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Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Serum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Origins / Type: Facial Serum / Subcategory: Anti-Ageing / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      A natural anti ageing serum from origins

      Origins Plantscription Anti-aging serum

      I was so delighted when our Boots in Derby opened an origins counter and since then I have bought quite a few of their products.

      You may or may not be aware that Origins offer free facials to anyone if you book and this way you get to be pampered, try their products and come away with a few samples. They obviously want you to buy some but I usually either buy one item or make an excuse such as to say' I will ask for it for my birthday or similar.' I always come away with a few samples and have a really nice facial, even if it is in the shop. This was one of my freebies when I bought my 'Eye Puffery' when I last had a free facial.


      Origins mission is" to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. (They) use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils." They also avoid the use of parabens, dyes and mineral oils in their products. On their website there is a lot of information about how they discover, and source their plant based ingredients and also about their 'long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it'. They are suitable for vegans and none of their products contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals.


      This is a serum so you put this on prior to applying your usual day or night moisturiser. It is made using the power of some miracle plant ingredients and is designed to reduce lines and wrinkles. I is a strange sort of beige/brown liquid. It is thicker than a liquid but a lot thinner than a cream. It doesn't have a lot of smell but doesn't smell unpleasant either.

      " Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
      + Skin's youthful look of bounce is improved.
      + Skin looks & feels smoother.
      It starts with the vertical fret lines between your eyes, the stubborn furrows across your forehead and the tiny commas around your mouth. "Just tired," you say - they'll go away. Then suddenly they don't.
      Discover nature's power plant. Developed over 5 years, this serum with Anogeissus helps bring a sigh of relief to the appearance of ageing skin. Without irritation. What will nature think of next!"


      My15ml sample of the product came in a plastic upside down tube so that it stands on its lid and the product is down where the opening is. The plastic tube is recyclable and it also means that it is easy to get all the product out so there is no waste. The real full sized product comes in a plastic pump so you rely on the pump to get all the product out. My tube is white where the real thing is a dull green colour which is the colour they have chosen for their plantscription range.

      The idea is that you squeeze a little of the creamy liquid out and gently massage this onto your face night and morning. They also suggest applying some to your neck area. After applying this apply your favourite moisturiser, they of course suggest their Origins ones but I am sure that doesn't actually affect its work on the lines on the face.


      The magic ingredient is this Anogeissus extract which is from the plant of that same name found in Ghana . The extract comes from the leaves and bark of the tree and is a natural healer and is antimicrobial. I have never heard of this but take their word for it as they have taken some years of research to create this serum.


      I used this for about two weeks under my moisturiser as instructed. It felt cool and was very quickly absorbed into my skin and left it feeling quite tight instantly. I can't say that people have been commenting on how young I look having used it but I do like the way it makes my skin feel and I think the lines have been reduced a little but it is hard to tell.

      There really is very little smell from this as I am using it and in fact prior to applying the moisturiser my skin feels quite nice, soft and smooth. I like the way it is gentle but effective and has not caused my any nasty reaction unlike some of the expensive serums I tried like Prevage from Elizabeth Arden.

      I can't say the fine lines have disappeared but if I keep using it they might gradually keep getting less visible or at least not get any deeper. It also makes my skin look fresher and less dull which is a big positive for me.

      You can buy this from origins counters in a number of shops or on line or from Amazon but beware as Amazon can sometimes cost more and Origins offer extra bonuses when buying from them. This is not a cheap option as 30ml costs about £46 but I found that a little goes a long way . I didn't realise quite how expensive it was and now am even more delighted with my 15ml sample as it is half the amount so would have cost £23.


      Yes I would. I find this does a great job and my skin feels lovely after using it. However at that price it is very expensive so I am not sure I will be buying it at full price. I think I will have to go for another facial and see if I can get another sample!

      One star off for the price!!

      Thanks for reading . This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.



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        21.03.2012 21:16
        Very helpful



        A very expensive serum that produced no results

        I used to use quite a lot of Origins products many years ago , my favourite being their divine body scrub which was one of the first on the market.

        What I like about this brand is their claim that they use natural ingredients and essential oils and that they don't test on animals. Origins are owned by Estee Lauder. So a quality brand albeit it hasn't been on the go as long as Estee Lauder main range.

        I am a sucker for new products and when this came out it was hailed as a miracle product that reduced the appearance of wrinkles , made skin look more youthful and smoother . There was a lot of positive press coverage so I decided to treat myself and give it a go.

        Plantscriptions comes in a green plastic pump dispenser and is available in a 30ml and 50ml size.

        Origins recommend using 2 to 3 pumps after cleansing plus one pump on your neck morning and evening. Then apply your moisturiser.

        The product is a murky tan colour cream that feels very nice and when applied to the skin leaves a nice sheen and a slight colour .
        It has a natural plant scent, difficult to say what it smells of as there are no ingredients listed on the container or when I searched the website. I like the scent it's nice and refreshing.

        My problem with this product came after applying moisturiser. I soon discovered it contains the dreaded ingredient that causes everything I apply on top to roll off, so I ended up with bits of product fluff on my face.

        The first time I tried this I had to cleanse again and then I simply applied moisturiser thinking that the combination had perhaps caused the product to roll off my skin.

        Second time I used a different moisturiser, same result. So I decided to use this on my neck without a moisturiser but part way through the day discovered product fluff on my neck.
        I then tried using less product - same result , then I gave up.
        I find that product rolls off my skin when you apply two products together that seem to work against each other, like a serum and moisturiser or moisturiser and make-up primer. Something I experience quite a lot , but usually I find that the products work in a different combination.
        I had the same experience with Clarins beauty Flash Balm which really did perk up my skin when I applied it, but it simply would not stay on and I ended up with little balls of product on my face and neck.

        So I can't comment on how effective Plantscriptions is as it simply will not stay on my skin, even when I apply it alone. When applied alone it isn't sufficient to moisturise my skin, it feels nice initially but slips off my skin in a matter of minutes.
        I have looked at other reviews to see whether this is a common experience and can see that some people love this and find it very effective, but others don't see any difference after using it, no mention of product roll off , so perhaps I am unique.

        Would I Recommend
        Not based on my experience as the product rolled off my face. It is quite expensive 30ml is £45 and 50ml is £60, so for me this was an expensive mistake.

        I probably should have taken it back and complained, but I wrote it off to experience. I can say something positive in that I have had this a few years now and it hasn't gone off .
        Yes I tried it again whilst writing this review and it rolled off.

        I can't really give it any stars as it doesn't stay on my face long enough.
        A complete waste of money for me but some people love it.

        If you do want to try this, I would suggest trying to get a decent sample first , just in case you have the same experience as me.


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