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Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Spot Gel

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Brand: Oxy / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Acne Treatment / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2012 09:07
      Very helpful



      A miracle gel that vanishes your spots!

      For most of my life, I have had really good skin. As a teenager, I was so lucky that I didn't suffer from skin problems, apart from some occasional breakout on my forehead every now and then.

      Teen acne begins from the age of 12 or maybe younger in some cases.

      It's acknowledged that hormones secreted at the beginning of puberty, stress and the type of diet you lead are accountable for how acne appears during the teen years. They stimulate the skin's oil glands, creating oily skin, which will make it more exposed to breakouts and pore blockages.

      I have two boys aged 12 and 15 who both suffer from teen acne. They don't have very oily skin and they keep their skin clean by washing it with a special facial wash for teens so they don't have so many spots.

      However, my eldest is very concerned about his looks (who wasn't at his age) as he gets some big red spots from every time to time, yet even though they are occasional he starts moaning about them, especially if they appear on his nose.

      I always suggest leaving it on its own but my son is impatient and doesn't stop moaning about it, which I completely understand and I know how much it can affect his self-esteem.

      == My finding ==

      One day while I was shopping in the 99p store, I found the perfect solution for my son's acne problem. The product name is OXY emergency acne vanishing spot gel. I was so happy to find it and I was hoping that it would work for him, after all OXY is a very well -known facial brand.

      == The appearance and the package ==

      The solution came in a small, hard, cylinder plastic bottle with a push-up cap. The bottle contains only 15ml so it's easy to carry it around with you in your pocket or hand bag.

      The solution is thick and to be honest it looks a little bit like hair gel. The colour of the gel is pearl white but when it dries it becomes transparent. The smell is not bad at all; as a matter of fact I liked the smell.

      == How does it work? ==

      Oxy has two methods that complement one other and makes Oxy all the more effective. First it fights the bacteria that caused the acne to appear in the first place along with any blemishes, allowing the healing process to start.

      It's a medicated treatment so it has some medical components that help the gel become more effective. This gel has Phytic Acid, which is a natural product extracted from rice and works as anti-oxidant. This component works wonders on acnes, as it works as a gentle exfoliator by removing the dead and dry skin and tightened pores reducing the chance of the acne to come again. It also has another very active ingredient which is Salicylic Acid. Oxy emergency acne vanishing spot gel has 1% of this special ingredient which can help clear pores from dirt that clogged into skin. It's safe and effective as well.

      == My opinion ==

      I bought OXY emergency acne vanishing spot gel for my eldest son who suffers from occasional pimple outbursts, however I do use it from time to time when I have some spots that I have every month on certain days. Some of my spots appear on my nose or between my eyebrows which I hate a lot, so I reach for Oxy's help.

      Using the gel was so easy, just squirt a tiny amount of the gel and I really mean "small amounts" onto your finger and place the solution directly on the spot. Don't rub or massage it, just leave it. It will look hideous at the beginning but 10 minutes later the colour of the solution will change from pearl white to clear and eventually it will become drier and form a clear rubbery film on the spot which can be easily peeled.

      My son had big acne the other day and he was so frustrated about it because it was on his nose and looked ridiculously red and enormous. I reached Oxy emergency acne vanishing spot gel and put some on the area, he didn't felt any irritation or itchiness. On the contrary, it worked like a coolant and stopped my kid from scratching the pimple.

      A few minutes later, the inflammation was reduced and the redness was less obvious.

      I reapplied Oxy for my son twice a day after washing his face and pat dry it. The spot looked less inflamed within a few hours and magically disappeared ( or nearly depending on the size of the acne) in the next day.

      It was like antiseptic without inching or irritating your skin and because it was gel and dries like a thin and clear film, you will hardly notice it and you will be less likely to pick the spot, it does happen with lots of people especially the teens. My son has tanned skin and some stubborn spots leave marks on his skin. Fortunately after using OXY emergency acne vanishing spot gel, his spots vanished with no trace!

      One minor disadvantage is that the solution may make your treated skin a bit flaky because it works as a mini exfoliator, so you may notice some flaky skin but it doesn't matter because it will all disappear in a short period of time.

      It's not only for teens; it can be also used on older skin, like mine

      == Recommendation ==

      I have to say it worked wonders for me and my son and we are both more than happy to recommend it for all ages and all skin types, but please check with your dermatologist first because it contains Phytic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

      I recommend using it twice a day on a clean and dry skin. It's very small and can be carried with you everywhere.

      == Prices and availability ==

      It's available from 99p stores and I recently found them in poundland. Also you can purchase them from online stores as well


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