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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Moisturising Body Butter

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Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Body Butter / Texture: Rich Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Butter / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes, Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2013 23:46
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      great night time body butter which helps you drift to sleep a little easier!

      In a few of my reviews you will notice that a couple of months ago I subscibed to GlossyBox.co.uk for monthly beauty boxes containing skin and make up product samples that normally I would never go for myself - I think they are great overall as I have discovered some great little gems in these boxes that I am certain I will buy again in future but normally wouldnt have because of the price.

      The product that I am reviewing today - Lavender Mint Moisturising Body Butter from the Paul Mitchell range - was my personal (at first sight) favourite from the January 2013 box which was self titled "Detox Box" - likely due to the after effects of Christmas & New year which everyone was suffering. The box that month as a whole really impressed me as the samples were all a really good size, effective and related mainly to skincare. When I say this was my favouite at first sight, this was due to the HUGE size of the sample - 75ml contents in an stand up bottle where the lid is situated on the bottom.

      Seeing a Paul Mitchell body butter defintetly surprised me as I wasnt aware they had skin care products in their range - I have only ever seen Paul Mitchell hair products and usually seen them in selected salons - not really something you could walk into a shop and buy generally. I used to swear by a Paul Mitchell leave in hair conditioner years ago which worked incredibly on my usually unmanagable thick hair so I had really high hopes for the body butter!

      I am not the greatest fan of things Lavender related as it tends to remind me of an "old woman" kind of scent... but what intriged me was the fact that it was actually Lavender Mint - sounded a bit of a funny concoction as I am used to things like Chocolate Mint, and I generally love all things mint related - for this reason I was very excited to try it out and hoped the scent would be more minty!


      As previously mentioned in my opinion I was given a monster of a sample - and the body butter contents come in a plastic squeeze bottle which is all dark green in colour - this attracted me more to the bottle as when you see green you think of mint - and if it was presented as purple personally I would feel this would put a lot of people off. To take out the contents you simply pop open the flip lid which is a cloudy white colour and squeeze it out...


      I have had a fair bit of experiance with body butter, and normally I am used to scooping it out of tubs with my fingers... when dispensing this one, the first thing you notice is how much effort you have to put in to squeeze this out due to the thickness of the butter! It comes out plain white in colour looks just like Sudacrem but thicker...

      As I am trying to make the product last as long as possible I have been applying this to my upper body only which is just my chest and arms - I have another reason for this which I will go into more detail later in the review. Although white when first squeezed out, when rubbed into your skin it does blend in really well and doesnt leave any white residue behind although you can feel slightly sticky for half an hour after application so always bare this in mind.


      On to the actual scent of the product and if its lived up to my expectations of being more mint than lavender... I was quite dissapointed in a way about the scent. Yes it is more lavender, to my dissapointment and yes I do feel like a granny after application, however the mint element makes your skin tingle afterwards and you feel really refreshed especially if you have just jumped straight out of a bath. You do also get a slight swift of a mint smell but sadly its only me who notices it - my boyfriend told me I smell like his grandmother!

      As mentioned above where I tend to apply to the upper part of my body only - as well as for trying to save as much of the sample for long term use as possible - I have found that this body butter does actually help me drift to sleep better due to the lavender smell - which is very welcoming for someone like me who can find it difficult some nights to wind down. Upon waking in the morning there is only the slightest tint of lavender left on your skin so you dont need to worry about others noticing the old lady smell - which is why I think this is a great product for bedtime only to help others like me actually drift off!

      Upon looking at the ingredients on the back of the bottle you are met with other skin tingling natural ingredients such as teatree and peppermint and although many of the other ingredients do look suspiciously chemical I think there is a lot less in this than there is in another similar products.

      The Shea Butter and TeaTree elements in the ingredients are commonly found in many skin care products these days and are great at repair and maintaining healthy skin. This body butter is no exception, as although the scent has near dissapeared 12 hours later, you still get the nice refreshed tingle and soft skin - no stickiness at all by this time!


      In terms of how long its lasted, I used used the eqivilent of putting it on every night for around a week in total and when holding the bottle up to the light I can see there is probably over half the butter left inside. You can buy this product in two different sizes - for 75ml (which is the sample I was given) it is £5.75 and its £12.95 for 200ml. So to be fair its a little bit more expensive than the likes of Body Shop when they have offers on, but I really believe this is a little gem and worth the money just to help you get them extra few winks in at night time without resorting to popping sleeping pills - just be aware if you hate lavender this is definetely not for you and you may want to give it a miss!


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