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Oxy Wipeout Pads

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Brand: Oxy / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Pads

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2008 19:00
      Very helpful



      A brilliiant fuss free puss combatter!

      For me spots are a major problem in my life. Not just at ' the time of the month' and to do with hormones....no they just pop up (quite literally) at the most inappropriate of times!

      I thought after a youth riddled with spots I'd be all pussed out by the time I hit my 30's but no sadly that's not the way it is for me! So at 33 I have a whole host of facial skin problems including....

      Slight Acne Scarring....
      Ingrowing Hairs....
      Black Heads....
      White Heads....
      Open Pores....
      Skin Discolouration
      Dry Skin
      Oily Skin, (particularly my t-zone)
      Wrinkles And....

      Fine Lines!!!

      Yep there's my face hell in a nutshell! It's a bit of a nightmare to be honest. So when I use facial skin care products I'm asking alot from the products I use. I need to mix and match treatments without upsetting one of the problems but curing one issue kind of thing.

      The one thing I do use the most on my face are anti spot treatments cos there's nothing alot worse (for me) than a big spot hanging off the end of my nose glowing and I'm saying that when I get spots they are huge massive boil type puss riddled things that are trying to take over my face, I even get comments on them! My spots get huge and so unsightly that the other day I squished one in the mirror in the bathroom and it really splattered all over the place. It's just not nice and you can't go round with a huge yellowy puss spot on your face that looks like a mutating alien all day long, so I pick away!

      I do need to watch what spot treatments I use. Some can be very drying and make my skin go shiny and tight and some patches go so dry they make fine lines appear worse! Not good. Though I do need something that helps combat grease as that's whats creating the spots in the first place! It would also be nice to find a product that not only prevents spots but helps unblock my large pores and cleans out my blackheads a bit. I find blackheads really do darken my skin particularly on my chin and when I say I have loads I really do have loads that's no exaggeration believe me, I could. I could pop a few a day as they are deep and embedded!

      The Packaging....

      Dark red recyclable round tub with matching screw on/off lid. 'Oxy' is sort of engraved on to the lid and on the tub is a paper red label stuck on. On the front in white writing I'm told at the top of said label that it 'cleans away grease and bacteria, helps prevents spots and blackheads'. Then in large white writing I'm told it's Oxy and in yellow writing I'm told the product is 'Wipeout pads' (exactly as depicted in the review photograph on the top of this review). On the back I'm told how they work, how to use them, the amount of pads (50), ingredients and cautions, storage information, and contact details for The Mentholatum Company Ltd (the manufactures of all Oxy products).

      How Do They Work?

      Oxy wipeout pads instantly clear dead skin cells, grease and bacteria to help prevent spots and blackheads.
      The easy-to-use pads contain an oil-free moisturiser to soothe and leave your skin feeling less tight.

      How Do I Use Oxy Wipeout Pads?

      Use the pad to cleanse face and neck thoroughly and unblock pores.
      Do not rinse off and use twice daily for maximum effect.
      Suitable for all skin types.
      Approved by independent dermatologists.

      Using Them...

      Well you wipe the pad gently over the face as told. Do not scrub. Not only does it hurt but it actually scratches the skin and makes it sore if your not careful. So do not do as I did and over-scrub the first time you use them as you get marked! It's like rubbing one of them mental pan scrubbers hard over a none stick pan. The good thing about this is you really don't need to over scrub anyway, the liquid gently grips and removes debris onto the pad.

      Now one word to the wise. Do not remove make up with these. Remove make up first as this is a treatment rather than a make up remover. I did it once, got through about 10 pads and removing eye make up is terribly difficult and because these are quite menthol, wow does it make eyes water.

      I do also recommend avoiding the eyes in general. Not just cos it irritates them but lets face it we hardly ever get zits there anyway so there's no point and the pads are really too rough for rubbing over sensitive peepers.

      The pads themselves are quit damp but not soaking wet either. Even after owning them a few weeks providing you tighten the lid adequately after use they stay as moist as when you first bought them. The pads are not massive but are white and round and made of sturdy material that has ingrained squares and indentations on it that give a kind of polishing effect when used. The smell is deeply menthol as I touched on earlier.

      After rubbing face over with this (I stress gently, yet again as this is important) face tingles but not painfully so. Look at the pad and more than likely the pad will look slightly grimy but as time goes on, providing your removing make up properly in between uses you will find that as the days pass, with regular use the pads don't get so grimy anymore which has to be a good thing.

      Not only does this lift grease and grim really well but the polishing effect smoothens the face and if you do have spots it treats them and takes away the inflammation and if you have any dry patches of skin on display where scabs have healed over, where spots were, this gently exfoliates them off. So no more needing to pick them off before applying make up etc and what's more this method of removing dry skin is none scarring.

      These don't dry out skin and after using you can use moisturiser and you may find for some reason your using less and I do feel that my moisturiser is working better not having to fight it's way through ten ton of crud and dead skin cells! What's nice is after use skin doesn't feel uncomfortably tight just slightly toned and it does feel clean rather than clammy!

      I've noticed after about 3 weeks I'm having no break outs of spots at all, in fact thinking about it I've had no spots at all which is a bit of a miracle for me. Skin in general is a hell of a alot smoother and acne scarring has really been helped out and looks minimised. This product helps to close enlarged pores, has completely removed a hold bunch of whiteheads under my bottom lip. I've had no new blackheads arrive at all and the blackheads I did have, have all but disappeared and skin appears alot more glowing and clean. This closes up my enlarged pores to and skin just feels a damn site less congested and so I'm so much more confident!


      I'm really very impressed with these pads. Easy to use and they work excellently. Great size of a durable pad you should only need to use one a day, maybe two if your really trying to combat problems. They smell nice, don't taste awful if you get some on your lips, is none burning (even though it's menthol) and my skin really benefits from using this product more than using spot battling facial washes and cleansers. I can use and go with minimal effort and maximum results and I for one will definitely repurchase these whenever possible rather than my previous Clearasil products of similar type.

      Recommended for anyone with a spotty face! None drying and simple and as I've pointed out really does work! Impressive!

      I bought my tub in Sainsbury's for £1.59 on special offer but also seen them in Tesco's, Boots's and Superdrugs and smaller chemist at about £3.89 per tub.

      This review is under this same username on Ciao.


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    • Product Details

      Oxy Wipeout Pads give you a fresh look and feel by instantly clearing dead skin cells, grease and bacteria in order to aid in the prevention of spots and blackheads /

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