others (trips to Deutschland tend to lead to me stocking up) but even in the UK it can usually be found on offer. I have liked most of the varieties that have come out since the initial launch, including the SPF one and the Fragrance Free, but wasn't a fan of the Touch of Sun sort.

                  This latest one is a bit different. It is dubbed as an 'anti-ageing moisturiser to wake up tired skin' and contains mint extract. If you've ever used Original Source or certain toothpastes, you'll be familiar with how particular plant extracts, and mint in particular, really can have a refreshing effect, jolting you out of the land of nod in the morning, leaving you ready to face the day ahead. For this reason I'm not at all surprised that they chose mint as the bonus ingredient to wake up your skin.

                  The instructions say to use a hazelnut sized blob, but I think this is excessive, and use maybe a pea sized amount, as I do of ordinary Total Effects. One thing I like about Total Effects packaging is that it's so easy to control how much of the product you dispense. The cream is light, almost whipped in its consistency, and nice and thin making it perfect for a day cream. It has an interesting scent - vaguely minty but not in the ranks of Colgate and certainly not up to Original Source's potency. It's more like gum that has already begun to be chewed, and started to lose its sharpness a little as a result, and I find no smell lingers once you've applied it. Which is probably a good thing, unless you particularly want your face to smell like Aquafresh.

                  The cream is really easy to apply as it glides on and sinks straight in. I use a Clinique night cream at the moment, so my skin gets a massive moisture drink as I sleep, and therefore is quite hydrated in the morning. Even so, this vanishes from the surface as you smooth it on, and afterwards my skin immediately feels soft and supple, but not greasy. It may be in my head, but I think it makes my skin look better too. It adds a sort of sheen to it, almost like a dewy glow, and since I look more wide-awake and refreshed when I glance in the mirror, I somehow internalise that and start to feel this way too.

                  So what of the 'wake up' effect? I suppose it depends on whether you're the sort of person whose skin tends to look tired anyway. Despite ardent sun worshiping, I'm still pretty young in terms of the skin stakes, and I don't think I look that different at night as I fall asleep as I do the following morning. I don't have noticeable wrinkles or fine lines, or matches of darker skin, though these are just some of the '7 Signs of Ageing' that the Total Effects range claims to target. Appearance wise, I don't think this is much different from normal Total Effects, but the mint scent does give you a slight jolt, and wakes up my nose and brain if nothing else.

                  What they seem to have done with this product is taken the generic claims for the range and added a reference to tired skin, as in:

                  A daily moisturiser for AWAKE, younger looking skin...addresses the first signs of ageing to wake up creased TIRED looking skin.

                  The 7 signs of ageing this addresses match those with the whole range (taken from the Olay website)

                  1. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
                  2. Hydrates for a healthy, radiant glow
                  3. Firmer skin appearance
                  4. Improves skin surface dullness
                  5. Smoothes and evens skin texture
                  6. Minimises the appearance of pores
                  7. Helps to prevent damage to the skin's surface

                  And while I agree some of these might appear more prominent in the morning, others can apply at any time.

                  I do like this cream, but then Total Effects is my brand of choice anyway. I am not sure I would switch to the 'Wake Up Wonder' version on a permanent basis, particularly as it is far more of a day cream than a night cream (whereas I tend to use original Total Effects at any time), but if someone wanted to give me a bottle free, I'd happily slap it on. It delivers everything my normal variety does: smoother skin, refined pores, softness and a je ne sais quoi glow, but with regard to the mint extract I think it's take it or leave it, and doesn't make much difference to me or my skin either way.

                  While stocks last, you can apply for a sample of your own here:


                  For more info:
                  http://www.olay.co.uk/product-range/total-effects/ totaleffects_wake_up_wonder.php

                  Superdrug currently have this on offer for £9.99 (down from £13.99). It's not bad value for money, but I'd rather spend the same on a bottle of the original variety.


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                • Product Details

                  Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder is specially formulated for instant moisture refreshment and addresses the first signs of ageing with 7 age defying effects to wake up creased, tired looking skin. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they start to develop, intensively hydrates the skin as it begins to show signs of dryness, as well as balancing the skin's colour and visibly evening up skin tone. Wake Up Wonder also gently exfoliates to smooth and even skin texture, in addition to minimising the appearance of pores as they become slightly more noticeable, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections and giving skin a radiant healthy glow. To Use: Dispense a hazelnut size on to your palms and briefly smooth between palms. Apply evenly across face also covering your neck.

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