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Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight

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3 Reviews

Brand: Origins / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 20:45
      Very helpful



      An intensive overnight moisturiser from Origins

      Origins Drink Up Intensive mask 

      I was delighted when Boots in Derby opened an Origins counter and since then I have bought quite a few of their products. 

      Origins offer free facials to anyone if you book and this way you get to be pampered, try their products and come away with a few samples. They obviously want you to buy some of the products but I manage to make excuses such as I have just bought a new moisturiser but will come back when I have used it or something similar. I always come away with a few samples and have a really nice facial, even if it is in the shop. 

      Origins mission is" to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. (They) use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils." They also avoid the use of parabens, dyes and mineral oils in their products. On their website there is a lot of information about how they discover, and source their plant based ingredients and also about their 'long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it'. They are suitable for vegans and none of their products contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals. 

      This is an intensive moisturiser not a mask in the conventional sense. The idea is that you use at night when you feel your skin has the need for an intensive moisturising and is very dry. It helps skin feel smoother and hydrated.

      This product comes in a plastic upside down tube so that it stands on its lid and the product is down where the opening is. The plastic tube is recyclable and it also means that it is easy to get all the product out so there is no waste. It comes in the rather dull green colour which is the same as the plantscription range with a white coloured lid. 

      The idea is that you squeeze a little of the very white coloured creamy stuff out and gently apply this onto your face . Origins suggest using it twice a week and to gently massage onto clean skin at bedtime. They also suggest that you wipe off the excess with a tissue but I have never had that problem as I spread mine around rather than waste it on a tissue.

      This has a lovely fresh slightly fruity, citrus sort of scent and I find it goes on very easily, it isn't greasy at all and my skin laps it up so must be very thirsty. It feels nice once applied and does not feel at all heavy or greasy and not at all as though you have gone to bed in a face mask.

      This has Apricot kernel oil which is great for the skin as it has essential fatty acids and Vitamin A and . It is softening and moisturising and great for aged, dry or irritated skin. There is also the lovely Japanese seaweed also great for skin.

      " Skin depends on water for its youthful functioning. But all day long, skin loses vital moisture. And the busier you are, the more it loses. This intense moisture replacement mask deeply quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. Japanese Seaweed repairs skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing."

      I have had a few samples of this from the counter and also when I ordered things on lines as well. been using my samples for some weeks now, twice a week and love the way it goes on and feels when applied. I love the scent as it is sweet and fresh and fruity yet quite subtle and not at all 'I your face' strong. I like the way it is gentle, and silky soft to apply and although it is absorbed quite quickly my face doesn't feel greasy not does my skin feel tight or unpleasant.

      I leave it overnight and in the morning just wash my face as normal with a face wash. My skin feels lovely pre washing and does feel soft and pampered. Obviously after washing my face I tone and apply serum and moisturiser as usual.

      I have noticed that my skin has started to look a lot better and my skin looks a bit brighter and also feels nice and soft. I can't say that all my fine lines have disappeared but if I keep using their products as well as others I have accumulated then I have high hopes that at least they won't get any deeper.

      You can buy this from origins counters in a number of shops or on line or from Amazon but beware as Amazon can sometimes cost more and Origins offer extra bonuses when buying from them. This is not a cheap option as 50ml costs about £11 and 100ml is £22 but I found that you don't nee a huge amount for each application.

      Yes I would. I love the scent and the feel as I apply it. I also like the way my skin feels the next morning. I would suggest getting a sample before committing to but in case it is not suitable for you as it isn't cheap.

      Thanks for reading . This review may be posted on other sites under my same username. 



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        12.09.2012 20:11
        Very helpful



        A great overnight face mask to pamper yourself with

        Back in April this year I was given a voucher for a free facial at any Origins counter - these are often found in large department stores and Boots. I had passed the counters on many occasions but never paused to try their products as they seemed quite expensive and out of my budget. I was curious to see what products might be suitable for me so decided to take up the offer and headed over to my local branch of John Lewis for some free pampering.

        The facial lasted about half an hour which included a skin consultation and based on this trying cleansers, toners and moisturisers that were suited to my skin. The facial was lovely and very relaxing and the lady who did the facial seemed very knowledgeable about the products but I did not feel any pressure to buy anything which was great. One of the products that was recommended for my skin was 'Drink Up' intensive overnight face mask and in the end this was the only product that I bought that day.

        The mask comes in a lime green coloured tube, containing 100ml of product and costing £20. This is a little more than I'd normally pay for a skincare product but I had some birthday money and so I decided to treat myself! The design is very minimalistic with the product name and the Origins tree logo in white. The tube stands on a white coloured flip open lid which also acts as a base. In my opinion it does look quite classy and like a high-end product.

