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Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

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3 Reviews
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and supples
  • Easy to use
  • Can be messy if not careful
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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2015 22:53
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • Cheap!
      • "Gentle on sensitive skin"
      • "Smells amazing"
      • "Spa like treatment in the comfort of your home!"
      • "Leaves skin feeling smooth and supples"


      • "Can be messy if not careful"

      Give it a try you won't regret it!

      I am always on the pursuit for the next best face care product but with the prices of all things face care and beauty plummeting nowadays it is no wonder I get very excited when I find hidden gems that work well and do what they are supposed but for a fraction of the price!
      I stumbled upon this mask by accident and even though I picked it up on a whim right before i checked out I really didn't believe it would do anything major for my skin. Like many people these days I am a self confessed beauty product junkie and i have a box of different face masks to prove it!(both cheap and expensive). That coupled with the fact that I have always suffered from extremely sensitive skin meant that my face mask obsession wasn't so much helping my skin as it was hurting it (breakouts etc..)
      However, after using the Montagne Jeunesse face in mango I could see an instant difference. My face felt softer, smoother, more supple and just in general happier. I continued using it and the changes I saw were great. We all have different skin types and as such we will not all react the same way to the same product. But the fact that I have extremely sensitive skin and have suffered from acne in the past and can still see a difference says a lot about this product.
      Even if it doesn't work wonders for you at least you know you're not breaking the bank, but if it does- well there's a gem for you to add to your beauty collection.


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      02.06.2013 22:35
      Very helpful



      A great way to make your face feel smooth for a couple of days

      I have terrible skin, especially on my face. At 27 I still get spots regularly and have tried loads of different methods of trying to get rid of them. This mask is one of the many masks I have used and tried and where I don't have evidence to say any of them have directly contributed to helping my skin, the results after using most masks (including this one) are positive.

      First of all I am unsure if this mask is available in shops any more. I used to pick up the Montagne Jeunesse male masks from Wilkinsons for around £1 each but now they only stock the masks designed for women.

      The packets always make me laugh! A man with eyes closed clearly enjoying the mask on his face! The picture shows him with a bright blue mask but when applied it doesn't actually look anything like this.

      I use the mask right after shaving because my pores are open and it means the mask can really get into every part of my face to help clean it. I don't know if it is recommended to do this, but I always find it gives the best results. When first applying it, try to only use your fingertips or you could end up with most of the mask all over your hands and find it difficult to apply it to your face without wasting it.
      First of all, after shaving then applying it, it stings like mad! I always think that this must mean its working!
      It contains peppermint and you can tell, it will also clear your nose if you have a cold.

      Once it has been on for about 15 minutes it will start to harden, check yourself out in the mirror for a shock! You end up looking like an alien from an old science fiction film!
      I usually leave it on for about an hour, this isn't recommended on the packet but I tend to just relax with it on and find that taking it off after 20-30 minutes is just too soon.
      Removal is easy - unlike other masks this one peels off almost in one go - once you find an end it will come off at one peel with very few other bits left to remove. It can then be screwed up and binned. You can see the dead skin it removes on the peel.

      After effects are than the skin feels very soft and smooth to the touch, you can tell all rough bits have been removed.

      The mask is also vegetarian approved and hasn't been tested on animals.

      This is one of my favourite masks but I find the best results come from the dead see mud masks (messy, but great!)


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      10.10.2011 11:53
      Very helpful



      Montagne Jeunesse for Men Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

      Before I start you may have noticed from my profile picture that I am female, so are probably wondering why I am using a face mask for men? It's simple. I picked up the face mask by accident as Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks have pictures on the front of people covered in their masks, however it's not always easy to distinguish the female from male masks (unless of course you buy a pink face mask).

      Montagne Jeunesse for Men Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque can be purchased from supermarkets and beauty retailers and costs around £1.00. It is one of many face masks from the Men's range. The mask is enriched with Dead Sea Mud, contains natural spearmint oil and claims to dig dirt out of your pores for deep down cleansing for smoother skin. The picture on the front of the packaging shows a man wearing a deep blue face mask, however the true colour of the mask it almost clear, with a hint of blue colouring.

      Montagne Jeunesse are known for making exotic brightly coloured face masks and scrubs. They are a British company and the face masks are made in Swansea. Their products are not tested on animals, are approved by the vegetarian society, suitable for vegans, dairy and gluten free and have no added parabens.

      To apply the mask (for men) it is recommended that you are clean shaven, then splash your face with warm water, pat dry and apply the mask to your face in a thin even layer avoiding eyes, lips and hair. If you don't apply the mask in an even layer it won't dry properly. The face mask comes in a 10g sachet and I found that there was enough mask for myself and my husband to use.

      When applying the mask you are hit by the smell of Mint. It's so strong that it made me cough and within seconds you can feel your skin burning. I don't have sensitive skin; neither do I have spots so there were no cuts to my face to cause the stinging. My husband doesn't have sensitive skin either and though he had shaven the day before, he also found that the mask burned on application; however the burning sensation did subside after a few minutes.

      According to the pack the face mask takes 5-10 minutes to dry but in reality it takes 20 minutes in total. Removing the face mask was initially difficult, because I tried to peel it off from my forehead first but couldn't get the edge of the mask to peel, so ended up screwing my face up and after pulling some strange faces it started to peel around my mouth.

      The face mask peeled off in almost one section, apart from a small section of my check, but I think that was because I put a little too much on my cheek, so it was too thick to dry properly. When removing the mask you do feel a pulling effect, like pulling sellotape off your skin, however my skin felt really soft, smooth and refreshed after use. I didn't feel the need to wash my face after taking the mask off nor did my husband as the product left no residue or bits.

      Once fully removed the mask looks like Blue cling film, which can be disposed of in the bin. Don't expect to see any blackheads on the mask, as it is not a blackhead remover, all you will see are the little pore marks left on the mask where the mask has dried to resemble a second skin.

      The morning after using the Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque my skin felt soft and not a spot or pimple in sight, so I was happy that it didn't cause a reaction. Even after a few days I did not develop any spots, which I have done using other brands of face masks.

      Overall I recommend Montagne Jeunesse for Men Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and give it 4 stars. It is cheap, leaves skin feeling soft, and doesn't cause any spots. Even though this is a cleansing masque for men, I would gladly buy it again. The only disadvantages are that the spearmint oil has a burning sensation for the first 5 minutes and if you are a man, you will need to make sure you are clean shaven; otherwise the mask will stick to your hairs and will not peel off as it should.

      For further information, please visit: www.montagnejeunesse.co.uk

      Thanks for reading xx
      © sweetdaisy 2011


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