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Oxy Emergency Zit Blitz Gel

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Brand: Oxy / Type: Facial Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2009 18:14
      Very helpful



      3 out of 5


      I had never suffered from bad spots or acne through my teenage years and beyond but as soon as I hit my mid twenties it gets me back with a vengence! I would not go as far as saying it was acne as they do ease up for about a week per month and have been told that 'it really does not look that bad' but i'm sure people tell you this to make you feel better!

      ~ The Brand ~

      The brand Oxy has been around for many years and offer ranges for all sorts of skin types and most recently released their range especially for male skin which is a little stronger as it is a well known fact that men have thicker skin! From on the spot creams and gels and face washes to scrubs and facial wipes, Oxy has it all!

      ~ The Product ~

      This new product is called Oxy Zit Blitz Emergency Gel which is supplied in a small and handy tube that can fit easily into your pocket or make up bag for those tingling spots that can just pop up unexpectedly during the day! Although I cannot recall it mentioning it was for male skin I have since read on various websites that it is?!

      At the time of buying this product I was at my wits end due to the shear amount of spots that I had and the pain that I was in with them so basically just grabbed the strongest spot cure that I could find. I was taken back by the size of the product as it really is tiny but I was desperate and needed something quick.

      The first thing that hit me was the smell. It was strong and smelt like tea tree oil. I was hoping that this was going to give me better results as I already had a tea tree oil stick that wasn't up to the job and cost £3.50 less.

      The gel was quite thick and easy to apply to the affected area. It did however sting like crazy upon application but this must be a good thing as it made me feel like it was working. For a few minutes after the stinging continued but felt cooling and refreshing. The gel eventually dries on the spot and forms a layer which stops dirt and grim getting to the area.

      The downside was after a while the gel starts to peel off of your skin - at first I was horrified as I thought that it was my skin peeling off. This means that you cannot apply it for when you are going out as this can be a little embarrassing! Using this product for any length of time on your skin does really dry it out so you will need to invest in a good moisturiser.

      ~ The Packaging ~

      This product is presented in a plastic blister pack which is much larger than the tube itself and has a paper insert in black with blue and white writing. The packaging is easily opened - the two sides of the plastic just pulls open from the bottom. Inside is a very small squeezy tube with a screw off lid. The packaging is again black and the lid silver. you take the lid off there is a small hole at the end of the tube where the gel comes out. The top of the tube is at an angle which enables you to squeeze the gel straight onto your skin.

      The packaging states that:

      * it will reduce inflamation and redness within 4 hours
      * Contains an anti-bacterial system which kills spot-causing bacteria
      * Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin

      ~ Price and availability ~

      This product is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and local chemists. It is rather pricey at £4.99 as the tube is really tiny. I purchased this product as a buy one get one free which didn't make it seem quite as expensive. It is available in a 10ml tube.

      ~ Does it work? ~

      I have been using this for around 2 months now and have not come to a conclusion as to whether it works or not. It certainly feels like it is working and it is refreshing but my spots are still here. It certainly does take the redness out of them but I have not found that they heal any quicker. My spots still stay around for as long as they did but everyone is different. I will continue to use Oxy Emergency Zit Blitz while I have it but would not purchase it again at the full price.

      I give this product 3 stars out of 5 as it is a good product but is a little on the expensive side and I do not feel that it delivers all of the benefits that Oxy suggests.


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