        On the back of the tube there is further information about the product. Origins say that this overnight replenishing mask contains nature's most nourishing nightcaps - plant glycerine, hyaluronic acid and apricot kernel oil. All three ingredients are well- known to moisturise and repair skin. According to Origins these ingredients work together to quench thirsty skin with "deeply satisfying" moisture. The product also contains mango butter and avocado oil to build up a reservoir of moisture for tomorrow - providing long term moisturisation for the skin. Japanese seaweed has also been added to prevent moisture loss. It all sounded very promising and I was looking forward to giving this a go.

        I applied this product at night just before going to bed. I followed my usual cleansing routine and instead of applying a night cream I used this. Squeezing the tube releases a fairly thick yellow coloured product. I would describe the consistency as thick and quite 'gooey'. I massaged a small amount roughly the size of a 10p piece onto my skin. It's quite a heavy product which came as no surprise given its consistency and took quite a while to absorb into my skin. Even then it felt quite heavy on my skin and I could feel a layer of the mask sitting on my skin. This didn't feel particularly pleasant but I perservered! Once applied my skin did start to tingle and go slightly warm. This did slightly alarm me as I was worried I might be having an allergic reaction to the product. However as the sensation didn't get any worse I decided to keep going.

        I should mention here that this mask smells absolutely delicious - really fresh and fruity with the mango and apricot scent dominating. As I could still feel it on my skin I decided to wait around 15 minutes for the mask to absorb some more into my skin before going to bed as I was wary that this would just rub off onto my pillow and duvet!

        When I woke the next morning I could instantly feel how beautifully soft my skin was. No moisturiser I have used has had this effect on my skin. It felt as if it wasn't only the top layer of my skin that was moisturised but that the moisture had penetrated into much deeper layers. My skin felt very smooth and plump and thoroughly moisturised. I was also pleased to note that despite the tingling sensation when applied my skin was clear with no blotchiness or redness at all. I don't feel the need to moisturise my skin with a day cream (although I do as it contains SPF protection!) The product is recommended to be used twice a week but can be used as often as desired. I tend to apply it once or twice a week.

        I always like to know a little more about the company that I purchase cosmetics from in terms of their ethics and "naturalness" of their products. Origins mission is to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. They use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils and avoid the use of parabens, dyes and mineral oils in their products. Origins also state that they have a long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it. Their products are tested on a panel of volunteers and they do not conduct any animal testing. Further information can be found on their website - www.origins.co.uk which does make interesting reading.

        Overall I am really quite pleased with this product. My skin feels amazing the next day - really soft and deeply moisturised. It is a little more expensive than I would normally spend on skincare products but the results are well worth the price. Highly recommended!


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          01.07.2011 13:45
          Very helpful



          A luxurious overnight treatment.

          I am a relative newcomer to the Origins brand and have found products I both love and hate. This one falls firmly into the 'love' category and I can see this becoming a regular staple of my skincare routine.
          The Origins slogan is 'powered by nature, proven by science'; they believe in using plant extracts in their products to promote more natural skincare. For example this overnight moisture mask contains apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and mango butters to nourish and moisturise the skin. The mask is an overnight treatment which aims to quench your skins thirst, therefore it should be applied before bed and then in the morning you can wash your face as usual.

          The mask is white in colour and is a relatively thin consistency. You need a small amount which is spread thinly over the face and left to soak in overnight. I often apply this an hour or so before going to bed to allow it to begin to sink in as I sometimes sleep on my side and wouldn't want the product to be applied and then rubbed off straight away on my pillow!
          The mask doesn't stay white when on your face, once rubbed in it becomes clear and as such doesn't leave marks on bed linen. In fact this product to me is less of a traditional mask and more of a moisturiser, which can be used in place of your normal moisturiser at night. The biggest selling point of this product to me is the way my skin looks and feels the next morning after I have washed my face. My skin feels incredibly smooth and looks brighter and less dull. I often find that my makeup applies a lot more evenly as well and therefore looks better!

          This product also smells divine, predominantly it smells of mango and apricot which I love. The smell does fade quickly once applied, however in this product that is a good thing as a strong lingering scent would probably make it harder for me to fall asleep.
          The bottle lasts 24 months after opening, however I think it would be used up before that period of time had elapsed if used regularly. I use mine around once a week and find that is sufficient.

          The one downside to this product is the price, retailing at £20 it is a more expensive treatment. As always I find that despite its price it is lasting me a long time so you get a good amount of use for the cost, however I realise that this product isn't really what I would consider widely affordable and it is more of a treat for me when I can afford it.
          This product can be bought from an Origins counter, John Lewis, Debenhams and Boots online. Due to the price I would say order from Boots and get the advantage points! I hope this review has been helpful!

          *Also posted on other websites*


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